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I rarely play android games, yet here are some I stumbled upon over the years. Some of them require walking.

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  • Prune Prune


    Joel McDonald

    3327 ratings

    In Prune, you grow and cut post-apocalyptic bonsais. Or some other kind of plants, I'm not the greatest botanist on this planet. I think my bonsai would enjoy this game, since he is also sort of a "survivor". The puzzle game is very intuitive, calm,...

  • Text Fiction - Playable Novels Text Fiction - Playable Novels

    Text Fiction - Playable Novels


    1923 ratings

    It took me 10 minutes to get out of bed and another 20 to take a shower, but text-based games still rock. You can download several games into this app. It doesn't have the most user-friendly environment though. So get ready for it.

  • Blindscape


    Gavin Brown

    13025 ratings

    Game that "Features a beautiful 3D environment that you will never see". The screen stays black during this game, all you can do is to listen and desperately touch it. It took me about 15 minutes to get to the end.

  • Ingress Ingress


    Niantic, Inc.

    377434 ratings

    Game that will make you enthusiastically walk around your town staring at your phone while looking like a complete fool. Make sure you choose the same team colours as your friends. Otherwise it may lead to some serious arguments.

  • The Walk: Fitness Tracker Game The Walk: Fitness Tracker Game

    The Walk: Fitness Tracker Game

    Six to Start

    1110 ratings

    Another game that will make you move your butt a little. In this game you will unlock a sequences of a story by walking (or travelling by bus, if you necessarily need to cheat). I think The Walk is very good at motivating you to move since the story...

  • Geocaching Classic Geocaching Classic

    Geocaching Classic

    Groundspeak Inc.

    19434 ratings

    I guess most of you know principles of this game - find an object hid in your vicinage, write in your name or exchange a little souvenir and don't forget to Thank For The Cache. For you who don't - you have to find an object hid in your vicinage......

  • iQuarium - virtual fish

    iQuarium - virtual fish

    Infinite Dreams

    29386 ratings

    I've tried several tamagotchi games and I like this one the most. Very cute fish in a realistic looking tank. You will unlock new items in time (if you'll feed your fish responsibly of course).

  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

    Rockstar Games

    105323 ratings

    This was the game of my childhood so i couldn't resist to add it. Its a bit more difficult to control your driving and shooting than in the PC version. But the playboy-magazine-atmosphere town made it my GTA of choice.

  • The Bard's Tale

    The Bard's Tale

    inXile entertainment

    64314 ratings

    Bard's pretty witty guy, isn't he. The storyline's very good as well. In this RPG you will summon your sidekicks by playing short tunes and together you will fight angry creatures.

  • Minecraft: Pocket Edition

    Minecraft: Pocket Edition


    1734173 ratings

    Building houses cube by cube under the square sun and fighting creatures of the night. Oh and digging, some digging's included.