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    Gym Ball Workouts

    Pinewood Applications

    33 ratings

    This is a brilliant collection of 344 tuitional and informative video lessons on Gym Ball, Balance Ball, Stability Ball and Bosu Workouts Lessons include How to Do Ab Crunches w Stability Ball Bosu Ball Workout How to Do Sit-Ups with a Stability...


    Daily Butt Workout

    Daily Workout Apps, LLC

    286 ratings

    Your own personal trainer wherever you are! FEATURES: • Three different 5 to 10 minute butt-toning workouts • Great for both men and women • Video showing how to do each exercise • 30 exercises • Multiple custom routines • Random routines •...


    Navy SEAL Fitness

    Double Dog Studios

    1103 ratings

    Navy SEALs require an extraordinarily high level muscular strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness to carry out assigned missions. With over 220 exercises, 90+ movies and 20 calculators and hundreds of pages of reference material, Navy...




    1098 ratings

    **WINNER App Store Rewind 2011 for Fitness** - FitnessClass on iPad offers a ClassPass™, your on-demand fitness video source that includes the Download Center. It's a tremendous leap forward in accessing any workout you want, anytime, anywhere. In a...


    Flexible Timer

    Red Cone Development

    28 ratings

    Whether giving a lecture, performing an exercise routine, cooking a recipe, or many other timed tasks, Flexible Timer will let you build a timer to guide you. Flexible Timer lets you build a sequence of timed events and displays your progress...