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You have with you a gadget that can tap into the collective knowledge of humanity from just about anywhere. But that's only half the value! Follow along as we search for the apps that will augment your Android device into a true Universal Tool.

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  • Xposed Torch: Physical Buttons Xposed Torch: Physical Buttons

    Xposed Torch: Physical Buttons


    2285 ratings

    Excellent addition to the Xposed Framework. With this module you can activate your phones LED torch light even with the screen off via the volume buttons or home key. Allows you to set the delay before activation, vibration on/off, as well as...

  • MAPS.ME – Map & GPS Navigation MAPS.ME – Map & GPS Navigation

    MAPS.ME – Map & GPS Navigation B.V.

    708330 ratings

    Now supporting offline navigation, this up and coming map app has a number of perks to it. For one it's very lightweight and smooth with llittle lag. It allows you to search for Points Of Interest and addresses offline and bookmark your own...

  • RadarScope RadarScope


    Base Velocity LLC

    3414 ratings

    For weather enthusiasts and meteorologists alike, meet the crème de la crème of weather/radar apps. Displays fully detailed NEXRAD Level 3 radar maps for storm tracking and climate patterns, with thousands of listed cities and detailed information w...

  • Maps & Navigation — OsmAnd+ Maps & Navigation — OsmAnd+

    Maps & Navigation — OsmAnd+


    13242 ratings

    Easily the most in-depth offline navigation service. It uses open street maps with plugins for parking, GPS measure, and transportation routes and stops. The app also allows you to overlay and underlay other maps of your choosing with the ability to...

  • Thermometer Plus Thermometer Plus

    Thermometer Plus


    835 ratings

    A solid alternative to weather station, this app has a much more colorful and interesting user interface. You can customize the dial is well as the widgets and myriad of ways, well still getting the same information on pressure, temperature, and...

  • Navmii GPS USA (Navfree) Navmii GPS USA (Navfree)

    Navmii GPS USA (Navfree)


    5583 ratings

    Top of the line offline navigation service. Using the same open street maps as OSMAnd but with a much simpler UI. It supports offline address search, Point Of Interest marks, favorite places, and turn by turn navigation. Also allows you to add live...

  • GPS Status & Toolbox GPS Status & Toolbox

    GPS Status & Toolbox

    MobiWIA - EclipSim

    142178 ratings

    The best compilation for all your GPS tools and needs. This app offers a radar overlay with a compass that shows satellites used for fix, signal strength, time, and hardware information like magnetic field and light readings. The app can be set to...

  • Notebooks Pro Notebooks Pro

    Notebooks Pro

    DroidVeda LLP

    794 ratings

    A solid, more fully featured note taking app. You can create multiple notebooks with custom covers, titles, pages, and page styles, and even add a password. Add your own free hand drawings, attach pictures, and stylize fonts. Supports export as PDF...

  • Millimeter Pro ruler on screen

    Millimeter Pro ruler on screen


    54 ratings

    From the developer behind Planimeter comes a more small scale form of measurement. Calibrate your device accordingly and you're good to go with features like 2D vertical/horizontal rulers, distinguished angles ,and circular measurements. You can...

  • Weather Underground Weather Underground

    Weather Underground

    Weather Underground

    258087 ratings

    Keep on top of local weather and emergency reports and access like never before. You can get hourly forecasts of conditions, a 10 day forecast, and a map displaying local weather stations, with access to Radar, satellite overview, and even webcam...

  • globio Alarm System globio Alarm System

    globio Alarm System


    1788 ratings

    A simple concept with a surprising number of applications. You can have an alarm triggered by 6 different sensors, and receive e-mail, txts, or even calls when they're tripped. Comes with PIN lock, sensor sensitivity adjustment, and arming delay.

  • AR GPS Compass Map 3D AR GPS Compass Map 3D

    AR GPS Compass Map 3D

    Alexander Kettler

    2441 ratings

    AR-themed navigation app. On one side of the screen, you have a lovely 3D compass with relevant points for navigating a trio-dimensional plane, overlayed on your camera view finder. On the other side you have Google Map integration for broad...

  • Mobile Print - PrinterShare Mobile Print - PrinterShare

    Mobile Print - PrinterShare

    Mobile Dynamix

    80480 ratings

    If you have an Android device that is lacking in stock printer functionality, consider this. You can print out just about anything; documents, photos, files, and other content from your device/SD card. You can also print and save copies to Google...

  • PicsPlay Pro PicsPlay Pro

    PicsPlay Pro

    JellyBus Inc.

    3901 ratings

    A powerhouse in photo editors and effects, PicsPlay comes with 200 filters and multiple editing options. Crop/straighten photos, compare them to originals, and adjust individual contrast/brightness/saturation settings. You also get over 30 border...

  • Star Chart Star Chart

    Star Chart

    Escapist Games Limited

    117842 ratings

    One of the top apps for stargazers and amateur astronomers alike. Use voice, gesture, and/or orientation control to navigate the night sky for constellations, planets, moons, Suns, and other celestial objects. Use the timeshift feature to either...

  • Handy Scanner Pro: PDF Creator

    Handy Scanner Pro: PDF Creator


    1443 ratings

    An alternative to Camscanner with many if not all the same functionality. You can take high quality snapshots of your documents and get automatic edge detection. You can upload to Dropbox, Google Documents, Gmail, and other cloud/mail services. The...

  • TextGrabber + Translator TextGrabber + Translator

    TextGrabber + Translator


    2613 ratings

    More and more flagship devices are carrying similar stock options to this, but ABBYY is definitely one of the frontrunners on text translation/scribing. You can recognize text in over 60 languages (with no internet access), and translate in over 40...

  • Tasker Tasker


    Crafty Apps EU

    40506 ratings

    Automate any task with this invaluable service. Set up a profile and link it to an action to produce multiple outcomes. From turning on wifi when you're home, to automatically sending a message at a certain time. Your imagination is your limitation!

  • Unified Remote Unified Remote

    Unified Remote

    Unified Intents

    86653 ratings

    Invaluable tool for controlling your computer, mouse, and keyboard with wifi and bluetooth. Supports multi-touch, NFC, and IR on devices, with full encryption and stable output.

  • Crackle - Free TV & Movies Crackle - Free TV & Movies

    Crackle - Free TV & Movies


    376217 ratings

    Excellent app for getting free movies and TV shows from a sizable collection across multiple genres. Options are available to stream over wifi, 3g, and 4g.

  • Shopping List - Buy Me a Pie! Shopping List - Buy Me a Pie!

    Shopping List - Buy Me a Pie!

    OOO "Kupi baton"

    11759 ratings

    Not just an ordinary grocery app. Buy me a pie allows you to enter keywords and not only find relevant recipes, but also set up entire plans and occasions. For instance, search "BBQ" and you can bvring up a list of relevant items to get for a...

  • CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator

    CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator

    INTSIG Information Co.,Ltd

    932776 ratings

    Use your phone to scan in documents and create PDFs with this handy tool. With auto-cropping, image enhancement, document editing, and a multitude of ways to share and sync your files, this is definitely one of the top tier productivity apps.

  • WeatherBomb WeatherBomb


    Enzure Digital

    2795 ratings

    An in-depth weather app for the enthusiast and layman alike. Get 7 days of comprehensive, visual weather data, including rain, clouds, humidity, temperature, pressure, and wave heights for seafarers.

  • Smart Receipts Smart Receipts

    Smart Receipts

    Smart Receipts LLC

    2517 ratings

    First and foremost, contact your local IRS office to find out whether your State accepts digital receipts in place of physical ones. If you've got that go ahead, here's the app to compliment. Organize receipts by category, track expenses, and export...



    882797 ratings

    The ever popular speed test/speed rating app, and for good reason. Get a fairly accurate assessment of your download/upload speed in seconds, compare it to the average of your provider, and even submit reviews and feedback with your performance.

  • TouchPal Keyboard - Cute Emoji TouchPal Keyboard - Cute Emoji

    TouchPal Keyboard - Cute Emoji


    1084012 ratings

    One of the most prominent in keyboard comebacks, TouchPal has gone through some serious renovation and come out the better. Choose from several different gesture methods, including the classic swipe and wave. Flip up the keyboard for ready access to...

  • iTriage Health iTriage Health

    iTriage Health

    iTriage, LLC

    93157 ratings

    Another excellent medical app, with a focus more on physicians and specialists. Look up medications, drug facts, nearby clinics and Hospitals, average wait times, and set up appointments right through the app, or even use an emergency hotline.

  • Smart Voice Recorder Smart Voice Recorder

    Smart Voice Recorder


    390104 ratings

    A highly customizable, top of the line app for your voice recording needs. Choose the quality, sample rate, and storage directory. Get manual/auto skip silence, microphone calibration, background play, and even set recordings as ringtones, alarms,...

  • Waze - GPS, Maps & Traffic Waze - GPS, Maps & Traffic

    Waze - GPS, Maps & Traffic


    5832097 ratings

    The social navigation service, now integrated with Google Maps. Get road condition, traffic, and police position information from other drivers along your route, or, submit your own information for a chance to win prizes. Includes Gas Station price...

  • Minecraft: Pocket Edition

    Minecraft: Pocket Edition


    1734642 ratings

    An addictive game still after all these years. An open world environment where you build and destroy at your leisure. Choose creative mode with infinite resources to go nuts on building to your heart's content, or, switch to survival mode as you...

  • City Maps 2Go Offline Maps City Maps 2Go Offline Maps

    City Maps 2Go Offline Maps

    Ulmon GmbH

    53130 ratings

    Offline maps for cities/towns around the world. Includes Wikipedia integration, offline points of interest search, GPS location/search, and travel guides. Customize and create your own pin locations, bookmark favorite locations, and even find Hotels...

  • BootManager BootManager



    4020 ratings

    Take back your loading times by stopping apps from unnecessarily running on device boot with this Xposed Module. Includes the option to fastboot by ignoring startup items. This does require both root access and the Xposed Framework.

  • XBlast Tools-Xposed XBlast Tools-Xposed

    XBlast Tools-Xposed

    Riyajudeen Mohamed yousuf

    515 ratings

    Combined with the Xposed Framework to get in-depth customization and performance enhancements for your Android device. -Change themes/colors and icons in the Status bar, notification panel, and other UI elements across the device. -Use...

  • Ask A Tax Preparer Ask A Tax Preparer

    Ask A Tax Preparer

    C P A Direct Marketing, Inc.

    16 ratings

    Get answers to your tax questions year-round, either by searching the archive list of queries, or asking real Tax professionals near you, including help with Tax returns.

  • WolframAlpha WolframAlpha


    Wolfram Group

    32335 ratings

    Using algorithms in a similar way to Google/Siri, but provides much more advanced, visual query results. Math, materials, acoustics, Astronomy, Proteins, measurements, stock information, euphemisms, synonyms and much more. The perfect companion for...

  • WISER for Android WISER for Android

    WISER for Android

    National Library of Medicine at NIH

    1389 ratings

    A handy reference on hazardous materials, whether you're a first responder, HAZMAT specialist, or someone who likes to be prepared. Set up your user profile and search the database of known substances, browse categorizes and CHEMM, and create...

  • RetailMeNot Coupons, Discounts RetailMeNot Coupons, Discounts

    RetailMeNot Coupons, Discounts

    RetailMeNot Inc.

    194072 ratings

    Planning on buying something? Why not see if you can save some money on it first. This app makes for a great aggregate service to look for those deals and savings, both online and in the store. Clip coupons and save them for later, get local deals,...

  • LibriVox Audio Books Free LibriVox Audio Books Free

    LibriVox Audio Books Free


    95709 ratings

    Free public works and audio books with Librivox's official app. Supports over 10,000 titles with search by author, title, genre, and format. You can listen to and even submit user created audio book readings.

  • MX Player MX Player

    MX Player

    J2 Interactive

    4428550 ratings

    One of the top media players on Android. Play media in a variety of formats with information on audio bitrate, video resolution, source, and other data. Custom gestures for forward/skip/pause/increase and decrease brightness/volume. Simple...

  • AppGratis - Cool apps for free AppGratis - Cool apps for free

    AppGratis - Cool apps for free


    184944 ratings

    Get a free daily app/app recommendation, or receive free in-app purchases/bonuses. You can subscribe to the newsletter as well for upcoming deals.

  • Loader Droid download manager Loader Droid download manager

    Loader Droid download manager

    Dmitry Voronkevich

    68684 ratings

    Great alternative to stock downloader managers. Force downloads to the external SD card, faster downloading by splitting into parts, auto-pause and auto-resume on disconnect, choose whether to download over wi-fi or cell provider, and and schedule...

  • IP Tools IP Tools

    IP Tools

    Heskja System

    2715 ratings

    Basic app for checking if a website is down, getting ping results, geo location of an IP host, finding your internal/external IP, and looking up domains.

  • Firefox. Browse Freely Firefox. Browse Freely

    Firefox. Browse Freely


    2701027 ratings

    One of the better browsers in support for addons and mobile browser customization. Offers excellent Java/Flash support, even for some of the tougher formats like Brightcove. Supports full 1080p flash on YouTube as well as HTML5.

  • Google Goggles Google Goggles

    Google Goggles

    Google Inc.

    334370 ratings

    Google's search algorithm in picture form. In addition to scanning barcodes/QR codes, you can identify famous pictures, DvD covers, CD covers, game covers, books, landmarks, and even solve Sudoku puzzles. Still in its early stages, this app has...

  • Camera FV-5

    Camera FV-5


    14625 ratings

    DSLR-styled interface camera app. Allows you to select PNG as well as JPEG for your photos to retain quality, EXIF and XMP support, fully customizable hardware buttons, long exposure, selectable storage options, supports over 25 languages, and many...

  • QuickShortcutMaker QuickShortcutMaker



    21811 ratings

    Make a shortcut for your home screen for any setting/app you want. Plenty of customization and low impact on memory.

  • ElectroDroid Pro ElectroDroid Pro

    ElectroDroid Pro

    IODEMA Srl

    15239 ratings

    The bible of electrical referencing. A perfect companion piece for small projects as well as enthusiasts, containing everything from calculators on resistors to reference resources on wire sizes and pinouts.

  • SAS Survival Guide SAS Survival Guide

    SAS Survival Guide

    1106 ratings

    The definitive survival guide by former SAS operative John Wiseman. Easy to follow instructions on all things survival related from equipment, to native wildlife/plant species, methods of navigation, encampment, and more. Also comes with handy...

  • Speed Gun

    Speed Gun

    Smart Tools co.

    52208 ratings

    From the Smart Tools guys comes a handy app for tracking the approx. speed of a moving object, similar to a velocimeter. Input distance and start tracking!

  • Repix Repix



    62963 ratings

    Excellent camera app for adding HD touch-ups and effects to your pictures. Comes with a sizable amount of options, with the ability to purchase in-app upgrades.

  • Financius - Expense Manager Financius - Expense Manager

    Financius - Expense Manager

    MV Coding

    9650 ratings

    Holo-themed finance manager for tracking expenses, managing your budget, and keeping tabs on your investments. Color-coded graphs, plenty of customization options, Google Drive backup, and no ads. If you're looking for some alternatives to Mint or...

  • Flashcard Machine Flashcard Machine

    Flashcard Machine

    Flashcard Machine

    967 ratings

    Customize and create your own flashcards or use a preset from a selection of over 200,000 cards covering over 100 subjects. Comes with a nifty shuffling feature and card categorization, perfect for studying and preparing yourself for a project,...

  • Handy Construction Calculator Handy Construction Calculator

    Handy Construction Calculator

    Sidetop Software

    622 ratings

    A spendy app to be sure, however, in the realm of convenient access to calculations and measurements for all things construction, it is the best. Everything from roofing to tiling, GPS area measurement, project expenditures, volume to angle, Drywall...

  • QR Droid Code Scanner QR Droid Code Scanner

    QR Droid Code Scanner


    346192 ratings

    Your one stop shop code scanning. Scan QR codes/bar codes, make your own QR codes, choose which method to search code information by, and more. Custom widgets work great with SideBar multi-bar as well.

  • Duolingo: Learn Languages Free Duolingo: Learn Languages Free

    Duolingo: Learn Languages Free


    3887743 ratings

    Simple way to learn another language. Interactive word games and a point system that benefits you as you become more consistent with translating and understanding your language of choice. A game for all ages.

  • DailyRoads Voyager

    DailyRoads Voyager


    26373 ratings

    Another DashCam app alternative. Comes with a wealth of customization options such as In-depth geotagging, photo/video resolution selection, retain video with tripped accelerometer, External SD card storage, background recording, and much more.




    81380 ratings

    The official app from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Includes live streaming of NASA TV, NASA twitter/facebook posts, latest news and features, thousands of gorgeous pictures and videos of the Cosmos and craft launches,...

  • Flightradar24 - Flight Tracker Flightradar24 - Flight Tracker

    Flightradar24 - Flight Tracker

    Flightradar24 AB

    69662 ratings

    The perfect aircraft tracking app, whether you're an aircraft enthusiast or just want to check out information on a particular plane. Comes with augmented reality view for identifying aircraft by your phones camera, flight status, real time plane...

  • Instant Heart Rate Instant Heart Rate

    Instant Heart Rate

    Azumio Inc.

    279325 ratings

    Get your heart rate information in seconds with pretty decent accuracy. After performing a test you'll be shown approximately where your heart rate is (low, average, high). You can also keep track of logs over several tests.

  • Viki: TV Dramas & Movies Viki: TV Dramas & Movies

    Viki: TV Dramas & Movies

    Viki, Inc

    263624 ratings

    Free shows/movies/music videos in a variety of languages from around the world. Predominately centered around Korean dramas, anime, Bollywood, etc., you also get some classics like Popeye cartoons. Recommend it if you want to catch up with some...

  • Bambuser


    Bambuser AB

    3297 ratings

    Upload video as you're recording it in real time and broadcast it to the web. Of particular use for protestors/activists in situations where you may not be able to preserve your device, but need to get your recording out as quickly as possible.

  • iPharmacy Pill ID & Drug Info iPharmacy Pill ID & Drug Info

    iPharmacy Pill ID & Drug Info

    8628 ratings

    Pill identification, medicine reminders, pharmacy locator, drug information database, and coupons and weekly deals. Great for you or your friends/relatives taking medication, or even to keep on hand for any emergency situations.

  • Embiggen Embiggen


    Pointless Software

    761 ratings

    Simple enough, use this app to produce giant text on your screen. Communicate in utter silence with a bold message!

  • SnagFilms - Watch Free Movies SnagFilms - Watch Free Movies

    SnagFilms - Watch Free Movies


    4856 ratings

    Free streaming movies. Not a particularly large selection since it's indie-film focused, however, if you're in the mood for some adventurous viewing at no cost, check this out. Includes a handy mention of the running time+release date.

  • Greenify Greenify


    Oasis Feng

    234217 ratings

    A classic among root recommendations. Allows you to put apps/services that run in the background and stop the phone from sleeping into "hibernation", thus gaining you precious extra battery life. The pro version allows you to hibernate apps and...

  • Can I Stream It? Can I Stream It?

    Can I Stream It?

    Urban Pixels LLC

    4336 ratings

    Straightforward app for checking out whether a movie or show you're looking for is available for streaming/pick up selection across multiple services. Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, RedBox, Amazon, Xfinity, and several others are currently supported....

  • Warranty Tracker Warranty Tracker

    Warranty Tracker


    81 ratings

    Never worry about a warranty or rebate again! You can choose between scanning the barcode of an item or manually input the code+description. Get notified when a warranty is close to expiration or a rebate is up or a return deadline.

  • Smart Tools Smart Tools

    Smart Tools

    Smart Tools co.

    61499 ratings

    A basic but worthy digital toolbox. Comes with metal detector, vibrometer, smart measure, smart ruler, balance meter, flash/torch light, compass, and several other nifty tools that have actual real world performance value. Don't expect to use the...

  • Graph 89 Free Graph 89 Free

    Graph 89 Free

    Dritan Hashorva

    4468 ratings

    Emulate a Ti-89 calculator right on your Android device! Perfect for calculus, algebra, or any long form equations. It also lets you install your own apps right on the emulator. This app alone will not work without the firmware support added, so...

  • Pocket Casts Pocket Casts

    Pocket Casts

    Shifty Jelly

    43755 ratings

    One of the best podcast apps. Create custom playlists from thousands of pocket cast selections, including StarTalk Radio, PBS, Freakonomics, Joe Rogan, and so much more. Excellent widget, supports background play, custom skip forward/rewind...

  • Sidebar Plus (Multi-bars) Sidebar Plus (Multi-bars)

    Sidebar Plus (Multi-bars)

    Root Uninstaller

    8451 ratings

    The perfect multi-tasking app! Allows you to create highly customizable bars on either side of your screen that will hold your contacts, bookmarks, apps, widgets, and settings. The bars can be accessed no matter what you're doing, so say goodbye to...

  • 3D Compass (for Android 2.2-) 3D Compass (for Android 2.2-)

    3D Compass (for Android 2.2-)

    Sam Lu

    7425 ratings

    Combine compass, GPS, and general location information into a customizable and easy to follow interface. Mark down specific areas and locate them via the on-screen compass, note tracks, log your coordinates, and get your heading and degree.

  • Planimeter - GPS area measure Planimeter - GPS area measure

    Planimeter - GPS area measure


    1214 ratings

    If you miss drawing/measuring between points on Google maps or you're into any form of landscaping, here's the app for you. Use GPS to measure distance and size of any given piece of land/construct. Navigate by points through touch, or draw lines...

  • First Aid - American Red Cross First Aid - American Red Cross

    First Aid - American Red Cross

    American Red Cross

    9695 ratings

    The Official app of the American Red Cross. Comes with quizzes, easy to read instructions, and helpful videos for emergency situations. It has a simple UI and no ads. Download it and keep it in mind; one day you may need to reference it, and doing...

  • AutoGuard Dash Cam - Blackbox AutoGuard Dash Cam - Blackbox

    AutoGuard Dash Cam - Blackbox

    Pyungwoo Yoo

    12812 ratings

    A powerhouse dashcam app for your car or bike. Record as you drive, log your route, instant photo capture, auto-delete footage you don't want to keep, and have information automatically saved when your accelerometer is tripped, indicating a possible...

  • Tiny Flashlight + LED Tiny Flashlight + LED

    Tiny Flashlight + LED

    Nikolay Ananiev

    4202535 ratings

    Using your phones LED flash as a makeshift flashlight? Ingenious in its own right. But what if you could also use it to send Morse code messages? Or a strobe effect? Or use police/slow lights on your screen? Now we're getting creative. Comes with a...

  • GPS Essentials GPS Essentials

    GPS Essentials

    41100 ratings

    For your GPS and hardware needs. Set way points from a map and locate them through the view finder via your camera, keep track of trails, portable maps for offline use, Google Map integration, and a dashboard to get your selection of information,...

  • AndroSensor AndroSensor


    Fiv Asim

    7231 ratings

    With so much hardware and so many sensors going into smart devices these days, wouldn't it be nice to have one app that readily displays all that information and allows you to track it and log it? Indeed, with Androsensor, you can do that. Choose...

  • Smart IR Remote - AnyMote Smart IR Remote - AnyMote

    Smart IR Remote - AnyMote

    Color Tiger

    19947 ratings

    THE Universal Remote for any device supporting an IR blaster. Includes a vast library of IR codes for over 700,000 devices, ranging from DSLR cameras, media players, TV's, DVR's, a/c units, and much more. Allows you to customize your remotes and...

  • PressureNet PressureNet



    1494 ratings

    This app crowd sources pressure information from barometers that are found in many smartphones. The information is anonymous, and is sent to researchers and forecasters to help with forecasting models, and to better understand atmospheric conditions...

  • Weather Station Weather Station

    Weather Station


    2089 ratings

    Whether your phone has a Barometer, Hygrometer, Thermometer, or all 3, this is the app for getting that sensor information at a glance, and tracking it over time. Comes with multiple customizable widgets, and a pro upgrade to get slightly more...

  • Beep'nGo - Wallet & Coupons Beep'nGo - Wallet & Coupons

    Beep'nGo - Wallet & Coupons

    Mobeam Inc.

    101207 ratings

    For the Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 3, and Galaxy S5. This app allows you to scan in any physical card you have with a barcode with the camera (or manual input), and when you're ready to use the card, scan or have the cashier scan the IR proximity...