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  • Clear Vision 3 -Sniper Shooter Clear Vision 3 -Sniper Shooter

    Clear Vision 3 -Sniper Shooter


    434117 ratings

    #Free to play!# The third installment in AppStore's #1 Sniper adventure! • Tyler lives a good life, a murderous hitman during the day, loving family-man at night. He has become the success he always dreamed about, but someone is on his trail and t...

  • 300: Seize Your Glory

    300: Seize Your Glory

    Warner Bros. International Enterprises

    621776 ratings

    Play 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE - SEIZE YOUR GLORY and help Greek general Themistokles unite all of Greece by stopping the invading forces led by Artemisia, vengeful commander of the Persian navy.   300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE, A new chapter of the epic...

  • Ironpants Ironpants


    UAB Applava

    144108 ratings

    Another version of flappy bird , alot harder

  • Shapes & Sound:TheShapeShooter

    Shapes & Sound:TheShapeShooter

    ARRG Studios

    750 ratings

    Shapes & Sound: The Shape Shooter is a 2D mobile game all about putting your hand-eye coordination, mental reflexes and periphery vision to the ultimate test. It is, at its core, an Ode to "old school-arcade box in old Mr. Joe's shop down the...

  • Real Basketball Real Basketball

    Real Basketball


    1589665 ratings

    Enjoy the ultimate real-life basketball experience with Real Basketball. Real Basketball is an addictive game designed for basketball fans, which it offers single player or multiplayer options, as well as many fun game modes where you can show off...

  • Nakama


    Crescent Moon Games

    6020 ratings

    The arcade game has a couple of game modes: Story and Endless mode.  In Story mode, you could save a nakama and it will help you fight.  If you save more than one nakama, they could help you all at once in Endless mode which gives you a chance of g...

  • Pocket League Story 2 Pocket League Story 2

    Pocket League Story 2

    Kairosoft Co.,Ltd

    47898 ratings

    Pocket League Story 2 a game about managing a soccer/football team. It is a sequel to Pocket League Story. It is also possible to connect and play with friends

  • Pocket Harvest Pocket Harvest

    Pocket Harvest

    Kairosoft Co.,Ltd

    3577 ratings

    Feel like a real farmer: grow up fruits and vegetables, go in for agriculture, sell grown-up crop, buy new equipment - and your farm will prosper! Also you will have an opportunity to build various sights and sports constructions for involvement of...

  • Traffic Rush Winters 3D

    Traffic Rush Winters 3D


    760 ratings

    Feel the chill of this cold winter and festival season with this cutely skinned game. Celebrate your holidays by controlling the traffic on the crossroad. The ultimate goal of the game is very simple “Avoid any accident and clear as much traffic as y...

  • Kick The Ball FREE

    Kick The Ball FREE

    Immanitas Entertainment

    469 ratings

    Be the star in this addictive soccer simulation and compete with players around the globe! As a young boy who dreams about being a professional player you will take your own adventurous and challenging journey through backyards, football grounds or...

  • High School Story

    High School Story


    573469 ratings

    Play HIGH SCHOOL STORY and create the school of your dreams, filled with all your friends. Throw parties, go on dates, and recruit jocks, nerds, cheerleaders, and MANY MORE classmates to unlock their stories! Plan a surprise birthday party, star in...

  • Avicii | Gravity Avicii | Gravity

    Avicii | Gravity

    Hello There AB

    67929 ratings

    Play GRAVITY and experience Avicii’s music in a whole new way. Your performance will dynamically change how his hit songs are played for you, in a capturing ride through endless, artistic environments – also inspired by Avicii’s music. Upgrade your...

  • Retro Runners X2 - Endless Run Retro Runners X2 - Endless Run

    Retro Runners X2 - Endless Run

    Countryside Games

    31018 ratings

    Endless runners really have to stand out these days in the rather crowded space to make an impact. Thankfully, Retro Runners [Free] does just that with a unique visual style and some smooth gameplay to boot. Similar to Temple Run without the twists...

  • Quento Quento



    4623 ratings

    Quento gives you the answer - but can you do the math? To play, just swipe from a number to a + or - and to another number again. You'll earn a star if it adds up to any of the given answers. But there's a catch! You can only use the indicated...

  • Star Chef

    Star Chef


    86822 ratings

    Star Chef – prepare popular dishes, serve your clients as fast as possible and turn a small snack bar into a big restaurant. Features: 3 types of locations Built-in shop for purchase of new types of products Excellent adaptation for all devices

  • SimpleRockets SimpleRockets


    Jundroo, LLC

    7574 ratings

    Design your own rocket ships. Blast off into space. Explore the solar system. See if you have what it takes to be a rocket scientist. CREATE Choose and connect parts together to build rocket ships. You can choose from a variety of rocket engines,...

  • Little Things® Forever

    Little Things® Forever


    34403 ratings

    This is a game for anyone drawn to, excited by, or nostalgic for the kid-like experience of hunting through simple imaginary worlds." - Gamezebo 5/5. "Little Things Forever revisits a classic formula, pairing it with amazing visual design and simple...

  • Hardest Game Ever 2 Hardest Game Ever 2

    Hardest Game Ever 2

    Orangenose Studio

    504260 ratings

    Ranked #1 (Overall) in US, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, ... for HARDEST GAME EVER 1, HARDEST GAME EVER 2 is definitely a game you don't want to miss out! From the developers that brought you the world #1 ranking games "What's My IQ?",...

  • Major Mayhem

    Major Mayhem

    [adult swim] games

    437258 ratings

    Touch Arcade says Major Mayhem's 2.0 update is "ridiculously huge...almost feels like a completely new game!" “One of the best rail shooters on the App Store!” -IGN 8.5/10 "It's funny, fast, violent, and leaves you wanting more." -PocketGamer Sil...

  • Head Soccer

    Head Soccer

    D&D Dream

    1430343 ratings

    Move to the side, hard-to-control soccer ! A soccer game with easy controls that everyone can learn in 1 second. Beat the opponent with fancy lethal shots such as dragon shoot, ice shoot and lightening shoot and win the tournament. You can also...

  • Punch Hero

    Punch Hero

    GAMEVIL Inc.

    533418 ratings

    NEW!! Capsule Shop is now open! Pick and upgrade your own costumes! Check them at the Costume Shop! - Go to Costume Shop > Capsule Shop to select. - At the Capsule Shop, you may select powerful items like Golden Knight Set. The level limit is lower...

  • Call of Mini™ Infinity

    Call of Mini™ Infinity

    Triniti Interactive Ltd.

    630062 ratings

    The earth is on the brink of a large METEORITE IMPACT! The burden is on you to find a new place for people to LIVE. Colonizing a planet is not that easy and DANGERS lie ahead. ► ► ► ► ► 35 years ago, humans discovered an inhabitable star know...

  • Grand Prix Story Grand Prix Story

    Grand Prix Story

    Kairosoft Co.,Ltd

    7045 ratings

    Grand Prix Story is a racing game where your goal is to finish first in all the races. You do this by building a car, installing parts, hiring new staff, upgrading to new workshops, and participating in harder and harder races, all the while...

  • Toast Time Toast Time

    Toast Time

    Force Of Habit

    450 ratings

    There is a multitude of inter-dimensional time blobs who are trying to steal your alarm clock before it can go off. Guess what? Yep, you are the only toasting machinery fit for the job at hand. By launching toast, crumpets, and other breakfast-y...

  • Toilet Time - A Bathroom Game Toilet Time - A Bathroom Game

    Toilet Time - A Bathroom Game

    Tapps Games

    508526 ratings

    Time on the toilet has never been particularly amusing… Until mobile devices! Now that the last territory is no longer a locked door, you can also have a great time during one of the most regular activities all humans share. Prepare yourself for s...

  • Vector



    2648422 ratings

    The best parkour-inspired action game on iOS! Vector lets you break free and run! Don’t get caught! ☞ The Press Loves Vector! ☜ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ “Top-3 upcoming game for iOS devices … It will be fantastic to play this game on Retina Display of new iPad”...

  • TETRIS ® Blitz TETRIS ® Blitz

    TETRIS ® Blitz


    234547 ratings

    Race against the clock in a two-minute blitz to clear lines and rack up as many points as possible before time runs out! With all-new features, stunning visuals, and innovative controls, this twist on the world-famous puzzle game is a must-have on...

  • Streaker Run Streaker Run

    Streaker Run


    20956 ratings

    *Better bring a sweater! The Streaker is here for the Holidays and is showing off his festive spirit! Run fast, or freeze your buns off!* The creators of the hilarious Office Jerk bring you Streaker Run - an exhilarating endless-runner game...

  • Blindscape


    Gavin Brown

    13025 ratings

    *Featured by Apple in Adventure and Role Playing game categories** A game that takes place entirely through sound, Blindscape is a piece of experimental storytelling. The narrative is told from the point of view of a man in an authoritarian society...

  • Fail Hard

    Fail Hard


    482998 ratings

    We bring you extremely fun physics based stunt game on Android! * Experience the evolution of becoming the greatest stuntman in the world. * Make it big in the stunt show business and don't back down even from the most dangerous of stunts and...



    I Fight Bears

    1431 ratings

    Have you ever wanted to punch a bear IN THE MOUTH? When Tim Burr's family disappeared and his house spontaneously burst into flames he thought his day was as about bad as it could get. That's when his hand became self-aware and broke the horrific...

  • Cafeteria Nipponica Cafeteria Nipponica

    Cafeteria Nipponica

    Kairosoft Co.,Ltd

    3288 ratings

    Don your chef's hat and hit the kitchen! You're the chef de cuisine in this scrumptious simulation that'll have you coming back for seconds... and more! Run your own restaurant, find ingredients, research recipes and spice up your culinary...

  • Fiz : Brewery Management Game

    Fiz : Brewery Management Game

    Bit By Bit Studios

    7458 ratings

    If you've ever dreamed of owning a brewery, this is your chance! From humble garage beginnings, grow your brewery into a world-renowned symbol of excellence by crafting the best beer in the land. Research marketplaces and festivals to learn what...

  • Clouds & Sheep Premium

    Clouds & Sheep Premium


    3424 ratings

    Cute, fluffy and longing for your touch. Care for a flock of adorable little sheep. Feed them, play with them, hook up pairs to create offspring and become the best shepherd of all time! Features: - Innovative casual gameplay - Interact with...

  • Grand Park Auto - car parking

    Grand Park Auto - car parking

    SteelKiwi Development

    8236 ratings

    What do I know about car parking? Doesn't it come from Antwerp? Smell that? You smell that?... Burnt rubber, son. Nothing else in the world smells like that. I love the smell of burnt rubber in the morning. You know, once I parked my car, for 12...

  • Daddy Was A Thief Daddy Was A Thief

    Daddy Was A Thief

    Rebel Twins

    366267 ratings

    Bank staff is usually friendly and polite. This time something went wrong! Gain as much money as you can! Hurry! Everyone try to catch you, but you are clever, aren’t you? Find combo speed boosts, shortcuts and grab power-ups to survive.

  • Can Knockdown 2 Can Knockdown 2

    Can Knockdown 2

    Infinite Dreams

    4553 ratings

    Millions of players can't be wrong! The most addicting title of 2010 strikes back with new astonishing levels and even more precise sniper action! Once again your aiming skills will be put to test but this time more challenges await! Can Knockdown 2...

  • Grumpy Bears Grumpy Bears

    Grumpy Bears


    36345 ratings

    Winter is coming! The Grumpy Bears are all dressed up in festive gear! Keep those bears out of the Holiday Honey with the latest update!* ***The Bear Tombs have been opened! Grumpy Mummies, Pharaohs, and Gods have been unleashed upon the world and...

  • Ice Rage: Hockey Free

    Ice Rage: Hockey Free

    HeroCraft Ltd

    117931 ratings

    Check out our new slicing game KingHunt! #1 Sports Game in US and 70 other countries. Over 2 million players! From the developers of Minigore and Bike Baron. Gameplay video: A Tribute to Hat Trick Ice Rage...

  • Color Sheep

    Color Sheep

    Trinket Studios

    4897 ratings

    Hordes of vicious wolves have emerged from the mouth of Wolfcano to steal life and color from the world. Now the Knight of Light, Sir Woolson, must ready his color-changing fleece and magical powers as the last defense against the darkness! Color...

  • Double View - Impossible Game

    Double View - Impossible Game

    Tapps Games

    2399 ratings

    Double View - The Hardest Brain Teaser Game' is not the hardest anything. But it is challenging and fun. You are given 2 mazes side by side. Swipe your man in any direction, keeping an eye on both at the same time to avoid the walls and pick up...

  • Boson X

    Boson X

    Ian MacLarty

    2024 ratings

    Boson X is a fast-paced rotational runner set in a particle accelerator. "a brilliant, twitchy arcade masterpiece that pulsates with originality and heart" - Pocket Gamer, 9/10 "a massively unique take on the endless runner genre" - Gamezebo,...

  • Reaper



    190610 ratings

    Enter the world ripe with magic and monsters! Become the Black Swordsman and slay thousands of enemies in an epic action RPG! FEATURES • Take countless quests and uncover the secrets of Wilderness • Level up your character with skills of you...

  • Ridiculous Fishing Ridiculous Fishing

    Ridiculous Fishing


    13456 ratings

    A handcrafted game about fishing with guns, chainsaws & toasters. Follow Billy as he tries to find redemption from his uncertain past. Chase your destiny on the high seas and embark on a heroic quest for glory and gills. * Hours of gameplay...

  • Flick Kick Football Legends Flick Kick Football Legends

    Flick Kick Football Legends


    194056 ratings

    Kick it old school with the latest game in the Flick Kick series; Tackle, Pass, Shoot and More! Defeat Rivals! Win the League! Become a Legend! Flick Kick Football Legends brings Flick Kick to all new heights with more diverse onfield gameplay,...

  • UFB - Ultra Fighting Bros UFB - Ultra Fighting Bros

    UFB - Ultra Fighting Bros

    Tapps Games

    94116 ratings

    Put your gloves on and step inside the arena because it's time for the big fight of the night! The Ultimate Fighting Bros are ready for a big fighting show! Choose to play the single or multiplayer mode and get ready for some hard-to-beat fun time....

  • Hopeless: The Dark Cave Hopeless: The Dark Cave

    Hopeless: The Dark Cave

    Upopa Games

    265110 ratings

    A bunch of glowing blobs huddle in the dark, scared and armed. Dark shadows creep in and they must react quickly - is it a friend or foe? Tap the screen to shoot the monsters. React quickly but be careful not to shoot your friends. Survive as...

  • Zombie Highway

    Zombie Highway

    Auxbrain Inc

    593872 ratings

    Zombie Highway] will keep you racing down that highway more times than you’re willing to admit." - Appadvice "Zombie Highway a sublime blend of ease, skill, violence" - "..this game oozes fun" - Slide To Play "..running from h...




    3814154 ratings

    Return to the wilderness in the most visually stunning hunting simulator on mobile! Travel from North America’s Pacific Northwest to the Savannah of Central Africa in an epic journey to hunt the world’s most exotic animals! "Great shooting mec...

  • Division Cell Division Cell

    Division Cell

    Hyperspace Yard

    1414 ratings

    "...a thoroughly absorbing brain-tickling..." - CREATIVEBLOQ "It's a well-kept secret that most shapes aren't happy with their current form" - POCKETGAMER In Division Cell, your task is to restore harmony and symmetry to an array of disorganized...

  • Blocky Roads

    Blocky Roads

    DogByte Games

    397153 ratings

    Jump into your car and discover green hills, snowy mountains and desert dunes in this unique blocky adventure! The tornado ripped your farm apart and scattered it around the Globe. Collect the missing parts to restore the farm to its former glory!...

  • An Alien with a Magnet An Alien with a Magnet

    An Alien with a Magnet

    Rejected Games

    12790 ratings

    EASY TO LEARN! The single touch gameplay will get you started instantly! It’s easy to control but hard to master! Don’t let the cute looks of our Alien fool you! A NEW GENRE! The first exciting new genre, known as an action/arcade/puzzle adv...

  • Ski Safari: Adventure Time

    Ski Safari: Adventure Time

    Cartoon Network

    46887 ratings

    Adventure Time meets Ski Safari! Shred the slopes of Ooo with Finn and his friends in this endlessly fun downhill adventure. SKI WITH YOUR BUTT Slide your way through Ice Kingdom, Candy Kingdom, and the Mystery Mountains to outrun a relentless...

  • Turbo FAST

    Turbo FAST


    1169186 ratings

    Our underground racing phenomenon is no longer a secret! Head down to the Garage where Tito will show you the ropes and help you trick-out your own sweet ride! Race, drift, slide and jump your way to the top of the Leaderboards! Features: • 10 U...

  • Deemo


    Rayark International Limited

    462973 ratings

    Rayark brings you Deemo, a hybrid of music rhythm game and the story of urban fantasy, with hand-drawn art, story-telling gallery and real instrumental feedback of piano key sound. Deemo is a mystic character lives in solitude, a castle, all by...




    2291902 ratings

    Download Dead Trigger 2 for FREE and enter a world where humanity is engaged in the ultimate battle for survival in the face of a global Zombie apocalypse. MASSIVE, CONTINUOUSLY UPDATED CONTENT. EVOLVING STORYLINES. Dead Trigger 2 is constantly...




    1403078 ratings

    BADLAND is an award-winning atmospheric sidescrolling action adventure platformer taking place in a gorgeous forest full of various inhabitants, trees and flowers. Although the forest looks like it’s from some beautiful fairytale, there seems to be s...

  • Giant Boulder of Death Giant Boulder of Death

    Giant Boulder of Death

    [adult swim] games

    252225 ratings

    When a boulder holds a grudge, no one survives. Bowl your way down the mountain and destroy everything in your path. Crush villages, cars, yetis, golden cows, crush everything! - CRUSH legions of outrageous mortals, beasts and buildings - SMASH...

  • Angry Birds Go!

    Angry Birds Go!

    Rovio Entertainment Ltd.

    3590018 ratings

    Welcome to downhill racing on Piggy Island! Feel the rush as those freewheeling birds and piggies fly down the track at breakneck speed – with plenty of twists and turns in a thrilling race to the finish line! But beware! Look out for hazardous r...