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This is a collection of the very best indie-made games for Android as chosen by the editors at SuperGameDroid.com

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  • Bitless


    Nicholas Rapp

    1027 ratings

    The Bitless are after you. Run, jump, and scale walls on your way through 50 levels of platforming action! "Bitless is a precision platformer with a streak of sadism, but it's all the better for it." -Touch Arcade 4.5/5 * 50 intense levels...

  • DevilWorks DevilWorks



    6110 ratings

    DevilWorks is a monster-breeding, time-killing, clicker-style game. Give it a go and see if you can complete the monster guide! As of ver1.0.0 there's 246 kinds of monster to collect. 【How to Play】 Raise monsters!  → Raid villages and get their g...

  • Super BoxMan

    Super BoxMan

    BigMoth Studios

    882 ratings

    Try the latest in games of skill and reflexes, this hard game will make you be attentive for any mistake. Once upon a time a little cube in a little town. He watched in the distance how misterious structures were falling from the skies on D'Box...

  • Gravity Duck

    Gravity Duck

    Noodlecake Studios Inc

    1090 ratings

    Get ready for a fun puzzle platformer created by the award-winning studio Ravenous Games! As the Gravity Duck you will flip gravity to help you reach the goal while avoiding obstacles in this silly puzzle platforming game! Features: - 140 Levels...

  • Devious Dungeon

    Devious Dungeon

    Noodlecake Studios Inc

    3083 ratings

    Devious Dungeon is a medieval action platforming game by the creators of Random Heroes and League of Evil! The catacombs under the Kingdom are infested with evil creatures. You must venture deep within the dungeons eliminating the threat! Slay...

  • 8bit Doves

    8bit Doves


    315 ratings

    Trapped in a VR world powered by an ancient handheld device, you are forced to endlessly dream in a pixel world of just 4 colours! Doves have taken roost in your prison and though you don’t know it they are the key to your survival. The Doves s...

  • ALONE...


    Laser Dog

    4120 ratings

    ALONE is a handcrafted, intense survival journey through space. Navigate caves, rip through rocky debris, dodge rocks and comets and test your endurance as you pursue ever higher scores in this ultra fast, procedural runner. Ultra fast and intense...

  • Back to Bed

    Back to Bed

    Bedtime Digital Games

    1523 ratings

    Back to Bed is a 3D puzzle Indie game set in a unique, beautiful and artistic dream world, wherein you guide the sleepwalker Bob to the safety of his bed. To achieve this, you must take control of Bob’s subconscious guardian named Subob. The pair t...

  • Five Nights at Freddy's

    Five Nights at Freddy's

    Scott Cawthon

    86560 ratings

    This is the official mobile port of Five Nights at Freddy's; made with Clickteam Fusion! -This game requires 512 megs of ram to run properly. For most newer devices this shouldn't be a problems....

  • Oscura: Second Shadow

    Oscura: Second Shadow

    Surprise Attack

    890 ratings

    Classic platforming meets modern design in a game built and optimised for touch controls. The Driftlands are a gothic and frightening place at the best of times….And this is not the best of times. The Aurora stone has been stolen from the great L...

  • Quest of Dungeons Quest of Dungeons

    Quest of Dungeons

    David Amador

    1195 ratings

    TouchArcade: 4/5 "...very good roguelike and a fun game" 148Apps: 4/5 "Sarcastically difficult" Quest of Dungeons is a turn based dungeon crawler game featuring a good old 16-bit retro artistic look. That thing people usually skip An...

  • Shapist Shapist


    qixen-p design llp

    2262 ratings

    * BEST MOBILE GAME nomination at Indie Prize Amsterdam Shapist is a sliding block puzzle where you can do much more than just slide. We made Shapist to show how a classical game concept can be embraced by physics, experimentation and new...

  • Surgeon Simulator

    Surgeon Simulator

    Bossa Studios Ltd

    11009 ratings

    You are the surgeon. Bob is the victim. Do your worst! Take urgent care of the world's unluckiest patient, Bob, with your very own shaky hands. As the would-be surgeon Nigel Burke, perform all kinds of crazy surgeries to try to save his life -- or...

  • Calculords


    Ninja Crime, Inc.

    1696 ratings

    "I just ran the numbers: this is the best game of 2014 so far." - Pocket Tactics Earth has been destroyed by the evil Hate Bit and you are the Last Star Nerd! Only you can control mighty armies with Calculord Cards and battle to the edge of...

  • Deep Under the Sky

    Deep Under the Sky

    Northway Games

    358 ratings

    A zen-paced arcade game about exploding jellyfish. Using simple controls, fly through the air and explore a psychedelic alien landscape. "I dig it... I dig it greatly." - TotalBiscuit "So gorgeous and well-made that it's worth checking out no...

  • Max Gentlemen

    Max Gentlemen

    The Men Who Wear Many Hats LLC

    1061 ratings

    Max Gentlemen is an arcade-style extreme manners simulator about stacking hats, inspired by a spam email for male enhancement. *Stack hats, dodge obstacles *Over 39 hats to collect *Cross-platform local multiplayer *Extra characters, levels and...

  • Neonize Neonize


    Defenestrate Studios

    664 ratings

    Neonize - A rhythm and memory based shooter game for those seeking a fun challenge! The goal is simple. Survive. How far can you get? The name of the game is to shoot down your foes. Enemies will come after you, one after another in a pattern,...

  • Size DOES Matter

    Size DOES Matter

    Channel 4 Television Corporation

    725 ratings

    ** Pocket Gamer Silver Award "a game that's easy to love, but utterly fiendish to truly master." ** Size DOES Matter is an award-winning rhythm action with a simple premise; manoeuvre through gates in time to music, using simple touch-screen...

  • Spooklands



    161 ratings

    *** You need to have Android 3.2 or newer to run this game! *** NIGHTMARES AND CREEPY CREATURES WAIT FOR YOU IN THIS AMAZING ONE-FINGER-SHOOTER Spooklands is a unique survival game in which you tap to shoot, and shoot to move. With every touch,...

  • Swipe & Slash Swipe & Slash

    Swipe & Slash

    poemdexter games

    43 ratings

    Deep In The Dungeon, Adventure Awaits! Help the Pug Knight slash through enemy encounters by matching numbers and symbols on cards. The higher the number value, the more powerful the ability will be. After your journey, stop by the shop and buy...

  • They Need To Be Fed 3

    They Need To Be Fed 3

    Bit Ate Bit

    260 ratings

    360 degree gravity platforming is back! Run, jump, collect, avoid enemies and feed yourself to the monster at the end! "They Need To Be Fed" is a platformer game in which you can walk in all directions: 360 degree gravity ensures you can never...

  • Wan Nyan Slash Wan Nyan Slash

    Wan Nyan Slash

    Hanaji Games

    80 ratings

    Wan Nyan Slash is an infinite adorable demon slaying slashing action game! Play as the wandering samurai Wan and Nyan as they journey to save ancient Japan! Tap and drag Wan and Nyan to guide their slash paths to take out as many demons as...

  • Doppler Doppler


    My Go Studio Ltd

    124 ratings

    **** We've removed all advertising! Doppler is, and will stay, completely free with all features available to all users. If you enjoy it, let us know with a review, or drop us a small donation from the heart button! **** Like twitch action games?...



    David OReilly

    2560 ratings

    ~ you are mountain - you are god ~ Ambient procedural mountain game, as seen on The Internet. Now FREE! This game has not been stable on some Android devices - as much as we tried to make it so - so it's now a free download. Note: this store...

  • Skulls of the Shogun

    Skulls of the Shogun


    3509 ratings

    FIVE STARS FROM TOUCHARCADE! Crush your enemies and eat their skulls! Skulls of the Shogun is a fast-paced turn-based strategy game, supercharged with fighting-game flair and double-stuffed with a serious sense of humor! Enter the Samurai...

  • RPSwipe RPSwipe



    6 ratings

    RPSwipe is a twisted Rock, Paper, Scissors game. "Rock breaks Scissors, Scissors cut Paper and Paper covers Rock" are the main rules of the game. You swipe in any direction trying to make blue tiles beat red ones to increase your score. The game...

  • Digits Digits


    Simple Machine

    575 ratings

    Digits is a hypnotic new numbers game. Clear the board by decreasing all numbers to zero. Tap to decrease a number and the numbers around it. Be careful though because numbers in isolation cannot be decreased. Order of operations matters. (Yes,...

  • Munin


    Daedalic Entertainment GmbH

    42 ratings

    Imagine you could move mountains - literally! With realistic physics, Norse runes, rotating platforms and a lot of gray cells you'll help Munin, Odin's messenger in her very own 2D-adventure, to reclaim her power on a journey through Yggdrasil...

  • 21 Dice 21 Dice

    21 Dice


    127 ratings

    21 Dice - Skill. Luck. Brain. Indie Game of the Week at SupergameDroid.com "Excellent graphics and a perfect interface. [...] Strangely addictive." - AppsZoom.com "21 Dice is a fantastic new card game/puzzler that shouldn’t be passed up." - S...

  • Kapsula


    Beavl Games

    297 ratings

    “Go grab it immediately.” ~ (Droid Life) Kapsula is a puzzle/racer set in a Soviet space colony full of clones. *WARNING: It's a difficult game, comrade! FEATURING: - Retrofuturistic Soviet space colonies! - Clones! - Brutalist architecture in dee...

  • Traps n' Gemstones

    Traps n' Gemstones

    Donut Games

    397 ratings

    - #1 Hot Game @ Touch Arcade - PocketGamer GOLD AWARD - GameZebo: "Hands down, this is one of the best games of 2014" - Touch Arcade: Rated 5 / 5 - ArcadeLife: Rated 9.5 / 10 TRAPS N' GEMSTONES is an adventurous platform game, among gamers...

  • Tri Tri


    Jubjub Studios

    27 ratings

    Put your visual pattern recognition skills to the test with Tri, an addictive and stimulating brain training puzzle game for players of all ages. Match up sets of three symbols according to shape, color, fill and number in a race against the...

  • Paint it Back

    Paint it Back

    Casual Labs

    1029 ratings

    2013 Puzzle Game of the Year - Pocket Tactics. "Paint It Back looks great, has fun and clever puzzles, and just plain feels good to play."- Touch Arcade, 4.5 / 5. "Wait, what time is it? I missed dinner and breakfast? It’s hard to put this one d...

  • The Boy With Bombs

    The Boy With Bombs

    Chris Savory

    88 ratings

    Bomb! Dash! Survive! The Boy With Bombs is a fast paced adventure where you blast through waves of enemies in a beautiful 16-bit era aesthetic.

  • NinjaCat


    Pineapple Game Studios

    154 ratings

    WARNING: This game is not easy. Do you have the skills of a NinjaCat?? Help NinjaCat to become a master ninja cat as you embark on a magical quest to find the legendary lost ninja headbands! Nyan! Experience an adorable arcade retro world like no...

  • Wayward Souls

    Wayward Souls

    Noodlecake Studios Inc

    8597 ratings

    Wayward Souls is an action-adventure game built for quick playthroughs and massive amounts of replay value. It was inspired by Spelunky, Secret of Mana, and our previous game, Mage Gauntlet. Procedurally generated random levels mean that every...

  • Beyond Gravity

    Beyond Gravity

    Qwiboo Ltd

    402 ratings

    50% SALE TO CELEBRATE RELEASE OF BEYOND GRAVITY ON iOS! Beyond Gravity is procedurally generated "platformer" where you jump in-between planets and try to collect as many pickups as you can. This action game gets progressively harder the further...

  • Damn Little Town Damn Little Town

    Damn Little Town


    118 ratings

    50% OFF! (for a limited time only). Damn Little Town is a tactical board game for 1-4 players. The game is divided into two phases: - during the first phase, you build your little town and place your settlers; - during the second, you try to...



    Elevate Entertainment

    1565 ratings

    A tongue-in-cheek, retro platformer with romance, baddies and free-ness! "Pretty damn addictive" - Game Mob "Silly, funny and endlessly addictive in all the right ways" - Developer's Accomplice "A game that is so tongue in cheek about it’s own e...

  • Heartbreak



    25 ratings

    Vibrant, sharp visuals meet soothing, lighthearted music in this casual indie game about optimism. Heartbreak is fun, challenging, and designed to be enjoyed by all ages and peoples, made with a love of minimalism and a great appreciation for...


    RUN Sir DEMON!

    Mikołaj Bazaczek

    52 ratings

    I am Sir DEMON! I will infinitely throw my devilish falling teeth-blocks at you, faster and faster! You will have to dodge, evade, avoid, dash and do everything you can to survive! You will collect shiny gems while evading, to earn points and...

  • Super Dragon Stone

    Super Dragon Stone

    Yamegame Studio

    428 ratings

    Super Dragon Stone is an extremely difficult and challenging game for users. Super Dragon Stone is a ninja going on an adventure to find his legendary girlfriend with his cat, Dami. This game features genres of run, action, arcade and platformer...

  • Wrong Way Racing

    Wrong Way Racing


    5032 ratings

    How many laps you can go before you burst into small metal chunks and flames?! How to play: - You're the black car - Tap to change lanes - Avoid other cars Features: - one tap gameplay - 3d graphics - most laps leaderboard Wrong Way Racing !!!...

  • Rafting Bears Rafting Bears

    Rafting Bears


    104 ratings

    In this fast paced, action packed, nerve wrecking bear adventure you control a raft going down river through treacherous streams avoiding dangerous rocks. Bring the bears across the finish line to safety and earn your share of sweet honey. • River r...

  • Eliss Infinity Eliss Infinity

    Eliss Infinity


    521 ratings

    The "Most Innovative Game" award-winning multitouch puzzler is back! Use your fingers to control all the planets, fuse planets together until they become giant, or split them into halves until they become tiny, you're in charge of this reactive...

  • Doug dug. Doug dug.

    Doug dug.

    The Electric Toy Company, LLC

    401 ratings

    Doug is a Dwarf. Doug loves digging. Well, actually he doesn't: what he likes is to find buried treasure. Anyway, one day Doug decided to gather as much treasure from as deep under the earth as he could go. So Doug dug. And he dug. And he fought...

  • Spacepants


    Boxface Games

    48 ratings

    PHOTOSENSITIVITY WARNING: This game has flashing colours. If you experience dizziness or any involuntary movement when playing, please stop and consult your doctor. "Has the just-one-more-go replayability factor" - The Guardian Spacepants is an...

  • Super Pixelander Super Pixelander

    Super Pixelander

    Doragon Entertainment

    950 ratings

    TLDR: DODGE COLLECT and REPEAT! An addictive twist to the classic lunar lander formula, pilot your lander to fame and riches by collecting precious space gems (because gems in space are obviously more precious) while surviving the dangerous...

  • Big Action Mega Fight!

    Big Action Mega Fight!

    Double Stallion

    232 ratings

    Big Action Mega Fight! is a classic-style beat 'em up/brawler game with a modern twist! Hilarious cartoon fighting action meets incredibly fluid touch-screen controls, designed from the ground up for smartphones and tablets. Megatropolis is...

  • LEX


    Simple Machine

    601 ratings

    LEX is more than a word game. It’s an ephemeral experience of colorful glyphs and breath-taking music that you create as you play. Combine letters to form words before time runs out. Each word gets you closer and closer to the next level. Your h...

  • Kiwanuka Kiwanuka



    2106 ratings

    Kiwanuka! Only you can save the people of the crystal realm! Guide the lost citizens to freedom. Discover forgotten dreams. Use the magical staff to tower and climb. Good luck on your journey! Developed by Marco Mazzoli, creator of Spirit, with...

  • Salad Shark Salad Shark

    Salad Shark


    2850 ratings

    Monkeys will throw everything at you but you can't eat any meat! Salad shark is a fun and easy to understand game where you control a vegetarian shark that can only eat fruits and vegetables. Monkeys will throw all the food they can get their tiny...



    Konstantin Kopka

    17 ratings

    UMAI! is a tasty sushi puzzle game. Chain sushi together to get combos and a high score - and try to avoid the poisonous ones, they don't taste very good. The rainbow ones, however, are quite delicious. Featuring: * 32x48 pixels of glorious...



    Terry Cavanagh

    2839 ratings

    From the creator of Super Hexagon - VVVVVV, the hit 2010 indie platformer, now available on android! Winner of Indiecade's 2010 award for Most Fun/Compelling Game. "One of the best platformers I've ever played." - Anthony Burch, Destructoid 10/10...

  • Virus Jigglin' Fever

    Virus Jigglin' Fever


    8 ratings

    During an exclusive tour of the "Science Lab of Creating Viruses that can Murder the hell out of Humanity for Science Reasons" an excitable Australian broke a vial, labeled "The Good Stuff" trying to pronounce "velociraptor." It unleashed some of...

  • iON Bond

    iON Bond

    Smiling Bag

    39 ratings

    iON Bond is a puzzle game about bonding and colliding subatomic particles. Form bonds to create forces between particles, and collide them together inside a simulated vacuum to and create beautiful cloud particle collisions and advance through the...

  • Stick Ranger Stick Ranger

    Stick Ranger


    23146 ratings

    This game is the 18th mobile game for the Web Game Site "DAN-BALL". Adventure of 4 Stickmans! It's a simple action RPG. Battle enemies in a variate of environments across a huge map including, grasslands, caverns, deserts, and snowfields! Use...

  • Tales of the Adventure Company Tales of the Adventure Company

    Tales of the Adventure Company


    456 ratings

    Join the Adventure Company on their dangerous quest to obtain riches and glory! You'll battle terrifying liches, horrific slimes and even the gods! * Unique blend of RPG, puzzle, and roguelike elements * Fight dangerous monsters and save brave...

  • Bleeding Edge Bleeding Edge

    Bleeding Edge


    385 ratings

    This bleeding edge of mine will never be pristine againe. Run, dash and slash your enemies in this fast paced action game.

  • Hank's Adventure

    Hank's Adventure

    Disposable Games

    109 ratings

    Help Hank rescue his lost cat by jumping from platform to platform and moving a variety of blocks to reach your goal. Hanks adventure is a 3d Puzzle Platformer heavily inspired by old 2d puzzle games, specifically Block Dude. Key features: -48...

  • OTTTD : Over The Top TD OTTTD : Over The Top TD

    OTTTD : Over The Top TD

    SMG Studio

    2531 ratings

    "4.5 stars! With an impressive melding of traditional TD and action-RPG elements, all of my expectations as to what it had to offer were happily exceeded. " - Touch Arcade "OTTTD is wonderfully excessive" - PocketGamer "OTTTD is what mobile tower...

  • Splashy Slime Impossible Game

    Splashy Slime Impossible Game


    2830 ratings

    "If there ever were a Super Meat Boy for mobile it would probably aspire to be like Splashy Slime." -supergamedroid.com • SPLASHY SLIME • Splashy Slime is an impossible hardcore platformer that requires particular attention and will challenge you...

  • weseewe weseewe


    Eric Zingeler

    16721 ratings

    Weseewe | wē si wē: | noun a linear scrolling type video game played by one person in which the goal is to reach the end by collecting all ten colors in a single round. The author of this description has decided to forego any further explanation a...

  • Front Wars

    Front Wars

    Homemade Games

    366 ratings

    Front Wars is a turn-based strategy game. Take control of allied troops and revive the great battles of the second world war in a tense campaign against the german army. You can challenge your friends online on Facebook or by the passing the...

  • GoDeeper


    DB&R Game Studio

    7 ratings

    Prepare yourself for a next generation super-fast action game and enjoy an easy-to-use game system based on color combinations to eradicate your enemies. Year 203X. The world has been devastated by a holocaust. Before a decimated mankind,...

  • Swipecart


    Micro Factory Games

    13 ratings

    Swipecart is the sport of extreme mine cart racing! -Use your finger to guide your cart to the exit of each track while avoiding obstacles and collecting gems -Compete with others around the world for the fastest times in the Global Swipecart...

  • Aliens Drive Me Crazy

    Aliens Drive Me Crazy

    Rebel Twins

    136896 ratings

    "One of the most characterful action games on Android this year" -- The Guardian "An absolute blast" 5/5 -- Super Game Droid "A Smashing Good Time" -- Game Mob The few Alien Spaceships have crept into earth's orbit with no warning. The loss of...

  • Battle Gems (AdventureQuest) Battle Gems (AdventureQuest)

    Battle Gems (AdventureQuest)

    Artix Entertainment LLC

    46938 ratings

    A gem battle puzzle game with monsters so epic that you'll forget you're still in the bathroom. You’re a busy hero. You have dragons to rescue and princesses to defeat. Or is it the other way around? Join the other players in a race to the f...

  • Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage

    Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage


    3497 ratings

    WINNER! Overall Game of the year - Pocket Gamer Award 2014 WINNER! Best casual/puzzle - Pocket Gamer Award 2014 Metacritic top 20 – all platforms 2013 “Nitrome couldn’t have done a better job bringing the series to mobile devices. A Viking Voyag...

  • Dream Chamber (Full)

    Dream Chamber (Full)


    517 ratings

    Step into the shoes of Charlie, a private detective and rich heir, for whom humor is the best weapon! In Dream Chamber, uncover the culprit in this simultaneously breathtaking and dreamlike quest. A humorous adventure with a quirky cartoon graphic...

  • Ouch! Couch

    Ouch! Couch

    Twistory Entertainment Studios

    342 ratings

    Ouch! Couch brings a gaming experience to the mobile devices not seen since the days of the arcades. Cruising the streets in custom designed sofas and davenports you’ll pick-up avid fans who simply can’t get enough of your downhill couching. Lif...

  • Rubble N Strafe

    Rubble N Strafe

    J Griffin

    500 ratings

    Machine gun, bomb and rocket your way through an infinite horde of enemy troops in this updated take on the arcade action game. Inspired by the Amstrad classic "Harrier Attack", see how long you can survive until you're blown out of the sky,...

  • Eternal Lux • 8-Bit retro RPG! Eternal Lux • 8-Bit retro RPG!

    Eternal Lux • 8-Bit retro RPG!

    Martín del Río

    412 ratings

    ☆ "Despite (or perhaps because of) its extreme simplicity, Eternal Lux makes for a pleasant little time-waster." - IndieRPGs.com ☆ "The game looks like it came straight from the 80′s. It sports a retro 16-color graphics style, an awesome MIDI sound...

  • MinuteQuest MinuteQuest



    40573 ratings

    MinuteQuest is a retro-styled, one-finger, time-killing RPG! A 2D field where the only choice is to advance or die! Kill fearsome enemies, crush immense bosses, level up, acquire riches, and collect ridiculous equipment whilst gradually...

  • Bloo Kid 2

    Bloo Kid 2

    winterworks GmbH

    5808 ratings

    The long awaited sequel to the award-winning platformer "Bloo Kid" is here! After rescuing his girlfriend from the hands of the evil wizard, Bloo Kid and Pink Girl enjoy life with their newborn "Pink Kid". But then, a whole new adventure starts...

  • Fly Catbug Fly!

    Fly Catbug Fly!

    Cartoon Hangover

    3703 ratings

    To celebrate the season 2 finale of Bravest Warriors we're updating Catbug in the biggest way yet! Enjoy new levels, pickups, and costumes! Power-up with Emotion Lord and Plum! OVERVIEW Take flight in the first game from Cartoon Hangover’s B...

  • Kitten Challenge

    Kitten Challenge


    318 ratings

    Join Ginger Kitten in his journey around the world. Challenge kittens from various realms and become the master of courses they've got prepared for you. :< :\ :] :) :D :3 WARNING: THIS GAME MAY SEEM CUTE.. AND SO IT IS, BUT IT'S ALSO HARD AS...

  • Veritas LCD

    Veritas LCD


    13 ratings

    An Open World LCD Adventure Join Veritas on an epic journey to free his people from the clutches of the Dark Lord Moldark. Traverse vast landscapes and treacherous castles to uncover the forty sacred Orbs and open the door to his ancient lair....

  • Crystal Story

    Crystal Story

    Emmanuel Salva Cruz

    208 ratings

    A wicked witch has stolen the Crystal of Power from the Kingdom of Crystalia. Four brave heroes must explore Evil Cave and defeat the wicked witch once and for all. Crystal Story is a turn based rpg that uses a random dungeon generator. You...




    1881 ratings

    CLARC. An actiony puzzle adventure. With drunk robots. ● Won the German Computer Games Award for "Best Mobile Game 2014"! ● [4.5 of 5] "CLARC is a terrific little game with a lot of heart. It's gorgeous, meaty, packed with a variety of clever puz...

  • Running With Scissors

    Running With Scissors


    274 ratings

    Little Jimmy got into the tool shed and stole grandma's pruning shears for her prize roses! Help Jimmy escape punishment as he races across town dodging traffic cones, tires, and even other grandmas! * Hazards are plenty so tap to help Jimmy...

  • Shattered Planet (RPG) Shattered Planet (RPG)

    Shattered Planet (RPG)

    Kitfox Games

    15998 ratings

    NOTE: Not compatible with ART Runtime (KitKat experimental feature)! "Shattered Planet has landed in the sweet spot between learnability and surprise that keeps each trip new, fresh, and entertaining." 4.5 / 5 stars - Gamezebo "Give Shattered...

  • Archangel: Martian Orbit

    Archangel: Martian Orbit


    2695 ratings

    Praise for Archangel: • Indie Game Magazine: "Space takes one small step for Google Play, and one giant leap for point-and-click adventure games". • Androidshock: "...this is a point and click adventure mobile game like no other". ******** Int...

  • Flop Rocket

    Flop Rocket

    Butterscotch Shenanigans

    11036 ratings

    Pilot your Flop Rocket through a cave filled with stalactites, dangerous creatures, and other space-time anomalies as you try to prevent an underfunded space program from going bust. Why is your space program housed in a cave? GOOD QUESTION. Can...

  • Micronytes Director's Cut

    Micronytes Director's Cut

    Gibs & Gore

    498 ratings

    TOP TEN in 15 countries -"Micronytes Director’s Cut is a game that you must download right away! You’ll thank me later." - Super Game Droid -"Amazing playability in a really amazing platform game" -Androidgaming -"Must-Have platform gam...

  • Crusader Elite

    Crusader Elite


    23 ratings

    Get ready to make your last stand! Crusader Elite is a retro style action title that's sure to get your blood racing! Let none pass as you ward off countless hordes of undead, demonic, and verminous enemies across 4 stages in this action packed...

  • Noir Syndrome

    Noir Syndrome

    David Gedarovich

    763 ratings

    Noir Syndrome is a procedurally generated Detective Murder-Mystery with a new story every time! Featuring slick pixel art animations and a jazzy soundtrack, the player is thrown right in to a highly stylized vision of film noir. Visit locations,...

  • Warp 5 Overdrive

    Warp 5 Overdrive

    Bearded Man Studios, Inc.

    30 ratings

    Warp 5 Overdrive not only speeds into the future, but also brings a blast from the past in this 80’s arcade space shooter throwback. Set in a retro space scene where quick reaction based obstacles, enemies, and more are all in the way of your epic j...

  • Trial of Bones Trial of Bones

    Trial of Bones

    Jack Zackowitz

    56 ratings

    -Birthday update!- You have taken the fate of the world into your own hands, and there is no way you are coming out of this alive. Will you be able to divert the worst possible outcome, or just delay the inevitable? Gather your courage now, you...

  • War Agent

    War Agent

    Bazinu Inc.

    3618 ratings

    A war between two nations is imminent. There is opportunity to make profit out of the incoming war. War Agent is a high score, fast paced resource management game that puts the player in the place of a war profiteer. The game explores the world of...




    573 ratings

    • “...A must try game for fast paced reaction game lovers.” - iDroidStation • “The best twitchy evasion game I've played since Super Hexagon.” - IndieGameEnthusiast • “...One of those infuriatingly brilliant games like Super Hexagon and Pivvot.” -...

  • 25 25


    Bart Bonte

    202 ratings

    A Bart Bonte / bontegames puzzle game. Swipe the screen to move all the blocks. Push same numbered block together to level up. Red blocks will block you, match 3 or more reds in a row to remove them. How high can you score?

  • Test Chamber

    Test Chamber

    Shark Jump

    2048 ratings

    Wrap your head around this! Test Chamber is a stylish, difficult, and not-quite-euclidean puzzle game. The world-wrapping mechanics of the world of Test Chamber create unique and devious puzzles that will challenge even the most skilled players....

  • Slime Attack

    Slime Attack

    Gamers Associate

    11 ratings

    Slime Attack is a fast platformer game for Android. Help Slimy, trapped at night in an awful laboratory, to meet its dream: escape to Mexico! Bounce, jump in flight, master bullet time, and try to survive. This game includes: - 80 challenging...

  • Way of the Knight

    Way of the Knight


    10 ratings

    ★GAMEPLAY★ In this challenging puzzle game you help a brave knight by building his road towards a life-saving antidote. Place random tiles to finish the road through charming grid-based environments. Plan your moves and act quickly, but most of all...

  • Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous

    Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous

    One Man Left

    2015 ratings

    Return to a world of fast-paced, tilt-only arcade action! You’ll flee a relentless onslaught of dastardly dots, desperately darting between single-use weapon orbs. Each orb provides a unique burst of fiery relief! Sometimes it’s lasery relief. It rea...

  • Oddlight


    Octopus 8 Studios

    12 ratings

    Escape the Nids as they chase your fingers around the web, then pop them as they tire to gain the sweet sweet acorns of success! Progress across the tree toward victory in this high paced, challenging arcade adventure! ***You MUST keep your finger...

  • Mesh Mesh


    Nocturne Games

    10 ratings

    Mesh is an eye popping, ear pleasing, nerve wracking game of skill and reflexes! In this "Ant-Smasher-meets-Geometry-Wars" style game you use your finger to destroy neon blocks that fall through the mesh in an attempt to get the highest score. But...

  • Happy Bacon Happy Bacon

    Happy Bacon

    Llama Studios

    156 ratings

    Happy Bacon is an aspiring flappy bird inspired game with a few interesting twists on the beloved sub genre. As a piece of bacon you try to escape from your certain demise in a hot and frizzling pan by dodging the endless waves of vegetables who...

  • Monster Wars

    Monster Wars

    Liv Games

    6553 ratings

    The follow-up to Legendary Wars unleashed on Android! There are two sides to every story. This is the legend of the Monster Wars... They've been hunted for gold and XP for years, and now it's time for revenge! Take command of over 50 Monsters, in...

  • Bardbarian


    TreeFortress Games

    26651 ratings

    Shred LUTE and collect LOOT in the critically acclaimed tower-defence-action-rpg BARDBARIAN! 5/5 - TouchArcade, 5/5 - Gamezebo, 9/10 - ArcadeSushi, 4/5 - PocketGamer “Intriguing mix of genres that gel together brilliantly, BARDBARIAN is a breath o...

  • Naughty Bricks

    Naughty Bricks

    Puck Loves Games

    40 ratings

    Naughty Bricks is a cheeky puzzle game set to test you with a series of increasingly complex conundrums. Bounce off moon chunks, slingshot around black holes and even rewind time itself to destroy those naughty invaders! Naughty Bricks are...

  • Luxuria Superbia Luxuria Superbia

    Luxuria Superbia

    Tale of Tales

    212 ratings

    A simple game of touch, pleasure and joy. Luxuria Superbia is a colorful, musical journey made to fill you with joy. Exciting designs explode from your touch as you glide through playful stylized flowers. It’s all about the experience and the i...

  • Flip Runner

    Flip Runner

    Deadly Serious Media

    4730 ratings

    Run, jump, and defy gravity as you blast past endless pointy things that aim to rip you to pieces! Flip Runner is a fast paced arcade game that takes classic endless running action and flips it on it's head! Run on the top or the bottom to avoid...

  • Hoots Hoots


    Simple Machine

    375 ratings

    Pack your swimsuit, grab your sunglasses, and head to the beach with Hoots! You've played matching games before, but this one is the simplest (and the cutest) one you've ever played. It's a new adorable matching game - it's a hoot! Swipe the...

  • Bouncy Bit - Hat Quest Bouncy Bit - Hat Quest

    Bouncy Bit - Hat Quest

    Deadly Serious Media

    15990 ratings

    The rules are simple: Touch, bounce, and don't touch any of the spikes! Collect the stars and unlock new looks for Bouncy Bit! Unlock all the hats and the ads will vanish!

  • The Enchanted Cave

    The Enchanted Cave

    Dustin Auxier

    1035 ratings

    Enter the Enchanted Cave, collecting artifacts, stat gems and gold as you fight to reach floor 100! Use the Escape Wings to teleport out and recover, then head back in with powerful artifacts to delve deeper into the cave each time. Improvements...

  • Hoplite Hoplite


    Magma Fortress

    33392 ratings

    Hoplite is a turn-based strategy game focusing on tactical movement around small maps. Challenging gameplay Hoplite aims to make you think before you act. Every move counts! Make strategical choices to upgrade your abilities. Procedurally...

  • Ridiculous Fishing Ridiculous Fishing

    Ridiculous Fishing


    13456 ratings

    A handcrafted game about fishing with guns, chainsaws & toasters. *****Now with Google Play Game Services leaderboards and achievements!***** Follow Billy as he tries to find redemption from his uncertain past. Chase your destiny on the high seas...

  • Little Galaxy Little Galaxy

    Little Galaxy


    26524 ratings

    “It’s galactic!” IGN “Little Galaxy has all the ingredients of a portable classic” Pocket Gamer “Fun to listen to, gorgeous to look at, and super fun to play...Developer Bitmap Galaxy has a definite hit on its hands here” Game of the week - Cult o...

  • Combat Cats Combat Cats

    Combat Cats

    New Horizon Games

    160 ratings

    The catnip has been stolen, can you bring peace and harmony back to Kitty Island? --- Puzzle, gem matching, RPG, adventure for all ages! Match bricks/gems to set off devastating combos while fighting off enemies, as you collect coins and catnip to...

  • factory balls

    factory balls

    Bart Bonte

    847 ratings

    *** 36 NEW bonus levels *** added in the latest update! The popular browser puzzle game is now on mobile, with more levels, new graphics and new music! Can you produce the ball on the box in each level of this logical puzzle game? Contains 44...

  • Bugsplosion


    Emil Zeilon

    189 ratings

    Bugs! Bugs everywhere! Squish them before they run out of sight! Bugsplosion is an intense retro style action game with an original bitpop soundtrack. The soundtrack features tracks inspired by the C64, Atari ST, Amiga and NES. Features: + 8...

  • A Ride into the Mountains

    A Ride into the Mountains

    Sunhead Games

    768 ratings

    Evil force invaded the relic in the mountain. Darkness began to spread. A brave young man, equipped with his family’s unique mounted archery skills, rides into the mountains to battle against the mysterious demons. ◆ "A beautiful, challenging adv...

  • Pixel Defenders Puzzle Pixel Defenders Puzzle

    Pixel Defenders Puzzle

    Gary Whittle

    1901 ratings

    [ Demo Available! ] A unique game of strategic matching and RPG battling! Place, match and thwack your way through dozens of gorgeous retro-style levels, a variety of game-modes and special hand-crafted scenarios. * The ONLY In-App-Purchases in...

  • Mini Mix Mayhem Mini Mix Mayhem

    Mini Mix Mayhem

    Chris Burt-Brown

    6427 ratings

    Bored of playing one game? Have you tried playing FOUR GAMES AT THE SAME TIME?? Designed specifically to test a skill you will never need in real life, MINI MIX MAYHEM has you playing four minigames simultaneously. You have to see it to believe...

  • The Silent Age

    The Silent Age

    House on Fire

    90606 ratings

    Episode Two now available, the final chapter in this award winning adventure. The Silent Age takes you on an adventurous journey into a dystopian future where mankind has gone extinct! Travel through time between the iconic 70's and a desolate...

  • Radium Premium

    Radium Premium


    21 ratings

    Radium is a physics-based skill game, featuring unique game controls. A game which avoids any non-essential elements and focuses on the elementary minimum. By pressing the left or right arrow key, the orb is pulled into the direction of the...

  • Hero of Many

    Hero of Many

    Trickster Arts

    826 ratings

    4.9/5 - Super Game Droid: "different than anything I have experienced before" 4.5/5 - Touch Arcade: "meditative and unique. An enthralling experience" 4/5 - Droid Gamers: "it has been a delightful experience" 8/10 - Pocket Gamer: "a beautiful...

  • Baseball Jam

    Baseball Jam

    Tio Atum

    653 ratings

    Batter’s up! Get ready to hit it out of the park! Time’s ticking and only a straight shot to the target can keep you going. Baseball Jam is pure batting action! Aim your shots for maximum points and extra time! Beat your friends’ highscores with...

  • Bunny Bonker

    Bunny Bonker


    388 ratings

    It's ultra-cute bunny bonking fun! Can you bonk all the bunnies before the infestation takes over the world? Are you a speed demon with fast tapping fingers? Are you the Bunny Bonker?? Strategise which bunny, payload and projectile to bonk for...

  • Magicka Magicka


    Paradox Interactive

    4595 ratings

    Magicka - Wizards of the Square Tablet: Now you can accidentally set your friends on fire from anywhere! "Magicka Wizards of the Square Tablet is hands down my favorite game of the year so far, and it’s an Android game you need to own if you have a t...

  • Indiana Stone Indiana Stone

    Indiana Stone

    TwinSky Games

    90 ratings

    Tired of infinitely running? Well, your wishes are about to be GRANITE! As a rolling boulder, crush the treasure hunter as he tries to escape with a priceless idol! ▪It's a ROLL REVERSAL where YOU are the boulder ▪Rad 9-bit art and music that tak...



    octahedron studios

    122 ratings

    "Daily 3rd Place" - Newgrounds ★★★★ 4/5 Awesome game COLORUS now at GooglePlay! *!* Warning *!* Do not recommended for epileptic or colorblind people! This is innovative runner with unique control - you must pick color compared with obstacl...

  • Pixoban


    Nocturne Games

    30 ratings

    Pixo has been abducted by dirty aliens! Can you help him tidy up their ship? In this retro-styled sokoban game your task is to help Pixo tidy up the alien ship by placing all the crates of rubbish on the airlocks so the aliens can blow them out...

  • Mini Dash

    Mini Dash

    PlayCreek LLC

    1170 ratings

    "A wonderful platformer with oodles of content, Mini Dash is charming, challenging, and inventive. An essential addition to your collection." — Pocket Gamer — 8/10 'Silver Award' "An adorable fast-paced platformer that is packed with hours of rep...

  • They Need To Be Fed 2

    They Need To Be Fed 2

    Bit Ate Bit

    418 ratings

    "They Need To Be Fed 2 is a near-perfect mobile platformer. [...] an incredibly satisfying experience." - Kotaku Run and jump in this 360 degree gravity platformer! Gravity in all directions means you can never fall off, but that's not to say the...

  • Bobbing


    LittleBobby Games

    182 ratings

    BOBBING is a unique fast-paced, addictive game with simple touch screen controls. Reverse the gravity and switch colors to clear challenging levels. Collect bonus pieces and don't get caught by the blazing fire to get the highest score! ★★★ REVIE...

  • Spunk and Moxie

    Spunk and Moxie

    Chocolate Homunculus

    169 ratings

    "a one-button super meat boy... really smooth and fast paced" -IGN "Fast paced and vibrant, Spunk and Moxie will infuriate and beguile with its highly enjoyable auto-run platforming." -148Apps Editors Choice Award (4.5/5) "There’s a ton of replay v...

  • bit Dungeon

    bit Dungeon

    Kinto Games

    3535 ratings

    "It's a smartly and elegantly designed game that's not afraid to permakill you" --IndieGames.com "The distilled essence of every 8-bit action role-playing game ever. Love it." --Kotaku "Bit Dungeon brings together The Legend of Zelda’s top-down d...

  • Dungelot Dungelot


    Red Winter Software

    1922 ratings

    "Dungelot is like the Minesweeper of roguelikes. It’s fast, casual and charming. Worth every penny" Cody Musser IGN ★★★★★ "Featuring simplified gameplay, clean graphics, and fun RPG elements, Dungelot gives novices an engaging introductio...

  • Pixel Kingdom

    Pixel Kingdom


    34102 ratings

    Follow @SeanYoungSG on Twitter for exclusive codes and and game info! *****Like us on Facebook to preview NEW Units, Items, and Enemies***** *****Free Code giveaways on Facebook!***** https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pixel-Kingdom/459036330819960...

  • Rico - A Tale Of Two Brothers

    Rico - A Tale Of Two Brothers


    446 ratings

    Rico is an old school jump'n'run game! Run across the levels, jump over obstacles, climb mountains, explore caves, swim through water Collect crystals throughout each level Avoid mines, acid pits and various deadly enemies along the way Find...

  • 10000000 10000000


    EightyEight Games

    16157 ratings

    10000000 is a Dungeon Crawling RPG Matching Game. Run the dungeon and match to handle the things you encounter *WINNER* Best Mobile Exclusive 2012 - Game Informer *WINNER* Best Puzzle Game - 5th Annual Best App Ever Awards *WINNER* Pocket Tactics...

  • Waking Mars

    Waking Mars

    Tiger Style

    2255 ratings

    Praise for Waking Mars: "One of the most satisfying gaming experiences I've had on this platform." - TouchArcade, 2012 Game of the Year, 5/5 “The most interesting story I've seen in [a mobile] game” - Joystiq "Superb controls; unique gameplay" - S...

  • Quadropus Rampage

    Quadropus Rampage

    Butterscotch Shenanigans

    59579 ratings

    The ocean world has been thrown into disarray and chaos as Pete, the villainous God of the Sea, coerces the oceanly creatures to do his vile bidding. Play as Tack, an enraged 4-legged octopus (a quadropus!) who is tired of Pete's shenanigans. In...

  • Towelfight 2

    Towelfight 2

    Butterscotch Shenanigans

    10420 ratings

    Play as ultra-suave Hardik in this nonsense-infused action adventure RPG. Blast enemies by literally shooting animals out of your face. Defeat furious bosses as you power your way through procedurally-generated levels, discovering a huge number of...

  • Color Sheep

    Color Sheep

    Trinket Studios

    4897 ratings

    Kotaku: “I’ve not had this much fun mixing colors since — I’ve never had this much fun mixing colors.” New York Times: “...your once-fumbling fingertips will be flying across the spectrum. You’ll barely notice you’ve learned something without having ...

  • Zombie Minesweeper Zombie Minesweeper

    Zombie Minesweeper

    Octo Industries

    320 ratings

    ★★★★ A Gizmodo "Essential App!" ★ "Gaming App of the Day!" on Kotaku ★ GameZebo Best Hidden Gems of 2011 ★★★★ Zombie Minesweeper is a frantic adventure game filled with satisfying puzzles and juicy Zombie explosions. Our snarky heroine is caught u...

  • Ring Defense - TD

    Ring Defense - TD


    2325 ratings

    Ring Defense is the most advanced defense game for Android. Create and combine rings - place them into towers, lasers, traps or generators and kill creeps! Features: * Rings in 7 colors. Every color has a special effect: Poison, Slow, ... *...

  • QuestLord QuestLord


    Eric Kinkead

    2442 ratings

    In QuestLord you assume the role of a lone hero out to save the Shattered Realm from certain destruction! A turn-based Role Playing Game in the classic style of the legendary Computer Role Playing Games that defined the genre....

  • Gunman Clive

    Gunman Clive

    Bertil Hörberg

    1582 ratings

    In the year of 18XX, the west is overrun by thugs and outlaws. A group of bandits have kidnapped Mayor Johnsons daughter and are spreading havoc across the land. Only Gunman Clive can bring order to the west and save the girl! Jump and shoot your...

  • Delver


    Priority Interrupt

    5428 ratings

    Delver is a first person action roguelike dungeon crawl with crunchy pixels. Take the role of an adventurer that tries their fate in the dark dungeons (and probably dies horribly). Fight monsters, grab loot, horde potions, and level up! Quest for...

  • Dungeon Raid Dungeon Raid

    Dungeon Raid

    Fireflame Games

    6324 ratings

    Dungeon Raid is going to challenge your strategy skills to the max! Trace a path and match the tiles to collect treasure, buy and upgrade weapons and defeat monsters in this exciting and addictive puzzle roleplaying game. Things happen fast in...

  • Expander


    All Civilized Planets

    13 ratings

    Expand and reach for the stars! Float into infinity! Don't crash into walls. Expander is a fast-paced reaction game that challenges you to take risks. Collect precious stars by lifting and stretching your colored block. Shrink it to avoid...

  • Bunibon 2

    Bunibon 2


    38 ratings

    Bunibon 2 continues where the first installment left off - at insane difficulty. Then it ramps it up. * 66 levels * 6 bosses * 6 special levels * 6 highscore levels * 66 evil levels With online highscores that you can also see on the web!

  • Crystal Story II

    Crystal Story II

    Emmanuel Salva Cruz

    441 ratings

    About: Crystal Story II is a turn-based RPG that follows the story of a young Dragon on his quest to defeat an evil witch. He must seek allies to aid him on his journey and save the world from the oncoming invasion. With the release of Crystal...

  • BuniBon



    331 ratings

    Bounce and grab all the orbs - in ever more challenging levels and super-easy controls. While constantly bouncing, you must clear ever more frustrating levels in this modest game of the "short-but-difficult-levels-die-100-times-a-minute" variety....

  • Roid Rage

    Roid Rage

    Butterscotch Shenanigans

    9929 ratings

    Collect precious Juice as you attempt to stay alive in an infinite asteroid field of ever-increasing density. Don’t worry about the hordes of interns you kill in the process, those interns are unpaid! Plus, the Bureau of Science has all the s...

  • Paragon Infinite

    Paragon Infinite


    31 ratings

    In Paragon Infinite, you ride up and down magnetic rails, and tap the screen to jump off. Time your jumps to make it through the obstacles, and try to collect all the treasures for bonus points! Don't hesitate or you'll risk exploding on the...

  • Out There: Ω Edition

    Out There: Ω Edition

    Mi-Clos Studio

    25141 ratings

    5/5 - TouchArcade 5/5 - PocketTactics 9/10 'Gold Award' - PocketGamer Grand Prize - DevGAMM Moscow 2015 Excellence in Narrative - DevGAMM 2015 Best Game Design Award - Casual Connect EE 2014 Excellence In Narrative Finalist - IMGA 2015 Best iPhone...

  • Cubed Snowboarding

    Cubed Snowboarding


    366 ratings

    Crash into snowmen, grind on railings, launch off halfpipes and go careening off of cliffs in this fun, fast, little, retroish 3d game!!! Features: -Epic Cliffs -Sick Grinds -Insane Flips -Destructible Snowmen -High Score Leaderboard -and...

  • Bad Roads 2 Bad Roads 2

    Bad Roads 2

    Laurent Bakowski

    32747 ratings

    Welcome to Ted’s new adventure in «Bad Roads 2». Test your driving skill and anticipation in this simple, amusing and highly addictive game. And for even more funny moments, play with a friend using a two-player split screen inspired by the ori...

  • Card City Nights

    Card City Nights


    1080 ratings

    "Fun, funny, and fundamentally unputdownable, Card City Nights is a fantastic mix of casual strategy and collectible card coolness" - PocketGamer: 9/10 Card City Nights is an adventure through a city filled with card-nuts and lunatics. Battle for...

  • AstroRush


    Inertia Software

    40 ratings

    CADET! Do you have what it takes to pilot your ship through merciless asteroid fields? To make split-second decisions and navigate the very tiniest of gaps? To keep your nerve even when faced with a nest of giant ugly SPACE WORMS!? * Unlimited,...

  • Only One

    Only One

    Ernest Szoka

    167311 ratings

    TouchArcade - 4.5/5 "game with depth well beyond what you would expect" PocketGamer - 9/10 "A brilliantly paced, sharp-edged brawler " Over 1 million downloads! One of the best hack and slash games on mobile, Only One is an epic arena style sword...

  • TyuTyu NyuNyu:The Forest Ninja TyuTyu NyuNyu:The Forest Ninja

    TyuTyu NyuNyu:The Forest Ninja


    659 ratings

    Jump in the woods with a little ninja and fight your foes in a new game that pushes the genre to the new level ! Who gets the world record?! Game Features: - Easy to play, hard to master - Online highscore - Quests - Store - Medals - Achievements...

  • Legendary Wars

    Legendary Wars

    Liv Games

    5845 ratings

    Welcome to Legendary Wars. Take command of your heroes. Build up massive armies to destroy the undead forces of the Netherworld! #1 Castle Defense game is finally on Android! *Runner-up Winner: Best App Ever Award for top Strategy Game! PRESS...

  • Dungeon Highway Dungeon Highway

    Dungeon Highway


    7219 ratings

    Dungeon Highway drops you into a delightfully stylized fantasy world filled to the brim with dastardly monsters. Heart-pounding action, nostalgic graphics and an enchanting chiptune soundtrack bring a new milestone to the genre of endless arcade...

  • The Tapping Dead - Platformer The Tapping Dead - Platformer

    The Tapping Dead - Platformer

    Crazy Cricket, LLC

    2810 ratings

    ★★★★★ EASY TO LEARN, EASY TO DIE! Play it with one hand! The Tapping Dead, a challenging 16 Bits Zombie Platformer with great gameplay and music! Master all 150 levels! Unlock all the characters! Use powers! Old school difficulty. Escape from the...

  • Platforms Unlimited

    Platforms Unlimited

    XperimentalZ Games Inc.

    46 ratings

    Platforms Unlimited is a procedural, minimalistic, zen, madly hard one-button endless platformer! Uninventing the genre to extirpate its core. An arcade game like in the old times when simplicity, fun and challenge ruled. This is a premium app...

  • BioGloom


    Rich Tomato

    1868 ratings

    BioGloom is a 2-D survival adventure game made by student team Rich Tomato from Qantm College in Brisbane, Australia. Similar to other titles, such as Osmos and Flow, comes BioGloom; a story about Lumen, an alien angler fish struggling for...

  • Morphopolis


    Micro Macro Games

    65 ratings

    Embark on a lucid and fantastical journey of transformation and discovery through this beautiful and unique point and click / hidden object adventure. Unlock puzzles, solve fun mini games and collect items amongst the gorgeously detailed and hand...

  • Foxtrot!


    Bull and Gate Ltd

    21 ratings

    You will need all your all your platform-hopping and puzzle-solving skills to help Neville the fox collect all the eggs and feed his hungry cubs in over 30 gorgeous and fiendishly hard levels. There are Boss Fights! There are Speed Runs! You have...

  • Winds of Destiny - DOTM

    Winds of Destiny - DOTM


    211 ratings

    Greetings fellow gamers! My name is Chad Wilson, and this is my game. Today, I am proud to present to you Winds of Destiny - Duels of the Magi. This game is a retro head to head arcade style strategy game that combines many different mechanics in...

  • Ferris Mueller's Day Off

    Ferris Mueller's Day Off

    Glitch Games

    94 ratings

    From the creators of Forever Lost which has had over 1 million downloads worldwide! “Life moves pretty fast.” says Ferris Mueller, a barnyard mule. “If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” Ferris Mueller’s Day Off —...

  • Chicken Chaser

    Chicken Chaser

    Eran Shabi

    106 ratings

    The insidious anthropomorphic octopuses have abducted your chickens. Do you have what it takes to take them back and end the tentacled menace once and for all? Chicken Chaser - A challenging, fast paced 2D brawler set in a beautiful world gone...

  • Arranger


    Distropolis Games

    34 ratings

    NOW FREE! --- soundtrack available @ www.distropolis.com --- Drop your sword and pick up your saxophone! Enter the realm of "Musica" and set out on a retro quest to become the greatest musical arranger in the land! ✓ 9 realms with 9 musical boss b...



    Thomas Bowker

    3051 ratings

    Deceptively simple. Infinitely complex. LYNE is a minimalist puzzle game that will knot your brain as it calms your soul. Connect the shapes. Fill the board. Lose yourself in the interflowing paths of LYNE. "I highly recommend grabbing LYNE if...

  • Faif Faif


    Beavl Games

    1616 ratings

    “It’s blisteringly cruel (...) Undeniably engaging and fun.” ~ John Walker (Rock, Paper, Shotgun) Faif is a puzzle/rpg game with a unique battle system based on gambling. HOW TO PLAY IT After choosing 5 adjacent tiles you only get one! Play wisel...

  • INOQONI - a magic puzzle game

    INOQONI - a magic puzzle game


    3753 ratings

    In this platform and puzzle game with an original atmosphere and HD graphics, you play as INOQONI, a young girl imprisoned in a tower. Will you be able to harness the power of the magic mirror to help her escape?...

  • Dodge Balls

    Dodge Balls


    63 ratings

    ■ I recommend you to experience the lite version before purchase premium version. □ Dodge Balls!! [Premium] □ original 140 + extreme 140 + two-story 140 □ Enjoy 420 stages. ■ Do you think that you are agile? ■ Do you think you play the game well?...

  • 10 10



    724 ratings

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: In case of compatibility issues, please try "9 (Free)" by IOJOE before purchasing "10". "Initially simple it quickly descends into obsessive, head-scratching territory; your brain will thank you." - GamesWithPurpose "...the...

  • Division Cell Division Cell

    Division Cell

    Hyperspace Yard

    1414 ratings

    In Division Cell, your task is to restore harmony and symmetry to an array of disorganized shapes. Take a trip with us to Flatland! Challenge yourself and your friends in an infinite world of shapes. Explore digital origami in the form of colorful...

  • Ducky Fuzz

    Ducky Fuzz

    Smiling Bag

    8 ratings

    Ducky fuzz is a simple game about juggling ducks on the ocean by controlling the waves, avoiding sea mines collecting as much bread as possible. It’s a simple game, but it’s packed with content. Along the way there are many extra challenges to ach...

  • 4 Thrones Solitaire 4 Thrones Solitaire

    4 Thrones Solitaire

    Simple Machine

    43 ratings

    "4 Thrones will delight solitaire fans immensely." - Jennifer Allen, 148apps.com A brand new solitaire with a modern edge and a simple twist that will keep you coming back for more. This is art for your pocket. Slick, simple gameplay combines...

  • Knightmare Tower

    Knightmare Tower

    Juicy Beast Studio

    11103 ratings

    Break through ceilings, rescue princesses and escape boiling lava as you slash your way to the top of the Knightmare Tower! • "Knightmare Tower hooked me for over an hour, and I had to force myself to stop playing" - Kotaku.com • "There are tri...

  • Cubed Rally Redline

    Cubed Rally Redline


    7407 ratings

    Named a Best Arcade Game! by TouchArcade Push it to the limit in the follow up to the micro hit Cubed Rally Racer! Just how far can you make it down the track in this endless racer? - 11 unlockable vehicles - speed boat vehicle switching action...

  • Shuttle Quest 2k

    Shuttle Quest 2k

    Thomas Hopper

    610 ratings

    As the pilot of the unique 'Battle Shuttle' join the fight against the evil General Xzarod and save the galaxy in this RETRO Action-RPG-Shooter! * Play the whole game for free. * Battle in 30 story missions over six chapters * Fight 6 giant...

  • Tiny Hope

    Tiny Hope


    105 ratings

    Plunge into this adventure! Our future is in your hands. Help the last drop of water on his quest to save the world. Steam, ice or water, it’s your choice. Figure your way out of this puzzle passing through the forest to finally reach the lab. E...

  • Polarity


    Bluebutton Games

    85 ratings

    POLARITY IS PRACTICALLY FREE FOR THIS WEEKEND TO CELEBRATE LAUNCHING ON STEAM! http://store.steampowered.com/app/315430 Welcome to Polarity, a first person puzzling adventure allowing you to experience the thrill of hacking into a super secure...

  • Boson X

    Boson X

    Ian MacLarty

    2024 ratings

    Boson X is a fast-paced rotational runner set in a particle accelerator. Quantum jump from Planck to Planck as you build up speed inside an enormous particle accelerator and generate high-energy collisions to discover strange new particles. Use...

  • Solar Flux Pocket

    Solar Flux Pocket

    Firebrand Games

    1055 ratings

    Save dying suns with collected plasma in your specialized ship in this unique puzzle strategy game for mobile devices. You are the last hope to bring salvation to a perishing universe. Supernovas, Asteroid Fields, and force fields are just some of...

  • Solar Flux HD

    Solar Flux HD

    Firebrand Games

    32 ratings

    Travel across the universe to save dying suns from extinction in this unique and challenging space puzzle strategy game for tablet devices, where both problem solving and precise dexterity skills are needed to bring order to the cosmos....

  • Scrap Hunt

    Scrap Hunt

    Anton Hultdin

    11376 ratings

    Pilot an awesome piece of machinery that can fly, go underwater and dig into the ground! Your city is under attack by a mysterious enemy that must be fought back, and it’s up to you to save it! Play through a series of missions in which you'll have t...

  • ins and outs ins and outs

    ins and outs

    aukStudios LLC

    10478 ratings

    "Pure magic. Brilliantly executed and a joy to play." - Playboard.me "A fantastic puzzler with a great minimalistic design. A must download." - SGDjames ins and outs is an addictive maze-like puzzle game that you can play casually or competitively...

  • Decromancer



    2712 ratings

    We are on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=252915248 AppsZoom 11/06/13 “A fresh breeze of air in a foul and barren genre as are CCGs.” 148Apps 11/06/13 “Between a varied set of cards, the hand-drawn art style, and neat...

  • Steam Punks

    Steam Punks

    Monster Robot Studios

    375 ratings

    Monster Robot Studios is proud to present Steam Punks! "If you’re into platformers you really need to get your hands on Steam Punks." -Supergamedroid.com Steam Punks is a action platformer RPG inspired by classics Nintendo NES and SNES games like M...

  • Ittle Dew

    Ittle Dew


    791 ratings

    Adventuress Ittle Dew and her sidekick Tippsie crash onto a strange island, filled with loot and mysterious inhabitants. It quickly dawns on the duo that this might become their biggest adventure yet. Ittle Dew boils down the classic adventure...

  • Soul Power

    Soul Power


    30 ratings

    Explore the afterlife as a ghost with no recollection of the past. Help other ghosts recover their forgotten memories and learn more about your own previous life. Uncover the mysteries that await you. Challenging 2D physics-based gameplay will put...

  • Toast Time Toast Time

    Toast Time

    Force Of Habit

    450 ratings

    Hear hear! The best thing since sliced bread. • "Toast Time is for you." 5 / 5 - TouchArcade • "Breakfast-themed digital madness." 5 / 5 - Big Red Barrel • "See what indie games on smart phones should feel like." 87/100 - PixelFreak • "A retro e...



    I Fight Bears

    1431 ratings

    Have you ever wanted to punch a bear IN THE MOUTH? FIST OF AWESOME asks the eternal question "what would happen if bears took over the world?" and answers it with the epic tale of a lumberjack travelling through time punching bears in the face to...

  • Sir! I'd Like To Report a Bug!

    Sir! I'd Like To Report a Bug!

    Lord Puggington Games

    2310 ratings

    After some new prototype tech goes screwy and causes bugs to escape into the world only one man can save the day. That man is a Reggie! An average, couch potato QA Tester with no talents what so ever! Help our new saviour venture to and from...

  • Jones On Fire

    Jones On Fire

    Glass Bottom Games

    324 ratings

    Jones on Fire - a high-speed action game of kitty saving and flame evading, running and jumping, where YOU are the hero! Become Emma Jones, firefighter extraordinaire, tough cookie and kitten lover. Beat 10 levels of dangerous mountain terrain,...

  • Pivvot


    Fixpoint Productions

    921 ratings

    Pivvot is a thrilling game of strategic avoidance that will consistently test and challenge your ability to make quick, impulsive decisions. As the game progresses, you will have to rely on your instincts and problem-solving skills to navigate...

  • Don't Run With a Plasma Sword

    Don't Run With a Plasma Sword

    XperimentalZ Games Inc.

    126 ratings

    Run to save the world in this humoristic tribute to retro sci-fi movies! A fun, challenging runner with tons of content which pushes the gameplay limits of the endless runner genre! Start with a simple combat runner and unlock new moves and skills...

  • Micron


    Apparition Games

    103 ratings

    “It's got style… It gets you thinking. It gets your toe tapping as well because the music in this is fantastic… This is a clever reintroduction of puzzle and rhythm fusion.” – Reviews on the Run "Micron is more of an interactive audio-vis...

  • Incredipede


    Northway Games

    1050 ratings

    "If you've ever felt that Dr Frankenstein’s career path was for you then Incredipede will have you laughing maniacally with joy for hours on end" - Indie Game Magazine "A physics based game done right" - Total Biscuit GAMEPLAY Incredipede is a p...

  • Jack N' Jill

    Jack N' Jill

    Rohan Narang

    18931 ratings

    Jack N' Jill is a cute and charming retro one button platformer. Control Jack while he runs and jumps to get past obstacles and enemies, and help him find his way to Jill. With a total of 140 levels spanning across 7 different worlds, Jack N' Jill...

  • Heroes of Loot

    Heroes of Loot


    2168 ratings

    Support, tip and tricks: http://www.orangepixel.net/forum/ Subscribe to our newsletter for new and exclusive content: http://orangepixel.net/subscribe ------------------- A dungeon full of skulls, imps, cyclops, minotaurs, flameheads, spikes,...

  • Jack Lumber

    Jack Lumber

    Owlchemy Labs

    395 ratings

    A tree killed his granny and now he is out for revenge. Meet Jack Lumber, the supernatural lumberjack who hates trees, loves animals, and hates trees. Did we say that twice? The guy really hates trees, and boy does he have an axe to grind. 4 out...

  • Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery

    Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery

    Capybara Games

    10874 ratings

    Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP is an exploratory action adventure with an emphasis on audiovisual style. Traverse a mythic little realm, use a sword to do battle & evoke sworcery to solve mystical musical mysteries. Co-operate with friends via...

  • Geometry Dash

    Geometry Dash

    RobTop Games

    529706 ratings

    Jump and fly your way through danger in this rhythm-based action platformer! Prepare for a near impossible challenge in the world of Geometry Dash. Push your skills to the limit as you jump, fly and flip your way through dangerous passages and...

  • Delta-V Racing

    Delta-V Racing


    53 ratings

    "Spacehopper has distilled the fun and chaos of combat-focused racing games like Mario Kart and Wipeout into a 2D side-scrolling affair that works tremendously well on the touchscreen." (TouchArcade) "...its skilful fusion of racing and...

  • QbQbQb



    101 ratings

    A game for those who are looking for chillout after hard day of work or those who prefer frustration level hexagon. Rotate the planet, match the colors enjoy the building up music and visuals. Play solo, play with friends - or let the computer...