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The first things I install on any of my devices. List compiled in 2013 and even three years later (2016) I still use these same essential apps.

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  • Nova Launcher Prime Nova Launcher Prime

    Nova Launcher Prime

    TeslaCoil Software

    240825 ratings

    Current favorite launcher. Responsive with a large range of customisation although limited themes - mostly icon packs. I use the premium version for "swipe up" gestures on the dock, along with other gestures (eg. swipe down for notiifcation bar,...

  • Swype Keyboard Trial Swype Keyboard Trial

    Swype Keyboard Trial

    Nuance Communications, Inc

    85037 ratings

    Much faster method of typing. Default Android keyboard now has "swipe" but Swype tends to get the words right more often for me. Has shortcuts for switching to a number pad or arrow pad & a large range of emoticons. PS: paid app, this is a 30 day...

  • One More Clock Widget Free One More Clock Widget Free

    One More Clock Widget Free

    Xaffron Software

    6069 ratings

    I like a nice clock widget on the screen but I want it to be practical as well. OMC (One More Clock) gives me 70+ widely varied clocks to choose from and lets me launch apps from any of 9 hotspots (3x3 grid) on the widget.

  • SoundHound Music Search SoundHound Music Search

    SoundHound Music Search

    SoundHound Inc.

    623802 ratings

    Having a music ID app handy is essential for me. Shazam, Google Sound Search & TrackID are fine alternatives, I've just settled on SoundHound. Using the "ID Now" shortcut I can launch via gestures, lock screen buttons, One More Clock hotspots, etc.

  • Inferno Galaxy Inferno Galaxy

    Inferno Galaxy

    32751 ratings

    I find I always install one of my favourite live wallpapers (see my other PlayBoards for more) - I usually choose this one and Kittehface's Blue Sky LW as part of my inital device setup.

  • Widgetsoid Widgetsoid



    28211 ratings

    (2016: with new Android versions I find I don't need this anymore). Create your own panels of quick setting toggles, on either the home scenes or the notification bar. This has been a long time favourite of mine however I'm thinking of checking...