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Tested and used to destruction I'm not listing all the features, just commending the apps I actually use man, just sitting here... commending.

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  • SysLog SysLog


    Scott Warner

    543 ratings

    Save all the logs! Kmesg, Dmesg, Modem, Event... etc. Select and save upload or share. Also features "strip private info from logs" Now you can submit your crash reports to someone who cares. Easy peasy no terminal command grepping needed....

  • Clip Stack ✓ Clipboard Manager Clip Stack ✓ Clipboard Manager

    Clip Stack ✓ Clipboard Manager

    Catching Now

    4166 ratings

    Clip-Stack once issued a DMCA takedown request against Easy Copy for alleged plagiarism. EasyCopy is more feature rich, compare them and see which you prefer. This is ClipStacks open source offering. Very simple clean & handy. Damn hard to decide...

  • AllCast AllCast



    84683 ratings

    Count how many Push/Cast apps you've got or tried. I stuck this on for the hell of it (since it is one of Koush's!) Tap, link, push, view - sorted. This has steadily pushed out my other apps for its quickness and simplicity. Though, I'm loathe to...

  • Trring- Launcher on Lockscreen

    Trring- Launcher on Lockscreen


    259 ratings

    Still evaluating, but loving the concept. This is caught between being a launcher and a locker. It has no secure lock feature (per androids limitation) It's more a lockscreen launcher. But a really brilliant one. The secondary settings dialler is a...

  • Contacts Phone Dialer: drupe Contacts Phone Dialer: drupe

    Contacts Phone Dialer: drupe

    drupe - Contacts & Caller ID

    170767 ratings

    Hmm... still evaluating, but I'm sticking this here temporarily. This might be brilliant... Tap and swipe a contact to an app : Txt/call/Skype/ email etc. Now that's pretty slick. (Try the new "thumb" swipe setting) I use "Simpler" dialer, but this...

  • hovernote hovernote


    mjlim (Mike Lim)

    1026 ratings

    This is a fantastic re-imagining of text/note apps. I've trialled it and its staying. Fills the niche I need for notes on the fly between apps and sharing/transferring. There are "Post-it" and "Copy Bubble" apps; but this is the one I'm sticking...

  • Genius — Song Lyrics & More Genius — Song Lyrics & More

    Genius — Song Lyrics & More

    Genius Media Group, Inc.

    27945 ratings

    Genius. Well almost. Genius would have been this app in any other colour than brain haemhorrage yellow. Pick a line, an ephemeral wisp of long forgotten sonnet. There's the piece, the book it was referenced in, the book it's in, the dude or dudette...

  • Pintasking Pintasking



    2108 ratings

    Pin recent apps. Tap to switch. Slick, unobtrusive, I'm still using it - a keeper I think. One of those, like "EasyCopy" Which is just naturally simple and comfortable. In extended beta, no bugs to speak of, active development, non-root version in...

  • Kernel Adiutor (ROOT) Kernel Adiutor (ROOT)

    Kernel Adiutor (ROOT)

    Willi Ye

    33922 ratings

    Willi Ye? Aye, I will! If you are a flashaholic then you will know the joys of finding kernels compatible with your shiny new Rom. This app is simply the finest Governor/scheduler tweaker I've ever used. (other goodies like build.prop editor,...

  • Titanium Backup ★ root Titanium Backup ★ root

    Titanium Backup ★ root

    Titanium Track

    359437 ratings

    Discovered in Cornwall with the highest strength to density of any element - oh wait... errr. It has 'Titan' in its name because it strides android like a colossus. You may choose other backup apps, but until you've tried Titanium backup, you're...

  • Easy Copy -The smart Clipboard Easy Copy -The smart Clipboard

    Easy Copy -The smart Clipboard

    Camel Corporation

    2299 ratings

    Why this isn't a stock android feature defeats me. Copy and "share/paste" directly to other apps : maps, phone, calendar etc. You'll wonder what you did without it - it feels like an integral system app. Can be a little slow to launch, but it's...

  • Terminal Emulator for Android Terminal Emulator for Android

    Terminal Emulator for Android

    Jack Palevich

    107809 ratings

    By Crom! it's good. Or maybe : "By cron -f!" Don't daemonize this - its a great app. Sheesh... use it with Hackers Keyboard and write your own puns why don't you?

  • Hacker's Keyboard

    Hacker's Keyboard

    Klaus Weidner

    36189 ratings

    Not what bad golfers type up their lies on(sorry..scorecards) It's an emulated qwerty keyboard, because Swype doesn't do "Ctrl" - You too can be adventurous and take an arrow to the kney(board) ... I'll get my coat, again.

  • [root] Simple Reboot [root] Simple Reboot

    [root] Simple Reboot

    Francisco Franco

    3814 ratings

    From Franco. Yep of Kernel fame. Reboot, simply. Boot to recovery, bootloader, soft reboot, reboot, and shutdown, safe mode - Simple. Give your power button a rest. Stop hunting for 'advanced reboot' options in your Rom settings. Also try his...

  • Texdroider DPI Texdroider DPI

    Texdroider DPI

    Matteo Pastorino

    6043 ratings

    Another for the flashaholics. Stop squinting at 180 dpi and set a decent 220-240. Or cram your desktop to bursting with 180 dpi -if you have eyes like gimlets. No, not the dwarf...

  • ES File Explorer File Manager ES File Explorer File Manager

    ES File Explorer File Manager

    ES Global

    3688028 ratings

    Pretty much the benchmark file manager (with Total Commander on the podium) Get the Task Manager plugin app too and its pretty much the full package. There are, as always, others. Sometimes I even try them.

  • Advanced Download Manager Advanced Download Manager

    Advanced Download Manager


    414288 ratings

    Because - pick a download manager! It's this or "Loader Droid" (EsFile manager has a downloader function too) if you're not using a manager, you have some catching up to enjoy.

  • Feed+ News & Podcast Reader Feed+ News & Podcast Reader

    Feed+ News & Podcast Reader


    1053 ratings

    Everybody needs an RSS reader (and a bosom for a pillow) So here's mine. Yeah, yeah "Feedly" etc. There are many. Anyway, this is fundamentally "RSS Demon" before it broke.

  • Moon+ Reader Moon+ Reader

    Moon+ Reader


    221096 ratings

    It's probably the best. I need to read my manuals with something - so it's this or the Kindle app. You'll have to go 'pro' for PDF though so that might be a deal breaker for some.

  • Device ID Device ID

    Device ID


    9213 ratings

    Because sometimes you will need your Google Service Framework ID, IMEI, SIM card serial etc. Copy to clipboard. No more using the keypad and accidentally dialling your psycho ex while trying to remember the hash code.

  • [ROOT] Rashr - Flash Tool [ROOT] Rashr - Flash Tool

    [ROOT] Rashr - Flash Tool

    Aschot Mkrtchyan

    26752 ratings

    Oooh, sounds a bit more aggressive. Grrrrr Rashrrrr! Open Source, flash images, backup kernel/recovery - download kernels and much more - on the fly. You could use Flashify too, or mobile Odin - but Rashr would bite you on the leg!

  • Fix Permissions Fix Permissions

    Fix Permissions

    Stephen (Stericson)

    1410 ratings

    The man who brought you BusyBox Installer and more, now helps you out with all those messed up permissions, which YOU caused by poking about your android phone when ya dirty flash rom and ting - Ewwww!

  • Online Nandroid Backup * ROOT Online Nandroid Backup * ROOT

    Online Nandroid Backup * ROOT

    Thomas Otero (H3R3T1C)

    4457 ratings

    Nandroid backup without booting to recovery. What now? Clockwork Mod/TWRP support & cloud backup with compression too. A bit hit and miss with the cloud backup but I always do that manually. Same with TiBu do be honest.

  • Nandroid Manager * ROOT Nandroid Manager * ROOT

    Nandroid Manager * ROOT

    Thomas Otero (H3R3T1C)

    4753 ratings

    Nandroid Backup? Restore data, flash recoveries. Clockwork Mod/ TWRP. An alternative to Titanium Backup? Not quite, but it belongs in your toolbox.

  • Storage Space Storage Space

    Storage Space


    2987 ratings

    Comprehensive data on your storage partitions. Lovely UI a handy companion for mad flashaholics especially. I like it a lot. This is not a partitioning tool! You'll be wanting to flash PIT files for that and good luck to you! Repartitioning is the...

  • Partitions Backup & Restore Partitions Backup & Restore

    Partitions Backup & Restore


    850 ratings

    Root. Flashaholics. Backup various partitions. EFS, kernel, recovery and more. You know it makes sense. Because you're tired at 1am and you squeezed that power button and accidentally formatted the internets.

  • SMS Backup & Restore SMS Backup & Restore

    SMS Backup & Restore


    87304 ratings

    Do it. do it a lot. Full featured, scheduler too. Nice dark theme. View the SMS messages, restore individually, filter duplicates and more. Yes, some of us do still SMS! There are others all-in-one backup apps, but I like to work modular. **Now...

  • Simpler Contacts & Dialer Simpler Contacts & Dialer

    Simpler Contacts & Dialer


    41791 ratings

    Textra/Handcent etc? yeah sure, but I seem to be falling back on this app. Find duplicate contact details and merge them too... handy! Flashing Roms I try and keep the same dialler interface. This is quite beautifully simple and well worth a look....

  • SD Maid - System Cleaning Tool SD Maid - System Cleaning Tool

    SD Maid - System Cleaning Tool


    191479 ratings

    I can clean almost anything with almost everything, yet I clean with this. Techie approved, root required, Oh and try not to brick your device eh? Freeze apps, file manager, orphan finder, schedules, vacuum databases (oh yeah!) Warning - not all...

  • Greenify Greenify


    Oasis Feng

    234102 ratings

    Oasis Feng. What a handle! What a great app! Recently tweaked to work without root. Hibernate apps. That's it. When apps are not in use they get hibernated and don't eat device resources. Naturally they will be slower to launch next time, but this...

  • BusyBox BusyBox


    Stephen (Stericson)

    140990 ratings

    Because Busybox. Also because this installer will back-up and replace any custom recovery (busybox) install it finds.

  • Wakelock Detector [Root] Wakelock Detector [Root]

    Wakelock Detector [Root]


    28684 ratings

    If you are obsessed by SoT you probably already have this (+ BetterBatteryStats) What is keeping your phone awake? Mortgage repayment worries, exam results or kernel wakelocks. Damn you Google Play Services, damn you to heck!

  • BetterBatteryStats BetterBatteryStats


    Sven Knispel

    10735 ratings

    Obsessive about your battery and SoT? Of course you are dammit! Waste your waking hours with this...thing. Install as a system app so root required. It's the discerning modders app of choice. Now all you have to do is collate all your kernel tweaks,...

  • Fing - Network Tools Fing - Network Tools

    Fing - Network Tools

    Domotz Ltd

    167380 ratings

    So many features and free too? Hold me back. Has quickly become my favourite for day to day network queries. Open ports/ connected devices/ DNS lookup - you know the type of thing and WakeOnLan... wait, wake on what now ? As for their "Fingbox"...

  • Wifi Analyzer Wifi Analyzer

    Wifi Analyzer


    320986 ratings

    Best and has seen off the competition on my devices. Channel graph, AP list etc. 2.4/5Ghz - Find signal strengths, interference on channels etc. The Sound Meter is a handy touch. Navigate knee and shin wrecking furniture by listening to rising...

  • WiFi Key Recovery (needs root) WiFi Key Recovery (needs root)

    WiFi Key Recovery (needs root)

    Alexandros Schillings

    32474 ratings

    Because I have a memory like a sieve. Copy password, SSID + password or... QR code it and share with nefarious strangers and friends across various android services! How good is that? Share a QR code... or print it if you have the facility....

  • 3G 4G WiFi Maps & Speed Test 3G 4G WiFi Maps & Speed Test

    3G 4G WiFi Maps & Speed Test

    330772 ratings

    Another Network Cell tower analyser. I've been flipping between apps but have come down on the side of this one. Yes, it will "share data" but you can bask in a microwave glow of knowing you are contributing to the map overlay. I like the ability to...

  • Network Signal Info Network Signal Info

    Network Signal Info

    KAIBITS Software GmbH, Andreas Kraemer

    29865 ratings

    Know all there is to know about your signal strength. cell towers and more. So much more! How much more? So, so much more! Stuff you haven't a clue about frankly. Flashing different modems eh? How do they really fare? Is it a placebo effect... Now...

  • Network Log Network Log

    Network Log

    Pragmatic Software

    933 ratings

    Track your apps connections and more. Stop moaning about battery life, laggy apps, ads being delivered, data limits breached and accounts being compromised. Just install and watch... then get busy!

  • Logcat Extreme Logcat Extreme

    Logcat Extreme


    671 ratings

    Need to send system logs to dev's to troubleshoot apps? - Here you go. Already a techie or developer? Well you already have this dont you? I thought it might be a bit too extreme, but its not, it's a cuddly pussy. If you forget to clear your logs or...

  • OpenVPN Connect OpenVPN Connect

    OpenVPN Connect


    132418 ratings

    This is my VPN. There are many like it, but this one is mine. Peerless. Musically, all roads lead to jazz, tunnelling, all VPN's lead to this

  • Private Tunnel VPN Private Tunnel VPN

    Private Tunnel VPN


    15608 ratings

    Encrypt, hide, protect. Duck and cover. The VPN service provider for the discerning man (or woman) about town. No root required. Couple with OpenVpn (but not in public please!) Pull this out at a VPN party and no one will snigger up their starched...

  • Orbot: Proxy with Tor Orbot: Proxy with Tor

    Orbot: Proxy with Tor

    The Tor Project

    99500 ratings

    You're on the internets, then you switch it on an............ .........ou switch it off. Kinda like that.

  • DuckDuckGo Search & Stories DuckDuckGo Search & Stories

    DuckDuckGo Search & Stories


    21088 ratings

    Quack. Looks like a kiddies browser. But, nobody is laughing. This browser is the tinfoil hat wearers browser of choice. For privacy in your browsing use this. Recommended by The Guardian Project (Who all wear masks & capes) When you get beyond the...

  • Authy 2-Factor Authentication Authy 2-Factor Authentication

    Authy 2-Factor Authentication


    11484 ratings

    If you are not using 2FA then please click this link: - sucker! Google authenticator works sure, but this is the daddy. Pin security on the app is a logical touch (are you listening Verisign?) This app is a must have. I...

  • VIP Access VIP Access

    VIP Access

    Symantec VIP

    7182 ratings

    Verisign. Only really needed for 2FA on EBay and PayPal online. (Don't use the PayPal app because it doesn't support 2FA, though the EBay app does.. say what?) For anything else use Authy authenticator. Verisign doesn't have pin support on the app...

  • AirDroid: Remote access & File AirDroid: Remote access & File

    AirDroid: Remote access & File


    497999 ratings

    Pull up the Airdroid website, scan the QR code and connect your device. File transfer, Notifications, Messages, SMS, Device Tracking. Photo, Video front or rear camera, screenshot, lock n wipe device. Tethering and more. Does not bend air. App of...

  • DriveDroid (Paid) DriveDroid (Paid)

    DriveDroid (Paid)


    654 ratings

    A paid app? Well you dont have to pay the man (there's a free version) But you shall, oh yes! Kneel as you're doing it! DriveDroid -one of two apps that made me have a cold shower. Root required. Linux distros on your phone... Bootable -...

  • Instant Heart Rate Instant Heart Rate

    Instant Heart Rate

    Azumio Inc.

    279255 ratings

    So many tech goodies I get over excited...Same principal as the thingy they stick on your finger in hospital. It works. Nurse! The screens!

  • Glympse - Share GPS location Glympse - Share GPS location

    Glympse - Share GPS location


    89742 ratings

    International man of mystery and intrigue? Allow yourself to be tracked. Track someone else. Only one user needs the app - Set a self destruct timer. There are various trackers. this has better features and there is a simple "Express" version....

  • DailyRoads Voyager

    DailyRoads Voyager


    26360 ratings

    Used daily - tada! Top dashcam Take time to tweak settings. This brilliant app beat off the competition ( ooerr missus!) No Sim required, stick it on a low end smartphone with GPS and become a crazy Russian driver. Flawless. Good responses from...

  • VLC for Android VLC for Android

    VLC for Android


    667604 ratings

    If you've never heard of VLC then go check out the Windows desktop app. This is the android ported version. If Codecs mean anything to you, this is your app. If you think Codecs is a 1970's baldy detective, then you ain't gonna love this baby.

  • A Better Camera A Better Camera

    A Better Camera


    73208 ratings

    Is better. What? You want more? I just told you it's better. They told you it's better. A better camera is better. I can't believe it's not better. It's better you bet. It's better if you do. It's better to burn out than fade away. You'd better...

  • Photo Editor by Aviary Photo Editor by Aviary

    Photo Editor by Aviary

    Aviary, Inc.

    1471119 ratings

    Can't promise it will turn you into Lord Lichfield (who he?) but by far and away the best photo editor I've used. Snapagramseed users need not apply.

  • Twilight Twilight


    Urbandroid Team

    221644 ratings

    Couldnt live without it. Completely free of sparkly glampires, this app is definitely the prince of darkness. (ouch) Triggers at local sunrise/sunset or manual. Totally configurable. Set profiles and colour temperatures for bed reading etc. The...

  • Ultimate Rotation Control Ultimate Rotation Control

    Ultimate Rotation Control

    FaMe IT

    16786 ratings

    My first paid app. Because it's the best. Set it and forget it. Full control of your screen orientation. Spin it round (like a record) baby right round, right round...

  • ViewRanger - Trails & Maps ViewRanger - Trails & Maps

    ViewRanger - Trails & Maps


    29701 ratings

    In the UK it begins and ends with this app. In fact probably anywhere. Ordnance survey offline with GPS. As used by a plethora of UK mountain rescue and response units. (Free maps included) Premium O/S regions to 1:50000 for under a tenner....

  • FasterGPS FasterGPS


    Free Software for Android

    7449 ratings

    Find an NTP ( time server) closer to home. Speed up your GPS fix...If you're rooted that is. This actually does work well, especially for older Samsung devices (errg!) Defaults are always USA or Far East, get it changed. You could do this manually...

  • GPS Status & Toolbox GPS Status & Toolbox

    GPS Status & Toolbox

    MobiWIA - EclipSim

    142171 ratings

    The first choice for GPS. Regular AGPS downloads for faster fixes/calibration for all your apps (see also Faster GPS for root and GPS Aids) Features a handy simple 'Radar' waypoint system for getting home legless on a Saturday night. Also includes...


    GPS Aids - DONATE


    394 ratings

    A paid app again. Though there is a freebie version. Older Samsung devices (and others) have a notorious GPS fix glitch. As do a lot of custom Roms. Sort it out with this (see also GPS toolbox/Faster GPS/TopNTP) This has other tricks and tools. It...

  • Mountain Navigator Free Mountain Navigator Free

    Mountain Navigator Free


    62 ratings

    A comprehensive database of British Hills. Looking at a mahoosive lump of landscape and wondering what it is? Wonder no more. Peer through your camera or just use the GPS compass. La! Yonder! 'tis Beinn Dearg Mhor! If you are seeing that (though...

  • British Hills British Hills

    British Hills

    Adam Coles

    325 ratings

    The British Hills database at you fingertips. This is a little hidden gem. Find Corbetts, Munros, Nuttals listed nearby. Then go bag 'em, log 'em, go bag another. Basic U/I but hidden features; includes comprehensive Hill data and co-ord's Google...

  • iGeology iGeology


    British Geological Survey

    333 ratings

    This is a thing? How cool is that? They have a 3D companion app too. If it's under your feet its under your fingertips. I look for limestone and gravel to find likely rivers to fish. "iCaramba" more like!

  • WindGURU11 WindGURU11



    3763 ratings

    Windguru is it you? Yes it is, its a silver-studded sabre tooth dream! Just add it to your favourite weather app/s and don't be without your phone! You won't regret it.

  • BBC Weather BBC Weather

    BBC Weather

    Media Applications Technologies for the BBC

    182929 ratings

    You live in the UK you have this app. You have others like the Met Office app, definitely. But here's why Aunties app should be included: Meteorological data is just that - data and supercomputer modelling. This data must be analysed by druids. They...

  • Marine Weather: UK Edition Marine Weather: UK Edition

    Marine Weather: UK Edition


    379 ratings

    Not originally AccuWeather, they acquired this from Bluefin from XCWeather this is your go-to for inshore forecasts. You're in the UK- then you are checking the MetOffice/ BBC Weather (druids!) and the Inshore Forecast. A radar layer is included-...

  • ElectroDroid ElectroDroid


    IODEMA Srl

    135076 ratings

    No eels or electrocution required to be ElectroDroid! Pin-outs for various connectors, DIN, XLR, Scart, HDMI A plethora of electrical and electronic references, Ohms calculators, resistor codes, Arduino boards, the list goes on. If you know which...

  • Tuner - gStrings Free Tuner - gStrings Free

    Tuner - gStrings Free

    204713 ratings

    Next time you're at a gig as a drummer, singer or sound engineer. Whip this out and stop the bloody guitarists hunting for and queuing to share tuners. Then endlessly hunting PP3 batteries to put in them. Tried others, this slick app gets the...

  • GChord (Guitar Chord Finder) GChord  (Guitar Chord Finder)

    GChord (Guitar Chord Finder)


    10111 ratings

    "Stop your damn plinky plonking" Find your chords, learn your chords, hear your chords (mmm nice!) Change to lefty mode. ad supported, but not intrusive. Lacks the lost chord or would be 5 stars.

  • deciBel deciBel


    BSB Mobile

    3699 ratings

    Next time you're "down the Shakin' Hand" you'll be able to tell if its a 42 or 92 decibel rockin' band. Requires calibration with a tone generator etc for best results (instructions included) Limited by your device condenser mic, so actually 92...

  • Professional Tone Generator Professional Tone Generator

    Professional Tone Generator

    José Morais

    8945 ratings

    There are uses and other uses for a good tone generator. Find out how mutt you really are. Test your lugs regularly to find the damage years of live music have done. Test your audio equipment. Its also easier than Vaseline on the doorknob for...

  • Spectrum Analyzer Spectrum Analyzer

    Spectrum Analyzer


    2255 ratings

    Tired of taking a ride on the mixer space? Audio Sound Engineer? To be honest its 5k it's always bloody 5k. When its not 5k, this will tell you. Sound spectrum analyzer in your pocket. Just because! When it can hook a mic up, it will be more...

  • Embiggen Embiggen


    Pointless Software

    761 ratings

    Finished hooking up the band? Can't get near the bar to order a cold Guinness because of the sweaty punters? Can't be heard even if you do? Embiggen your order! "Two half-pint shandies and a Babycham" Hold it up or stick it under the Barkeep's rosy...

  • SkEye | Astronomy SkEye | Astronomy

    SkEye | Astronomy

    Harshad RJ

    13148 ratings

    You've got the Google Sky Map, now here's the real deal! A professional planetarium; SkyEye can also be PUSHTO for your telemascope. Words like Azimuth tend to appear. Which I thought was either one of hells demons or a terrible 80's metal band - it...

  • Meteor Shower Calendar Meteor Shower Calendar

    Meteor Shower Calendar


    3667 ratings

    Coupled with SkEye you have a great combination. Its a meteor shower calculator and weather app. Weather app? Yup. Because in the UK, if there is anything interesting happening skywards it's going to be overcast.

  • Traveline Scotland Traveline Scotland

    Traveline Scotland

    Traveline Scotland Ltd

    1354 ratings

    Travelling in Scotland by public transport? Look nae further!

  • FlightStats FlightStats



    19184 ratings

    Flight stats and a real-time map overlay of your chosen flights This one isn't the one you can wish upon, or the one that guides in the sailors. But it is the one which has overtaken my individual " Horsebox" Airport apps (check them out in...

  • Glasgow Airport Information Glasgow Airport Information

    Glasgow Airport Information

    90 ratings

    There are several airport apps from Horsebox. Very accurate 3 day flight info; including your location in the airport, bars restaurants toilets etc, nearby accommodation weather and much more. Use this or they'll set aboot ye!

  • CalMac Status CalMac Status

    CalMac Status

    Sitekit Solutions Ltd

    243 ratings

    Which ferry are you getting? "The big black and white one" D'oh! pwned again! Say bon voyage to terrible holiday one liners. With this app from CalMac, Which is not a much loved caramel bar, but a ferry service.

  • ScotRail Train Times & Tickets ScotRail Train Times & Tickets

    ScotRail Train Times & Tickets


    1262 ratings

    Scotland by rail. Some of the most pictureskew train journeys you'll ever take, ever. Watch out for low flying Anglia's though.

  • Morse Transmitter Morse Transmitter

    Morse Transmitter


    948 ratings

    Hah! Produce sound and/or flashlight in morse code. If I needed this at 7 years old I can't think of any reason I don't need this now!

  • VidTrim - Video Editor VidTrim - Video Editor

    VidTrim - Video Editor


    194802 ratings

    I'm not trying to be Spielberg here! I just want to cut a segment and maybe grab a frame. Oh... ta.

  • Barcode Scanner Barcode Scanner

    Barcode Scanner

    ZXing Team

    617734 ratings

    A barcode/QR scanner. Been around a while. It works. It hooks a Google lookup for market comparison too. I uninstalled to look at some others, but this is 752kb... I also looked at the Dev's now legendary responses to eejit one star reviews... I...

  •, LLC

    863861 ratings

    Comprehensive, with thesaurus, translator and offline mode. It's akurate and grate for spelcheking and creating a rather more verbose and magniloquent Facebook status.

  • WeQ4U 08 0870 0800 0844 0845 WeQ4U 08 0870 0800 0844 0845

    WeQ4U 08 0870 0800 0844 0845


    8776 ratings

    Deal with the ads or pay. Either way, you will save your money. Your call is important to us Press #1 to hang on indefinitely at a premium rate. Or you could try this. It's not a comprehensive database but it works often enough to be worth it. Try...