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In this (pretty young) channel I will try to collect my favourite apps to get some serious work done. I will try to not only link to the apps' generic descriptions - but instead try to point out the unique selling points for each of the reviewed apps.

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  • Self TODO Self TODO

    Self TODO

    Synapsis Consulting

    221 ratings

    Self Todo is a little-known app whose ambition it is to keep you on top of your tasks by combining access to Google Tasks with the Pomodoro technique. If you haven't heard about it, the Pomodoro technique is about "time framing", about dividing your...

  • Google Drive Google Drive

    Google Drive

    Google Inc.

    1677659 ratings

    Google Drive is the the app used to most easily access Google Drive (which used to be Google Docs) from an Android device (no shit, Sherlock?). It basically provides a shortcut to the mobile version of the web app, but also enables you to work with...

  • Shush! Ringer Restorer Shush! Ringer Restorer

    Shush! Ringer Restorer

    Fizz Buzz LLC

    25133 ratings

    Shush is an app that mutes your phone for a chosen amount of time. It interacts beautifully with the system, requiring nothing of you but muting the ringer (eg by using the volume buttons or a quick toggle). As soon as the volume gets set to zero,...

  • Add Watermark Add Watermark

    Add Watermark


    3293 ratings

    If you have to professionally deal with photos, taken with your Android's camera, watermarking your photos prior to sharing to the world (wide web) is an important part of strengthening your brand. Add Watermark is a decent candidate for getting the...

  • Habit Browser Habit Browser

    Habit Browser


    9171 ratings

    Habit Browser is one of those apps you never thought you'd need - unless you have tested it. Another web-browser for Android? Aren't the stock browser, Chrome, Firefox, Dolphin etc enough? Well, maybe they are. However, Habit Browser certainly is...

  • FolderSync FolderSync


    Tacit Dynamics

    16718 ratings

    FolderSync is one of several apps that allow you to sync your Android device with cloud-storage services (pretty much as what Dropbox does for "big" computers). When installed on several devices, you can keep eg documents on those devices...

  • TouchDraw TouchDraw


    Elevenworks LLC

    336 ratings

    TouchDraw enables you to draw/design a plethora of different graphics, flowcharts etc. If you do create visual information for work (or play), TouchDraw is one of the best on Android. Unfortunately a short disclaimer has to be in place: don't...

  • PONS Dictionary German PONS Dictionary German

    PONS Dictionary German


    113 ratings

    PONS (paper-based) dictionaries are among the best bilingual dictionaries around. In their digital form, they allow you to translate clipboard-content, have audible pronunciations for most words, allow you to search recursively etc. They are pretty...

  • Office: TextMaker Mobile Office: TextMaker Mobile

    Office: TextMaker Mobile

    SoftMaker Software GmbH

    604 ratings

    TextMaker is the Word-component of a set of three office apps from the same developers. It does not even come close to "the real thing" - but for most of the documents I have been working with, TextMaker has been best at preserving the original...

  • Call PopOut Call PopOut

    Call PopOut

    Root Uninstaller

    3848 ratings

    If you use your Android for some serious work, you most certainly have encountered this situation hundreds of times: while doing something meaningful, someone really meaningless calls you and interrupts your workflow as the...

  • Deliveries Package Tracker Deliveries Package Tracker

    Deliveries Package Tracker


    49825 ratings

    Deliveries is an app that tracks your deliveries (you couldn't have thought). Adding packages is reasonably quick and straightforward. It supports loads of different carriers - and if you entrust the app with your credentials, it can even...

  • Linux Deploy Linux Deploy

    Linux Deploy


    9421 ratings

    [root required] Linux Deploy is currently the easiest way to download and install a full-fledged Linux distribution onto your Android. Now, why on earth would anyone list such an advice in a channel on work-related apps? The answer is simple: if you...

  • OfficeSuite Pro + PDF OfficeSuite Pro + PDF

    OfficeSuite Pro + PDF


    66466 ratings

    OfficeSuite Pro is rather expensive (not at least as you are expected to cash out several more times for rather basic functionality, namely standard fonts and spell-checking). It is even quite limited in what it is able to accomplish --- don't...

  • Aqua Mail - email app Aqua Mail - email app

    Aqua Mail - email app


    45593 ratings

    Aqua Mail is currently my e-mail app of choice. It gives access to text styling, drag-and-drop to organise mails into different folders, flexible schedules for mail polling etc.

  • Clipper Plus with Sync Clipper Plus with Sync

    Clipper Plus with Sync


    4749 ratings

    Clipper Plus enables you to save your clipboard content and to sync it with other devices. Highly usable in case you rock different Android devices at the same time, eg a tablet and a phone.

  • Cloud Print Cloud Print

    Cloud Print

    Google Inc.

    213714 ratings

    Cloud Print does a reasonable job of printing documents from your Android. In my case, it even enables me to use the Duplex-functionality of my printer.

  • Call Recorder - ACR Call Recorder - ACR

    Call Recorder - ACR


    331399 ratings

    ACR is one of the few automatic call recorders that actually worked without major problems on all of my devices. Highly recommended in case you regularly take phone calls that have to be documented.

  • AndrOpen Office AndrOpen Office

    AndrOpen Office

    Akikazu Yoshikawa

    29471 ratings

    This app is (to my knowledge) the first implementation of OpenOffice on Android. Why would you need that, you might ask, when you have access to Google Drive et al? In my particular situation, it is about being able to fully produce a final...

  • CamScanner (License) CamScanner (License)

    CamScanner (License)


    23966 ratings

    CamScanner is a great app to "scan" documents with your device's camera. The automatic enhancement actually does a pretty decent job of producing legible documents for archiving. It does not really come close to a dedicated scanner - but for mobile...

  • TeXPortal (60% off) TeXPortal (60% off)

    TeXPortal (60% off)

    Lame Android Hero

    43 ratings

    TeXPortal (and it's sister app TeXPert) enable you to write, edit and compile LaTeX-, TeX and auxiliary files directly on your Android. If you don't know, what I am talking about, I petty you. Developed back in the 1980s, TeX still is the defacto...

  • Business Calendar Pro Business Calendar Pro

    Business Calendar Pro

    Appgenix Software

    26787 ratings

    IMHO the best calendar app for Android. Enables me to keep on top of way too many appointments.

  • Jota+ (Text Editor) Jota+ (Text Editor)

    Jota+ (Text Editor)

    Aquamarine Networks.

    9078 ratings

    Jota+ is *the* native text editor for Android. Of course it is not as powerful as Emacs, BBedit, vi or whatever makes you scream of excitement - but it gets the job properly done.

  • Evernote - stay organized. Evernote - stay organized.

    Evernote - stay organized.

    Evernote Corporation

    1440498 ratings

    Without Evernote, my brain wouldn't function. I used it many times daily for outsourcing my long time memory ;-)

  • LectureNotes


    Acadoid Developer

    6596 ratings

    Handwritten notes can't be done better. They. Simply. Can't.

  • ezPDF Reader PDF Annotate Form

    ezPDF Reader PDF Annotate Form

    Unidocs Inc.

    23818 ratings

    My PDF-reader and -annotator of choice. Handles huge files reasonably well and fast enough. Basically, I stopped using my desktop and laptop for reading and commenting of lengthy documents in favour of this.