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There are a ton of news apps in the App Store - some good and some bad. I am a lover of keeping up with news and events related to topics I enjoy! These are some of the best news and news curating apps in the iOS App Store - in my humble opinion!

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    今日头条 - 推荐阅读热点新闻、资讯、视频

    Beijing Bytedance Technology Co., Ltd.

    387 ratings

    今天,就看今日头条 今日头条,超过 6 亿用户选择的新闻资讯 App 单用户每日使用时长超过 76 分钟 每天社交平台分享量达 550 万次 颠覆传统阅读——人“搜索”资讯的模式,运用大数据算法,精准推荐你感兴趣的内容,从此不受冗杂信息困扰,畅游个性化信息海洋,让您的阅读更加有用高效。 【海量内容源】 聚合超过 5000 家内容站点,热点资...


    Headlines: World & US Breaking News & Daily Alerts

    doapp, inc

    1924 ratings

    I don't live this app myself but very popular in App Store



    A Medium Corporation

    4349 ratings

    Owner of Twitter creates social news


    Drippler - Updates, Apps & Tips for Your Phone

    Drippler Ltd.

    4718 ratings

    Discover something new for your iPhone or iPad every day! Get personalized tips of the latest iOS updates, apps, cool new tricks, and features. * Must Have Apps * Join millions who are getting the best apps for their iPhone - ranging from...


    MacHash News


    2130 ratings

    MacHash aggregates the latest Apple news. Follow the latest headlines with an elegantly curated news feed. Enjoy the latest Apple, Mac and iOS articles, sites, blogs and podcasts, RSS feeds in one app. MacHash is constantly updated in real time...




    16888 ratings

    Digg delivers the most interesting and talked-about stories on the Internet. Powered by social signals and discerning taste, our editors turn the Internet's vast and cacophonous flood of articles, blog posts, and videos into an elegant and...


    Bloglovin’ – The best app to discover & read blogs

    Bloglovin AB

    4369 ratings

    Over 20 million people use Bloglovin’ to discover and read blogs in fashion, food, DIY, travel and more! Never miss a post again, whether you're at home or on the go. Bloglovin’ is the best way to read blogs on your phone; it's faster and more fun...


    Reeder 3

    Silvio Rizzi

    1575 ratings

    Reeder 3, a news reader with support for multiple services like - Feedbin - Feedly - Feed Wrangler - Fever - FeedHQ - Inoreader - NewsBlur - Minimal Reader - The Old Reader - BazQux Reader - Readability - Instapaper. Don't want to use a...




    7 ratings

    THE THINGS YOU LOVE Hopflow is an automagical, real-time flow of updates from people and blogs around the world about the things you find interesting. DISCOVER YOUR FLOW Just Hop the things you find interesting and your flow will improve. No more...


    Flipboard: Your Social News Magazine

    Flipboard Inc.

    190590 ratings

    Flipboard is the award-winning social magazine used by millions of people everyday. It’s the one place to keep up on all your interests – reading, collecting and sharing stories you care about has never been easier. Download the app and dig int...


    News360: Your Personalized News Reader

    News360 Inc.

    16045 ratings

    News360 is your personal news app. Just select a few interests and News360 will create a personalized news feed available on your iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. You can dig into any story to see all of the perspectives or just skim the...


    Feedly - your work newsfeed


    43885 ratings

    A single place to easily read all the news you rely on to think, learn, and keep ahead. Everyday, millions of professionals and enthusiasts use feedly on their iPhones and iPads to read the blogs, magazines and publications that matter to them....