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Ill review any type of game I can download to help you all better now the game world.

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  • 4shared 4shared


    New IT Solutions

    4586429 ratings

    To the people who dont like to pay heres a great app. 4shared lets you download certian payed games. It may take time to find them but its worth it.

  • Castle Clash: Rise of Beasts

    Castle Clash: Rise of Beasts


    4182754 ratings

    Castle Clash is almost like clash of clans. Its maybe may take a few hours to get coins and etc. it may freeze depending on how slow or fast your phone is. This game is good

  • PocketInvEditor PocketInvEditor



    510942 ratings

    PocketInvEditor is a great app for minecraft. I like to use this app a lot because you can change your survival mode to creative mode and creative to survival. You can also edit your pockets which is really usefull. If you think minecraft is hard...

  • Minecraft: Pocket Edition

    Minecraft: Pocket Edition


    1734173 ratings

    Minecraft is a survival game where you end up in your own world were you build,mine,and explore!play hours of fun building by yourself or a friend online. I recomend this game to the people who like to build & play with friends. It takes some time...