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  • Burner - Smart Phone Numbers Burner - Smart Phone Numbers

    Burner - Smart Phone Numbers

    Ad Hoc Labs, Inc

    6702 ratings

    ***FREE TO DOWNLOAD, INCLUDES ONE FREE NUMBER GOOD FOR 7 DAYS *** Burner helps keep your mobile phone number more private and secure. Make calls and send texts from new numbers. Receive calls, texts and voicemails on your Burner private number....

  • Wordament® Wordament®


    Microsoft Corporation

    49857 ratings

    Update to Facebook Graph 2.0 Why play against one person in a turn when you can play against thousands at once? Wordament® is a real-time continuous word tournament. Players compete on the same board with everyone at once. Rounds offer challenges...

  • Storage Analyzer & Disk Usage Storage Analyzer & Disk Usage

    Storage Analyzer & Disk Usage

    Anton Patapovich

    39267 ratings

    With the beefy storage capacity of smartphones nowadays, most people almost never run out of space. That's not the case for many of us though (especially Playboard users). This is where DSA comes in. DSA categorizes your files by type, size,...

  • Notification Toggle Notification Toggle

    Notification Toggle


    67192 ratings

    Toggles in the notification shade are almost ubiquitous nowadays, but there are still phones that don't have them. Notification toggle solves that problem handily. My phone just got upgraded to Android 4.3 which has "quick toggles" built in, but...

  • Wakelock Detector [Root] Wakelock Detector [Root]

    Wakelock Detector [Root]


    28691 ratings

    Your phone's battery usage monitor doesn't tell you the whole truth. It tells you which apps are using your CPU, but not which ones are keeping your phone from going into blissful battery saving sleep. Those naughty apps often don't show up in...

  • Clipper - Clipboard Manager Clipper - Clipboard Manager

    Clipper - Clipboard Manager


    18915 ratings

    This app is so useful that I often wonder why it's not a standard feature of modern desktops. Copy multiple items without first pasting it somewhere. Imagine researching something on a webpage and needing to copy select info in different spaces....

  • Display Tester Display Tester

    Display Tester


    3514 ratings

    What the heck does a "tester" have to do with a premium experience?! Well, a premium Android experience should start with a premium display. Display tester has many easy to use tools to help you really see how each one stacks up. And if you're...

  • Todoist: To-Do List, Task List Todoist: To-Do List, Task List

    Todoist: To-Do List, Task List


    117541 ratings

    Todoist is an awful name for an app and people can justifiably write it off for that reason alone. But they would be missing out on the best Task Manager anywhere. It feels simple and inviting to use yet powerful at the same time, a difficult feat...

  • Quad Drawer, quick app drawer Quad Drawer, quick app drawer

    Quad Drawer, quick app drawer

    LevelUp Studio

    257 ratings

    Theoretically, the Google Search bar is supposed to bring up your apps when you search for them. It does that, but only some of the time. Try it yourself and watch it slowly and painfully locate your apps. Google search inexplicably fails after a...

  • Vibration Notifier Vibration Notifier

    Vibration Notifier


    2424 ratings

    Pay attention to how much you pick up your phone to check for notifications. Now imagine never needing to do that again. That's why you should install Vibration Notifier. Your phone will keep vibrating at intervals you set until you pick up your...

  • AirDroid: Remote access & File AirDroid: Remote access & File

    AirDroid: Remote access & File


    498452 ratings

    ★★★Featured on Google Play in 30+ countries.★★★ Recommended by PCWorld, BGR, LifeHacker, CNET, Gizmodo, XDA, Phandroid and many more technology media/websites. Delight Your Multi-Screen Life AirDroid allows you to access and manage your Android pho...

  • Snapseed Snapseed


    Google Inc.

    528985 ratings

    User interface perfection. Flawless execution. Really, how good is it? Good enough to be acquired by Google and integrated into their photo editor. But if you don't have the new Google photo app, you can download Snapseed for the same or more...

  • FreeCell Solitaire FreeCell Solitaire

    FreeCell Solitaire

    Brainium Studios

    36573 ratings

    Sometimes you just need a little Freecell to kill a few minutes of time. Branium's version has a clean interface with pleasant graphics. It's best used on a tablet though as most phones don't offer the screen space for Solitaire type games.