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Obscure, unknown and overlooked apps that should be on your device. Note: I've been busy and unable to update my channels for about a week. I have a bunch of apps to review and will start doing so in the next few days!

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  • Stats Monitor Widget Free Stats Monitor Widget Free

    Stats Monitor Widget Free

    Aaron Turner

    288 ratings

    Minimalist yet attractive system monitor widget that makes me think of a simplified Conky. All system stats presented as text, the widget looks good any any homescreen.

  • Don't Pause! Don't Pause!

    Don't Pause!


    2889 ratings

    I listen to crappy music, I really do. It's loud, fast aggressive and sounds like radio static. But I think even people with questionable musical assessment skills have the right to an uninterrupted listening experience. Unfortunately the little...

  • Shopping List Shopping List

    Shopping List


    114 ratings

    A great Holo-themed shopping list app. Easy to use but very functional, Shopping List makes managing your purchasing a snap. Lists are easy to create with logical, functional categories. Enter product names (either from a pre-set list or manual...

  • Calculator + Widget 21 themes Calculator + Widget 21 themes

    Calculator + Widget 21 themes


    317 ratings

    Well designed, functional and attractive, Calculator Plus is an outstanding calculator app and is everything the native Android calculator should be. The app keeps a history of up to 30 past calculation, a time save if you perform the same actions...

  • Holo VIP Widget Holo VIP Widget

    Holo VIP Widget

    KvnX Dev

    15 ratings

    From the makers of Holo Label Widget comes Holo VIP Widget, a very nice Holofied contact widget for the home screen. Seriously attractive. Free version: Choose your favourite contact Direct dial or text message your contact Individual text at the...

  • Holo Label Widget Holo Label Widget

    Holo Label Widget

    KvnX Dev

    213 ratings

    Another Holriffic widget. This is a very simple but cool idea. The widget simply creates a label on your home screen to divide your homescreen widget/apps/shortcuts into categories. The widget blends in perfectly with the Holo design, providing...

  • Sketch for Keep Sketch for Keep

    Sketch for Keep


    1612 ratings

    The ability to make handwritten notes or sketches in the Google Keep app is well, sketchy. In fact, it doesn't exist at all. Strange because handwritten notes and drawings should be basic functionality for any note app. Sketch for Keep comes to the...

  • Handraw Handraw


    NC Corp.

    4287 ratings

    Simple but functional drawing application. It's sleek and streamlined, designed as a basic drawing app. The interface is clean and simple (it's a drawing app your parents could use) and the drawings look great. Interestingly, the app is designed...

  • Quick Control Panel Quick Control Panel

    Quick Control Panel

    Woodblock Without Co.

    2157 ratings

    An excellent app providing quick access to essential settings and favorite applications. In addition, it provides music controls for any player with lockscreen controls! Aces to QCP is through swipe gestures all of which are completely tweakable....

  • Bluetooth File Transfer Bluetooth File Transfer

    Bluetooth File Transfer

    Medieval Software

    251687 ratings

    Using FTP and OPP over Bluetooth, Bluetooth file transfer will transfer and manage files between any Bluetooth devices. Setup is very easy, I was connected and transferring files in well under a minute. The interface is very intuitive with a very...