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  • ArkMC - Media Streamer, Player ArkMC - Media Streamer, Player

    ArkMC - Media Streamer, Player


    241 ratings

    Best media server app I ever tried. Turn your device to a media server and access and play those files on other computers and media players.

  • eventGram eventGram


    Apps House

    17 ratings

    Now that's a very unique app. I like its design mixed with simplicity of use. Its used to record and schedule important things and evebts using pictures connected to u and can remind with a single glance. It has a very nice widget to be there on...

  • IMDb Movies & TV IMDb Movies & TV

    IMDb Movies & TV


    462654 ratings

    The Giant Movie Database can't live without this tool ;)

  • Hola Free VPN Proxy Hola Free VPN Proxy

    Hola Free VPN Proxy


    485386 ratings

    Hello again hope you are enjoying the latest app reviews. TODAY we are reviewing an amazing new app called Hola. It can get you through to those censored websites in your country and save you data. Been testing it for a while and its working as it...

  • Whisper Whisper


    WhisperText LLC

    169412 ratings

    Excellent community active and very discreet. You can post your secrets without revealing your identity. Has many features such as reply with a picture, member distance from you, direct messages secured with a pin. This network is just amazing. Oh...

  • Screen Filter Screen Filter

    Screen Filter

    haxor industry

    118809 ratings

    Brightness filter. Don't u just hat that bright screen while reading at night with lights closed! I do. This smart little app solves it for you as u are aware even if lower the brightness of some devices its still so bright so u need this app to put...

  • Shush! Ringer Restorer Shush! Ringer Restorer

    Shush! Ringer Restorer

    Fizz Buzz LLC

    24977 ratings

    Killer app yes it is. Just wow its so simple and creative. Whenever u silence ur phone it comes up automatically to set the period u want it phone silenced. Very good for people who always forget their phone on silent. So if u will get into a...

  • GMX Mail GMX Mail

    GMX Mail


    225907 ratings

    One of the best email clients I ever used even better then the stock email app which I hate. Easy setup and nice white interface

  • Android Support by Drippler Android Support by Drippler

    Android Support by Drippler


    301434 ratings

    Just love drippler sound with every new article it has. Very powerful news app custom to your device! U have to try it to believe me.