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Review: Geometry Dash Is a Super-Hard, Super-Fun, Musical Platformer

Geometry Dash is a classic platformer in many senses: You run along platforms, jumping like mad to avoid obstacles. It also shows why this is such an enduring class of games, with its intuitive one-button controls (jump), its extreme difficulty, and its sheer addictiveness.

Review: Ins and Outs is A Gorgeous, Soothing Brain Teaser

Some of the most addictive games are the simplest to explain. In Ins and Outs, all you have to do is "just" draw a loop so that some blocks are in, and others are out. And it's pure magic. Read on for our full review.

Review: Ridiculous Fishing Is An Amazingly Addictive Arcade Game

Every now and then, there comes a game that blows you out of the water. Literally, this time: Ridiculous Fishing is a game where you fish, then haul your catch up to the surface, then... blow it all to bits and pieces. The weirdest part? It's just crazy addictive.

3 (And a Half) Fun Channels For Music Lovers

Music! Such a vital part of our everyday lives.Android offers numerous ways to enjoy music, some US-only, some international. Below you can find three (and a half) channels bursting with apps for music lovers to explore. Let's dive in!

Review: Daddy Was a Thief Is Like Vertical Jetpack Joyride

Cartoonish violence, a great soundtrack, excellent visuals, and simple gameplay - Daddy Was a Thief has it all. If you enjoy endless runner games, this is one unique take on the genre you simply have to try. Read on for our full review.

Review: Hungry Shark Evolution Is a Blood-Soaked Aquatic Arcad

Remember those old-time aquarium screensavers? You know the ones -- those lovely fish serenely swimming across your monitor, pecking at algae and generally having a good time in a "life-like" simulation of the real thing? Ever wonder why there weren't any sharks there?

Review: Ruzzle Is a Fast, Engaging Multiplayer Word Game

Like Scrabble and Words With Friends? Well, chances are you're going to love Ruzzle. It's a fast and fun word game you can play with your Twitter followers, Facebook friends, or just random people. And it has some pretty good defenses against cheating, too. Read the full review.

3 Channels Full of Relaxing Games and Apps

Life can get hectic. Meetings, deadlines, pressure, decisions to make, ugh. So it's nice to be able to grab your phone for a few moments and just get away from it all. In this roundup you'll find three lovely channels full of mellow apps. No zombies included.

Interviewing a Developer: Pimm Hogeling

We recently got a chance to chat with Pimm Hogeling, creator of beautifully minimalistic timer app Ovo. Pimm shared some of his thoughts about making a living as a developer, and looking at Android apps as more of an art form than a business. Read on for the complete interview.

Review: Dead Trigger 2 Is a Serious Zombie FPS For Android

When a mutant virus erupts and turns everyone into brainless maniacs, the solution is pretty simple: Kill, kill, and kill some more. That's what you'll be doing in Dead Trigger 2, one of the most impressive first-person shooters available on Android today. Read on for our full review.

Review: Kunundrum Is a Vexing Neon Puzzler

Do you like glowing, neon games? Do you enjoy the occasional brain teaser? If so, you should definitely check out our full-length review of Kunundrum, a fun, dynamic puzzle game.

Review: Little Galaxy Is a Beautiful Planet-Hopping Game

Skip from planet to planet, collect little stars along the way, and try not to miss. That pretty much sums up Little Galaxy, but it neglects to mention the game's utterly charming graphics -- the main reason you're going to want to play it, really. Read our full review to see more.

Review: Pixel Kingdom Is An Addictive, Pixelated, Side-Scrolling RPG

Retro-pixel graphics? Check. Scary enemies? Check. An RPG leveling system? Check. Pixel Kingdom has all the makings of a game you could waste hours playing. Read our full review to see what makes it so great.

The Best Root Apps: 3 Channels That Will Convince You To Root Your Phone

From visual tweaks to any ROM, to suspending battery-sucking apps in the background... your imagination is the limit, really. If your phone isn't rooted yet, these will show you why it should be.

Holo All The Way: 3 Channels Full of Holo Apps and Games

Google is not the only one creating Holo apps: Developers are racing to offer their apps using this elegant new aesthetic, and Playboard's curators have been busy compiling channels of some of the best holo apps around. Let's check out three of the best Holo channels around:

How To Pick The Perfect Launcher: These Channels Will Help

Picking the right launcher isn't easy, and you'll probably have to switch between several launchers until you find one that really works for you. Here are three channels that will help you narrow down your choices.

Review: Reaper Is a Gorgeous, Engaging Battle RPG

As a rule, I don't like freemium titles - they tend to be annoying. And I don't consider myself as much of an RPG player. And yet, I find myself hooked on Reaper, a battle RPG from Hexage. What makes this game so great? Read our full review to find out.

Review: Blindscape Is the Most Unique Android Game You'll Play This Month

A game with no graphics. I don't mean "basic graphic" - I mean a blank, black screen. No buttons, no art, nothing. Just blackness. And the funny thing is, it's actually pretty great. Read on for our full review.

How to Ensure Your Favorite Games Work Offline When You Need Them

Whether it's through a Wi-Fi connection or a cellular data connection, there is a constant flow of data between the device and the Internet. That is, until the connection breaks for some reason... and the games you love stop working.

Review: SpellTower Is a Slick, Addictive Game For Lovers of Words

If you like Words with Friends or any other game that has to do with finding words, I suspect you'll have fun with Spelltower. Read on for our full-length review!