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  • Timetable Timetable


    Gabriel Ittner

    38292 ratings

    Nafoni: an outstanding school application for managing your school schedule, tasks, exams etc. and has a bunch of other useful features such as auto-mute during classes.

  • Sudoku Sudoku


    Jamie McDonald

    19149 ratings

    Nafoni: the best one I've come across. It's another Sudoku app, but as opposed to most of the other Sudoku applications it actually manages to keep a clean and good look in addition to having just the features I want in a Sudoku app, executing all...

  • Pocket Casts Pocket Casts

    Pocket Casts

    Shifty Jelly

    43779 ratings

    Nafoni: a very powerful podcast manager. The application looks very good and has a lot of useful features such as auto-downloading new episodes from whichever podcasts you choose when connected or not connected to a charger and when connected or not...

  • Flud - Torrent Downloader Flud - Torrent Downloader

    Flud - Torrent Downloader

    Delphi Softwares

    143185 ratings

    Nafoni: a clean, good looking and feature-rich torrenting application that doesn't include ads or any unnecessary bloat as some other applications do.

  • WolframAlpha WolframAlpha


    Wolfram Group

    32337 ratings

    Nafoni: still has some catching up to do when it comes to design and performance, but nevertheless it's an excellent source for scientific data and statistics. The application allows you to take use of WolframAlpha's step-by-step feature for...

  • MathStep MathStep


    While IO

    2564 ratings

    Nafoni: another math application that allows you to solve equations, simplify expressions, plot functions on a grid and much more. The application looks very good, but is perhaps more limited in terms of functionality than WolframAlpha. It does,...

  • Markers Markers


    Daniel Sandler

    9015 ratings

    Nafoni: perfect for drawing quick sketches. Lets you draw on top of other images of choice.

  • WordLookup WordLookup


    Yu Chen Hou

    1664 ratings

    syosyosyo: WordLookup brings up a small pop up window showing the definition and playing am optional pronunciation of any word you highlight in whatever app that allows text selction. Just select the word you wish to define and share it to Word...

  • Wordiest Wordiest



    6180 ratings

    syosyosyo: It's pretty much single player scrabble with much less commitment but just as addictingly competitive.You're given a set of letters and are tasked to form 2 words from them. There are letter and word bonuses just like scrabble and similar...

  • Strata Free Strata Free

    Strata Free


    32579 ratings

    inshanealicious: A co-worker of mine introduced me to a very well done puzzle game that has achievements and great music/sounds. I'm not sure how often it's mentioned here so I'll give it a plug.

  • Wi-Fi Matic - Auto WiFi On Off Wi-Fi Matic - Auto WiFi On Off

    Wi-Fi Matic - Auto WiFi On Off

    GZ Systems Ltd.

    12865 ratings

    uncleguito: free app that automatically turns off/on your wifi connection if the network is in range. Helps save me a bit of battery life

  • SigFig Wealth Management SigFig Wealth Management

    SigFig Wealth Management


    4197 ratings

    uncleguito: Like Mint on steroids, for investments. Plus they have a great new tablet interface.

  • Shush! Ringer Restorer Shush! Ringer Restorer

    Shush! Ringer Restorer

    Fizz Buzz LLC

    25122 ratings

    RipperDaVe: When you mute your phone a pop up appears to choose how long you want it muted for. Great if you sometimes forget to turn your volume back up after a meeting or movie or whatever.

  • Swipe Home Button Swipe Home Button

    Swipe Home Button

    Philip Ma

    9949 ratings

    RipperDaVe: This app is probably only good for phones with physical home buttons. It allows gestures to shortcuts (home recent etc) from within any app. I use it mainly because I switch back and forth between apps a lot, and the press and hold...

  • SwipePad - Gesture Launcher SwipePad - Gesture Launcher

    SwipePad - Gesture Launcher

    Calcium Ion Ltd.

    22206 ratings

    syosyosyo: I'm a huge fan of Swipepad :) better than all other apps of the same function imho. It was one of the first and does it the best I think. All in one movement too! And FREE. Edit: hah! I was about to add that development seems to have...

  • Glympse - Share GPS location Glympse - Share GPS location

    Glympse - Share GPS location


    89819 ratings

    beardeddragonborn: you can send a link to people of your current locstion, allowing them to track your journey. You set a timer for it to turn off, so it makes it perfect to show people where you are for a little bit. I use it when headed to my...

  • Out Loud Out Loud

    Out Loud

    hillman apps

    478 ratings

    joke-complainer: It will read your notifications to you. The dev is amazing, and pushed an update after I asked for it that allows Tasker to control the on/off state. I highly recommend it!

  • AirDroid: Remote access & File AirDroid: Remote access & File

    AirDroid: Remote access & File


    498452 ratings

    LiarInGlass: AirDroid is a free and fast app that helps you manage your Android from a desk web browser, all over the air. No more waiting for Google to sync my photos to go to my computer and download them or plugging it in to copy specific...

  • Compulsive Compulsive



    69919 ratings

    dskatz2: a sweet, dots-like puzzler that's insanely addicting. They just added a couple of game modes that makes it even more fun to play! It's constantly being updated and I can't wait to see what else they have in store.

  • xkcdViewer xkcdViewer


    Tom Coxon

    3665 ratings

    Clark-Kent: Without a doubt the best xkcd viewer for Android. My favourite features : archive of all comics ability to favourite a comic tap to read hover text explanation of comic joke and many other awesome features



    Thomas Bowker

    3051 ratings

    fluxuate27: I've been playing LYNE all week without stopping. Very simple, very addictive. Well worth the money!

  • Newton Mail - Email & Calendar Newton Mail - Email & Calendar

    Newton Mail - Email & Calendar

    CloudMagic, Inc.

    121314 ratings

    kaidynamite: Its the best email app I've tried. Its fast, has a great UI and the reason I prefer it over the stock email app is it always shows images in the email like the recent gmail update.

  • Pushbullet - SMS on PC Pushbullet - SMS on PC

    Pushbullet - SMS on PC


    166926 ratings

    ken27238: Even though this has been mentioned a lot it is a great app that allows you to push stuff in-between your browser and phone.

  • EvolveSMS (Text Messaging) EvolveSMS (Text Messaging)

    EvolveSMS (Text Messaging)

    Luke Klinker

    27635 ratings

    ken27238: From the guy that gave us sliding message. Very google hangoutish but with some great features.

  • DashClock Widget DashClock Widget

    DashClock Widget

    Roman Nurik

    61969 ratings

    ih8legal: Display information from extensions to your homescreen or lock screen.

  • Jack's Music Widget Jack's Music Widget

    Jack's Music Widget

    Jack Thakar

    3251 ratings

    ih8legal: Plugs into the notification listening API announced in Android 4.3 and shows the album art and controls for any music playing app.

  • Minimalistic Text: Widgets Minimalistic Text: Widgets

    Minimalistic Text: Widgets


    37786 ratings

    ih8legal: Minimal style widget. Very customizable. I use it for the time and date but you can add a billion other things.

  • Postings (Craigslist App) Postings (Craigslist App)

    Postings (Craigslist App)

    Trixiesoft, Inc

    147042 ratings

    jk_baller23: I've been using Craigslist for Android (CLapp) to browse Craigslist. Has a nice UI, loads pretty fast compared to other apps for Craigslist and works well on my phone and tablet.

  • Smart IR Remote - AnyMote Smart IR Remote - AnyMote

    Smart IR Remote - AnyMote

    Color Tiger

    19947 ratings

    The best Smart IR Remote app. Solid UI, a library of IR codes for over 650,000 devices, custom remotes, macro commands, floating remote icons, custom widgets, and Air Gesture support for the S4/Note 3. To see if your device supports an IR blaster...

  • Beep'nGo - Wallet & Coupons Beep'nGo - Wallet & Coupons

    Beep'nGo - Wallet & Coupons

    Mobeam Inc.

    101220 ratings

    If you have Note 3 or S4, this is by far the best solution to carrying physical cards. Scan in the barcode of the card you have, save it in the app, and when you're ready to use it, press the beam button and the IR proximity sensor on the front of...

  • Banjo Banjo


    Banjo Inc

    58583 ratings

    Ranquin: Banjo is quite cool. It should take news and events from places where your friends live. Don't know if it works because I see news from where I think I have no contacts but it's cool to watch pictures from car shows and read news about...