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Back to school, or just need a way to jot down your thoughts? Look no further.

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    Evernote - stay organized


    159235 ratings

    Really, this could be a single-app channel, because Evernote is the best. Yup, we said it... And the more you use it, the more useful it becomes. If you're not into Evernote, try it: Becomes seriously addictive after a while.



    Dear Panda LLC

    327 ratings

    This one's geared specifically at students. Not really for writing lecture summaries, but more for noting homework assignments and todo tasks.


    Drafts - Quickly Capture Notes

    Agile Tortoise

    Emphasizes text entry (just start typing), but also has Dropbox sync, which is a must-have feature for us. If you're really ambitious and/or nerdy, it can also work with IFTTT actions.



    Q Branch

    837 ratings

    A pretty pricey notepad which strives to actually work as a journal. You can put photos into your notes, which can be nice. Don't buy it before you try Evernote first (which also lets you embed photos into notes).




    8842 ratings

    This used to be huge, and then Automattic (the company behind Wordpress) bought the service. Still useful, though, especially if you don't want to sync to Dropbox (Simplenote is its own cloud service).


    Microsoft OneNote

    Microsoft Corporation

    33433 ratings

    We started with Evernote, so it makes sense to end off with OneNote. If you already use OneNote on the desktop, this app makes sense and can be wonderful. Otherwise, you can skip it.