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I am a social app enthusiast. I am out there searching for newest and best ways to connect to anyone and everyone. This is a list of my favourite socializing apps from around the World. Stay tuned for more!

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  • Boldomatic - Everything Text Boldomatic - Everything Text

    Boldomatic - Everything Text


    1074 ratings

    A sophisticated network, indeed. Perhaps too sophisticated. Boldomatic is a social network of text. No pictures, no videos, no rich media. Just. Words. Although it is a fun toy to play around with, and sometimes actually becomes a nice read....

  • Frontback - Social Photos Frontback - Social Photos

    Frontback - Social Photos


    19177 ratings

    It's just pure fun. And genious. Why take one picture at a time, when you can take two! Frontback snaps two pictures - one with both cameras - simultaneously, creating a great visual representation of a moment. Great for socialising both in real...

  • Hangouts Hangouts


    Google Inc.

    2494969 ratings

    After Hangouts was voted to be the best messaging app on Android (OMG, a default messaging app is the best at something?!) I decided to give it a fair consideration. And after using only it for a week to chat with my friends, I have to say it might...

  • Tumblr Tumblr


    Tumblr, Inc.

    2374131 ratings

    Due to it's new updates Tumblr finally made it to my list. I am still not the biggest fan of what the network stands for, but I like the updated app - streamlined motions, nice design, some helpfull new additions. All in all, I say that now it is a...

  • Yahoo News Digest Yahoo News Digest

    Yahoo News Digest


    67387 ratings

    One of my new favourites for viewing news. I wouldn't put it in here normally, seeing as it is a news reader, but it has a social aspect to it. First of all, sharing the article, which is simple and not new. But for every news article you read, in...

  • Banjo Banjo


    Banjo Inc

    58581 ratings

    With Banjo one can be social even when reading news. Unlike other social readers, that just let you share articles, opinions etc. Banjo pulls actual photos of the people on-site of big stuff happening around the world. The app let's you choose -...

  • SKOUT - Meet, Chat, Friend SKOUT - Meet, Chat, Friend

    SKOUT - Meet, Chat, Friend

    Skout Inc.

    967623 ratings

    Another one of those "meet people near you" apps. But this one just has a nice feeling to it, similar to Mingleton for iOS. This one actually seems fun - a lot of chatting possibilities, and the UI just spells "fun" with funny remarks in the menus...

  • Timehop Timehop



    153404 ratings

    Let's time travel. Perfect motto for Timehop. The app allows users to go back in time using their social networks. See what you were like, what you looked like, what you did 1 year ago. Less of a social app (unless socializing with your past-self...

  • Wattpad 📖 Free Books Wattpad  📖  Free Books

    Wattpad 📖 Free Books

    2233395 ratings

    Really excited to see Wattpad grow as it did. With millions of users joining in the past few years, this app has become my destination to reading short stories, sharing my own and even chatting with other writers. So whether you are a casual reader...

  • Gyft - Mobile Gift Card Wallet Gyft - Mobile Gift Card Wallet

    Gyft - Mobile Gift Card Wallet

    Gyft, Inc.

    8588 ratings

    Gyft made the process of gift-giving so much easier for me. And don't go and say that it's "unpersonal" right away. The beauty of Gyft is that it found a way to make sending eCards to friends for any occasion easy, personal and... actually kind of...

  • SnapMovie (road movie maker) SnapMovie (road movie maker)

    SnapMovie (road movie maker)


    23481 ratings

    SnapMovie is my go to app when travelling alone or in a small intimate group. A bunch of cool features and tools to help turn your trips into amazing, artsy videos. The movies can be easily shared - publicly or directly to another SnapMovie user. If...

  • Drync Wine Scanner, Delivery Drync Wine Scanner, Delivery

    Drync Wine Scanner, Delivery

    Drync, Inc.

    192 ratings

    As a wine enthusiast I absolutely must share this app. Drync allows users to basically exchange wines, whether they are a buyer or a seller. There is a simple rating system, a nice UI to help understand the type of wine, and I must say, I have found...

  • Hi Hi


    Hi Technology, Inc.

    48144 ratings

    Yes, it's another free call and text app. With so many of them, I'm not even sure how mobile operators still exist, but hey, they have their own secrets. Call quality is good, messaging is simple and usually without any disruption, UI is playful,...

  • Vine - video entertainment Vine - video entertainment

    Vine - video entertainment

    Vine Labs

    1133233 ratings

    What is Vine if not another way to get social? Yes, it's based on creating actual videos, and usually it's not spontaneous videos like Reaction apps, but it connects people nonetheless! Although I prefer the web experience of Vine, because that's...

  • ASKfm ASKfm


    1176510 ratings

    A different way to be social (or antisocial). If you feel like answering some spicy questions from anonymous people, who usually are your friends, is the app for you. Sometimes it's fun, sometimes it's eye-opening, but all in all it's just a...

  • Flyne. The Offline Reader. Flyne. The Offline Reader.

    Flyne. The Offline Reader.

    Joaquim Verges

    2576 ratings

    This one is intriguing... Not directly a social app, more "social discovery" type but... get your Twitter, news and other feed while being offline?! WHAT? Yes, and honestly I'm not entirely sure how it works, but it does. Gorgeous app, with only one...

  • LINE: Free Calls & Messages LINE: Free Calls & Messages

    LINE: Free Calls & Messages

    LINE Corporation

    8875105 ratings

    The title speaks for itself, I suppose... It hasn't caught my attention until the recent LINE call improvements. The new features increased the quality of voice and video (!) calls drastically and introduced a new feature - sharing short movies with...

  • Vibin Photo Notes Vibin Photo Notes

    Vibin Photo Notes

    643 ratings

    A great and, what is more important, innovative app in the social networking world. Vibin allows the user to create "cards" by taking pictures and adding personal remarks. These cards are then subject to tons of possibilities - collect them into...

  • Tapatalk - Forums & Interests Tapatalk - Forums & Interests

    Tapatalk - Forums & Interests

    Tapatalk Inc.

    266632 ratings

    Everyone has some interests and hobbies, whether they are only igniting or have been burning for years. And when we take up new hobbies, we want to find out the most about them. Tapatalk allows the user to access hundreds and thousands of forums on...

  • Tinder Tinder



    1972518 ratings

    A recent discovery for me, and I really like it! Very easy to get a hand of and attractive in more ways than one. An idea of a "dating portal" implemented in the most intuitive way possible - a simple "yes or no" style rating and a chat. What more...

  • Foursquare City Guide Foursquare City Guide

    Foursquare City Guide


    471032 ratings

    A great app for checking-in yourself or discovering check-in's. With a really well developed database, the Foursquare app let's you view points of interest around you, which you might even miss without it. Whether you are looking for a popular...

  • Google+ Google+


    Google Inc.

    3248525 ratings

    Despite a small user base, Google+ is one of my favourite social networking websites, because of the content optimization. You can find what you want and fast without going through too much junk. You can get feed of things that interest you without...

  • LinkedIn LinkedIn



    1018215 ratings

    Until some recent changes LinkedIn looked as an unnecessary social network for people not involved in work, where you would want to be visible. But after some recent updates I find myself on this app almost every day. Now LinkedIn has finally become...

  • Twitter Twitter


    Twitter, Inc.

    8944895 ratings

    Another self-explanatory app if you are using Twitter. The app allows you to do anything you would do on the website. Great UI, great way to be connected to the world, all in all a great port of already a great social networking platform.

  • Facebook Facebook



    58623819 ratings

    This one is quite self-explanatory - if you are a user of the biggest social platform out there, you will have this app. You might even be glued to it (like I am sometimes). A well-rounded port of the website to the mobile environment. The Facebook...

  • Messenger Messenger



    38014697 ratings

    If you are using the Facebook app, you are probably using this one also. A much better way to chat on Facebook than the built-in messaging function. Easy to use, attractive interface, and it lets you chat with your Facebook friends. Can't really...

  • Printic - Photo Prints & Books Printic - Photo Prints & Books

    Printic - Photo Prints & Books

    Printic ®

    3668 ratings

    An app that makes me smile every time I think about it. A really cool idea with a good implementation. Surprise your relatives (especially the older generations) with real-life Instagram photos! The app allows you to take pictures, put on filters,...

  • ooVoo Video Call, Text & Voice ooVoo Video Call, Text & Voice

    ooVoo Video Call, Text & Voice

    ooVoo LLC

    1138453 ratings

    A really well rounded communications application. I am really happy with the quality of video calls on this one, even when video-chatting with multiple people. The UI is attractive and easy to understand, even for people who are new to smartphones.

  • Pinterest Pinterest



    2607128 ratings

    One of the best platforms for discovery and inspiration. Basically you can find anything you're searching for, from recipes and tricks to just cool and good-looking content. An every-day app for any user, whether you are into browsing through photos...

  • Viber Viber


    Viber Media S.à r.l.

    9800169 ratings

    My preference to other messaging apps due to UI. Very convenient and intuitive interface puts Viber on my list as a great app for quick messages and sending pictures. I am afraid that Viber recently is being overshadowed by other similar apps, but I...

  • WeChat WeChat


    WeChat Tencent

    4877166 ratings

    This app is definitely underrated everywhere except China. A great tool for any social interraction - messaging, voice messaging, group chats and anything else you can think of. But the real difference that WeChat brings is an interesting way to...