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This a compilation of tower defense games that I like. I am going to add reviews little by little.

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  • Terran Defence

    Terran Defence


    1041 ratings

    Save mankind against the alien hordes in this ground-breaking new experience in tower defense! Get ready to repel their invasion using a vast arsenal of towers and fire-powers at your command! Perfect your genius defensive strategies with...

  • Steampunk Defense Premium

    Steampunk Defense Premium

    stereo7 games

    4027 ratings

    Get ready for steampunk battles! Defend your lands against evil invaders! Your team will consist of modern snipers, gunners, rockets, ice towers and other great things. A deep conflict has been brewing between you and the evil invaders. Fight to...

  • Cyborg Zombie Defence

    Cyborg Zombie Defence


    3304 ratings

    Get ready for cyborg battles! Defend your town against cyborg zombies from space! Your team will consist of modern snipers, gunners, rockets, ice towers and other great things. A deep conflict has been brewing between you and the cyborg zombies....

  • Defense Of Greece TD

    Defense Of Greece TD

    First Games Interactive

    4965 ratings

    Colorful graphics, exciting story, captivating gameplay! Excellent combination of the ancient Greece era, steam powered engines and mechanized robots will keep you interested. Build powerful tools, plan defense strategy, level up from rookie to...

  • Fort Defense Saga: Pirates

    Fort Defense Saga: Pirates

    Gamer-Gamer Inc.

    2111 ratings

    Fort Defense Saga can be played on Android device NOW! Take part in an uncompromising clash repelling freebooters' assaults. Watch out, the pirates may catch the tide for ruining your Empire’s fortress. Each level brings new units and structures to h...

  • Ancient Planet TD Ancient Planet TD

    Ancient Planet TD

    Moonlight Mouse

    6267 ratings

    Bastion of ancient civilization, a keeper of galaxy wisdom is invaded by alien armies. Use powerful ancient TD technologies and defeat the attack of enemy armies! You can play this Tower Defence game offline. No advertising! What's special: -...

  • The orcs crusade

    The orcs crusade


    385 ratings

    Legendary The orcs crusade Epic fantasy tower defense game now in google play! Free tower defense game! Unique graphic style! Are you ready for an epic crusade to free your lands from hordes of orcs and goblins, elves and zombies! Customize your...

  • Endless TD

    Endless TD

    Heart beat Games

    722 ratings

    Day 36. I was returned. Again. This time, I will definitely protect the Earth! Are you looking for hardcore Tower Defense strategy game? - Download Endless TD! Are you ready to die 1000 times and return to battle once more, while having past...

  • Save the Cave: Tower Defense

    Save the Cave: Tower Defense

    Kooapps LLC

    3177 ratings

    Travel back in time for a fresh tower defense game where you protect your cavemen tribe against prehistoric animals stealing your food! Command your crew of wild cavemen warriors and use each one’s unique skills to fight off the hungry beasts and s...

  • Alien Assault: Tower Defense

    Alien Assault: Tower Defense


    913 ratings

    ★★GET READY FOR THE BEST & THE NEWEST Tower Defense on Google Play Store!★★ The story behind Alien Assault: Tower Defense: Its the year 2832 as colonists from Earth forced to find a new home planet, stumble on the wild planet of Gloria-6 after y...

  • Toy Defender

    Toy Defender


    7129 ratings

    Toydefender is so much different to regular tower defense games. Build the most useful path to the gaining block points,you can upgrade your tower and skills. Battle through 6 areas with 2 different modes. (easy,normal) ★ Game features 1. C...

  • Tower Defense: Robot Wars

    Tower Defense: Robot Wars

    Zitga Studio

    4075 ratings

    Tower Defense: Robot Wars is a strategy game based on a classic defense game. Tower Defense reveals a story about the battle of humanity against dark forces from remote planets with evil intension destroying the Earth. Playing this game, you will...

  • Legendary Tower Strategy TD HD

    Legendary Tower Strategy TD HD


    601 ratings

    Legendary Tower Strategy TD is 3D fantasy, strategy, arcade, defense game. Your aim is to survive 30 waves of various enemies. Every enemy is weaker to specific tower attack. There are four tower attacks classic, magic, elemental and poison....

  • Tower Defense Zone

    Tower Defense Zone

    Zonmob Tech., JSC

    4053 ratings

    Tower Defense Zone: Strategy Game - One of the best attractive game and breakthroughs in Tower Defense – Strategy category. Tower Defense is set in the Cyamic species, an alien creature suddenly invaded Crolla. They eat meat and reproduced rapidly, b...

  • Hex Defender

    Hex Defender

    Madowl Games

    26 ratings

    Hex Defender is a tower defense game with a difference. With most tower defense games the turrets are placed and the position of that specific turret is fixed. With Hex Defender the six turrets are rotatable around a hexagon. There are six...

  • Battle Bros - Tower Defense

    Battle Bros - Tower Defense

    DryGin Studios

    1491 ratings

    Battle against hordes of minions in this action packed tower defense (TD) game with real-time multiplayer co-op gameplay. Fight alongside players worldwide or invite your friends and defend your land against hordes of minions controlled by the...

  • Steel Mayhem: Robot Defender

    Steel Mayhem: Robot Defender

    Studio Mobile Games

    7482 ratings

    Real threat! Are you ready to control the ultimate fighting steel robot machine, defeat thousands of enemies, be one of defenders? If the answer is yes, then your mission is to install this free action-packed shooter game! You play as the Sheriff...

  • Digfender Digfender


    Mugshot Games Pty Ltd

    16205 ratings

    "There’s a million tower defense games but only one like this" - GAMERANX "Digfender is easily one of the best tower defense games I've played in a long time" - TOUCH ARCADE Beneath your castle an enemy lies waiting. Grab your shovel and prepare y...

  • Board Defenders

    Board Defenders

    Ludus Studio

    1048 ratings

    Play this amazing logic puzzle game. Have lots of fun in the world of Playville! Board Defenders is super-structuring the rules of the world’s most popular game of all times. A modern vision, addictive, thrilling and fun fast action game, combining t...

  • Defense Witches

    Defense Witches

    StarGarage, Inc.

    16232 ratings

    A brand new Defense game is released for Android! Little witches are active in the fantasy world! - Save the Stone Seal from surging monsters. Monsters are seeking the Stone Seal which contains the heart of the evil god. Summon cute witches to...

  • Treasure Defense Treasure Defense

    Treasure Defense

    DH Games

    3158 ratings

    Treasure Defense: A brand new take on strategic tower defense games, and endless fun! Can you save Atlantis from falling into the sea? Join millions of players already playing Treasure Defense, a truly Epic Strategy Game set in the Ancient Lost...

  • Castle Defense 2 Castle Defense 2

    Castle Defense 2

    DH Games

    25993 ratings

    A new era of war has arrived. The sequel to the original tower defense game with over 10,000,000 players worldwide: Castle Defense 2.  Summary Years ago, the kingdoms of man were put to the test in a war that lasted decades. Only with the aid of p...

  • Tower Dwellers Gold

    Tower Dwellers Gold

    Noodlecake Studios Inc

    1045 ratings

    ONE OF THE BEST MOBILE TOWER DEFENCE GAMES IS NOW FREE TO DOWNLOAD AND PLAY! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ So you are here. The legend fulfilled. You will lead us to battle, purge the land and rebuild!...

  • DefCom TD

    DefCom TD

    Game Dev Team

    179 ratings

    DefCom TD is a simple survival game with tower defense and real-time strategy elements. Action is going on a randomly generated map, where player should build his base, gather resources and defend from endless waves of enemies. Features: • Original m...

  • Forest Spirit

    Forest Spirit

    ForceField s.r.o.

    32 ratings

    A tower defense game with enemies like no other. No more snaking on predetermined path but an unpredictable tidal wave of bugs destroying everything in its path. In Forest Spirit they won’t stop at anything, they will eat their way through defenses a...

  • Goblin Defenders 2

    Goblin Defenders 2

    Alawar Entertainment, Inc.

    37873 ratings

    Try the best TOWER DEFENSE game! Features dozens of levels, several PvP modes with cool prizes and high score tables, and hundreds of hero upgrades, towers, and bonuses! Join the best Tower Defense and you’ll get: • 60 furious tower defense bat...

  • Aquarius TD

    Aquarius TD


    14 ratings

    Aquarius TD is tower defense game. The objective is to defend the monster to attack the five planets in Aquarius. Game Features: - It consists of the five planets.(α,β,γ,δ,ε) - It consists of a story mode and mission mode. - It consists of diff...

  • Sleep Attack TD

    Sleep Attack TD

    Ayopa Games

    110 ratings

    Enjoy an amazing new TWIST in Tower Defense! You control the layout of the battlefield, and you decide the paths your enemies follow! Awarded 4.5 out of 5 stars by TouchArcade! Build and place powerful turrets to attack invading enemies. Then...

  • Tiny Guardians

    Tiny Guardians


    8184 ratings

    From the creators of King’s League: Odyssey comes Tiny Guardians - a strategy TD game without Towers! Prepare to embark on an epic adventure with these tiny heroes! Summon unique guardians to defend Lunalie against various enemies as she journeys t...

  • Galaxy Defense 2: Transformers Galaxy Defense 2: Transformers

    Galaxy Defense 2: Transformers

    Zonmob Tech., JSC

    15401 ratings

    Galaxy Defense: TRANSFORMERS – New version of Tower Defense came back and dangerous than ever. The game will give players the totally different feeling, more dramatic, more attractive and more modern. Player will satisfy about the listening, l...

  • Epic War TD 2

    Epic War TD 2

    AMT Games

    20160 ratings

    Works fine on low-performance devices! Prepare yourself to be thrown into the heat of pure tower defense battle. No gimmicks, no free-to-PAY, no paywalls - just strategy, mass destruction and epic battles. Here's what we've got for you: - 9...

  • Defend Your Life Tower Defense

    Defend Your Life Tower Defense

    Alda Games

    11147 ratings

    Take the role of a strategic commander and fight in the last frontier of life itself - the human anatomy. Defend your life in your own body and enjoy a unique tower defense experience! Play the best tower defense game for free and offline. You are...

  • Defenders of Suntoria

    Defenders of Suntoria

    Beets BLU

    152 ratings

    Defend your kingdom from hordes of devilish goblins in this challenging tower defense game. Summon mighty forces and head into battle right now in the epic Defenders of Suntoria! Hurl back the enemy assault and save your Kingdom! Recruit...

  • Kingdom Rush Origins

    Kingdom Rush Origins

    Ironhide Game Studio

    64446 ratings

    The most addicting tower defense game returns in an all-new prequel adventure - welcome to Kingdom Rush: Origins! Praise for the Kingdom Rush series: the #1 Strategy Game franchise for Mobile, Google’s Editor’s Choice Award, IGN Editor's Choice, Sli...

  • Tower Defense®

    Tower Defense®

    Com2uS USA

    310407 ratings

    ★★THE BEST & THE ORIGINAL Tower Defense on Google Play Store!★★ ★SILVER AWARD Winner by Pocket Gamer!★ You may have played other “TD” games but get ready to play THE TOWER DEFENSE! In search of resources that are no longer provided on Earth, you f...

  • Dead Defence

    Dead Defence


    17378 ratings

    Only you can save humanity! Dead Defence - tower defense strategy, absorbing the best aspects of this genre! Use perfective weaponry, develop defensive installations and dont hesitate to deploy missile launches of incredible power! Few months...

  • Defenders: TD Origins

    Defenders: TD Origins


    186694 ratings

    Join over the 5 millions players in the Prime’s World Universe and fight off hordes of monsters created from a mysterious cataclysm event! Defenders: TD origins merges classic tower defense gameplay with collectible card mechanic. Your towers, s...

  • Bloons TD 5

    Bloons TD 5

    ninja kiwi

    151281 ratings

    Five-star tower defense with unrivaled depth and replayability. Now with rewarded leaderboards for even more fun and challenge! Build awesome towers, choose your favorite upgrades, hire cool Special Agents, and pop every last invading Bloon in the...

  • Tower Defense: Infinite War

    Tower Defense: Infinite War


    27719 ratings

    A revolutionary classic defense game packed with action and strategy! The best Defense game in the world, reaching 20 Million downloads worldwide! This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for extra items. You can play in...

  • Radiant Defense

    Radiant Defense


    92430 ratings

    MILLIONS OF ALIENS WILL DIE Radiant Defense is a tower defense game set in a vibrant universe invaded by countless alien hordes. Build your space fortress any way you wish, set up wide variety of weapons and traps and let the invasions begin! ★ T...

  • Towers N' Trolls

    Towers N' Trolls

    Ember Entertainment

    95951 ratings

    "It's an addictive, creative game with some lovely aesthetics and challenging levels. If you're anything like me, it'll probably steal your soul." - KOTAKU "Game of the Month" - -------- Fast paced fantasy tower defense... from the...

  • Defense Zone 2 HD Lite

    Defense Zone 2 HD Lite


    41023 ratings

    The new, engaging levels are even more stunning and impressive. New weapons have been added, along with new opponents, and even more action and tactics. The game supports four languages: English, Russian, French and German. The game settings are...

  • Mage Defense Mage Defense

    Mage Defense


    7159 ratings

    The mage castle faced big crisis becasue monsters from devildom invaded into the castle. Please protect the castle from monsters by employing various mages outside of the castle. Don't pass many monsters, or you will lose the game. "Mage defense"...

  • Demon Avengers TD

    Demon Avengers TD

    WeeMe Studio

    13587 ratings

    ************************************************************************************************************************* The 2nd ANNV. version is out,it's totally free now,Get it here:

  • Lushington Springs Lushington Springs

    Lushington Springs


    54 ratings

    Help defend Lushington Springs in this fast paced tower defense game. Fight through forests, snowy passes, deserts, farms and even the city itself as the last bid to defeat the invading host. Gain awards and unlock perks as you progress through...

  • GRave Defense Silver FREE GRave Defense Silver FREE

    GRave Defense Silver FREE


    4573 ratings

    Grave Defense game is in the TOP PAID list on Android Market and one of the TOP tower defenses on Android. GRave Defense is the tower defense game with the post-apocalypse game setting, the addictive gameplay and the excellent graphics. Remaining...

  • Warfield Warfield



    201 ratings

    Warfield is a real time combat strategy game set in the World War II era where you try to defeat your enemy in each level by either capturing the enemy flag or destroying all enemy units. It is one of the first (if not the first) true Real Time...

  • Draw Wars

    Draw Wars

    Evil Indie Games

    278 ratings

    Draw the paths for your units, take part in over 40 battles located in different sceneries! Take control over tanks, planes and infantry to destroy enemy. Take advantage of military buildings - towers, bunkers and rocket launchers to defend your...

  • Guns'n'Glory Heroes

    Guns'n'Glory Heroes


    14888 ratings

    Sharpen your blades, polish your armor, focus on your magic and LOAD YOUR GUNS! Play the ultimate defense strategy game NOW! The kingdom has been attacked and all castles are under siege! Dreadful orcs and fearsome dragons roam the land! Join the...

  • Ant Raid

    Ant Raid

    HeroCraft Ltd

    793 ratings

    With the original game averaging a 90% review score on Metacritic, there simply isn’t a better arcade-strategy game on mobile! Ant Raid fills your device with fun cartoony action! Jump into the hilarious story of an ant colony trying to survive s...

  • CastleMine CastleMine


    Mugshot Games

    10074 ratings

    "Protecting a castle has never been more fun, and if you’re expecting to put this puppy down after a few minutes, think again." - "There's no shortage of strategy in this delightfully unique tower defense game!" - "...

  • Friendly Fire!

    Friendly Fire!

    ShortRound Games

    91370 ratings

    Defend your nation and destroy your rivals! Build an army, fortify your base, and conquer the world! Welcome to Friendly Fire! As Commander, it's your job to build a formidable army and become a force to be reckoned with. Your success will secure...

  • Guns'n'Glory Zombies

    Guns'n'Glory Zombies


    23479 ratings

    It's finally going down! The Zombie Apocalypse is here and the dead are rising from their graves! Lock and load your weapons and face the undead hordes! You are the last line of defense and humanity's last hope for survival against the deadly...

  • Soldier of Glory WW2 Halloween

    Soldier of Glory WW2 Halloween

    Cat Studio

    5503 ratings

    If you like this game, please purchase the full version to support us! Soldiers of glory: World War II Zombie special version! Kill Nazi Zombies! Defend your homeland! This tower defense game will present you the truly stunning European...

  • ZDefense HD Lite ZDefense HD Lite

    ZDefense HD Lite

    Jason Zheng

    1531 ratings

    Top Tower Defense Game. FEATURES Easy to Play, but Very Tough to Master! No paths... build a maze of towers! Tutorial Screens as you go, shows you how to play (but not all the secrets!) 5 tower types with 7 levels each 14 levels, each its own...

  • Tower Storm GOLD

    Tower Storm GOLD


    19 ratings

    =•••WITH GOLD VERSION YOU GET:•••= • TWO powerfull SPELLS, which you can use in battle! • 4th LEVEL upgrade perks! • Extra GEM BONUS! Tower Storm is the best “tower capture” real-time strategy for Android! If you commanded armies of orcs and ma...

  • Blew Tactic Defense Online Blew Tactic Defense Online

    Blew Tactic Defense Online

    J Brothers

    250 ratings

    Blew Tactic Defense Online is a challenging style of tactical defense integrated in an online world. Build your hometown, generate resources and research new abilities to beat all the challenges that await you. PLEASE NOTE! Blew Tactic Defense...

  • Guns'n'Glory



    82691 ratings

    Play the best award winning Wild West defense game on Android! Take up a smart, strategic position and lie in wait at the canyon to ambush settlers, stagecoaches and the gold train. FULL FEATURED and FREE (including Ads)! - Defense...

  • Guns'n'Glory WW2

    Guns'n'Glory WW2


    171762 ratings

    Explosive defense action in World War II! Grab your bazookas and ready your grenades in the thrilling successor to the award-winning action-strategy game Guns’n’Glory! Order your tanks into combat and march your troops to the frontlines of World War...

  • Tau Ceti

    Tau Ceti

    AMA LTD.

    484 ratings

    Defend your starship from enemy raids in a game that mixes strategy, tower defence and card games! In a galaxy far, far away … a relentless war rages on! Countless armadas fight for the resources of a world still unravaged by war: the Tau Ceti s...

  • Sev Zero: Air Support

    Sev Zero: Air Support

    Amazon Mobile LLC

    23 ratings

    Sev Zero: Air Support is a companion tablet app for Sev Zero, the Amazon Fire TV game. It enables a second player to join the game. This app cannot be played on its own. Sev Zero players can bring friends and family into the action with Sev Zero:...

  • The Great Prank War

    The Great Prank War

    Cartoon Network

    2850 ratings

    Help Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, Skips and your other Regular Show favorites take the park back from Gene and his goons with a plethora of prank-related powers! A NEW SPIN ON REGULAR SHOW! When Gene, the manager of rival park East Pines, gets...

  • Space Station: Frontier

    Space Station: Frontier

    Origin8 Technologies Ltd.

    569 ratings

    A deep space mining operation should be a peaceful job. No such luck with a violent alien race contesting the territory! Mine the asteroids, harvest energy and build up your defences to survive the alien onslaught! * Construct weaponry & mining...

  • Net Invaders

    Net Invaders

    Cisco Systems, Inc.

    1047 ratings

    The cisco security island is being invaded. Your mission is to learn about the Cisco security products and save the network from being attacked. Different types of traffic carry threats into the network and your goal, with the help of Fran, your...

  • OTTTD : Over The Top TD OTTTD : Over The Top TD

    OTTTD : Over The Top TD

    SMG Studio

    2531 ratings

    "4.5 stars! With an impressive melding of traditional TD and action-RPG elements, all of my expectations as to what it had to offer were happily exceeded. " - Touch Arcade "OTTTD is wonderfully excessive" - PocketGamer "OTTTD is what mobile tower...

  • Tower Rush

    Tower Rush

    Wonder Gum

    21 ratings

    Prepare to defend your portal from the attacking monsters! Be prepared to battle monster and other surprising characters in many scenarios for hours. This epic journey will give you a unique experience in tower portal defense. This unique...

  • tower defense Line

    tower defense Line


    290 ratings

    It is easy for you to win all Tower Defense? Here you will have to sweat! No bailout airstrikes, no donate - only hardcore! Do you accept the challenge? Or "I'll play better in the farm" is your final answer? This is the full version of the game....

  • Evil Defenders

    Evil Defenders

    Crazy Panda Mobile

    76845 ratings

    Evil Defenders is a fun, frenetic defense game with a bit of humor thrown in. Featuring beautiful graphics and challenging gameplay, Evil Defenders lets you build and upgrade powerful defensive towers, use special landmarks unique to each map, and...

  • Age of Thrones

    Age of Thrones

    Nexrage Studios,LLC

    108 ratings

    Age of Thrones is a medieval-fantasy TOWER DEFENSE game like no other by Nexrage (indie team). Fight against waves of orcs, dragons, trolls, undead and more dark creatures to defeat the Dark Lord of Thrones and save the kingdom of Armos! AOT is...

  • Fieldrunners 2

    Fieldrunners 2

    Subatomic Studios, LLC

    9730 ratings

    Get ready to DEFEND THE WORLD! The biggest sequel in tower defense history is finally available for Android phones and tablets: Fieldrunners 2 has arrived! From Subatomic Studios, creators of the award winning classic strategy game comes an all...

  • TowerMadness Zero: 3D TD TowerMadness Zero: 3D TD

    TowerMadness Zero: 3D TD


    9115 ratings

    Evil aliens are coming to turn your beloved sheep into intergalactic scarves in this tower defense strategy game! Protect your flock using only quick thinking and the arsenal of upgradeable weaponry at your disposal. TowerMadness Zero is a FULLY...

  • Army Defence TD

    Army Defence TD

    Wise Shark Mirror Photo

    1611 ratings

    ★★★Try new tower defence game Army Defence!★★★ The best Islands Defense game in awesome military style! ★ 3 islands defense with unqiue levels ★ 6 unqiue units and gun ★ 27 exciting levels ★ A lot of angry enemies ★ 13 types of enemies, fro...

  • Incoming! Goblins Attack TD

    Incoming! Goblins Attack TD


    13535 ratings

    The new tower defense game (TD) with cool 3D comic graphics Incoming! The goblins are coming. Defend yourself against hordes of incoming monsters. Choose the right combination of towers and reinforce your defenses with magical spells. Countless...

  • Anomaly Korea

    Anomaly Korea

    11 bit studios

    4630 ratings

    The sequel to the critically acclaimed ‘Anomaly Warzone Earth’! The alien robots are back and this time they’ve got Korea in their sights. It’s your job to lead a squad into fierce fire-fights and fend off the alien invasion. Plan your routes careful...

  • Anomaly Defenders

    Anomaly Defenders

    11 bit studios

    4263 ratings

    PocketGamer's Silver Award: "...the most polished and interesting tower defence game we've seen for a good long while." Touch Arcade: "good-looking deep tower defense game with 24 challenging missions" 148apps: "a fine conclusion to a highly...

  • Anomaly Warzone Earth HD

    Anomaly Warzone Earth HD

    11 bit studios

    3232 ratings

    PocketGamer: ""If you’re a strategy fan, you need this game"" PLATINUM AWARD! TouchGen: ""So engaging it’s almost impossible to put down"" EDITOR'S CHOICE! TouchArcade: ""It nails!"" 5/5 STARS! GAME OF THE YEAR RUNNER-UP AWARD! AppSpy: ""F...

  • Anomaly 2

    Anomaly 2

    11 bit studios

    7762 ratings

    All About Tower Offense vs. Tower Defense Anomaly 2 is a sequel to the critically acclaimed Anomaly Warzone Earth. Maintaining the core elements of the original, Anomaly 2 adds new features to the single-player campaign and finally puts your...

  • Goblin Defenders: Steel'n'Wood

    Goblin Defenders: Steel'n'Wood

    Alawar Entertainment, Inc.

    19630 ratings

    Tired of the same old boring tower defense games? Goblin Defenders: Battles of Steel'n'Wood breaks the mold, as it is a truly unique game in every way! Why fight off hordes from one single direction, like most other games? No, how about troves of...

  • Brave Guardians

    Brave Guardians

    Chundos Studio

    10974 ratings

    Brave Guardians is an epic 3D action fantasy defense game that narrates the story of four heroes (Pepo, Tiko, Zagi & Rapu) -- each with extraordinary abilities. Be prepared for an epic journey to defend your world against nasty fiends. This time...

  • Kingdom Rush Frontiers

    Kingdom Rush Frontiers

    Ironhide Game Studio

    89636 ratings

    The world's most devilishly addictive defense game is back - welcome to Kingdom Rush: Frontiers! Bigger and badder than ever before, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers is a whole new level of the furiously fast, enchantingly charming gameplay that made the...

  • Kingdom Rush

    Kingdom Rush

    Ironhide Game Studio

    314961 ratings

    The acclaimed action fantasy defense game is now available on Android for Phones and Tablets! Get ready for an epic journey to defend your kingdom against hordes of orcs, trolls, evil wizards and other nasty fiends using a vast arsenal of towers...

  • Lair Defense: Shrine

    Lair Defense: Shrine

    Elite Games

    39476 ratings

    Greedy humans are invading dragon's world again! They're well armed, and will not stop until they destory dragon's world. Dragons are angry, and it's time for them to fight back! They are familar with the map, they are well trained, and they are...

  • Lair Defense: Dungeon

    Lair Defense: Dungeon

    Elite Games

    73113 ratings

    Way back in ancient history, when humans and dragons live in peace, the human emperor once heard eating dragon eggs will make one live forever. Since then, the war between humans and dragons has begun. You are the ONE to stop the greedy humans...

  • Fantasy Kingdom Defense HD Fantasy Kingdom Defense HD

    Fantasy Kingdom Defense HD

    DashBuzz Media LLC

    121844 ratings

    Your kingdom is under attack. The Evil Lord is throwing his army of demons at the gates of your castle, and only you can stop him! Take command of an elite unit of elf archers, sword-wielding knights, powerful mages and fire-breathing dragons in...

  • Terminator World War

    Terminator World War

    Top Arcade Games S.A.

    886 ratings

    Our capacity for create weapons has grow faster than our wisdom to use them. For fear man kind has used the technology to create weapons that suppose keep the peace. One day we realised we were wrong. But then...was already too late. Now the...

  • Stalingrad Defense Free

    Stalingrad Defense Free

    Speed development

    5108 ratings

    Stalingrad Defense - classic game genre " tower defense ". Build your defense well building your guns in the right places , and the enemy will not be able to pass. Game key features : - Different ways to pass the level and building a defense ; -...

  • Siegecraft™ Defender

    Siegecraft™ Defender

    Crescent Moon Games

    535 ratings

    Touch Arcade - "It's not very often that a game manages to take standard tower defense mechanics and incorporate them into something greater." "This game rocks!" 4/4 Build your own castle defense and protect the Knights from the...

  • Nexus Defense: Desert Storm

    Nexus Defense: Desert Storm

    -Luscious Studios-

    222 ratings

    This is the full version (paid version) of Tower Defense: Nexus Defense! Portable tower defense war has arrived on your android device! This full version offers the following features: * Challenging campaign with 10 maps * Survival mode with 10...

  • Elf Defense (Free)

    Elf Defense (Free)

    Jellyoasis Inc.

    3975 ratings

    Tower defense like you’ve never seen it before: crisp, beautiful, addictive, unmatched magic. Elf Defense sets a new standard for the tower defense genre, with gorgeous HD graphics, over 100 enemies to defeat, a sophisticated system of unit r...

  • Swamp Defense Lite Swamp Defense Lite

    Swamp Defense Lite


    1465 ratings

    !! Permissions needed to display Ads !! Swamp Defense is a classic tower defense game for any beginners or defensive specialist. Fight your way through a large number of levels with different routes. Unique tower types help you to defeat the...

  • Tower Dwellers

    Tower Dwellers

    Noodlecake Studios Inc

    1646 ratings

    NO In-APP Purchases! Conquer through battle and reclaim the land you once called home! • Craft Units from each tower to build a strategic army • Command your units in Real Time and assist them in battle with your magic spells • Non-linear progr...

  • Tower Raiders 3 FREE

    Tower Raiders 3 FREE

    Gianormous Games, LLC

    16601 ratings

    Tower Raiders 3 doesn’t redefine the tower defense genre; it sets a new gold standard for mobile strategic thrills! The game includes challenging levels that cater specifically to fans of great gameplay. Every level provides unique logistic c...

  • GRave Defense HD GRave Defense HD

    GRave Defense HD


    4793 ratings

    The Best App Ever Awards 2011 WINNER - The Best Adventure Game POCKET GAMER BRONZE AWARD! GRave Defense HD is a damn good tower defense game! GRave Defense HD an Extremely Addictive Tower Defense Game...

  • Towers of Chaos- Demon Defense

    Towers of Chaos- Demon Defense

    Charge Studios

    21087 ratings

    The best strategy and arcade tower defense TD GAME in a fantasy kingdom giving you an epic adventure. In search for revenge, ages ago, soul thirsty demons have risen upon the human kind to destroy everything in their path. Take command of towers...

  • Jelly Defense

    Jelly Defense

    Infinite Dreams

    9872 ratings

    Join the Jelly forces now and lead them to glory in this uneven and fierce fight against the invaders! Use your tactical skills and wisdom to tip the scales of victory in your favor in order to save the Diploglobe and the Jelly nation from the...

  • Goal Defense

    Goal Defense

    Dynamic Pixels

    5124 ratings

    "Players from all manner of sports are represented here, from baseball to boxing, and beyond, and each one (as well as their upgraded versions) displays their own unique personality." - "One of the major differences of Goal Defense...

  • Tower Defense

    Tower Defense

    MainActivity Development

    7004 ratings

    The bright colours make this game pleasing for your eyes,technics and guns make you feel how Tower Defense strategy game interesting and fascinating.Use all your skills to win this war TD! Update and Put towers to destroy battle tanks and...

  • Defense Zone HD Lite

    Defense Zone HD Lite


    11247 ratings

    Stunning detail of levels, in-depth gameplay, finely tuned balance of all levels and turrets. During the game you will hold your defence with your turrets against the massive hordes of enemies.With every level you will have the use of new weapons...

  • Empire Defense II

    Empire Defense II


    146915 ratings

    This is the real return of the clash kingdoms! Empire Defense II is a superior strategy tower defense game based on the background of the Three Kingdoms. Its ground-breaking DIY gameplay enables Empire Defense II has over 45 million players...

  • Myth Defense 2: DF

    Myth Defense 2: DF

    Smartpix Games

    16899 ratings

    Popular "tower defense" game is back! Light Forces repulsed the attack of Dark Forces and passed to the offensive. Now you fight on the dark side. Restore the balance between Light and Darkness! Build towers and traps using technologies of Orcs,...

  • Myth Defense LF free

    Myth Defense LF free

    Smartpix Games

    17588 ratings

    "Myth Defense: Light Forces" has the best elements of tower defense games and also includes such original features as alchemy, random maps, campaign and more. NEWS!!! "Myth Defense 2: Dark Forces" is available on Google Play! The game supports all...

  • Robot Defense

    Robot Defense


    26415 ratings

    Robot Defense is a unique tower-based defense game: abundant towers + hero, which makes it a lot more challenging and fun! Hero/Heroine: # Warrior: the strong soldier with incredible power who terrifies enemies with “Shake’em off” and “Tran...

  • Galaxy Defense

    Galaxy Defense

    DH Games

    76359 ratings

    Mystic droid army invaded our planet. As a commander, you need to hold the last line of defense. Now, all forces are waiting for your orders! Place towers in perfect defense formation and let’s swipe them out! > Raid in the Galaxy! Fight the Droids F...

  • Tower Madness 2: 3D Defense

    Tower Madness 2: 3D Defense


    51285 ratings

    The sequel to the hit tower defense strategy adventure TowerMadness is finally here. Protect your flock using quick thinking and an arsenal of awesome TD weapons. *** AS FEATURED IN THE GOOGLE I/O 2014 KEYNOTE *** ☆☆☆ Android Central App of the Week ...

  • Epic Defense – the Elements

    Epic Defense – the Elements

    Cat Studio

    44613 ratings

    The most worth waiting killer-level Tower Defense game in 2012. FREE to download!! No locked function!!! The story happened in an ancient and remote world. It is a chaotic era before the disappearance of the ancient magic power. Terran had...

  • Империя TD Tower Defense

    Империя TD Tower Defense

    Mangolee Production

    2304 ratings

    Russian Description: “Империя TD Tower Defense” одна из лучших игр мира сражений и защиты для Android. Отличное сочетание Tower Defense с хорошо думанными элементами RPG. Дайте ей шанс, Вы не пожалеете об этом и не захотите покидать эт...

  • Tiny Defense

    Tiny Defense

    DH Games

    29129 ratings

    Toys are going insane! Affected by mystic portal, lots of toys lost themselves and attacked several communities. And you, commander of the M.S.I.T.A. (Mighty Super Iron Toy Army), need to swipe them out, saving the world and restore order and...

  • Epic Defense - Origins

    Epic Defense - Origins

    Cat Studio

    23102 ratings

    "Epic Defense – Origins" is the expansion of “Epic Defense – Element”. The epic tower defense series has been widely acclaimed by global game players, and this expansion offers a more gorgeous visual effect, more challenging levels, and more variety...

  • Bloons TD Battles

    Bloons TD Battles

    ninja kiwi

    590977 ratings

    Play the top-rated tower defense franchise in this all new head-to-head strategy game - FREE! Go monkey vs monkey with other players in a bloon-popping battle for victory! From the creators of best-selling Bloons TD 5, this all new Battles game is...

  • Zombie Defense

    Zombie Defense

    Home Net Games

    253572 ratings

    Today, 7 billion humans live on our planet. Over 100 billion lived and died on it in the past. What if just a tenth of them came back... for us? Description A modern hybrid of the classic RTS and modern Tower Defense. Recruit soldiers, place them...

  • Alien Creeps TD

    Alien Creeps TD

    Outplay Entertainment Ltd

    570071 ratings

    Alien Creeps TD is the tower defense game that has it all: frenzied action battles! Hordes of devious enemies! Lightning bolts! Helicopters! Explosions! Boom and blast those creeps with powerful towers! Mow them down with sturdy infantry units and...

  • Galaxy Defense (Tower Game)

    Galaxy Defense (Tower Game)

    Zonmob Tech., JSC

    98381 ratings

    Galaxy Defense – The best Tower Defense game for android ever! This game is very wonderful and special in this Strategy game category! Let's play Galaxy Defense - The game where you are a powerful general making strategy wisely to command your c...

  • Castle Defense

    Castle Defense

    Elite Games

    348648 ratings

    Castle TD: The best strategy/arcade castle defense ever! Commander, our world is in great danger which we’ve never faced! Not only orcs, but also goblins, spirits, devils and other monster are trying to destroy us! Build your defense and stop them n...