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  • Eye training - Eye exercises Eye training - Eye exercises

    Eye training - Eye exercises


    788 ratings

    Working all day at the computer? Your eyes get tired? Do you have nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism? Work in an office? Wear glasses or contact lenses? Start to do exercises for the eyes with the help of our program! It will remind...

  • Home Remedies (Lite) Home Remedies (Lite)

    Home Remedies (Lite)


    7061 ratings

    ★ #1 FREE APP for Home Remedies in Google Play ★ This is Official App of This app is only in English Language. This App is recommended by 75+ U.S.-licensed doctors on HealthTap. Th...

  • Ayurvedic Book Ayurvedic Book

    Ayurvedic Book


    810 ratings

    This is new application for the Ayurveda. Using this application you can get the following information: 1) Definition of diseases 2) Causes of of diseases 3) Symptoms of diseases 4) Ayurvedic View of diseases 5) Diet and Lifestyle Advice of...

  • Pocket Doctor Lite Pocket Doctor Lite

    Pocket Doctor Lite

    Pocket App

    221 ratings

    Pocket Doctor Lite is our free comprehensive medical health encyclopedia written specifically for mobile by a UK Doctor. Originally available on WAP in 2001 our latest version is made specifically for Android. This version features all of the...

  • Doctor At Home Doctor At Home

    Doctor At Home

    supriya shah

    1687 ratings

    Doctor_at_home is an application which will help you in the treatment of commonly found diseases like cough ,cold, fever etc. These diseases you can treat using easily available things at home like aamla,grapes,lemon,ginger etc. And this is what...