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  • Firstmonie Firstmonie


    FirstBank Nigeria

    1719 ratings

    Firstmonie is the official mobile banking and mobile money app from First Bank of Nigeria. Firstmonie is the fast, safe and convenient mobile financial service from First Bank. This app lets you send and receive money, buy airtime, make purchases...

  • Las Gidi Tunes Las Gidi Tunes

    Las Gidi Tunes

    Shaf2k Studios

    154 ratings

    The latest and hottest music in Nigeria is now a click away with Las Gidi Tunes Music Player app. Find your favorite artist, album or song with an ever expanding list of the latest and hottest music. Create your perfect playlist and share it on...

  • HealthMobile HealthMobile



    28 ratings

    HealthMobile provides the latest health news, health articles/information, drugs/supplements data, assists you find hospitals, provides food/recipe nutrient information, detailed first aid information and lots more. To have up-to-date health...

  • Ayo Ayo


    Taytronik Inc.

    2125 ratings

    Ayo is a popular strategy board game that originated in West Africa and is engaging and addictive! The objective is to win all the houses (holes) on the board by capturing as many seeds as possible in each round! The guided demo will show you how...

  • Gust Pay Gust Pay

    Gust Pay

    Gust Development

    20 ratings

    Gust Pay is a quick and easy mobile payment experience. Pay with your name, two taps and a swipe. Gust is currently running a pilot in a few places in South Africa.

  • Matatu


    Kola Studios

    3317 ratings

    Matatu is a two player card game that has origins in Uganda. The goal of the game is to play all your cards before your opponent. First to play all their cards wins, but don't rush just yet -- Many pitfalls follow.

  • Ị Na-asu Igbo: Greetings I Ị Na-asu Igbo: Greetings I

    Ị Na-asu Igbo: Greetings I

    Ikenga Development Group

    69 ratings

    Ị NA-ASU IGBO: Basic Greeting offers a simple and effective method of both learning and thinking in Igbo. Basic Greetings provides over 50 commonly used greetings and introductions used in everyday interactions and introductions. Learn Igbo d...

  • Efiko Quiz Efiko Quiz

    Efiko Quiz


    15 ratings

    Efiko is a mobile quiz platform designed to help students identify their strengths and weaknesses through topical self-assessment and motivate learning by promoting healthy peer-to-peer competition. Topical quizzes are sourced from reputable...

  • Whistle


    Shaf2k Studios

    126 ratings

    Another app from Shaft2kStudios the creators of las gidi tunes