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Channel Widgets for: Strategic command

Get as an HTML widget

<div class="pb-channel-box" data-apps="10"><a href="">Strategic command </a></div>
<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>
  • The <script> tag in code snippet should be included only once per page, even if you include multiple widgets. This makes loading faster!
  • Include a "data-apps" attribute in the "pb-channel-box" to tell the widget how many apps to show. Default is 10.
  • Include a style="width: 500px !important" attribute in the "pb-channel-box" to specify the width. Default is parent width.

Get as a shortcode Wordpress

[pb-channel-box channel_url='' name='Strategic command ' num_apps='10']
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Get as an image (for forums, emails, social networks, blogs, etc.)

<a href=""><img alt="Strategic command " src=""></a>