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Its the gaming reviews from someone with a low end android.So,I will try to review the games that I have tried and tested in my ancient android.

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  • Into the Dead

    Into the Dead


    1214692 ratings

    This game was featured in the list of must-play games on your new android phone.And another zombie game with a twist.It combines endless running with zombie kill, the latter being secondary. Mind you, it's pretty difficult,esp when you have to run...

  • Riptide GP2

    Riptide GP2

    Vector Unit

    33244 ratings

    This is one game, which I have no idea how they managed to squeeze such detailed graphics in about 50 mb. One of the games which my fav app reviewer MKBHD uses while testing gaming and graphics in any new phone. Surprisingly it runs smoothly in my...

  • Hopeless: The Dark Cave Hopeless: The Dark Cave

    Hopeless: The Dark Cave

    Upopa Games

    263013 ratings

    Basically just a tap to kill game,but its presentation is cool.A cute little blob kinda character is left stranded in the dark, and from all directions you'll have either monster or your friends coming towards you. And you have to be quick to kill...

  • Paper Toss 2.0 Paper Toss 2.0

    Paper Toss 2.0

    Backflip Studios, Inc.

    238825 ratings

    I really like any projectile based game (apart from angry birds).This one is for you if you like to project your aiming skills on a trashcan.Really amusing, and a kill time and environment friendly.Oh yes,paperballs aren't the only thing that you...

  • Beat the Boss 3

    Beat the Boss 3

    Game Hive Corporation

    755741 ratings

    Previously I had played Beat the boss 2.This is an upgrade if you count the varities of weapons.But I felt there's a real lack of interactive environments unlike its previous versions.I have unlocked all 3 stages and they are only a little more than...

  • Alien Assault Tower Defense TD

    Alien Assault Tower Defense TD


    4018 ratings

    Another tower defense game..I am liking it's retro feel.The ads are a bit annoying though.

  • Shadow Fight 2

    Shadow Fight 2


    7614256 ratings

    This is one of the best arcade styled ninja game I have played. The actions aren't unbelievable, which is really a good thing. The graphics, sounds everything is interesting, I just wish it had more levels and the ability to replay a level after...

  • Zombie Gunship

    Zombie Gunship


    19030 ratings

    An awesome game which takes a different route and puts you up in the air to take down zombies.I just wish it had more stages.

  • Mike V: Skateboard Party

    Mike V: Skateboard Party

    Ratrod Studio Inc.

    2503 ratings

    When I had played the demo version of this game, I was taken by its graphics. I hadn't played any skateboard game with such a solid graphics and environment.Where the game fails is, lack of sufficient levels and very limited stunts. Other than this,...

  • Fly like a bird 3

    Fly like a bird 3


    1838 ratings

    The title really says it all.This game is designed just to fulfill your desire to "fly like a bird".and I ust say that the implementation has been done really well.You actually feel like the bird, which you are controlling in the game.There's a good...

  • Backflip Madness

    Backflip Madness

    Gamesoul Studio

    25479 ratings

    It's a hit game in the ios platform.It has been released quite a few months back so the free apk of the full game is scattered all over the web.Your aim is simple, you have to do a backflip and land on your mark.It needs some practice though,cause...

  • SimpleRockets SimpleRockets


    Jundroo, LLC

    7549 ratings

    This game is for everyone who ever wanted to build a rocket or probably fly in it;its more of the former though.A smart game and quite challenging to master,in this game you need to build and launch rockets.This is quite easy but controlling a...

  • Wingsuit Pro

    Wingsuit Pro

    Swipe Entertainment

    1026 ratings

    Pure adrenaline rush. Are you like me,who dream about jumping from a plane or a mountain top and rushing straight into the earth,tearing through the air?and then again,the realization strikes and you know that you don't even wanna leave the safety...

  • Destroy Gunners SP / ICEBURN!!

    Destroy Gunners SP / ICEBURN!!

    SHADE Inc.

    531 ratings

    I dunno how this game is sized only about 10 mb or something.If you get stuck at a point due to multiple enemies, just keep playing repetively..there is plenty of upgrades throughout the game. It kinda feels like playing in Iron man's suit..but...

  • Destroy Gunners SP

    Destroy Gunners SP

    SHADE Inc.

    795 ratings

    The version of Destroy gunners before iceburn.different stages, similar gameplay.but definitely worth the download.

  • Dark Man Archery Apple Shooter

    Dark Man Archery Apple Shooter

    7Seas Entertainment Limited

    4699 ratings

    One of the very first games that I have played..I really don't understand the lure of angry birds,I think this game has much better physics.The aim is to shoot an apple from a guy's head.Its fun to kill the guy though!

  • Zombie Highway

    Zombie Highway

    Auxbrain Inc

    590872 ratings

    The game proclaims- zombies, cars, guns!!so you are driving in this highway infested with various types of zombies ,who lunge at your car and try to crash it.you rely upon your guns and driving skills to throw off the zombies.nice game.

  • Extreme Skater

    Extreme Skater


    174234 ratings

    I am trying to find a full version of this game.I have played the demo and it's really fun.nice areas,stunts and easy gameplay.it might not be skating the way you think but you surely must like it.

  • Punch Hero

    Punch Hero

    GAMEVIL Inc.

    530976 ratings

    One of the best swipe actioned boxing games in playstore.well defined gameplay, plenty of opponents amd gears. When I was playing it for the first time I managed to beat 15 opponents.getting update is difficult. And yeah you cant reach the final...

  • Zombie Evil

    Zombie Evil

    FT Games

    193336 ratings

    I am playing its modded version now and it got really easy with powerful guns when I was playing the original version.the money and diamond is extremely minimum to buy upgrades. you have to survive the zombie attacks and it does gets overwhelming...