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    184431 ratings

    This is basically a multi player version of death rally.. and it's great :) Pick a car, outfit it with weapons and then blast the crap out of your opponents in one of the many arena maps available. Glu once again shows how to do a free game that can...

  • Neon Shadow

    Neon Shadow

    Crescent Moon Games

    45496 ratings

    Taking more than a nod from classics like doom, this fps delivers old school in a slick chrome covered package. Graphics are great although shadows are lacking, so don't expect doom 3 quality visuals. However, the framerate is nice and high as a...

  • OpenArena



    1893 ratings

    Real old school gameplay from a real old school game. Ah, the good old days of quake are back on my phone. There are many ports of the quake 3 arena engine floating around on android but open arena is the best of the lot. Ported from the PC version,...

  • Forever Drive

    Forever Drive

    Red Robot Labs

    3731 ratings

    This is one of the better free driving games that I have come across. The visual style has obviously been influenced by tron and it works really well. The tracks are generated randomly and this really adds to the replay value. Go ahead and install...

  • Dungeon Keeper

    Dungeon Keeper


    228556 ratings

    I'm sad to say that EA has really screwed up this title thanks to corporate greed. Almost everything requires an IAP of some kind. It would have been much better if they had just released the original version of the game ported to android as is....

  • Call of Duty®: Strike Team

    Call of Duty®: Strike Team

    Activision Publishing, Inc.

    12707 ratings

    $6.99? Ouch! Why don't you just rip my #/#king arm off? That was my first thought when I looked at this game. However, I was happy to be wrong. This is hands down the best tactical fps on android and easily worth the asking price. The game allows a...

  • Dead Effect

    Dead Effect

    BadFly Interactive, a.s.

    227316 ratings

    This is a gem of a game. The quality on show here far surpasses a lot of the crap that's selling for $2.99. Overall this is an excellent fps with smooth controls and great graphics. Is there IAP? I'm sure it's in there somewhere but as of yet I...

  • AVP: Evolution

    AVP: Evolution

    Fox Digital Entertainment, Inc

    35886 ratings

    If you are a fan of the avp games that have appeared on the pic over the years, then you will love this game. Graphically the game is superb and basically follows the tried and tested formula of the PC avp games. You get to play as both the predator...

  • Autumn Dynasty - RTS

    Autumn Dynasty - RTS

    Touch Dimensions

    2359 ratings

    An original idea has been well executed leading to a fantastic rts experience. You control your armies in this game by drawing a line to indicate where you want them to go. This simple control structure marries well with an original graphical style...

  • ARC Squadron: Redux

    ARC Squadron: Redux

    Psyonix Studios

    13393 ratings

    All the reviews that I had read about this game made me think that it was going to suck. Well, I'm happy to say that they were all wrong. Even though there is no accelerometer control at the time of writing, this is still one of the best 3D...

  • Delver


    Priority Interrupt

    5432 ratings

    This game is one of my favorites that I keep coming back to. It's simple undiluted dungeon crawling at it's best. All of the dungeons are randomly generated so no single dungeon is the same. For those of you who do not like minecraft, do not be put...