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  • Piano +

    Piano +


    675451 ratings

    Unlike all other piano apps, you are not forced to follow the fixed instructions (animated dropping bar). Piano + is specially designed to enable you to play in any speed, effortlessly. You can play your song slow or fast, all depend on you and...

  • English for all! Light English for all! Light

    English for all! Light

    Vitaly Nosov

    375 ratings

    This app will be useful for all adults and kids who study English, regardless of initial level of knowledge. If you know the language well, this app can become an exciting quiz, where you can check your level of knowledge on English words. If you...

  • Algebra Tutor Algebra Tutor

    Algebra Tutor

    Shane Fulmer

    4312 ratings

    Practice and learn Prealgebra and Algebra topics! Walk through step-by-step solutions to see where you made your mistake. See your stats for every problem type (saved across app runs). Work out problems without needing to take notes. Get math help...

  • Grammar Express : Tenses Grammar Express : Tenses

    Grammar Express : Tenses

    Webrich Software

    35 ratings

    ✭ Beautifully illustrated revision notes. ✭ Over 1000 examples with Grammar Rules. ✭ Over 750 Test Questions with Explanation. Macworld: Grammar Express promises easy-to-follow examples over a 750 in all. Grammar Express : Tenses is the compl...

  • Грамотей! Викторина орфографии Грамотей! Викторина орфографии

    Грамотей! Викторина орфографии

    Ally team

    81273 ratings

    Викторина онлайн и без интернета предназначена для всех, кто хочет грамотно писать. А, например, школьники могут подтянуть знания для ГИА и ЕГЭ по русскому языку. Вы тоже не знали, что "скрепя сердце" пишется именно так? В орфографическом дикта...

  • The Broken Calculator Game The Broken Calculator Game

    The Broken Calculator Game

    WZMN Apps

    59 ratings

    Help "Calci" the calculator to solve math problems without his broken keys! The goal of the game is to reach a certain number or solve a math problem with a limited set of numbers and some available operations in as few steps as possible - the...

  • Mobile Learn™ Mobile Learn™

    Mobile Learn™

    Blackboard Inc.

    53365 ratings

    Mobile Learn™ makes it easier for you to keep up with your courses by letting you access them whenever and wherever you want. If your school licenses Mobile Learn, you'll be able to use the app for free. If not, you will need to purchase lifetime a...

  • PreSchool Farm PreSchool Farm

    PreSchool Farm

    Patagonia Labs inc.

    33 ratings

    PreSchool Farm is both fun and educational. Aimed at ages pre-K through middle school, PreSchool Farm offers kids a safe environment to discover their abilities and learn new skills with interactive and fun games. Our commitment to parents and...

  • Mathway - Math Problem Solver Mathway - Math Problem Solver

    Mathway - Math Problem Solver


    40718 ratings

    With millions of users and billions of problems solved, Mathway is the world's #1 math problem solver. From basic algebra to complex calculus, Mathway instantly solves your most difficult math problems - simply type your problem in (or point your...




    81346 ratings

    Come explore with NASA and discover the latest images, videos, mission information, news, feature stories, tweets, NASA TV and featured content with the NASA app for Android. Features: - Over 15,000 images (and growing everyday) - Latest news and...

  • Star Chart Star Chart

    Star Chart

    Escapist Games Limited

    117817 ratings

    Used by over 20 million people world-wide, Star Chart provides a magical star gazing experience like no other. ***** You can now have a virtual planetarium in your pocket! Look through the eyes of your Android device to see a virtual window into...

  • 3D Brain 3D Brain

    3D Brain

    DNA Learning Center

    5657 ratings

    Use your touch screen to rotate and zoom around the interactive brain structures. Discover how each brain region functions, what happens when it is injured, and how it is involved in mental illness. Each detailed structure comes with information...

  • Visual Anatomy Free Visual Anatomy Free

    Visual Anatomy Free

    Education Mobile

    27859 ratings

    OVERVIEW: Visual Anatomy Free is an interactive reference, and education tool with audio pronunciation. Now it include a rotational organ 3D overview model!! It contains all body anatomy systems and has more than 500 feature points which can be...

  • How to Draw - Easy Lessons How to Draw - Easy Lessons

    How to Draw - Easy Lessons


    148592 ratings

    Learn to draw with How to Draw! Like a personal art teacher, it will teach you how to draw dozens of different objects and create amazing pictures. • EASY: you don't need any special skills, just start drawing • INTERESTING: try different styles of....