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Humble Mobile Bundle 3 is here! It offers 6 awesome Android games - this channel lists them. Go to to buy them for a great price right now!

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  • Ridiculous Fishing Ridiculous Fishing

    Ridiculous Fishing


    13456 ratings

    A true-to-life fishing simulator with incredibly accurate physics and graphics. Okay, not really. This is one CRAZY fishing game. Great pixel art, and you get to shoot the fish once you take them out of the water. For nature lovers!

  • Kingdom Rush

    Kingdom Rush

    Ironhide Game Studio

    314961 ratings

    A classic, medieval tower defense title. The Humble Bundle version (not this one) offers a customized hero system made especially for the bundle.

  • Spelltower Spelltower


    Zach Gage

    1935 ratings

    A great word game! We actually wrote a full-length review of Spelltower a few weeks ago, which you can read at Highly recommended.

  • rymdkapsel


    grapefrukt games

    4437 ratings

    A frustrating, and absolutely beautiful, strategy title. Beware - this is not an easy game. The graphic are isometric 3D, and your goal is to build and expand a space station. You will have to try again and again, and it actually involves thinking....



    Uppercut Games Pty Ltd

    6563 ratings

    A high-end shooter game for devices that can take it. Over 500MB, and really beautiful graphics. If you're into mobile FPS games, try it out today (via the Humble Bundle!).