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Check out our channel for the best free casual games on Android. Casual? We mean something you can pick up and play and not is necessary to master or pay for in order to enjoy.

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  • Monster Shooter Mania! Monster Shooter Mania!

    Monster Shooter Mania!

    Gravy Baby Media

    656 ratings

    ✙ ✧ ✙ MONSTER SHOOTER MANIA! ✙ ✧ ✙ ✧ "Fun & crazy action gameplay! Insane HD graphics, sounds, and effects!" - Droid Player Arena ✧ "An innovative hardcore shooter mixed with the cuteness of monsters!" - Android Gamer ✧ "Much more grim and fun...

  • Zombie Smasher Zombie Smasher

    Zombie Smasher

    Italy Games

    817739 ratings

    Zombie Smasher is the #1 addicting and entertaining game available on Google Play. Get ready to defend your home as a mob of zombies is about to invade your town! Those undead creatures are back, and it's up to you to keep them brainless. Use your...

  • Paper Toss 2.0 Paper Toss 2.0

    Paper Toss 2.0

    Backflip Studios, Inc.

    240544 ratings

    Paper Toss 2.0: Now With Twice The Time-Killing Fun. ❝ Paper Toss 2.0 is a great new free game for wasting time and procrastinating real work. ❞ ~ Review ❝ Download Paper Toss 2.0 with confidence. It’s a classic time waster gone di...

  • Snowboard Summit: Black Ice Snowboard Summit: Black Ice

    Snowboard Summit: Black Ice

    Gravy Baby Media

    112 ratings

    ☆ ★ SNOWBOARD SUMMIT: BLACK ICE ★ ☆ "A snowboarding game that's as crazy as it is addictive!" - Android Game Pro "Every game is an extreme alpine snowboard run that challenges you to beat your high score. This is the snowboarding game I'm keeping...

  • Hack Ex - Simulator Hack Ex - Simulator

    Hack Ex - Simulator


    72030 ratings

    Become the ultimate hacker under your alias in this hacking game simulation. Hack other players' virtual devices and defend yours to build a reputation in the hacking world. Crack players' virtual bank accounts, upload viruses to generate money,...