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  • Axel (XML Editor / Viewer) Axel (XML Editor / Viewer)

    Axel (XML Editor / Viewer)

    Xavier Gouchet

    1968 ratings

    Axel is an Open Source XML editor and XML viewer, simple, lightweight and ad-free. It can open, create, edit and save XML files, as well as HTML. It alse validates every input and adds syntax coloration. Use a long press on any node to bring the...

  • Tomdroid notes Tomdroid notes

    Tomdroid notes

    Stefan Hammer

    771 ratings

    A Tomboy client for Android. Tomboy is a desktop note-taking app using a wikiwiki approach and a simple user interface. * Note format compatibility with Tomboy * Online note synchronization with Rainy, Snowy or Tomboy Online * SD Card importation...

  • Omni Notes Omni Notes

    Omni Notes

    Federico Iosue

    2879 ratings

    Open-source note taking application, designed to be lightweight and simple without giving up smart behavior. Follow the developments and post your comments and advice on Google+ Beta Comunity at...

  • NoNonsense Notes NoNonsense Notes

    NoNonsense Notes


    1793 ratings

    A simple and beautiful app for notes and todo-lists. The app is completely free to use. This app is open source and is available online at: Great notification support Set reminders at a certain time, with...

  • Floating Stickies Floating Stickies

    Floating Stickies

    Mohammad Adib

    12772 ratings

    Floating Sticky notes that stay on top of all other apps! Easily dock them to the left side to keep your screen real-estate at full potential. Useful for quick note taking. Closing a note will delete its text. All stickies are auto-saved! Massive...

  • Ted (Text Editor) Ted (Text Editor)

    Ted (Text Editor)

    Xavier Gouchet

    1933 ratings

    Ted is an Open Source, Ad-free, lightweight text editor, meant as a Notepad application, and not meant to edit big files. You can create new text file, open existing files and of course save them. You can also display line numbers and open recent...

  • Jota Text Editor Jota Text Editor

    Jota Text Editor

    Aquamarine Networks.

    15683 ratings

    Jota is a text editor designed for a long text file. It's pronouced as "i-o-ta". Functions - Support until 1 million characters. - Auto-Detect multiple character codes. UTF-8 UTF-16BE UTF-16LE UTF-32BE UTF-32LE WINDOWS-1251 WINDOWS-1252...

  • AnkiDroid Flashcards AnkiDroid Flashcards

    AnkiDroid Flashcards

    AnkiDroid Open Source Team

    27779 ratings

    Memorize anything with AnkiDroid! AnkiDroid lets you learn flashcards very efficiently by showing them just before you would forget. It is fully compatible with the spaced repetition software Anki (including synchronization), which is available...