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I'm a flashaholic and probably spend more time flashing and customizing ROMs than actually using my phone. Here are the apps I instal on every custom ROM. Understand, I sort of have a life so this list is a work in progress. I'll make updates as often as I can. Note: I've been busy and unable to update my channels for about a week. I have a bunch of apps to review and will start doing so in the next few days!

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  • Tasker Tasker


    Crafty Apps EU

    40448 ratings

    What can I say? Tasker is the overlord of root apps, the ultimate automator and no ROM should be without it. Tasker provides complete control over your device. In fact, rather than simple automation Tasker is damn near a full on programming...

  • Easy Voice Recorder Easy Voice Recorder

    Easy Voice Recorder


    150634 ratings

    A great replacement for the "Sound Recorder" app native to Android. Easy Sound Recorder is true to its name. It is easy yet jam packed with features. Most exciting to me is TASKER INTEGRATION!!!!! Features Free: ★ Record to high-quality PCM and A...

  • K-9 Mail K-9 Mail

    K-9 Mail

    K-9 Dog Walkers

    84884 ratings

    In my mind K9 is the third party email application. K9 provides all of the functionality one expects in an email client. Unlimited accounts, automated setup, search, IMAP push email, multi-folder sync, flagging, filing, signatures, bcc-self, PGP,...

  • aCalendar - Android Calendar aCalendar - Android Calendar

    aCalendar - Android Calendar

    Tapir Apps GmbH

    76429 ratings

    Fast, attractive and powerful aCalendar is my first and only choice for my calendar app and is installed on every custom ROM I flash. One of my favorite aspects of the app is the great week and agenda views. They are easier to view and work with...

  • GTasks: Todo List & Task List GTasks: Todo List & Task List

    GTasks: Todo List & Task List

    Appest Inc.

    45582 ratings

    Task management with local tasks list and Google account support. CLean, intuitive interface with that snazzy Holo look, gTasks is my favorite task manager. No ROM should be without it. Features: Free version: - Ad Supported - ICS(Android 4.0)...

  • Calculator + Widget 21 themes Calculator + Widget 21 themes

    Calculator + Widget 21 themes


    317 ratings

    Calculator Plus is an outstanding calculator app and everything the native Android calculator should be. All 21 themes are attractive and provide enough variation to fit into any phone motif. The widgets are just as attractive. Calculator+...

  • Contacts + Contacts +

    Contacts +

    Contacts Plus team

    175608 ratings

    Great replacement for the stock dialer and contacts application, Contacts+ is my app of choice. I always use it instead of the standard application. Contacts+ is very attractive and customizable with a number of great features. ★ Beautiful c...

  • File Tools File Tools

    File Tools

    Satheesh Kumar CyB

    519 ratings

    Handy swiss army knife for your file management. Rename a single file or in batch, powerful file search functionality and excellent management of duplicates, all wrapped in in a simple interface. Features File Renamer: 1. Batch rename 2.Custom Text...

  • Nova Launcher Nova Launcher

    Nova Launcher

    TeslaCoil Software

    938695 ratings

    My favorite Home Screen replacement. Nova launcher is speedy, attractive and wonderfully customizable. I often install multiple homescreen/launchers and switch for variety but Nova is always installed on my flashed ROMs. Features Free Version: -...

  • SuperSU SuperSU



    459121 ratings

    Provides Super User access a.k.a root goodness. I prefer this to SuperUser for the ease of use and nicer interface. Also SuperSU is frequently updated while SuperUser seems to be largely abandoned. I may be wrong about that - please don't hate on...

  • Titanium Backup ★ root Titanium Backup ★ root

    Titanium Backup ★ root

    Titanium Track

    359361 ratings

    Essential for any custom ROM flashing. With Titanium backup you can safely backup, freeze uninstall or backup any app on your device. The best way to describe the awesomeness of the app is to simply list the functionality. If there ever was an app...

  • Terminal Emulator for Android Terminal Emulator for Android

    Terminal Emulator for Android

    Jack Palevich

    107781 ratings

    Android is an amazing operation system but one must not forget that Android is Linux. With vanilla Android and all proprietary implementation, the true power of Linux is locked away from the end user. Root access unleashes the power of Linus on...

  • Smart Screen Off (Flip Cover) Smart Screen Off (Flip Cover)

    Smart Screen Off (Flip Cover)

    James Kim

    322 ratings

    I really hate iDevices, I mean REALLY hate. I would rather have my eyes rubbed with sandpaper than give up my android for an iPhone. That being said there are few things they can do that make me envious, most notably the Smart Cover. I've tried...

  • Notifications Off [Root] Notifications Off [Root]

    Notifications Off [Root]

    Giorgi Dalakishvili

    2790 ratings

    Some apps really don't need notifications and are simply an annoyance. We can turn off notifications but it involves opening settings, going to apps, finding the right app and turning off the notification. It's kind of a pain in the ass, really....