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  • Strategy & Tactics: WW II

    Strategy & Tactics: WW II

    HeroCraft Ltd

    14486 ratings

    Relive the greatest battles of World War II in this grand strategy masterpiece. Take command of the Axis to conquer Europe - then command the armies of the USSR and Allies to retake it. In Strategy & Tactics: World War II, you battle impressive AI...

  • LandGrabbers: Strategy Game

    LandGrabbers: Strategy Game

    Nevosoft Inc

    19139 ratings

    LandGrabbers, recognized as the Best Casual Game of the Year at the 2011 Russian Game Developers Conference (KRI 2011)! Imagine that you are in the Middle Ages. It’s the time of castles, knights and the Crusades. Now imagine that you are a b...

  • Alice of Hearts - Strategy RPG Alice of Hearts - Strategy RPG

    Alice of Hearts - Strategy RPG

    Aurum Apps

    5384 ratings

    Poker meets Alice in Wonderland in this Strategy Role Playing Game (RPG) with lots of powerful and stunning cards to battle your enemies. Be prepared for a whole new adventure and a completely different take on the popular tale in Alice of Hearts....

  • Lords & Knights - Strategy MMO Lords & Knights - Strategy MMO

    Lords & Knights - Strategy MMO


    66710 ratings

    Strategic alliances with other players, fierce campaigns and wars as well as massive fortresses await you in Lords & Knights! Trade, complete missions and discover technologies. Recruit armies of noble knights to protect your castle or conquer...

  • Battle Dragons:Strategy Game

    Battle Dragons:Strategy Game

    Spacetime Games

    93217 ratings

    Battle Dragons is the game where you build a Fortress and Command a Dragon Army! Battle hundreds of thousands of other players worldwide in this Battle & Build game from critically acclaimed & Google Play "Top Developer" Spacetime Games. Battle...

  • Medieval Empires RTS Strategy Medieval Empires RTS Strategy

    Medieval Empires RTS Strategy

    Central Bytes Ltd

    6849 ratings

    Over 50 different types of units and buildings! Train knights, archers, axemen, catapults, swordsmen to attack your enemy. Build castles, barracks, farms and towers. Improve their range, damage and strength. Gain access to new units in each map....

  • Defense Craft Strategy Free Defense Craft Strategy Free

    Defense Craft Strategy Free

    Central Bytes Ltd

    3891 ratings

    Real time strategy, tower defense and adventure rpg fuse in one ultimate game: Defense Craft. Especially optimised for large screens.The maps are massive and there are numerous units to control and monsters to battle. HD graphics enhance the...

  • Greed for Glory: War Strategy

    Greed for Glory: War Strategy

    PerBlue Entertainment

    107591 ratings

    Battle other Kingdoms in Epic Kingdom Wars! Prove your Kingdom’s glory in our leaderboards. Fight rival Kingdoms alongside your fellow lords and ladies in fast paced, epic battles! Greed for Glory is a brilliant city defense game that combines b...

  • SpeedX 3D

    SpeedX 3D

    Gamelion Studios

    342665 ratings

    SpeedX 3D remastered returns to Android! With over 15 million downloads SpeedX 3D is the most played accelerometer-controlled tunnel racer worldwide! "Exciting, gorgeous, fluid, challenging, addictive, and entertaining. This new version is a...

  • Speed Racing Speed Racing

    Speed Racing

    Italy Games

    267025 ratings

    Drive the #1 critically acclaimed Android racing game today! Get ready for the most exhilarating handheld racing experience! Buckle up and hit the gas; you’re in for the ride of the best racing experience. Feel the intensity of no brakes allowed s...

  • Speed Night Speed Night

    Speed Night


    92668 ratings

    This is a 3D racing game at midnight. Game content: The vacillating equipment to control the steering of your car, escaped on the road of the NPC vehicles. In the game, you can collect coins, which allows you to unlock a new vehicle, of course,...

  • Speed Night 2

    Speed Night 2


    95413 ratings

    Inheritance 3D game in the first generation of Speed Night. Experience more realistic physics engine, and enjoy the fun of midnight racing. Game content: Tap the left and right of the screen to control the steering of your car, escaped on the road...

  • SpeedMoto SpeedMoto


    OoO studio

    367801 ratings

    SpeedMoto is a 3d moto racing game with simple control and ecellent graphic effect. ★Just swap your phone to control moto direction ★Tap the screen to accelerate the moto ★In this game you can ride the motorcycle shuttle in outskirts, forest, snow...

  • SpeedBoat Shooting

    SpeedBoat Shooting

    Ace Viral

    55766 ratings

    SpeedBoat Shooting SpeedBoat Shooting Is the Ultimate Gun shooting Game Shoot the BAD GUYS as they are attacking your speed boat. Defend your Boat against on onslaught of bad guys with uzi's AK47'S Rocket Launchers and unlimited guns. shoot to...

  • SpeedCar SpeedCar


    OoO studio

    260508 ratings

    SpeedCar is a 3d racing game. Bullet physic engine support,realistic car physic effect Equitable gameplay design. One finger control model that you can play it very easy but fast-paced. Tilt phone to control car direction Tap screen to accelerate...

  • Stunt Car Challenge

    Stunt Car Challenge


    81464 ratings

    Perform amazing stunts with a stunt car! Drive on tracks with jumps and obstacles! Do a corkscrew stunt, make flips to get achievement coins! Start playing the fun tracks right now, and challenge yourself to get three stars from all levels!...

  • Inotia3: Children of Carnia

    Inotia3: Children of Carnia

    Com2uS USA

    408051 ratings

    ★★2nd place for the 2011 Best App Ever Awards - RPG Game ★Selected as Google Play’s Featured Game of August 2011!! Protect your loved ones in Carnia by joining the adventure! What would it take to change a warrior's destiny? The Big Adventu...

  • Car Parking Car Parking

    Car Parking


    82590 ratings

    Car Parking is a 3D car simulator game. This game simulates various parking skill. In this game, you can get an overall view of the car’s position in a 3D optic angle outside the car.And you can also shift to the inside of the car to get a d...

  • SpeedCarII


    OoO studio

    88009 ratings

    SpeedCarII is the second geration of SpeedCar(over 20000000 downloads all around the world). With more real 3d scene more real road and more real physical effect. ★Just swap your phone to control car direction ★Tap the screen to accelerate the car...

  • Jet Car Stunts Lite

    Jet Car Stunts Lite

    True Axis

    35747 ratings

    Jet Car Stunts is an award winning, over the top, adrenaline rush, 3D driving game, with massive jumps, mid-air hoops, floating platforms, spiral roadways and outlandish maneuvers in impossible environments. The orgininal levels, tight controls...

  • Abduction! Abduction!


    Psym Mobile

    83848 ratings

    Your friends have been abducted by aliens, and it's up to you to save them! Follow the ufo into space, grabbing power-ups and rescuing friends as you go. This version includes the random Quick Game modes, kids mode, as well as a demo of Adventure...

  • Armory Room Escape

    Armory Room Escape

    funny games

    149 ratings

    Just Imagine, You went to a museum regarding you research on weapons. Got admired with the beauty of ancient weapons and got lost your way. Without noticing you, the security guard closed the door and left. Unfortunately, tomorrow you have...

  • Adorable House Escape

    Adorable House Escape

    funny games

    241 ratings

    I got a job in city, for my convenient, I stayed in my friend's house. He mistakenly locked the door without noticing me inside the house. And I don’t know where the spare key is. I was detained in room. Today is my first day for work, it's g...

  • Big Living Room Escape

    Big Living Room Escape

    funny games

    133 ratings

    A mother locks her little girl in this big living room for her disobedience and went out The little girl Sue constantly cries in this room. Why don’t you help this little girl Sue to escape from this living room? Require Adobe Air Plugin to play t...

  • La cave aux enigmes La cave aux enigmes

    La cave aux enigmes

    Sylvain Dangin

    36068 ratings

    A collection of over 800 riddles in French classified by topic. Ideal for daily reflection with friends and family.

  • Roadbuses - Bus Simulator 3D

    Roadbuses - Bus Simulator 3D


    10943 ratings

    Welcome to Road buses – Bus simulator 3D in this 3D parking game you can take the place of a professional bus driver in different urban parking situations. Remember that driving a bus is totally different from driving other velichels like cars, t...

  • Dark Meadow: The Pact

    Dark Meadow: The Pact

    Phosphor Games Studio

    19029 ratings

    DELETED SAVE GAME FIX! DON'T UNINSTALL THE GAME! We've tracked down the bug that was causing save games to appear deleted. If you haven't uninstalled the game you can get your save game back! Please wait for the next patch (which will be out soon)...

  • Heroes of Loot Free

    Heroes of Loot Free


    21929 ratings

    Support, tip and tricks: Subscribe to the newsletter for new and exclusive content: ** get the premium version if you want to support my work, or when you are allergic to...

  • Guess The Brand - Logo Mania Guess The Brand - Logo Mania

    Guess The Brand - Logo Mania

    IcoMania - Logo Quiz - Logos Quiz

    178504 ratings

    Guess the brand from hundreds of logos and icons! This is another hi guess the brand game with levels you can walk through without any restrictions! Merry Christmas! Playing is pretty simple: Just walk through the logos in levels, take one logo...

  • Logo Quiz Plus Logo Quiz Plus

    Logo Quiz Plus


    514 ratings

    Logo Quiz Plus Free - Logos Quiz Find brand from the incomplete logo images Try to reach the target to access next levels, every found logo will increase the score +1. 30 available levels ...more levels will be updated in the next future....stay...

  • 1941 Frozen Front

    1941 Frozen Front


    121565 ratings

    Lead German forces on the rise towards the East or defend mother Russia on the Soviet side. Choose the right tactic of warfare and earn your stripes as an ingenious Commander at the FROZEN FRONT! Experience mind-blowing World War 2 battles in the...

  • Redline Rush

    Redline Rush

    DogByte Games

    278316 ratings

    Jump into a super sports car and test your driving skills in this high speed highway racing game where you have to weave through traffic to escape the police. Avoid crashes, take down traffic cars, pick up power-ups and walk to the top of the...