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Review: LiveSketch for iPhone Lets you Easily Create Simple Drawings

Even if you're not an artist, the urge to sketch and doodle strikes us all now and then. If you have an iPhone in your pocket, LiveSketch is one app that's as simple to use as pen and paper -- simpler, actually, as you will see in a moment.

Review: ScatterBrain for iPhone Helps You Keep Your Thoughts Together

Things to remember for work or for school, things to do at home, and of course, the occasional stroke of genius that will be forgotten forever unless we jot it down somewhere. That's what ScatterBrain tries to help with: It's a simple app for quickly jotting down your thoughts.

Review: Whale Trail Is a Gorgeous, Subtly Addictive Endless Flying Game

Maybe it's the child-like aesthetic which almost feels ironic; or the trippy, upbeat soundtrack. Maybe it's just the mechanics, because endlessly eating dots can be addictive on its own, as Pac-man taught us years ago. Whatever it is, Whale Trail will keep you playing.