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More and more phones can shoot 1080p videos (and some can even shoot 4k). So how do you get that video out of the phone and looking good?

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  • Magisto Video Editor & Maker Magisto Video Editor & Maker

    Magisto Video Editor & Maker


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    First and foremost in this channel. Takes a bunch of videos from your device, uploads them to a server, and does all the heavy lifting in the cloud. Results range from excellent to trippy. They're currently exploring on-device rendering for...

  • Google+ Google+


    Google Inc.

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    Yes, the social network people love to hate. Its Auto Aweosme feature recently expanded into videos as well, and it can take a whole bunch of photos and videos and produce an automatically-edited clip. Still some kinks in the implementation though,...

  • Video Editor Video Editor

    Video Editor

    WeVideo Inc.

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    Somewhat similar to Magisto, also has an online companion. More hands-on though, in that you can pick the sequence for the clips you want to include, add on-screen captions, and more.