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Disclaimer: all these apps needs ROOT access and the xposed framework to work. If you don't know what that is, you probably should not be messing with it. That being said, you can do some pretty awesome things if you want to put in the time. This is a list of the xposed modules I am using on a daily basis. There are many others, but since all of them aren't available through the play store, they won't be added to this list unfortunately.

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  • Xposed GEL Settings [ROOT] Xposed GEL Settings [ROOT]

    Xposed GEL Settings [ROOT]

    Alexander Schulz

    12262 ratings

    The Google Now Launcher is awesome and I love its simplicity, fluidity, and the look of it. But even so, there are a few things I'd like to change about it - especially how many icons you can have on your screens. With this module you can change...

  • BlackList BlackList


    AntTek Mobile

    26585 ratings

    BlackList let's you block numbers you don't want to answer. I use it for private numbers... If a private number calls me, my phone automatically hangs up. No more phone sales people calling you.

  • Complete Action Plus Complete Action Plus

    Complete Action Plus

    Pavel Valenta

    872 ratings

    This is a more beautiful way to manage how you want to open your apps. When you have two browsers installed and need to choose which one to open a certain link with, this app makes you customize how that dialog appears. Not essential, but enhances...

  • BootManager BootManager



    4019 ratings

    Again to save your battery and the precious resources of your phone, BootManager allows you to choose which apps are allowed to turn on when your phone boots. You'll be surprised how many apps are loaded and lies in the background at all times in...

  • Amplify Battery Extender -Root Amplify Battery Extender -Root

    Amplify Battery Extender -Root

    Ryan Steckler

    11409 ratings

    This module should save your battery quite a lot. I am using my phone a lot and my Nexus 4 is not known for its awesome battery, but it seems as if it lasts a bit longer than usual when this module is installed. Basically it changes the frequency of...

  • Boot Box Boot Box

    Boot Box

    Santiago Gutierrez

    2437 ratings

    I've used this app once and it's pretty simple and a good tool. The one thing it allows you to do is to change your phone's boot animation either from a boot animation from its own repository or a custom one your can supply through a zip file.