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The Galaxy Note range of devices are awesome devices because of their stylus/S-pen. If you are an active note-taker, annotater, sketch artist or generic pencil-waver, those apps should be of interest.

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  • S Pen Toolbox

    S Pen Toolbox

    Good Mood Droid

    1085 ratings

    This little tool helps you to automate what happens, when you remove your S-pen from your Note. I use it mainly to provide me a pop-up with shortcuts to my most used s-pen apps.

  • ezPDF Reader PDF Annotate Form

    ezPDF Reader PDF Annotate Form

    Unidocs Inc.

    23809 ratings

    ezPDF is my favourite PDF-reader on Android. You can use your s-pen to highlight and annotate documents. Unfortunately, I miss the opportunity to be able to draw/write with the pen while navigating with your fingers (a possibility given in eg...

  • LectureNotes


    Acadoid Developer

    6580 ratings

    Lecture Notes is by far my favourite app for taking handwritten notes - and increasingly even for annotating PDF - files (which have to be imported though, which can be a lengthy process). Settings galore and (to my knowledge) one of very few apps...