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This channel contains some lesser known games (with rare exceptions) that are worth checking out. May contain awesomeness and sometimes weirdness. New stuff gets added irregularly

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  • Does not Commute

    Does not Commute


    144866 ratings

    A game by SmashHit and GrannySmith devs. Each level consists of numerous vehicles that you must guide to different targets. After each mini-ride, your path is saved and their ghosts follow this path every single time you control a new vehicle, so...

  • Borderline - Life on the Line Borderline - Life on the Line

    Borderline - Life on the Line


    77118 ratings

    Endless obstacle dodging game with clean minimalistic graphics. Difficulty increases by introducing new objects and making obstacle formation more dense. It's possible to continue level after crash twice by spending lives that can be collected...




    81368 ratings

    Minimalistic looking game with swipe-once controls. Bounce from obstacles, use gravity to reach the goal. Sometimes a furious swipe without much thought will reach the destination, but that's not always the case. GooglePlay support with lazy...

  • Snake Defender

    Snake Defender


    130 ratings

    Snake game with rpg elements, aliens, powerups AND it controls fantastic for touchscreen. Save Solar system's planets, Moon and even our favourite former planet - Pluto from those pesky evil aliens using snake spaceship equipped with mines, rockets...

  • One More Line One More Line

    One More Line

    SMG Studio

    148247 ratings

    Fresh idea that's also well executed in this hard to master and good looking arcade game. There will be frustration, anger and a possible sense of accomplishment if you get at least 40 points. Unfortunately One More Line sometimes seems to mix it's...

  • Illusion Maze Illusion Maze

    Illusion Maze


    92 ratings

    Illusion Maze uses impossible figure ( ) idea for level design and for breaking your brain. It's not as pretty as Monument Valley (haven't actually played it yet), but levels are interesting and game...

  • Twinbots Puzzle Platforming Twinbots Puzzle Platforming

    Twinbots Puzzle Platforming

    M10 Games

    98 ratings

    Guide one or multiple (mostly 2) twinbot/s to their exit where all characters move/jump simultaneously in the same direction. Clever platformer that depending on level can be a puzzle game with platforming elements, vice versa or equally both....

  • Laser Box - Puzzle Laser Box - Puzzle

    Laser Box - Puzzle


    44767 ratings

    Mind-bending fun with lasers. Brilliant levels with interesting mechanics and pleasant visuals make this one stand above other laser games. In-level music also makes this an unique experience because of how atrocious it is. Seriously, how could devs...

  • Mouse Bounce - 2.5D Platformer Mouse Bounce - 2.5D Platformer

    Mouse Bounce - 2.5D Platformer

    Cat Trap Studios

    62 ratings

    Interesting "doodle jump" game in 2.5D where additionally to character control you also toggle between background and foreground platforms. Love the graphical style and the platform control aspect. Google leaderboards

  • Groove Lines Groove Lines

    Groove Lines

    Bee Games

    48 ratings

    A game that's cat-tastic and groovalicious at the same time isn't something common. Groove Lines is a unique take on rhythm and tile matching genre. And it's fantastic at that. You have to keep track on two things at the same time (kinda like in 10...

  • Sigils Of Elohim

    Sigils Of Elohim


    1460 ratings

    A well made tiling puzzle game where tetrominoes must be arranged in different sized rectangles. Wonderful music and convenient controls. This is also a good example for marketing done right, SOE is developed by Croteam (Serious Sam) and it's a...

  • Jet Ball Jet Ball

    Jet Ball


    17142 ratings

    Jet Ball isn't an arkanoid just on steroids, it's also pumped with coffee, sugar, plutonium and every other substance that makes you energetic. This version of arkanoid is balls crazy with it's intense levels and moving bricks, something I haven't...

  • The Spookening

    The Spookening


    49 ratings

    For limited time only: Full version free on HumbleBundle! Spookify town's people in various ways and collect their soul power to resurrect yourself. Use different objects to your advantage, collect gold because money is important even when you're...

  • Coloriz - colorful heaven Coloriz - colorful heaven

    Coloriz - colorful heaven


    270 ratings

    One of those "keep changing tile colours till every tile has the same colour" games. Design is minimalistic, animations smooth and levels consist of pixel art. Touch animation can be disabled in settings

  • Hextris Hextris


    Ram swaroop patra

    85 ratings

    This is actually a clone of game with the same name that was originally made by Logan Engstorm, but this version is slightly better with better optimisation (2mb instead of 18mb), features Google leaderboards and still plays the same. Probably the...

  • Amazing Brick Amazing Brick

    Amazing Brick


    123189 ratings

    One of the best minimalistic games I've seen from the guys that know a lot about simple one tap games ("Make them fall" and "Don't touch the spikes"). Gameplay is dead simple and controls precise. All you need is correct timing and precision. Don't...

  • The Silent Age

    The Silent Age

    House on Fire

    88721 ratings

    Amazing story driven point 'n' click game. Atmosphere is unbelievably satisfying. It also has pretty funny inner monologue when clicking on various objects. End of the game doesn't give you all answers, but second part should be around corner any...

  • Bop That!

    Bop That!

    Magster Prods

    240 ratings

    Reaction game with multiple game modes. Base game consists of performing the correct task by doing one of three things - twisting the screw, pulling a bag or bopping a gong. It starts really slow, but as you progress it can become quite challenging....

  • Ball Patrol 3D

    Ball Patrol 3D

    Eat Play Love

    240 ratings

    Pretty awesome tilt game were the main task is to defuse bombs through multiple levels. Collect coins along the way to upgrade powerups. Ball patrol has great physics and some cleverly designed levels. Some minor bugs but nothing game breaking....

  • Size DOES Matter

    Size DOES Matter

    Channel 4 Television Corporation

    725 ratings

    Rhythm game with original gameplay and probably the most unrhythmic game title in this genre. Songs are mostly chiptunishly electronic made by great independent artists and levels built around them feel perfect for each track - when traveling...

  • Tower Boxing Tower Boxing

    Tower Boxing

    FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG

    111503 ratings

    Love the concept - punching giant buildings. Very simple game with little to no tactics, but it is oddly satisfying when floor goes down with each punch. Multiple popculture inspired characters to choose from with different attacks, unfortunately...

  • Super Pixelander Super Pixelander

    Super Pixelander

    Doragon Entertainment

    949 ratings

    Kinda similar to "1001 attempts" because of trap spawning from edge of screen mechanic. Super Pixelander uses accelerometer instead of onscreen buttons for movement so there isn't as much control as one could want, but it's definitely not terrible,...

  • Two Fingers One Brain

    Two Fingers One Brain


    17724 ratings

    Playing one game at time is sooo yesterday. 2F1B agrees and gives the ultimate challenge - two different tasks in split screen. Those puzzles/mini games may seem simple, but when you have to take care of two at the same time, it doesn't seem to be...

  • Rules! Tap the numbers Rules! Tap the numbers

    Rules! Tap the numbers


    26 ratings

    Awesome game that's main mechanic is tapping on numbers based on rules. You start with only one rule and after each completed round you are introduced with a new one. Last rule becomes the primary one and the oldest has the lowest priority. Each...

  • Lub Dub - Platformer

    Lub Dub - Platformer


    97 ratings

    Yet another princess is kidnapped and you must risk your life to save her. And of course alone even though you're a prince with probably unlimited supply of henchmen that could help. There are times when controls don't want to cooperate as expected...

  • Make Them Fall Make Them Fall

    Make Them Fall


    90251 ratings

    Really awesome minimalistic game with google leaderboards that pushes the boundaries of multitasking, multiprocessing, reaction and precision from your brain. This game may be nothing for spiders or octopuses, but for us - challenge is guaranteed.

  • Savant - Ascent

    Savant - Ascent

    D-Pad Studio

    1289 ratings

    Definitely don't recommend this for everyone, mainly because of screen pan while aiming (at first I couldn't stand it) and WTH is happening on screen feeling. After getting hang on it, Savant - Ascent brings enjoyable but unfortunately short...

  • The Room

    The Room

    Fireproof Games

    207002 ratings

    A bit late but this deserves to be here. Beautiful room escape type game with that genre's characteristic mechanics where you actually don't escape from imprisonment, you rather try to unravel the mysteries of ingeniously crafted storage boxes....

  • Duet Duet



    414371 ratings

    Amazingly simple and ingenious concept makes this, I don't know... Probably THE BEST MOBILE GAME EVER!!! No seriously Duet is pretty much perfect. Great aesthetics and superb level design. If you loose then this time it's 100% your fault, because...

  • Salt & Pepper 1: Free Salt & Pepper 1: Free

    Salt & Pepper 1: Free

    Appdore, LLC

    362 ratings

    It seems this game that I haven't ever heard of is/was quite popular on iOS. Now ported on Android so we could also enjoy separating two table spices between two bowls

  • NinjaCat


    Pineapple Game Studios

    152 ratings

    Probably my best find on Playboard (SGDjames) and definitely my favourite one-click game I've tried. Simple yet challenging, great pixelart and smooth overall design. Ninjas are awesome, cats are cute, what else do you need to know? BTW you can...

  • A Year of Riddles A Year of Riddles

    A Year of Riddles


    5766 ratings

    Amazing riddle collection with 365 enigmas - one for every day. Or all in one night if you're Riddler. I personally aren't that good at them, but nevertheless love 'em. And you should too, who knows when Batman will need a new sidekick?

  • Threes! Threes!


    Sirvo llc

    30915 ratings

    Nothing new, almost everyone knows Threes! I just wanted to support developers of the original hit. Try this and you will dump 2048 after a minute - better gameplay, design, music/sound effects and even rules thus giving a more challenging and...

  • Castle Doombad Free-to-Slay

    Castle Doombad Free-to-Slay

    [adult swim] games

    57463 ratings

    Evil professor Evil has kidnapped princess and is harvesting her screams for castle energy. Brave knights are here to rescue and your job is to kill them. Because you're the minion of almighty professor and evil forces must triumph at last. Pretty...

  • Random Heroes

    Random Heroes

    Noodlecake Studios Inc

    85139 ratings

    It's not the best platformer, but it's enjoyable enough. Gameplay is pretty straightforward - kill evil and dumb enemies and collect coins they drop. Those credits can be exchanged for more powerful guns and popculture inspired costumes (that aren't...

  • Yarrrr! (Pirates vs Zombies)

    Yarrrr! (Pirates vs Zombies)

    Volcano Mobile

    1112 ratings

    Pirate game without ships, but with zombies, how cool is that? Visually appealing art style with huge potential if additional game modes and maybe some powerups are added, because now it's pretty much button mashing. Hope to see further updates.

  • Bobbing: Get Addicted Edition

    Bobbing: Get Addicted Edition

    LittleBobby Games

    1543 ratings

    Think you have quick reflexes and have no problem making critical decisions? Bobbing is one of the best lie detectors for finding out if you tell the truth. Ingenious game that deserves much bigger recognition. Controls consist of two buttons - for...

  • League of Evil Free

    League of Evil Free

    Noodlecake Studios Inc

    26089 ratings

    Hated science in school? Now is you're chance to kick some scientists in half. No really, every level you end with a foot inside brain. Not the best in it's genre because of boring level design

  • Hyperactive Ninja Hyperactive Ninja

    Hyperactive Ninja

    David León

    1041 ratings

    Coffee and ninjas? Sure, why not? Discover the secret of sacred ninja caffeine and stop yet another diabolic plan of conquering the world.

  • Dumbzie


    Grosu Alex

    35 ratings

    This would be a great and challenging "die and retry" platformer, if some tweaks would be made. First of all - more precise control of character would fix a lot of cheap death situations. Controls aren't awful by any means, but something doesn't...

  • Don't Run With a Plasma Sword

    Don't Run With a Plasma Sword

    XperimentalZ Games Inc.

    126 ratings

    Aliens are attacking! Take you're lightsa... um, I mean plasma sword and save the day while cutting through creatures who are probably smarter than us. Jump and slide to avoid bottomless pits and collisions. It takes some time to master when to jump...

  • Commander Pixman

    Commander Pixman

    Noodlecake Studios Inc

    6143 ratings

    Great platformer that gets really interesting after 40 something levels. Before then it's way too easy. Well easy if you don't do speedruns for perfect score. There's also an option to earn a badge and additional points if you manage to shoot every...

  • Indiana Stone Indiana Stone

    Indiana Stone

    TwinSky Games

    90 ratings

    Adventurer Clark Templeman has found the legendary golden idol, but when he accidentally triggers a trap switch, all hell brakes loose. Will he get away? You're job is to... stop him. Because you're a... boulder? Rock solid endless runner with...

  • Brave Bit Brave Bit

    Brave Bit


    31 ratings

    Brave Bit is definitely inspired by one of my favourites - Super Meat Boy yet I don't know what to think about this. In one way this is a great game with levels designed by Satan himself, but the main issue is movement mechanics - thing as important...

  • AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!!


    Dejobaan Games, LLC

    2051 ratings

    First of all it's 67% off (today's April 30th). Second of all huge was my surprise that! was ported to Android. Almost like with Walking Dead. If you haven't heard of the most awesome fall simulator that would look great on Oculus then... I...

  • Arranger


    Distropolis Games

    33 ratings

    This weird and awesome game was definitely made by sleep depraved programmer/designer who started seeing hallucinations. Filled with unique mini games and interesting characters (some of the characters are literary characters) this is something you...

  • 1001 Attempts

    1001 Attempts

    Everplay Interactive

    4682 ratings

    Fast paced action with various unfriendly traps where you use gravity change to collect gems and dodge rockets, energy balls, spike traps, ghostly looking balls, mines and what else. After score increases also difficulty does.

  • Don't Look Back

    Don't Look Back

    Terry Cavanagh

    13004 ratings

    This summer. From the creator of Super Hexagon comes critically acclaimed game that will test your perception of life. === This awesome hard to beat (for the first time, second playthrough felt like nothing) platformer is one of my favourite...

  • NadirVR NadirVR



    26 ratings

    Tired of simple board games or games involving birds? Try this photorealistic simulator which will make your head spin. Simple controls and straight forward gameplay is what you get with this awesome office simulator.

  • McPixel



    2069 ratings

    Funny story (not really): I didn't even know I have bought this on Android. I knew I had it on Steam but had no idea it's also on mobile platform. Today I downloaded HumbleBundle app and found out McPixel is downloadable. I always wanted to check it...

  • Shadow Blade Shadow Blade

    Shadow Blade

    Crescent Moon Games

    2123 ratings

    Well made platformer with responsive touch controls, great art style and music. SB is basicaly ninja themed speed platform game with collectable stars for highscore and two secret thingies that are usually located a little bit off main track, and...

  • 2Vars 2Vars


    Invariant Labs

    275 ratings

    Recommendend for every math game enthusiast. Gameplay is ridiculously simple and straightforward: choose the missing numbers in equation. But it is quite different from what I've seen in similar games. Just try and you will find out. Google...

  • QuizUp QuizUp


    Plain Vanilla Games Corp

    644898 ratings

    If by some mystic forces you haven't heard of this awesome pVSp trivia game, you do now. Just don't download this, if flappy bird ruined your life, this is much more addictive. But in contrast of FP, QuizUp is pretty educational. There are over 400...

  • Boson X

    Boson X

    Ian MacLarty

    2025 ratings

    I'm usually not a big fan of 3d runners but Boson X changed my thoughts. Brilliantly made throughout - concept (you're a scientist running inside particle accelerator in hopes of finding new elements), gameplay, levels (randomly generated), even...

  • Cubot


    Nicoplv Games

    4394 ratings

    Similar to that cube game called “Cube” Cubot also contains cubes. Kinda harder to navigate through level design though, camera could be some degrees more up. Every level of course gets harder and additional stuff is added (multiple cubes, dif...

  • Think Think


    June Software Inc

    277652 ratings

    Beautiful guess the picture game. Quite unique take on images and guessing process. 30 different categories. UI is simple and not cluttered

  • Ending


    Aaron Steed

    649 ratings

    Clever puzzle game which has that retro feeling where tutorials are nonexistent. And also text isn't here. It's actually pretty hard to get hang on this if modern "explain to me like I'm idiot" games have spoiled you. Level editor included

  • Puzzle Restorer Puzzle Restorer

    Puzzle Restorer

    Gavina Games

    944 ratings

    Well made puzzle game where you have to restore pixel art. There are also widely known paintings like Mona Lisa. Unique idea and excellent execution

  • Strata Free Strata Free

    Strata Free


    32583 ratings

    Most stunning visuals of any android puzzle game. This one is really unique - atmosphere and gameplay is trully remarkable. Free version contains ads and half of all levels

  • Deadly Dungeons Deadly Dungeons

    Deadly Dungeons


    3086 ratings

    Reminds me of some other turn based 3D RPGs on my good ol' Nokia (Doom RPG and some other which name I forgot). Don't know what I would think about them know but in that time they were the breasts (can I use "tits" on this site?). Anyway controls in...

  • Hiversaires Hiversaires


    Devine Lu Linvega

    2288 ratings

    Why do aliens always speak english? And other way around - humans immediately figure out extraterrestrials? There's a possibility of some kind of translation device, but mostly movies portray this cliché just silly (independence day hacking scene)....

  • Desert Bus

    Desert Bus

    Amateur Pixels

    421 ratings

    This satirical game was first created back in 1995 when game violence was the worst thing imaginable for parents. It's stated that all earnings go to Child's Play charity. ->'s_Smoke_and_Mirrors#Desert_Bus

  • Compulsive Compulsive



    69920 ratings

    Great for those who have short attention span

  • Riddler-300+ Brain Teasers Riddler-300+ Brain Teasers

    Riddler-300+ Brain Teasers


    835 ratings

    Yet another great collection of various riddles. 3 categories: logical, funny (Warning: many lame jokes ahead. Some are awesome though. The one with nose for example) and mathematical.

  • Brain Teasers Brain Teasers

    Brain Teasers

    Martin Kratky

    1967 ratings

    Nice collection with various brain teasers that are sorted in 3 general categories: logical, mathematical and images. Each category consists of subcategories (13 in total). There's also bonus collection of 20 interesting paradoxes. At the end this...

  • 100 Codes 100 Codes

    100 Codes


    7089 ratings

    I believe it's almost completely impossible to beat those puzzles without guide. Giving birth is easier. If you manage to complete all levels without cheating, I salute you. All levels are unique (don't take my word for granted, I haven't got past...

  • Pixel Pop - Icons, Logos Quiz Pixel Pop - Icons, Logos Quiz

    Pixel Pop - Icons, Logos Quiz

    Tapps Games

    6219 ratings

    This isn't your regular logo quiz. You don't see artwork at beginning, you have to unlock it by playing puzzle game where the goal is to fill board with various color paths. 5 different categories (Movies, TV, music, logos, games), 150 icons in...

  • Knights of Pen & Paper +1

    Knights of Pen & Paper +1

    Paradox Interactive

    21485 ratings

    Unique story, fun missions and great game mechanics are what makes this turn based RPG an awesome experience. Forget clumsy controls and in-app purchases, solid and pure RPG with tons of references and funny lines are what describes this fun game....

  • bit Dungeon

    bit Dungeon

    Kinto Games

    3529 ratings

    Great roguelike game where you have to find your lost wife (at least that's what's written in description, wouldn't know that otherwise - game menu consists of only "New Game" option). Tons of monsters, bosses that usually feel easier to beat than...

  • Pixel Defenders Puzzle Pixel Defenders Puzzle

    Pixel Defenders Puzzle

    Gary Whittle

    1900 ratings

    Quite interesting game that mixes 3-match puzzle with tactical rpg elements. There's actual strategy and thinking going on in later levels. Different classes (depends on stage, can't pick your own), 36 levels in total, 2 additional game modes...

  • 10000000 10000000


    EightyEight Games

    16150 ratings

    If you think match games are too simple they lack depth and features, 10000000 (title represents points you need to collect to win) is the right choice. RPG elements, items, every tile has it's own purpose (attack and defend, wood and stone to...

  • MiniSquadron! LITE MiniSquadron! LITE

    MiniSquadron! LITE

    Gray Fin Studios

    3813 ratings

    What I don't get, is why minisquadron doesn't have +1M downloads. Loads of fun, multiplayer, zeemote support, cool voice sound effects, classical music and PLANES a lot of PLANES. Free version has just planes though no PLANES

  • Blindscape


    Gavin Brown

    12142 ratings

    HD quality game with amazing black details. More like an interactive story than game which may lead to something truly wonderful in future. One of those "it's an art not game" games. Description of features on GPlay is noteworthy



    State of Play Games

    42894 ratings

    Puzzle game that really makes you think. Style in this title is outstanding, one of the best made. Free version has only 9 levels, but that's not a problem - full version is only 1 Washington away

  • Tesla's Electric Mist - 1

    Tesla's Electric Mist - 1


    9206 ratings

    Looks like a decent point and click game. Unfortunately there are noticable lags on my phone - poor optimization probably, so I couldn't get into it much.

  • Delver


    Priority Interrupt

    5400 ratings

    Indie dungeon crawler, which is a PC port so not the touchscreenfriendiest controls but it's still playable. For me inventory management can be a trouble. Nevertheless it's a fine 3D pixel experience on droid

  • Quell



    16228 ratings

    If you haven't played this masterpiece you haven't seen one of the best puzzle games. First time I saw it, I was blown away by art style and fantastic soundtrack by Steven Cravis.

  • Quell Reflect+

    Quell Reflect+


    14235 ratings

    Second in series from Fallen Tree games. Similar in terms of gameplay with some added elements

  • Quell Memento+

    Quell Memento+


    3071 ratings

    And THE third one in THE amazing Quell series. Just like Reflect also Memento doesn't wander of from original version formula, just adds new things. A lot.

  • Ridiculous Fishing Ridiculous Fishing

    Ridiculous Fishing


    13409 ratings

    iOS and Android's OFFICIAL (not that Ninja thingy) adaptation of Vlambeer's "Radical Fishing". Be a true redneck and shoot those puny fishes away

  • Pixel Dungeon Pixel Dungeon

    Pixel Dungeon


    189798 ratings

    Pixelicious dungeon crawler rogue which definitely deserves your time

  • ScummVM ScummVM



    10423 ratings

    Not a game itself, but emulator which allows to run many point and click games (Sam n Max, Monkey Island and other LucasArts and other company creations) Full game list ->

  • Super Bit Dash

    Super Bit Dash

    Tio Atum

    22107 ratings

    Challenging side runner with easy to use swipe gestures. Randomly generated map every time. Haven't been updated for a while though

  • Godville Godville


    Godville Games Limited

    38212 ratings

    ZPG (zero player game - no need to do anything). Be a god for hero created by you. Leave him, help him it's up to you.