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Some of us like pixels. New games in old clothes. These titles do scream "Retro"!

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  • Dash Quest Dash Quest

    Dash Quest

    Tiny Titan Studios

    45777 ratings

    Awesome soundtrack, sadly the gameplay isn't great. Overall pretty much okay.

  • UsagiMan



    1252 ratings

    Intuitive stylish side-scrolling action game to go to the location where you tap comes up!

  • Hero Strike Hero Strike

    Hero Strike


    13716 ratings

    Whatever this wants to be, it's very Asian-ish or tries to be. Boring gameplay though

  • Crevice Hero

    Crevice Hero

    I am a Game

    14546 ratings

    Footballer and Robot are added. There is no mercy when it comes to falling rocks! Dodge them and find a crevice to ensure your safety! While adventuring in a mysterious cave, our hero encountered the Cursed Terrain, where rocks and walls slam up...

  • Terraria


    505 Games Srl

    538335 ratings

    This is the TRIAL version of Terraria for tablet and phone.  DIG! FIGHT! EXPLORE! BUILD! Join the community of millions of Terrarians! “Terraria so damn engrossing. And it makes those comparisons to Minecraft seem a little half baked.” - Pocket Game...

  • Shooting Stars! Shooting Stars!

    Shooting Stars!

    Noodlecake Studios Inc

    1314 ratings

    Spooky Lazer Kitties all on board. We heard your feedback to help make Shooting Stars bigger, better, faster, tastier and...scarier?! In this Halloween update for example, you can now upgrade your laz0r bullets by eating a delicious burger. And...

  • KatataK


    Pixel Spill

    1888 ratings

    Spearhead the resistance and fight your way across a war-torn London in story mode; Team up with awesome mercenaries to save the world! Battle an endless horde of interstellar kitties in survival mode to unlock new weapons and playable characters....

  • Pixel Fodder

    Pixel Fodder


    371 ratings

    WARNING: this game in development! Pixel Fodder is a old school platformer with a fully destructible world, a large choise of characters, incredible dynamics and gigaliters of 8-bit meat. Use all power of the pixels to defeat the bad guys and...

  • Tower Boxing Tower Boxing

    Tower Boxing

    FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG

    111543 ratings

    OMG - This is out of control! 10 dudes with insanely hard punches decided to knock down a skyscraper. WAIT! You're not going to help them, are you? :O - Choose your favorite character - Tap left or right to tear down the tower walls - Dodge...

  • Random Heroes 2

    Random Heroes 2

    Noodlecake Studios Inc

    2925 ratings

    Sequel to the amazing Random Heroes; now with more guns, explosions and crazy characters! From the creators of the award winning platform game League of Evil comes Ravenous Games' newest game Random Heroes 2! SUMMARY A group of unlikely heroes...

  • Disco Zoo Disco Zoo

    Disco Zoo

    NimbleBit LLC

    174987 ratings

    From the creators of Tiny Tower comes Disco Zoo! Tiny Animals. Big Fun. Travel to regions around the world and collect everything from pigs to dinosaurs for your Disco Zoo. Discover hidden animals through casual puzzle play. Manage and expand your...

  • Final Freeway 2R (Ad Edition)

    Final Freeway 2R (Ad Edition)

    OYK Games

    2310 ratings

    Speed through several exciting stages. Pick a character and choose your path as you drive! The impressive sense of speed, catchy tunes and a super-retro look, will kick you back to the 80s! Beat the clock to the next checkpoint and don't let the...

  • Kosmik Revenge

    Kosmik Revenge

    Realtech VR

    130 ratings

    Defend the galaxy with Kosmik Revenge, the fast paced space shooter, inspired from classic shoot'em up and updated with challenges, social features and advanced graphics now on your fingertips From the press reviews from and...

  • Space Invaders Infinity Gene Space Invaders Infinity Gene

    Space Invaders Infinity Gene

    TAITO Corporation

    601 ratings

    Space Invaders Infinity Gene Named Best Arcade Game at the 2011 Best App Ever Awards! ---------------------------------- The internationally award-winning evolving shooting game, now available for Android! The more you play, the more the game...

  • Jack N' Jill

    Jack N' Jill

    Rohan Narang

    18788 ratings

    Jack N' Jill is a cute and charming retro one button platformer. Control Jack while he runs and jumps to get past obstacles and enemies, and help him find his way to Jill. With a total of 140 levels spanning across 7 different worlds, Jack N' Jill...

  • Radiant HD

    Radiant HD


    5264 ratings

    Cut through hundreds of creeps to face giant monsters in unique bossfights. Collect special weapons and power-ups, upgrade your ship and save your homeworld! Take your stand against the alien horde in a pure arcade space shooter. Relive the...

  • The Sandbox: Craft Play Share

    The Sandbox: Craft Play Share


    319752 ratings

    Play God & Create Worlds with Life or Destroy everything within a tap of your finger! Awards Received: BEST OF WORLD-BUILDING GAMES, BEST OF GAMES: HIDDENS GEMS and TOP GAMES – IF YOU LIKE MINECRAFT -- MAJOR UPDATE 1.99981 -- + 3 new Campaigns: B...

  • Pixel Defenders Puzzle Pixel Defenders Puzzle

    Pixel Defenders Puzzle

    Gary Whittle

    1900 ratings

    [ Demo Available! ] A unique game of strategic matching and RPG battling! Place, match and thwack your way through dozens of gorgeous retro-style levels, a variety of game-modes and special hand-crafted scenarios. * The ONLY In-App-Purchases in...



    SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd.

    8145 ratings

    In addition to enhanced graphics and sound, this smartphone version also marks the title's overseas debut. Drawing upon the roots of the series with such features as beautiful 2-D pixel art, a battle system involving job change-based character...

  • Static Quest: The Delivery

    Static Quest: The Delivery

    Cookiebit S.L.

    36230 ratings

    Static Quest: The Delivery is a retro-inspired survival based Android game. HIGHLIGHTS Defend yourself from epic monsters and delivers the package. Use great weapons and magic spells. FEATURES ▪ 36 enemies. ▪ 24 weapons and spells. ▪ Playe...

  • A Ride into the Mountains

    A Ride into the Mountains

    Sunhead Games

    767 ratings

    Evil force invaded the relic in the mountain. Darkness began to spread. A brave young man, equipped with his family’s unique mounted archery skills, rides into the mountains to battle against the mysterious demons. ◆ "It’s downright elegant in its p...

  • Punch Quest

    Punch Quest

    Noodlecake Studios Inc

    138263 ratings

    Punch Quest is an arcade-style fighting game, entirely controlled by taps with your left and right thumbs. Jab, uppercut, slam, and otherwise pummel your way through dungeons full of monsters, branching path choices, rare events, and fragile...

  • Random Heroes

    Random Heroes

    Noodlecake Studios Inc

    85194 ratings

    From the creators of the award winning platform game League of Evil comes Ravenous Games' new action platformer Random Heroes!! Brought to Android by Noodlecake Games! SUMMARY A group of unlikely heroes are set out to save the world. Monsters from...

  • Ready Steady Bang Ready Steady Bang

    Ready Steady Bang

    Noodlecake Studios Inc

    121082 ratings

    Ready Steady Bang is A beautifully addictive quick-fire dueling game. Play face-to-face with a friend on a single screen in 2 player mode or pit your trigger finger against 10 of the fastest outlaws in town. Progress through the game to unlock 31...

  • Stardash Free

    Stardash Free


    7334 ratings

    Support, tip and tricks: Subscribe to our newsletter for new and exclusive content: ------------------- Oldschool arcade fun - From the developer of Meganoid and Super Drill...

  • Heroes of Loot

    Heroes of Loot


    2173 ratings

    Support, tip and tricks: Subscribe to our newsletter for new and exclusive content: ------------------- A dungeon full of skulls, imps, cyclops, minotaurs, flameheads, spikes,...

  • Neoteria FREE

    Neoteria FREE


    1582 ratings

    Support, tip and tricks: Subscribe to our newsletter for new and exclusive content: ------------------- ** We will add new content when we reach 20.000 downloads across all...

  • Gunslugs Free

    Gunslugs Free


    9548 ratings

    Support, tip and tricks: Subscribe to our newsletter for new and exclusive content: ------------------- Gunslugs is the most chaotic, fun, arcade action game you'll find on any...

  • Star Command

    Star Command

    Star Command, LLC

    18811 ratings

    Build and command your own starship! 4.5/5 - TouchArcade “Should you dive in immediately? Absolutely.” 4/5 - Androidspin “A great mobile space romp which adopts a great theme, great gameplay and will keep you busy for quite a few hours...” Star C...

  • Jetpack Joyride

    Jetpack Joyride

    Halfbrick Studios

    3962533 ratings

    Bullet-powered jetpacks! Giant mechanical dragons! Birds that poop money! Suit up with a selection of the coolest jetpacks ever made and test your skills as legendary action hero Barry Steakfries. Over 500 million players can’t be wrong. Download F...

  • Combat Cats Combat Cats

    Combat Cats

    New Horizon Games

    159 ratings

    The catnip has been stolen, can you bring peace and harmony back to Kitty Island? --- Puzzle, gem matching, RPG, adventure for all ages! Match bricks/gems to set off devastating combos while fighting off enemies, as you collect coins and catnip to...

  • Dead Ahead

    Dead Ahead


    93986 ratings

    From the creators of Parking Mania comes a game with a little more bite The Dead are coming for you, it’s time to find a ride and drive for your life. With the relentless zombie hordes hot on your heels and hungry for flesh, can you fend them off w...