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  • Adventrix Adventrix



    20 ratings

    Jump into Adventrix! Experience the unique fusion between a classic puzzle formula - the falling block game - with an adventurous theme. Help the frog princess and the scaredy toad soldier in their quest to save their pond from a pirate invasion!...

  • ALMA - Rainbow Climber (FREE) ALMA - Rainbow Climber (FREE)

    ALMA - Rainbow Climber (FREE)

    Quickshot Development

    35 ratings

    Have you ever seen a game that was quite as colorful, fast, and FUN as this? Well forget about them, because they don't matter to you anymore! Nothing matters to you anymore except climbing for survival on a tower of rainbow colored blocks and...

  • Bio Inc. - Biomedical Game Bio Inc. - Biomedical Game

    Bio Inc. - Biomedical Game

    DryGin Studios

    366661 ratings

    Bio Inc is a biomedical strategy simulator in which you determine the ultimate fate of a victim by developing the most lethal illness possible. Create your own plague by upgrading diseases, boosting risk factors and slowing down your victim’s r...

  • Bitless


    Nicholas Rapp

    1027 ratings

    The Bitless are after you. Run, jump, and scale walls on your way through 50 levels of platforming action! "Bitless is a precision platformer with a streak of sadism, but it's all the better for it." -Touch Arcade 4.5/5 * 50 intense levels...

  • Block Fortress

    Block Fortress

    Foursaken Media

    5576 ratings

    HUGE update is here! See the changelog for the new and exciting changes! Build your fortress, and defend it to the end! Block Fortress gives you the freedom to create a stronghold in almost any way you can imagine, and then puts you in the middle...

  • Cheer Cubes

    Cheer Cubes


    148 ratings

    A cute and addictive puzzle game with a simple rule: match adorable cubes of the same color! Challenge yourself and others in this pick-up-and play game that is fun and appropriate for the whole family! This game contains 90 levels, two game...

  • Cordis Cordis


    C.I.T.Y. Games

    156 ratings

    Take a journey through a space built of triangles. Visit all the planetary systems. In each one, you will meet a heart that needs your help, to make it beat again. To do so it will need to absorb appropriate comets. Cordis is a relaxing and...

  • Demon Blitz

    Demon Blitz

    Moonfish Software Limited

    877 ratings

    Shoot your way through hundreds of levels in this unique 3D retro-style funny adventure. Fight monsters and engage in dungeon battles with your friends. Upgrade your gear and unlock new ones from an ever growing collection of unique sets. From the...

  • DevilWorks DevilWorks



    6110 ratings

    DevilWorks is a monster-breeding, time-killing, clicker-style game. Give it a go and see if you can complete the monster guide! As of ver1.0.0 there's 246 kinds of monster to collect. 【How to Play】 Raise monsters!  → Raid villages and get their g...

  • Dots and Boxes Multiplayer Dots and Boxes Multiplayer

    Dots and Boxes Multiplayer

    Pocketcrafts Studios

    285 ratings

    Dots & Boxes is a Nostalgic Game that most of us might have played at School or College during the class hours. Now that the students might have passed out of Schools and Colleges and won't be near to each other, we provide a way to play this game...

  • Gravity Flipper

    Gravity Flipper

    VG games

    215 ratings

    “A challenging new arcade title.” –Droidgamers Collect the dots. Avoid the blocks. Reverse gravity. Sounds easy enough? Try reversing the gravity of two worlds at the same time.

  • Guns Blazing!

    Guns Blazing!

    Dancing Cat Development

    12 ratings

    The year is 2842. Organized crime is now in the hands of four gangs who control the large cities from their underground bases. You are the main Enforcer of one of these powerful gangs. Your gang's territory operations are being badly disrupted...

  • Iron Snout

    Iron Snout


    12632 ratings

    Get your hooves ready, kung-fu piglet -  it's time to kick some wolf snout! Fight off your enemies to prove that you’re not another slice of bacon in the pan! Iron Snout+ : S...

  • Looper Jump Looper Jump

    Looper Jump

    Funn Media

    21 ratings

    Save Looper from avoiding the obstacles. Catch Power Ups like Superhero or Immortal to get more points. Beware of Reverse and Apocalypse modes that make the game even harder! Bringing you an exciting update packed with new features: • NEW S...

  • Don't Bump Your Head Don't Bump Your Head

    Don't Bump Your Head


    315 ratings

    Flap your arms and swing your way through 100 challenging rooms. Don't hit the walls or the spikes! Can you escape without losing any limbs? - It's 100% Free forever! - Easy to learn, difficult to master - Original soundtrack by Jaunter...

  • Office Warrior

    Office Warrior


    5 ratings

    Fast pacing 3D action game where you need to swipe incoming folders to their respective color in order to complete each level and climb your way to the top. Unlock and use power moves to help you accomplish your goal and become the ultimate office...

  • Quad Math:Brain Skill Workout

    Quad Math:Brain Skill Workout

    Run Jump Fall

    39 ratings

    Practice makes perfect ! Train your brain to solve multiple equations at once. This is the perfect math exercise for improving your brain power and skills while having fun at the same time. Simple Rules: 4 Equations to solve -- 1 Screen --...

  • Red Green Blue Red Green Blue

    Red Green Blue

    Michał Z.

    995 ratings

    Red Green Blue is a beautiful, relaxing, minimalist game with challenging gameplay and calming music! Elegantly simple gameplay makes the game addictive and very playable. Calming, ambient music makes Red Green Blue very climatic and also soothing...

  • Space Kart Racing Free

    Space Kart Racing Free

    Dave Bollinger

    80 ratings

    "Space Kart Racing is an excellent time-trial racing game that features tight controls, fun gameplay, and a whole whack of customization options for players to fool around with. Be sure to download this indie gem today!" -- Super Game Droid (SGD)...

  • Speed Blazers

    Speed Blazers


    168 ratings

    Prepare yourself for the ultimate rush and conquer as the king of speed blazers in this action packed 3D racer. Equipped with sonic particle blades (SPB) you are able to glide, dash, and jump incredible heights and perform heart pounding tricks in...

  • Star Clash

    Star Clash

    Jonathan Powell Productions

    61 ratings

    Battle awesome enemies with the fast, addictive StarTapper battle mechanic to level up your characters and customize your gear! FEATURES: Awesome arcade mode with tons of opponents! Level up your characters to battle bigger and badder enemies!...

  • Super BoxMan

    Super BoxMan

    BigMoth Studios

    882 ratings

    Try the latest in games of skill and reflexes, this hard game will make you be attentive for any mistake. Once upon a time a little cube in a little town. He watched in the distance how misterious structures were falling from the skies on D'Box...

  • Water My Plant Water My Plant

    Water My Plant


    171 ratings

    Nothing is more depressing than wilting or dying flowers. So to avoid that, water your plant before it’s to late. Water My plant is a real physics based 2d puzzle game in which you will have to guide the raindrop to the pipe so that the water can g...

  • 8bit Doves

    8bit Doves


    315 ratings

    Trapped in a VR world powered by an ancient handheld device, you are forced to endlessly dream in a pixel world of just 4 colours! Doves have taken roost in your prison and though you don’t know it they are the key to your survival. The Doves s...

  • ALONE...


    Laser Dog

    4120 ratings

    ALONE is a handcrafted, intense survival journey through space. Navigate caves, rip through rocky debris, dodge rocks and comets and test your endurance as you pursue ever higher scores in this ultra fast, procedural runner. Ultra fast and intense...

  • Back to Bed

    Back to Bed

    Bedtime Digital Games

    1523 ratings

    Back to Bed is a 3D puzzle Indie game set in a unique, beautiful and artistic dream world, wherein you guide the sleepwalker Bob to the safety of his bed. To achieve this, you must take control of Bob’s subconscious guardian named Subob. The pair t...

  • Crowman & Wolfboy

    Crowman & Wolfboy

    Wither Studios, LLC

    3583 ratings

    "The perfect union of a platformer and an endless runner" - IGN Italy (8.5/10) "I really can’t get enough of this game" - Capsule Computers (10/10) "Haunting, atmospheric and highly playable" - God is a Geek (8/10) "The controls are tight a...

  • Five Nights at Freddy's

    Five Nights at Freddy's

    Scott Cawthon

    86592 ratings

    This is the official mobile port of Five Nights at Freddy's; made with Clickteam Fusion! -This game requires 512 megs of ram to run properly. For most newer devices this shouldn't be a problems....

  • Fuhrer in LA

    Fuhrer in LA

    Ankaar Productions

    325 ratings

    Fuhrer in a LA is a grindhouse-styled top-down action-adventure game which takes place around 1947, unraveling the truth about the demise of the Fuhrer post World War 2. The story starts during the final days of the Fuhrer’s life in the F...

  • Galaxy Siege 2

    Galaxy Siege 2


    19662 ratings

    Build your spaceship and go out to one of the greatest adventures. Galaxy Siege 2 is a fun action game full with upgrades. You have to build your spaceship and go out to different missions in space. Earn money and upgrade your spaceship abilitis....

  • God Strike 2

    God Strike 2

    Magic Cube

    4560 ratings

    The sequel to the iOS game 'God Strike' that has been sold one million copies! Be a god in this city, Check your thunderbolt then swipe down! Now, it's time to punish the villians. FEATURE * Simple and easy swipe control * 140 various campaign...

  • Invaders! From Outer Space

    Invaders! From Outer Space

    Crenetic Publishing GmbH

    14 ratings

    They come in peace, right? That is the question that General Jonah and the crazy scientist Dr. Dent have to answer. Are the invaders really evil just because they want to conquer the whole planet? Is this game truly a replay of the historically...

  • Left Turn Otto Left Turn Otto

    Left Turn Otto


    84 ratings

    Left Turn Otto only likes to turn left but he’ll never get home that way. Or so he thinks! Get Otto safely home by having him make left turns only in this fun screen tapping app. Don’t tell Otto that 3 left turns really end up making one right tur...

  • Oh No, Cubes! Oh No, Cubes!

    Oh No, Cubes!


    14 ratings

    A massively addictive and fun Match three puzzle game. Cubes are invading from space! Tap matching colors to destroy them. Use Special Cubes to line up colors and grab big scores! Use dynamite and bombs to get rid of the rock Cubes. And...don't...

  • Oscura: Second Shadow

    Oscura: Second Shadow

    Surprise Attack

    890 ratings

    Classic platforming meets modern design in a game built and optimised for touch controls. The Driftlands are a gothic and frightening place at the best of times….And this is not the best of times. The Aurora stone has been stolen from the great L...

  • Quest of Dungeons Quest of Dungeons

    Quest of Dungeons

    David Amador

    1195 ratings

    TouchArcade: 4/5 "...very good roguelike and a fun game" 148Apps: 4/5 "Sarcastically difficult" Quest of Dungeons is a turn based dungeon crawler game featuring a good old 16-bit retro artistic look. That thing people usually skip An...

  • Shapist Shapist


    qixen-p design llp

    2262 ratings

    * BEST MOBILE GAME nomination at Indie Prize Amsterdam Shapist is a sliding block puzzle where you can do much more than just slide. We made Shapist to show how a classical game concept can be embraced by physics, experimentation and new...

  • ShootABit BulletHell Roguelike ShootABit BulletHell Roguelike

    ShootABit BulletHell Roguelike

    Deadly Apps

    34 ratings

    #ShootABit is a BulletHell Roguelike shoot em’ up! Build up your ship and take down epic bosses and waves of enemies while defending the galaxy from 2.5d pixel art cube ships. #ShootABit is Free to play. Upgrade your ship and increase your power a...

  • The Silence

    The Silence

    Dale Penlington

    61 ratings

    Ever wanted to star in your own Hitchcock movie? The Silence is an adventure game created in the style of a classic Hitchcock movie. Story: You wake up in a cheap Motel with no recollection of who or where you are. You soon come to also realise...

  • Space Blobs

    Space Blobs

    Simplicial Software, LLC

    661 ratings

    The year is 4,039,213,741. The sun has exploded sending earth careening through space. Now, intergalactic radioactive space blobs have launched an invasion! You are the world's last line of defense, but is your fate already sealed? Clear all of...



    ALL iN

    42 ratings

    Abstract. Musical. Colourful. Hard. Intense: -VIVID- ★FEATURES★ ★ 4 unique game modes ★ Gorgeous abstract aesthetics ★ Original soundtrack inspired by greats like: Super Hexagon, Bit. Trip, VVVVVV, Rez and more! ★ Google Play Leaderboard...

  • Surgeon Simulator

    Surgeon Simulator

    Bossa Studios Ltd

    11009 ratings

    You are the surgeon. Bob is the victim. Do your worst! Take urgent care of the world's unluckiest patient, Bob, with your very own shaky hands. As the would-be surgeon Nigel Burke, perform all kinds of crazy surgeries to try to save his life -- or...

  • Astrorun


    Holymountain Games

    27 ratings

    Astrorun is a highly addictive game where you play the role of a astronaut in a life threatening struggle to reach his spaceship.

  • Core Miner

    Core Miner

    Utility Function Software

    87 ratings

    Core Miner is combat-free space mining game. It is a peaceful experience and allows you to take your time to explore a procedurally generated world and search for valuable minerals to sell. You take on the role of a regular industrial worker...

  • Cosmo Cat Cosmo Cat

    Cosmo Cat

    Matthew Heyman

    589 ratings

    Cosmo Cat is the story of one brave cat's quest to reach meow-ter space. Help our adventurous friend traverse the falling yarn balls and jump his way to space. It's a super fun jumping game that anyone can play. If you love cats and jumping, you...

  • Deep - freediving simulator Deep - freediving simulator

    Deep - freediving simulator

    Thinking Rabbit

    104 ratings

    DEEP, the only freediving simulator is waiting for your tears. Create your diver, train him, dive with him, win, lose, collect, but most important - don’t let him drown! Why you ask? Because freediving is a dangerous sport, and yes, we mean p...

  • Egg Oh Egg Oh

    Egg Oh

    Unravel Games

    71 ratings

    ***Halloween Updates*** Players can now unlock different skins for the goblins and eggs by beating a target score or accumulating eggs! FEED the CUTE goblins of the EggOh! tribe in this FREE, SIMPLE yet CHALLENGING twitch game with addictive...

  • Galaxy Defense Force

    Galaxy Defense Force

    Game Chefs

    261 ratings

    Take command of the galaxy defense force as they fight off the alien horde in a last ditch effort to save Earth. Galaxy defense force is a tribute to the glorious age of arcade space shooters. With powerful weapons, customizable ships and an...

  • GridKill GridKill


    Zsolt Bartok

    31 ratings

    "I love the sound of exploding icons in the morning!" (Colonel Grid) GridKill is a multi-touch action game that tests your finger-eye coordination. Press the row and column buttons to kill icons in the intersection! Features: // Infinite game...

  • Let There Be Life

    Let There Be Life

    Backward pieS

    75 ratings

    Let There Be Life is an award-winning relaxing experience that allows you to build trees and play with wildlife...just don't put too much shadow on the plants below! The strategy of Let There Be Life is to chill and relax. The challenge is to...

  • Louis


    Team Louis

    23 ratings

    In a race for survival, Louis, the worm, dodges obstacles and battles incredible opponents. An innocent fruit can shelter the most terrible threats. Will you be able to save him? ****** Join Louis in this challenging experience - which will...

  • Phoenix Force Phoenix Force

    Phoenix Force

    Awoker Games Brasil

    3794 ratings

    100 Boss Battles to challenge you and your friends! A dragon, a giant eye and the grim reaper confront you using fireballs, lasers and sickles. What do you do? A) Say the game is unfair because you die with a single hit and there are no weak...

  • Quado - Beautiful Arkanoid Quado - Beautiful Arkanoid

    Quado - Beautiful Arkanoid

    Tomas Trajan

    27 ratings

    Beautiful Arkanoid Zen Experience. Addictive arkanoid (breakout) type game combined with beautiful graphic. Just pad, ball and bricks to destroy. . Check out actual scores on . . FEATURES...

  • Skulls of the Shogun

    Skulls of the Shogun


    3509 ratings

    FIVE STARS FROM TOUCHARCADE! Crush your enemies and eat their skulls! Skulls of the Shogun is a fast-paced turn-based strategy game, supercharged with fighting-game flair and double-stuffed with a serious sense of humor! Enter the Samurai...

  • Squarey Squarey


    Nlightened Touch

    231 ratings

    Squarey is a very fun and addictive but a rather hard game. Avoid the hammers for as long as you can! Be extra careful! Can you react fast enough to avoid the hammers? Directions : Tap anywhere on the screen to make Squarey jump, must avoid...

  • The Shaft The Shaft

    The Shaft

    MapleScot Development

    70 ratings

    Ready, Steady..... DROP! - The Shaft is a fast paced and challenging obstacle avoidance game in the style of old 80's PC games, but updated for the 21st century. - Pilot your drop-ship down a long and winding shaft by using the intuitive motion...

  • Music Runner Music Runner

    Music Runner

    Further Games Studio

    2846 ratings

    The music is your track! Stay on track shifting direction right on time and play the melody note by note gliding through a musical maze. Swipe in the direction of the arrows to dash through the level. Use the accelerometer or your finger to hit...

  • Squid Slash - Monster Slice

    Squid Slash - Monster Slice

    Pixels On Fire Games

    802 ratings

    Are you brave enough to fight against a sea monster? In Squid Slash - Monster Slice you play as a sea man who gets attacked by a monster kraken. You job is to slice this monster squid into pieces and show him who is boss. The game features ever...

  • 1080 Challenge 1080 Challenge

    1080 Challenge

    Deadly Serious Media

    347 ratings

    So this is were the app description would go huh? Well, I don't think you should get one. Why? That's none of your business. This is a game and you don't HAVE to play it now do you? If you think you can beat me then go ahead and download the...

  • Axle


    Fallstreak Studio

    56 ratings

    Axle is a mobile platformer set in a world of gears. You play as an exuberant little gear named Axle who maneuvers through dangerous machines, repairing them from the inside out. The game features a vibrant hand-painted art style and an original...

  • Big 3

    Big 3

    Langley Creations

    78 ratings

    Based on the world famous comedy podcast and the cult Comedy Central film "Windy City Heat", it's The Big 3 Videogame! Play as Perry, Don, and Mole as you race through the streets of Chicago and collect powerups. Avoid deadly enemies such as...

  • Bomb the 'Burb

    Bomb the 'Burb

    Thundersword Games

    386 ratings

    Bomb the 'Burb is the perfect game for any one who sees themselves as a Problem Solver, with over 100 tricky 'Burbs to blow up! ★★★★★ DESCRIPTION ★★★★★ Bomb the 'Burb is a puzzle game where You, the player, needs to think carefully about bom...

  • Calculords


    Ninja Crime, Inc.

    1696 ratings

    "I just ran the numbers: this is the best game of 2014 so far." - Pocket Tactics Earth has been destroyed by the evil Hate Bit and you are the Last Star Nerd! Only you can control mighty armies with Calculord Cards and battle to the edge of...

  • Clockwork Kiwi: Dungeon Dash

    Clockwork Kiwi: Dungeon Dash

    Glass Dream Entertainment

    22 ratings

    Clockwork Kiwi: Dungeon Dash is an action packed steam punk two part adventure. Riding on the back of your clockwork kiwi bird, escape from the depths of the stone cold dungeon. Run, jump, dash and dive your way through perilous obstacles,...

  • Clustership Clustership


    WRI Studio

    14 ratings

    Build your custom ship from blocks, then fly through asteroid mazes and fight cosmic butterflies, evil green tentacled things, purple space cyclops and king skulls! Decide exactly how you want to build your ship, where to place defenses, the...

  • Deep Under the Sky

    Deep Under the Sky

    Northway Games

    358 ratings

    A zen-paced arcade game about exploding jellyfish. Using simple controls, fly through the air and explore a psychedelic alien landscape. "I dig it... I dig it greatly." - TotalBiscuit "So gorgeous and well-made that it's worth checking out no...

  • Elder Towers

    Elder Towers

    Akashan Games

    81 ratings

    Features: * TCG game mechanisms realized in real-time 3D environment * Third person view RTS * Free-roaming single-player RPG campaign * Multiplayer duel * 160 mind-boggling spells * 104 summoned units, fully animated 3D characters * 3 character...

  • Finger VS Axes

    Finger VS Axes

    Brutal Studio

    94524 ratings

    Finger VS Axes is a free, unique & funny action game where you are the big boss finger. Use your finger to taunt the enemy. Swipe to evade & avoid its attacks. Mmm bash and smash it on rocks when it's time! A fun action game featuring awesome...

  • Goalcraft - Goalkeeper Game Goalcraft - Goalkeeper Game

    Goalcraft - Goalkeeper Game


    283 ratings

    The goalkeeper's challenge is to keep the soccer ball out of your nets. Do your best and enjoy fun graphics and realistic sound effects. Like real soccer - this fun game is easy to learn, but difficult to master. Game features include: -...

  • Max Gentlemen

    Max Gentlemen

    The Men Who Wear Many Hats LLC

    1061 ratings

    Max Gentlemen is an arcade-style extreme manners simulator about stacking hats, inspired by a spam email for male enhancement. *Stack hats, dodge obstacles *Over 39 hats to collect *Cross-platform local multiplayer *Extra characters, levels and...

  • Neonize Neonize


    Defenestrate Studios

    664 ratings

    Neonize - A rhythm and memory based shooter game for those seeking a fun challenge! The goal is simple. Survive. How far can you get? The name of the game is to shoot down your foes. Enemies will come after you, one after another in a pattern,...

  • PickCrafter PickCrafter



    164576 ratings

    Mine gems, collect pickaxes and discover treasure filled worlds in PickCrafter! Tap or swing to break blocks and collect picks. Use your picks to open chests loaded with treasure. Unlock many collectibles. Explore different biomes and see if you...

  • Pixelo


    Megusta games

    2109 ratings

    Pixelo is a simple logic puzzle game commonly known as Picross or Pic-a-Pix. The main goal of Pixelo is to fill out pixels with given clues....

  • Size DOES Matter

    Size DOES Matter

    Channel 4 Television Corporation

    725 ratings

    ** Pocket Gamer Silver Award "a game that's easy to love, but utterly fiendish to truly master." ** Size DOES Matter is an award-winning rhythm action with a simple premise; manoeuvre through gates in time to music, using simple touch-screen...

  • Spooklands



    161 ratings

    *** You need to have Android 3.2 or newer to run this game! *** NIGHTMARES AND CREEPY CREATURES WAIT FOR YOU IN THIS AMAZING ONE-FINGER-SHOOTER Spooklands is a unique survival game in which you tap to shoot, and shoot to move. With every touch,...

  • Swipe & Slash Swipe & Slash

    Swipe & Slash

    poemdexter games

    43 ratings

    Deep In The Dungeon, Adventure Awaits! Help the Pug Knight slash through enemy encounters by matching numbers and symbols on cards. The higher the number value, the more powerful the ability will be. After your journey, stop by the shop and buy...

  • Tapmanic Tapmanic


    Adam Bartkow

    26 ratings

    Tapmanic is a tile tapping game where speed and accuracy is the key. Hit the green button to increase your score multiplier whilst avoiding the other buttons. 36 tile tapping levels of increasing difficulty varying from 3 ties to random color...

  • They Need To Be Fed 3

    They Need To Be Fed 3

    Bit Ate Bit

    260 ratings

    360 degree gravity platforming is back! Run, jump, collect, avoid enemies and feed yourself to the monster at the end! "They Need To Be Fed" is a platformer game in which you can walk in all directions: 360 degree gravity ensures you can never...

  • Wan Nyan Slash Wan Nyan Slash

    Wan Nyan Slash

    Hanaji Games

    80 ratings

    Wan Nyan Slash is an infinite adorable demon slaying slashing action game! Play as the wandering samurai Wan and Nyan as they journey to save ancient Japan! Tap and drag Wan and Nyan to guide their slash paths to take out as many demons as...

  • Babylon 2055 Pinball Babylon 2055 Pinball

    Babylon 2055 Pinball


    18 ratings

    Did you like Quantic Pinball ?! You will love Babylon Pinball ! - Incredibly realistic physics - 9 different game modes - 7 original tables - 1 endless special table Each game mode features a special gameplay : - Big Points - Black Line -...

  • Cactus Crisis

    Cactus Crisis

    Wishes Machine

    0 ratings

    Cacti were trying to explore the depths of space. Suddenly they found themselves in an unexpected crisis. They were drifting helplessly in space and waiting for a hero to help them.Now you can save them by controlling your spaceships.Cactus Crisis...

  • Cellvolution (Cell Evolution)

    Cellvolution (Cell Evolution)

    Bushi Studios

    30 ratings

    Go deep into the evolution world helping Cells to multiply themselves in order to create species from different periods of time. Complete its levels to see what animal is hidden behind each stage. Test yourself overcoming each level with the...

  • Desert Golfing

    Desert Golfing

    Captain Games

    4070 ratings

    To see a world in a bunker of sand And a heaven in a wild cactus, Hold infinity in the pocket of your shorts, And eternity in Desert Golfing.

  • Digits Digits


    Simple Machine

    575 ratings

    Digits is a hypnotic new numbers game. Clear the board by decreasing all numbers to zero. Tap to decrease a number and the numbers around it. Be careful though because numbers in isolation cannot be decreased. Order of operations matters. (Yes,...

  • Doppler Doppler


    My Go Studio Ltd

    124 ratings

    **** We've removed all advertising! Doppler is, and will stay, completely free with all features available to all users. If you enjoy it, let us know with a review, or drop us a small donation from the heart button! **** Like twitch action games?...

  • Galactic Rush

    Galactic Rush

    Simpleton Game

    28698 ratings

    Play Galactic Rush now! and compete with your friends! There's a conflict brewing in our galaxy, caused by an unanswered question: "Who is the fastest in this galaxy?" Represent human (or other alien races) and prove that you're the fastest...

  • Go Postal ! Go Postal !

    Go Postal !

    doodah productions

    5 ratings

    Go Postal is an old school arcade style casual game. Become a postman and filter flawed stamps. Sounds like an easy task ? Counterfeiters may surprise you ! Easy to play, challenge your friends and train your skills to unlock and collect new...

  • Let's Fall Let's Fall

    Let's Fall

    Let's Fall Games

    217 ratings

    "This is a simple game - and we like simple games, because simple games please our simple minds." - Game of the Day on Mobile Entertainment "Let’s Fall has arrived to introduce a healthy dose of adorable personality and beautiful graphics in the m...

  • Peg Monsters Peg Monsters

    Peg Monsters

    Breadboy Games

    2 ratings

    The Peg Monsters are here, and it's only up to You, who will be the last one! Guide the cute monsters trough mind-boggling logic puzzles based on the old traditional game called peg soltaire. Mind-bending brain-teasers and lots of cutesy - that's...

  • Perfect Moon

    Perfect Moon

    Will Sykes Games

    52 ratings

    Perfect Moon is a platform game which blends a unique art style with crazy gravitational physics and addictive game play. The game has been built on an intuitive control system which allows great depth without over simplification of the game play....

  • Rhythm Square Rhythm Square

    Rhythm Square


    31 ratings

    Move the Rhythm Square to check-in the checkpoints. Your precision will be crucial to win points, bonuses and items. Pass through the different zones that change the gameplay, collect and use the items to gain special bonuses and effects....

  • RPSwipe RPSwipe



    6 ratings

    RPSwipe is a twisted Rock, Paper, Scissors game. "Rock breaks Scissors, Scissors cut Paper and Paper covers Rock" are the main rules of the game. You swipe in any direction trying to make blue tiles beat red ones to increase your score. The game...

  • Shamy Spirits

    Shamy Spirits

    TK Games

    33 ratings

    Ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you an unique game, Shamy Spirits! Experience something completely new and fresh, in a game with a unique art style. One of the kind aesthetics, joined by good old-school mechanics, perfectly tuned for touch...

  • Squareland Squareland


    Walking Thumbs PTE

    29 ratings

    Blu's blocky friends are lost in Squareland! Help Blu smash, dodge, and fly across the four corners of the forest with his guide Pixy as he squares off against the dangerous cubic world! * * * * * * * * * * Features: - Physics-based Puzzles -...

  • Stop the Bots

    Stop the Bots

    Scary Robot

    36 ratings

    Get the FULL GAME for FREE! All 90 levels included! Download NOW! Only you can stop the robot filled alien ship from attacking Earth by sneaking on board and disabling it from the inside! "Stop The Bots" perfectly blends arcade action and logic...

  • Sumico - the numbers game Sumico - the numbers game

    Sumico - the numbers game


    9730 ratings

    **UPDATE: NO MORE ADS!** "Best Free Android Game of the Week" --POCKET GAMER "Finally, something for anyone who’s been enjoying number-puzzle games like Threes! in recent months" --The Guardian "SUMICO is a breath of fresh air after digging t...

  • Super Space Adventure

    Super Space Adventure

    Dragan's games

    129 ratings

    After receiving a distress signal you land on a planet. An alien needs your help to find the others who are trapped below the surface. Explore, rescue, and face the dangers of this unknown planet! Collect power-ups which open up new parts of the...

  • Warehouse Rush

    Warehouse Rush


    3 ratings

    Our hero Cid is taking time out from his usual career as a ninja warrior to use his other major skill which just so happens to be driving a forklift. The warehouse where he works is in a complete mess and all the crates need loading into the...

  • years in light years in light

    years in light

    Tonk Games

    13 ratings

    In the far distant future. A ship is on the hunt for a planet to call home, humanity's last hope. Your target, as captain of the ship, is to survive for as long as possible. To your aid you have the ship's laser cannon, but be aware, your...

  • ZEZ: Cat vs Robots ZEZ: Cat vs Robots

    ZEZ: Cat vs Robots

    Artbit Studios

    655 ratings

    Match 3 or more robots to make ZEZ the cat fly as high as he can. Forget The Clones, This Match Game Is Like No Other! Playing is simple: you line up same colored robots, smash them and rise as high as you can until the time runs out. Collect...

  • Zucken Zucken


    Hobnail Studios

    57 ratings

    • WHAT IS ZUCKEN? Zucken is a game about swiping and tapping frenetically while listening to great music, watching the scenery dance and your phone go completely nuts. • TWITCH-ACTION GAMEPLAY The gameplay is frenetic. Seriously frenetic. With no...

  • Munin


    Daedalic Entertainment GmbH

    42 ratings

    Imagine you could move mountains - literally! With realistic physics, Norse runes, rotating platforms and a lot of gray cells you'll help Munin, Odin's messenger in her very own 2D-adventure, to reclaim her power on a journey through Yggdrasil...

  • Devious Dungeon

    Devious Dungeon

    Noodlecake Studios Inc

    3083 ratings

    Devious Dungeon is a medieval action platforming game by the creators of Random Heroes and League of Evil! The catacombs under the Kingdom are infested with evil creatures. You must venture deep within the dungeons eliminating the threat! Slay...

  • 21 Dice 21 Dice

    21 Dice


    127 ratings

    21 Dice - Skill. Luck. Brain. Indie Game of the Week at "Excellent graphics and a perfect interface. [...] Strangely addictive." - "21 Dice is a fantastic new card game/puzzler that shouldn’t be passed up." - S...

  • ANKI



    85 ratings

    "ANKI" is a new platform, arcade, puzzle , game made by an independent artist Wojciech Krupinski. Incredibly addictive idea, which is teleport from left to right and from top to bottom, the author provides us with nice and pleasant moments. The...

  • Apache Gunner

    Apache Gunner

    Darie Productions

    9191 ratings

    Apache Gunner is a first-person shooter where you play as a gunner in an attack helicopter Apache. Eliminate the enemies using the Canon 30mm or the powerful Hellfire missile in various missions. In Challenge mode, defeat the enemies coming in...

  • Boss Wave

    Boss Wave

    ElectroWolff Games

    4 ratings

    With some friendly extra-terrestrial help, shoot, explode and smash your way to victory. Aliens have some pretty sweet technology and they've given it to you on this most heroic of tasks. Don't question their motives, who cares when there's stuff...

  • Bronko Blue, the kitten copter

    Bronko Blue, the kitten copter


    31 ratings

    Do you like innovative Action Indie Games? Try Bronko Blue, our new atmospheric side scroller. „Game of the Day: Bronko Blue, the Kitten Copter (...) offers an atmospheric kitty-loving action title, perfect for those really boring commutes" - m...

  • Bug Raiders FREE Bug Raiders FREE

    Bug Raiders FREE

    Tibor Fobel

    3 ratings

    Get ready to defend your flower from invading bugs! Use your finger to tap on the bugs to smash them before they eat your lovely flower. How to Play • Tap the bugs on the screen • Protect your Flower • Collect the Bonuses • Avoid the dangero...

  • Crazy Cupcakes Crazy Cupcakes

    Crazy Cupcakes


    1171 ratings

    Compare scores against friends through the integrated weekly Facebook leader-board. Tired of redundant static obstacles? Check this out! • Moving obstacles • Spiked obstacles • Invisible obstacles • Stalker obstacles • Cascading obstacles • Fast pa...

  • Eat The RUDE Eat The RUDE

    Eat The RUDE


    158 ratings

    Nobody likes rude people and their behavior. Have you ever wanted to do something about that, get rid of them? NOW is your chance! Finally you can get your revenge! Don't let the rude ruin your day, eat them instead!!! Hannibal does something...

  • Fat Dragons

    Fat Dragons

    Nostatic Software

    4 ratings

    Fly your dragon and do battle against enemy dragons across a variety of environments. Fly among the trees in a lush jungle. Fight within the ruins of an ancient city. Dodge the molten fireballs that rain down from an erupting volcano. Avoid rain...

  • Finn Folktales Giant Rush Finn Folktales Giant Rush

    Finn Folktales Giant Rush


    5 ratings

    • Play as the legendary hero Finn Mc Cool! • Run from your nemesis: The giant Benandonner • Travel through the Antrim coastline; avoiding obstacles along the way • Just don’t let Benandonner catch you! • How long can you last?

  • Grumpy Gorilla Grumpy Gorilla

    Grumpy Gorilla

    Fancy Turnip

    182 ratings

    Story: Waking up on the wrong side of the bed, Grumpy Gorilla is a wind-up toy that is ready to demolish the Empire Block Building, yet this building fights back. Avoid the buildings assault as you fight through this endless battle. --Simple...

  • Kapsula


    Beavl Games

    297 ratings

    “Go grab it immediately.” ~ (Droid Life) Kapsula is a puzzle/racer set in a Soviet space colony full of clones. *WARNING: It's a difficult game, comrade! FEATURING: - Retrofuturistic Soviet space colonies! - Clones! - Brutalist architecture in dee...

  • Pinta Loves Balloons Pinta Loves Balloons

    Pinta Loves Balloons


    5 ratings

    If you are in search for a fresh, easy to play, puzzle game with some light-strategy elements, stop the search here, you have just found it! With a simple swipe gesture on the screen you can help Pinta to retrieve more balloons as he can, seem too...

  • Shapik: the quest

    Shapik: the quest

    Paul Podberezko

    12575 ratings

    This is a story of Shapik, traveling through magic forest in search of his missing sister. Explore a beautiful world, full of mystery, magic and danger and find your missing sister, solving puzzles on your way.

  • Star Muncher - Asteroids Game Star Muncher - Asteroids Game

    Star Muncher - Asteroids Game

    Bor Koek

    87 ratings

    An elegant, fun, and challenging finger runner where you need to collect stars, and avoid the asteroids. Sounds pretty easy, doesn't it? Just keep your finger on the screen and try to keep up. You move faster the further you progress. Can you...

  • Traps & Cat

    Traps & Cat


    102 ratings

    Do you think you are patient enough to play this game? Honestly, this game is ridiculous and try to make to angry. This may take you a lot of time to complete the game. Are you ready to accept the challenge? Traps & Cat is an adventure game...

  • Twinbots PRO Puzzle/Platforms Twinbots PRO Puzzle/Platforms

    Twinbots PRO Puzzle/Platforms

    M10 Games

    4 ratings

    Twinbots is a really addicting and hard puzzle, action and platforming game! Test your brain and your ability and help twinbots overcome difficult tests! You control various twinbots simultaneously, so you will have to think before acting. Use...

  • RPG Band of Monsters RPG Band of Monsters

    RPG Band of Monsters


    17741 ratings

    NOW YOU CAN PLAY FOR FREE! USD7.99->FREE!!! Befriend monsters with the power of sound! Full-scale monster taming RPG! A Monster Tamer, Zara, meets a little girl during his training, and gradually becomes involved in a huge sequence of events… H...

  • Thomas Was Alone

    Thomas Was Alone

    Bossa Studios Ltd

    8634 ratings

    - Pocket Gamer Awards 2015 Nominee: Android Game of the Year - BAFTA 2013 Winner: Performance (Danny Wallace as Narrator) - BAFTA 2013 Nominee: Story - BAFTA 2013 Nominee: Original Score Meet Thomas, a curious rectangle, and help him unravel the...

  • 1Quest


    Ratz 'N' Godz

    207 ratings

    1Quest is a roguelike, where you control a young adventurer who pursues an evil blood cult, after they abducts several children, including the princess of the kingdom! You got 7 days before he can start his evil ritual to summon an ancient demon...

  • Bungle!


    Ghost Crab Games

    2626 ratings

    Bungle! is a fast-paced reflex game that's easy to play and hard to master. There are a lot of jobs to do and your boss is watching -- one mistake and you're fired! Bungle! features: • Three gameplay modes • Google Play leaderboards and ach...

  • Dancing Ship Dancing Ship

    Dancing Ship

    Alimoe Wu

    11 ratings

    Dancing Ship is a 2D space flight emulate game. In Dancing Ship you need overcome the gravitation and meanwhile dodge from the enemy flights. It could be the hardest game you have ever see. Collect the stars nearby and once the energy full, there...

  • Dirt Inc. Dirt Inc.

    Dirt Inc.

    Digital Panda Studios

    32251 ratings

    Tap your way to an earthy empire in “Dirt Inc.” and become the global power house in the world market! ---------------------------------------- Game Features • Simple one tap controls to dig as many minerals as you can! • Spend your income...

  • The Dramatic Story: DA

    The Dramatic Story: DA


    6 ratings

    In an unknown to anybody to a pattern where clouds envelop everything around, and the earth leaves from under feet, there live the whole families to anybody unknown beings. And once in one of small families there was a big trouble... Mother of...

  • Echoes: Deep-sea Exploration

    Echoes: Deep-sea Exploration

    Cheese Burgames

    16 ratings

    In the land of the mines, Captain Krats is king Echoes: Deep-sea Exploration is an exploration game that sails you aboard the S.M.D Imperceptible, a minesweeper submarine, with the Captain Krats and his sparkling mechanic, Pam, always prepared to...

  • Final Destination Final Destination

    Final Destination


    3 ratings

    The game is a casual finger-maze-runner game that comes with 2 modes. CASUAL mode - There are plenty of challenging mazes designed for you. - What you need to do is to avoid all the obstacles while navigating to the destination in order to pass...

  • Germ Smash

    Germ Smash

    Kristofer Chiao

    11 ratings

    **The GERMS are invading and it's up to you to SMASH them!** Germ Smash is a challenging action game where quick reflexes and accuracy are the formulas for success. Simply tap to smash germs and even collect power-ups to aid you. Just be careful...

  • Lub Dub - Platformer

    Lub Dub - Platformer


    97 ratings

    Lub Dub, a challenging 8-bit platformer with awesome game play. Rescue your one true love, who’s been kidnapped by an evil witch, as you make your way through a perplexing maze riddled with booby traps , killer spikes, enchanted turrets and much m...

  • Paint it Back

    Paint it Back

    Casual Labs

    1029 ratings

    2013 Puzzle Game of the Year - Pocket Tactics. "Paint It Back looks great, has fun and clever puzzles, and just plain feels good to play."- Touch Arcade, 4.5 / 5. "Wait, what time is it? I missed dinner and breakfast? It’s hard to put this one d...

  • ReactionLab 2 ReactionLab 2

    ReactionLab 2

    H.F. Games

    655 ratings

    ReactionLab 2 is a critically acclaimed 8-bit particle sandbox inspired by ‘Falling Sand’ and ‘The Powder Toy’. Let your inner mad scientist shine by drawing elements onto the canvas and watching them interact in real time. Featuring 80+ element...

  • Rescue Co.

    Rescue Co.


    50 ratings

    Spin the Explorers to safety! You have just been hired as a Rescuenaut! Unfortunate Explorer’s spaceship has crashed and you have to rescue the crew! The terrain will be rough and there will be challenging obstacles and black holes in the way. Stay w...

  • Rogue's Tale Rogue's Tale

    Rogue's Tale

    GLHF Games

    121 ratings

    Travel the world, searching for the biggest and baddest foes to beat, looting treasures and gaining strength. Become the best warrior of the land! Features: √ Large, procedurally generated dungeons full of riches √ No In-App purchases or adv...




    639 ratings

    “SPINRUSH's controls and mechanics are simple and solid” - Chloi Rad, "An exciting and simplistic game with retro graphics and an original gameplay" - Anna Grace, Best Android games of the week (Pocket Gamer) / Top 10....

  • Stack of Defense

    Stack of Defense


    127 ratings

    Stack of Defense is a hybrid between physics puzzle, block stacker game with a shooter and defense game. Your main mission is to prevent the bots from reaching the exit gate. Build your army of blocks, stack the blocks, and blockade the bot's...




    93 ratings

    Swip3. The addictive match-3 game for Android Wear & Mobile Devices! Simply swipe to match 3 and get as many points as possible. IMPORTANT INSTALLATION NOTICE: Please update the Wear Mini Launcher before playing. Old versions will cause a black...

  • Traps n' Gemstones

    Traps n' Gemstones

    Donut Games

    397 ratings

    - #1 Hot Game @ Touch Arcade - PocketGamer GOLD AWARD - GameZebo: "Hands down, this is one of the best games of 2014" - Touch Arcade: Rated 5 / 5 - ArcadeLife: Rated 9.5 / 10 TRAPS N' GEMSTONES is an adventurous platform game, among gamers...

  • Tri Tri


    Jubjub Studios

    27 ratings

    Put your visual pattern recognition skills to the test with Tri, an addictive and stimulating brain training puzzle game for players of all ages. Match up sets of three symbols according to shape, color, fill and number in a race against the...

  • Kick the Critter - Smash Him! Kick the Critter - Smash Him!

    Kick the Critter - Smash Him!


    10077 ratings

    “Kick the Critter is funny, colorful and highly addictive - an excellent combination for any game to strive for.” Supergamedroid “I was surprised at how much time I spent with Kick the Critter – Smash Him! as it’s the kind of game that creeps up...

  • Super Heavy Sword

    Super Heavy Sword

    Monster Robot Studios

    175 ratings

    Get Ready to Get HEAVY! "Super Heavy Sword is a shiny, happy little Mario clone with a heavy dose of Ghosts & Goblins, thanks to tough multi-hit enemies and equipment upgrades. It's also a good example of how to do a retro platformer right: notice...

  • Bug Heroes 2

    Bug Heroes 2

    Foursaken Media

    4994 ratings

    Every day while you're gone, an epic battle of swords, guns, and armor rages on your counters, on your floors, and in your yard... Enter the world of the Bug Heroes! From the creators of Monster Adventures and Heroes & Castles comes a new...

  • The Boy With Bombs

    The Boy With Bombs

    Chris Savory

    88 ratings

    Bomb! Dash! Survive! The Boy With Bombs is a fast paced adventure where you blast through waves of enemies in a beautiful 16-bit era aesthetic.

  • Caravandroid Caravandroid


    Ryan Bunting

    12 ratings

    The ultimate homage to the 2 and 5 minute Caravan runs from PC Engine/Turbo Grafx classics like Super Star Soldier and Nexzr Special, developed as a love letter to the classic shmups of yesteryear and their glorious time attack modes. Features:...

  • Drive to Hell Drive to Hell

    Drive to Hell

    Ghost Crab Games

    79 ratings

    Drive to Hell is an action-packed, top-down shooter where you'll take a ride through an army of monsters to exact revenge on the Demon King for destroying your favorite dive bar. Enemies assault from all sides, each with its own special...

  • Grabbity



    5168 ratings

    Grabbity: Fall for it! Fall for the game that will make you lose balance! The Grabbians existence is in danger, their energy has been stolen by the evil Crawlers that live underground. Their only hope is a little brave Grabbian that has decided...

  • Hardcore Platformer League

    Hardcore Platformer League

    Way To The Heaven Studios

    252 ratings

    Hey there! Heard you are looking for a platform game that actually plays great on your touchscreen device. Well, look no further. HPL (Hardcore Platformer League) is a skill-based platform game that is all about fun tricks and speedrunning....

  • Hues Game - 4x4 card matching! Hues Game - 4x4 card matching!

    Hues Game - 4x4 card matching!

    Little Boat Studios

    1781 ratings

    ★★WINNER OF 'INDIE GAME OF THE YEAR (PEOPLE'S CHOICE) AWARD' AT NASSCOM GAME DEVELOPER CONFERENCE 2014★★ ★★SELECTED AS BEST GAME OF ASIA IN 2014 BY TECHINASIA.COM★★ Hues is puzzle card game. By merging cards of the same color (hue), you earn points...

  • har•mo•ny 2 har•mo•ny 2

    har•mo•ny 2


    251 ratings

    "Positively the most relaxing yet mentally stimulating game I've ever played” har•mo•ny 2 is a beautiful puzzle experience of color and music blended in perfect harmony. "...the perfect harmonious mix of color, music, and puzzle" - AppAdvice "...f...

  • Inside Job Inside Job

    Inside Job

    Frozen Tea Studio

    58 ratings

    A challenging puzzle game where you position lights during the day, so that you can sneak through in the shadows at night. "A fun game which makes you think" - Appszoom "Interesting premise" - Android Authority ★ Featuring 30 levels Complete e...

  • KungFu Man KungFu Man

    KungFu Man

    ArecaNut Studio

    1335 ratings

    To become the legendary Kung Fu Man, one has to pass the trial of the wooden dummy. Do you have what it takes to overcome the challenge? =Features= - Simple Control - Tap left or right to attack and avoid branches - Intense gameplay - Each...

  • Nexionode Nexionode


    Big Round Eyes

    38 ratings

    “Excellent gameplay, good writing, appropriate graphics, and high sound quality. It’s addictive to the point of rage and really challenges the player to think in new ways.” ManaPool “I cannot recall a more exciting innovation in a puzzle game without...

  • NinjaCat


    Pineapple Game Studios

    154 ratings

    WARNING: This game is not easy. Do you have the skills of a NinjaCat?? Help NinjaCat to become a master ninja cat as you embark on a magical quest to find the legendary lost ninja headbands! Nyan! Experience an adorable arcade retro world like no...

  • OMFG - Oh My Fat Guy

    OMFG - Oh My Fat Guy

    Subliminal Gaming

    53 ratings

    OMFG must roll! Roll through a food filled world and avoid the spikes or else you will pop! How far will you go and how much will you eat in this fast paced endless runner? -ROLL your way through a food filled world -JUMP to catapult you past...

  • Phat Phrog Phat Phrog

    Phat Phrog


    72 ratings

    Phat Phrog is an all new one of a kind free to play, physics based addictive arcade game that puts your reflexes and skills to the test (and also your patience). ★ ADDICTIVE GAMEPLAY! Stay above the Surf! guide Phlam from log to log, try your best t...

  • QuBe


    Fat Fish Games

    527 ratings

    In QuBe you play through up to 10* brain-busting and finger-twitching challenges in a race against time. Each level has you interacting in various ways: tapping, sliding, dragging, stopping, jumping, collecting and much more. Each getting faster...

  • ready steady play ready steady play

    ready steady play

    Cowboy Games

    2568 ratings

    Ready Steady Play is a Wild West-themed game starring an affable cowboy and his trusty hobby horse. Easy to learn and hard to master, Ready Steady Play expands on the beautifully minimal aesthetic and gameplay of its predecessor, Ready Steady...

  • Slightly Magic

    Slightly Magic

    Potassium Frog Ltd

    8 ratings

    He's back! Slightly returns in an authentic remake of the original classic arcade adventure. Bigwiz the wizard has left the castle in a hurry, in order to turn the King’s son Newton back into a frog. Indeed, he was in such a hurry that he forgot to p...

  • Super Tank Arena Battles

    Super Tank Arena Battles


    242 ratings

    Fight with endless waves of enemies in this colorful arena shooter. You can play in one of five game modes: -Survival -Catch the Flag -One on One -Mines Rush -Hardcore Survival Collect bonuses, upgrade your tank and crush your opponents. Compete...

  • Uppercup Football (Soccer)

    Uppercup Football (Soccer)

    Motion Twin

    5049 ratings

    Forget the rules in this free arcade soccer game! Do whatever it takes to score goals while avoiding the landmines, unicorns, pumpkins and teleporters on the pitch! Control your players with one thumb in this super simple but highly addictive...

  • Vector Swarm Vector Swarm

    Vector Swarm

    Moonlight Games ©

    33 ratings

    A fast paced endless runner combining both shooting and dodging! Use tilt controls to fly your ship through obstacles while shooting them for points. FEATURES: - 50+ hand crafted level layouts with increasing difficulty - Variety of enemies -...

  • Wrath Of Godjelly - Ant Smash Wrath Of Godjelly - Ant Smash

    Wrath Of Godjelly - Ant Smash


    72 ratings

    AVENGE YOUR WIFES' MURDER !!! Godjelly and Godjellina were on their picnic when their worst fears were realized. They were attacked by the ants and Godjellina was killed. Godjelly swore revenge! DESTROY THEM ALL AND BRING SOLACE TO GODJELLINAS'...

  • Poker's Eyes - Texas Solitaire Poker's Eyes - Texas Solitaire

    Poker's Eyes - Texas Solitaire


    3 ratings

    A never seen Match-3 Texas Hold'Em game! Prepare your finger and swipe on the screen in search of the best possible poker hand. Test how efficiently is your Poker's Eyes Factor and try to climb the Google Play leaderboards! And maybe, you'll also...

  • Game of Thrones Ascent

    Game of Thrones Ascent

    Disruptor Beam

    44167 ratings

    Disruptor Beam's award-winning FREE GAME game based on George R. R. Martin and HBO’s Game of Thrones series has come to Google Play! Pledge yourself or your Alliance to the Starks, Lannisters or Targaryens, embark on quests with Jon Snow, Tyrion L...

  • Lost Toys

    Lost Toys

    Barking Mouse Studio, Inc.

    171 ratings

    Lost Toys is a mentally engaging 3D puzzle game of profound beauty, depth and challenge. Toys are lost, broken, or forgotten. Fixing them promises to right this hauntingly gorgeous chamber and restore the childhood innocence that has been lost....

  • Wayward Souls

    Wayward Souls

    Noodlecake Studios Inc

    8598 ratings

    Wayward Souls is an action-adventure game built for quick playthroughs and massive amounts of replay value. It was inspired by Spelunky, Secret of Mana, and our previous game, Mage Gauntlet. Procedurally generated random levels mean that every...

  • Beyond Gravity

    Beyond Gravity

    Qwiboo Ltd

    402 ratings

    50% SALE TO CELEBRATE RELEASE OF BEYOND GRAVITY ON iOS! Beyond Gravity is procedurally generated "platformer" where you jump in-between planets and try to collect as many pickups as you can. This action game gets progressively harder the further...

  • Candy Chomper Candy Chomper

    Candy Chomper

    Daniel Silveira do Nascimento

    38 ratings

    Help Chompy to eat all the Candy around! Each level will challenge you to find the right order to be able to eat all the candy! In this FREE game you'll have infinite levels within 4 different difficulty settings! The rules are simple: - Chompy...

  • Cute Chopper

    Cute Chopper

    Metrik Games

    19 ratings

    CUTE CHOPPER is now available in your own very hands! Would you like to see cute little fuzzy pixel animals get hacked to tiny pixel pieces with their tiny pixel blood spurting all over the floor? Well we have all of that and more in this Pixel...

  • Colligo Colligo


    Carl Karjalainen

    1331 ratings

    Super simple super arcade game! Touch to switch color and try to have the same color as the falling objects. Four difficulty levels with leaderboards and achievements.

  • Damn Little Town Damn Little Town

    Damn Little Town


    118 ratings

    50% OFF! (for a limited time only). Damn Little Town is a tactical board game for 1-4 players. The game is divided into two phases: - during the first phase, you build your little town and place your settlers; - during the second, you try to...



    Elevate Entertainment

    1565 ratings

    A tongue-in-cheek, retro platformer with romance, baddies and free-ness! "Pretty damn addictive" - Game Mob "Silly, funny and endlessly addictive in all the right ways" - Developer's Accomplice "A game that is so tongue in cheek about it’s own e...

  • Globber's Escape Globber's Escape

    Globber's Escape

    Robomodo LLC.

    87 ratings

    Help Globber Escape!!! The International Coalition of Evil (ICE) thinks Globber may just be the key to global domination. Globber is a gelatinous pink mass with the potential for mass destruction… but he wants no part in the Mad Scientists’ plan to....

  • Heartbreak



    25 ratings

    Vibrant, sharp visuals meet soothing, lighthearted music in this casual indie game about optimism. Heartbreak is fun, challenging, and designed to be enjoyed by all ages and peoples, made with a love of minimalism and a great appreciation for...

  • Key & Shield

    Key & Shield

    Fire Totem Arena

    84 ratings

    A lazy guardian angel has released you from your metal cage. You’ve been granted the Key and Shield, which you’ll use to traverse the island and unlock all your friends. Key & Shield is a fun and challenging Super Mario style side scroller pla...

  • OZT Free OZT Free

    OZT Free

    aMess Games

    166 ratings

    The 80’s live again, just like the dead! Welcome to the zombie infested America that is OreZom Trails! It’s up to you to save the world from zombies in this retro arcade adventure. Journey across the country and enjoy the sights of America, just wat...

  • Retaliate [No Ads] Retaliate [No Ads]

    Retaliate [No Ads]

    Romans I XVI

    5 ratings

    *This paid version of Retaliate has all ads removed* You are valiant space hero who is not as fortunate as those in the golden age of scrolling shooters (Space Invaders, Galaxian, Galaga) as to have infinite ammo. You must absorb your enemies'...


    RUN Sir DEMON!

    Mikołaj Bazaczek

    52 ratings

    I am Sir DEMON! I will infinitely throw my devilish falling teeth-blocks at you, faster and faster! You will have to dodge, evade, avoid, dash and do everything you can to survive! You will collect shiny gems while evading, to earn points and...

  • Space Smuggler

    Space Smuggler

    Pandula Péter

    38 ratings

    Explore the galaxy, customize your ship and fight your enemies in space and on planets as well! This action-packed sci-fi side scrolling game combines platformers and shoot'em ups with RPG elements. You're not destined to save the world or to...

  • Storm the Beach

    Storm the Beach

    Bombsight Games

    673 ratings

    Use machine guns, artillery, and powerups to fight off an endless stream of enemies! Upgrade your equipment and use airstrikes, napalm, land mines, and more to dominate the battlefield! No pay-to-win, no always-online internet connection. Just...

  • Super Dragon Stone

    Super Dragon Stone

    Yamegame Studio

    428 ratings

    Super Dragon Stone is an extremely difficult and challenging game for users. Super Dragon Stone is a ninja going on an adventure to find his legendary girlfriend with his cat, Dami. This game features genres of run, action, arcade and platformer...

  • Willy



    162 ratings

    Willy's love was kidnapped by evil hand. Help him save her! In order to achieve this you need to control Willy to avoid obstacles that may kill him. It won't be easy but you get an ability to move faster in slowmotion so what can't be done with a...

  • Wrong Way Racing

    Wrong Way Racing


    5032 ratings

    How many laps you can go before you burst into small metal chunks and flames?! How to play: - You're the black car - Tap to change lanes - Avoid other cars Features: - one tap gameplay - 3d graphics - most laps leaderboard Wrong Way Racing !!!...

  • You Hop On Birds You Hop On Birds

    You Hop On Birds

    poemdexter games

    11 ratings

    Tilt your device to hop on the passing birds. Tap the screen to dive down to hit those quick ones! Avoid hitting the spikes at all costs!

  • Finder's Keep Finder's Keep

    Finder's Keep

    Big Blue Bubble

    5524 ratings

    RISK & REWARD COMBAT, utilizing 6 different damage types • Unlock skills by progressing through the tower, gaining XP and earning levels. • Pick a set of 3 Battle Abilities, select your weapons and armor and head into the tower to seek your for...

  • Rafting Bears Rafting Bears

    Rafting Bears


    104 ratings

    In this fast paced, action packed, nerve wrecking bear adventure you control a raft going down river through treacherous streams avoiding dangerous rocks. Bring the bears across the finish line to safety and earn your share of sweet honey. • River r...

  • Bloostar Adventures Bloostar Adventures

    Bloostar Adventures

    Holmade Games

    17 ratings

    Help Bloostar fend off the nefarious Death Squares! Of DOOM! Play while paying half-attention to the latest episode of Downton Abbey! Or pass the phone to your kids to keep 'em busy while the grownups are talking! Play it on the toilet! Play it IN...

  • Box-E - The Colorful Cube Game

    Box-E - The Colorful Cube Game


    19 ratings

    Are you bored by the various frustrating (puzzle) games? Have you seen that flapping bird hit the pipes too many times? Box-E – The Colorful Cube Game is, not too surprisingly, a puzzle game filled with colorful cubes. You guide a little cube t...

  • Critter Cross - Jumping Game

    Critter Cross - Jumping Game

    MannagraphiX Studios

    21 ratings

    Critter Cross is a new, original, and exciting jumping game that is simple yet so hard at the same time! How well is your hand and eye coordination? Can you time your jump just right to leap your way through narrow crevices of falling stones?...

  • Doug dug. Doug dug.

    Doug dug.

    The Electric Toy Company, LLC

    401 ratings

    Doug is a Dwarf. Doug loves digging. Well, actually he doesn't: what he likes is to find buried treasure. Anyway, one day Doug decided to gather as much treasure from as deep under the earth as he could go. So Doug dug. And he dug. And he fought...

  • Eliss Infinity Eliss Infinity

    Eliss Infinity


    521 ratings

    The "Most Innovative Game" award-winning multitouch puzzler is back! Use your fingers to control all the planets, fuse planets together until they become giant, or split them into halves until they become tiny, you're in charge of this reactive...

  • FallDown! Deluxe FallDown! Deluxe

    FallDown! Deluxe


    4441 ratings

    FallDown! Deluxe. Falling down as far as you can! This is a simple but fast-paced and addictive game. Just touch screen to control the ball. Fall down through the holes and avoid the dead line. As time passed, the dead line will run faster and...

  • Free The Network Free The Network

    Free The Network


    1568 ratings

    The Hardest, Most relentless endless runner on mobile! Features: - Endless Mayhem and fun. - Vibrant and unique artstyle. - Compete against friends to set high scores! - Use Flags to save checkpoints. Free the Network never gets harder, it is...

  • Marsh Fellows Marsh Fellows

    Marsh Fellows

    Magic Squid

    35 ratings

    UPDATE COMING SOON! Experience the most realistic marshmallow simulator in the palm of your hand. Inspired by a true story, Marsh Fellows is a free-to-play vertical tap-to-progress arcade game. All the fun of a sugar rush without the diabetes!...

  • Millennium Driver Millennium Driver

    Millennium Driver


    6 ratings

    Test your reaction in a retro-style game. Dodge obstacles on your way earning as many points as it's possible. Share your results, challenge your friends. - simple control; - nice retro style graphics; - addictive gameplay; Controls: tap at left...

  • Monquest



    108 ratings

    The evil wizard has imprisoned you in his deepest dungeon. Escape the dungeon and get your revenge or be forever forgotten! A simple roguelike-like/rogue-lite dungeon crawler with RPG elements and a ton of content, playable in both short and long...

  • No Brakes No Brakes

    No Brakes

    Totebo Ltd

    7751 ratings

    - 24 tracks, pure racing; nothing else. - No top speed. - Play again quickly. - Simple controls allow finger-tip precision. - Race in mph or km/h. - Two challenging game modes to help perfect your racing line. - Average score across all tracks for...

  • One Sword

    One Sword


    45 ratings

    One Sword is a one-button sword-running game. RUN FOREVER with your companion blade in the cyberscape of One Sword. CHARGE AND RELEASE sword magic to protect yourself from squeaking foes in this AD-FREE ARCADE-ACTION experience. GO REALLY FAR and...

  • Retro Runner Ninja

    Retro Runner Ninja


    46 ratings

    Take a trip back to the 90s with this simple and addicting runner game! Take precise control of your ninja to help save your clans' elders and reap vengeance on your enemies! Share your scores over Google Play Games and prove to your friends that...

  • Spacepants


    Boxface Games

    48 ratings

    PHOTOSENSITIVITY WARNING: This game has flashing colours. If you experience dizziness or any involuntary movement when playing, please stop and consult your doctor. "Has the just-one-more-go replayability factor" - The Guardian Spacepants is an...

  • Street Crosser Street Crosser

    Street Crosser


    159 ratings

    To cross or not to cross… Have lots of fun as you try to cross the street safely. Help granny cross and get bonus points. And of course, make sure you get the super chicken powers! Challenge your friends by sharing scores in this friendly and s...

  • Super Pixelander Super Pixelander

    Super Pixelander

    Doragon Entertainment

    950 ratings

    TLDR: DODGE COLLECT and REPEAT! An addictive twist to the classic lunar lander formula, pilot your lander to fame and riches by collecting precious space gems (because gems in space are obviously more precious) while surviving the dangerous...

  • Super Wilmer

    Super Wilmer

    Wilmer Studios

    218 ratings

    Super Wilmer is Mario Bros meets Angry Birds with unique gameplay elements and smooth intuitive controls...classic platformer action with a twist! Help Wilmer the Raccoon jump, sling-shot arrows and collect treasures across three worlds and dozens...

  • Swipe Quest Swipe Quest

    Swipe Quest

    Evil Indie Games

    54 ratings

    Swipe Quest is a video game where grid puzzle concept meets random generation of adventures, epic storyline and RPG mechanics. Swipe to control your hero in the fantasy world. When two tiles of the same type touch, they merge into one with...

  • Tomato World

    Tomato World

    Early Melon

    642 ratings

    Indie game, Tomato World, is a side scrolling plateformer with amazing retro graphics. It is really simple, just one control, Tap the screen to Jump. Simple doesn't mean you will make it through 45 crazy levels ! Cute and addictivve, jump into...

  • World's Hardest Platformer 2

    World's Hardest Platformer 2

    Fortune's Solace

    317 ratings

    Think you’re good at games? Then put your gaming skills to the test with the World’s Hardest Platformer 2. WHP2 is the critically acclaimed sequel to the classic World’s Hardest Platformer. FEATURES: ★Completely free-to-play ★Beautiful new graphics ...

  • Ninja Shurican

    Ninja Shurican


    568 ratings

    Devilishly hard and annoyingly addictive jumping and fighting ninja game In this game you'll find: * a lot of obstacle dodging, jumping and demon fighting * endless survival mode, where you get more points for kills! * a big and well crafted...

  • Big Action Mega Fight!

    Big Action Mega Fight!

    Double Stallion

    232 ratings

    Big Action Mega Fight! is a classic-style beat 'em up/brawler game with a modern twist! Hilarious cartoon fighting action meets incredibly fluid touch-screen controls, designed from the ground up for smartphones and tablets. Megatropolis is...

  • Elemental Ninja

    Elemental Ninja

    Red Stomp Studio

    746 ratings

    Throw deadly shurikens, dodge faster than the wind, use your katana to parry furious incoming attacks and beat bosses with amazing elemental powers! It is a fast paced Ninja game! Are you Ninja enough?! Elemental Ninja: Rise of The Sorcerer tells...

  • RPG Soul Historica

    RPG Soul Historica


    398 ratings

    SPECIAL PRICE 50% OFF(USD 7.99 -> USD 3.99)!!! The life of a man who fights for the one he loves... Or the future of a girl at the mercy of fate... A tragic story unfolds about a lost love After losing his girlfriend Eris and leaving the Order...

  • Notorious Inc, Ecomonic Comedy

    Notorious Inc, Ecomonic Comedy

    Chickadee Games

    931 ratings

    Buy low, sell high, and be evil! Notorious Inc is an economic comedy / bad-guy simulator. You play as the Director, the unscrupulous CEO of a corrupt multinational corporation. Buy and sell illegal goods on the black market to earn money, and then...

  • Dark Way Down Dark Way Down

    Dark Way Down


    354 ratings

    Our hero finds himself surrounded by darkness with only a few shards of light to guide his steps. Jumping from darkness to light is no easy task, and sometimes the harder you try to escape, the deeper you go. Dark Way Down is a set of 25 puzzles...

  • Die For Metal Again

    Die For Metal Again

    SinSquid Games

    399 ratings

    What`s better than loud Heavy Metal, video-game violence and intense headbanging? Nothing! This game has it all. This is the sequel to Die For Metal, and it brings more brutal Heavy Metal music, dark atmospheres, oceans of blood, and 45 cruel...

  • Dungelot 2 Dungelot 2

    Dungelot 2

    Red Winter Software

    5663 ratings

    How long can you last? Explore dark dungeons and hack and slash your way to treasure through hordes of bloodthirsty monsters eager to eat you for lunch! Dungelot 2 is a remarkably simple and engaging roguelike. Develop your character, find and...

  • Fluid SE

    Fluid SE


    184 ratings

    To celebrate the announcement of Overload, a new game from Radiangames and the creators of Descent ( ALL RADIANGAMES TITLES ARE ON SALE! "A fast-paced and relentlessly hard racer, Fluid SE is well worth your time. 8 out of 10" -...

  • GlowGrid GlowGrid


    Zut Games

    141 ratings

    GlowGrid is a hypnotic, retro puzzle game. • Deep, open-ended, strategic gameplay • Gorgeous neon retro pixel graphics • A relaxing, dreamy 80's synth soundtrack • Multiple game modes Place an endless series of shapes on the glowing, neon grid. M...



    David Amado Fernandez

    50 ratings

    HUNDRED FIRES : INFILTRATION ACTION GAME EPISODE 3 is ready avalible in The ultimate infiltration experience! Feel yourself in the middle of the Cold War battlefield,...

  • Horde of Heroes Horde of Heroes

    Horde of Heroes

    Noodlecake Studios Inc

    13421 ratings

    You Are Going On An Adventure! _______________________________________________________ Hordes of Heroes is a Free To Play Match-3 RPG placing the player in the role of a medieval Hero whose quest is to set out and save the kingdom from evil doers,...

  • Kiwanuka Kiwanuka



    2106 ratings

    Kiwanuka! Only you can save the people of the crystal realm! Guide the lost citizens to freedom. Discover forgotten dreams. Use the magical staff to tower and climb. Good luck on your journey! Developed by Marco Mazzoli, creator of Spirit, with...

  • LEX


    Simple Machine

    601 ratings

    LEX is more than a word game. It’s an ephemeral experience of colorful glyphs and breath-taking music that you create as you play. Combine letters to form words before time runs out. Each word gets you closer and closer to the next level. Your h...

  • Pixel Plane Pixel Plane

    Pixel Plane

    Afterburner Software

    199 ratings

    Swoop and glide through the clouds, get a high score, and compete against your Facebook Friends! Pixel Plane is a simple but challenging arcade-style endless-runner game. While similar to other 'fall-down' style games, Pixel Plane is unique...

  • Raining Tacos

    Raining Tacos

    Holmade Games

    34 ratings

    Note: This is the paid version of the game. There is also a free, ad-supported version - check out the "More by Holmade Games" section below! ★★★ The Official Game of the hit song by Parry Gripp! ★★★ Open your mouth and close your eyes - it's rain...

  • Ramble Planet

    Ramble Planet

    A. Hagen

    376 ratings

    Ramble Planet is a scavenger hunt RPG set in a unique sci-fi world. You have crashed on Badmark, a hostile frontier planet and tourist hotspot. You must scour this alien world to find replacement parts for your spaceship, while befriending or...

  • Salad Shark Salad Shark

    Salad Shark


    2850 ratings

    Monkeys will throw everything at you but you can't eat any meat! Salad shark is a fun and easy to understand game where you control a vegetarian shark that can only eat fruits and vegetables. Monkeys will throw all the food they can get their tiny...

  • Siralim (Roguelike / RPG)

    Siralim (Roguelike / RPG)

    Thylacine Studios, LLC

    1414 ratings

    Siralim is a deep monster catching RPG with light roguelike elements that allows you to summon and customize hundreds of creatures to fight in strategic battle. Fight your way through randomly generated dungeons and complete randomized quests....

  • Soar Soar



    2182 ratings

    Fly high in Soar - a one touch reflex game by Obium. Over 100,000 downloads worldwide. Tap to guide the phoenix as it flies through vibrant abstract worlds. Collect fire to keep warm, or risk shattering on impact. - Stunning abstract style...

  • Super Blue Fighter

    Super Blue Fighter

    Herrero Games

    67 ratings

    "8 bits space-suvival game. Test your nerves and hit the right color robots to get maximum score in this arcade game" -Free 8 bit classic arcade game . -Hall of Fame with the best 15 scores. -Pixel-Art design and original soundtrack. -Lot of...

  • Tiny World

    Tiny World

    Laurent Bakowski

    3180 ratings

    Are you looking for a nice little colourful game which is easy to handle and that takes you away in a few seconds? ...Then, welcome in “Tiny World”! Play "Tiny World" and embark on the most international driving game, navigating a van across the wor...

  • Toxic Bunny HD

    Toxic Bunny HD

    Celestial Games

    42 ratings

    "Frantic and downright bonkers, Toxic Bunny HD is a welcome addition to the platformer genre." - Bytten Semi Visible Chickens. Hamster launchers. triple strength espresso, Armoured sentient mucus. Just a day in the office for Toxic Bunny. Toxic...



    Konstantin Kopka

    17 ratings

    UMAI! is a tasty sushi puzzle game. Chain sushi together to get combos and a high score - and try to avoid the poisonous ones, they don't taste very good. The rainbow ones, however, are quite delicious. Featuring: * 32x48 pixels of glorious...



    Terry Cavanagh

    2839 ratings

    From the creator of Super Hexagon - VVVVVV, the hit 2010 indie platformer, now available on android! Winner of Indiecade's 2010 award for Most Fun/Compelling Game. "One of the best platformers I've ever played." - Anthony Burch, Destructoid 10/10...

  • Sorcery! 2 Sorcery! 2

    Sorcery! 2

    inkle Ltd

    3756 ratings

    *** SPECIAL SALE PRICE -- SORCERY! 4 CONCLUDES THE SERIES 22nd SEP *** An epic adventure through Kharé: Cityport of Traps. Begin your story here! (Part 1 not required.) "Another spectacular rendition of classic interactive fiction" - (Kotaku)...

  • Fight the Flu!

    Fight the Flu!

    Lost City GameZ LLC

    81 ratings

    !!New cell-shaded graphics, better controls, smoother performance and more arenas!! Fight the Flu! puts you in the shoes of a white blood-cell tasked with defending the body against the Flu virus and his gang. Use your rapid fire Vitamin-C cannon...

  • Star Traders 4X Empires Elite

    Star Traders 4X Empires Elite

    Cory Trese

    1278 ratings

    Play the free 4X version "Star Traders 4X Empires" before you purchase Elite and enjoy hours of turn-based strategy in the Quadrant for free! Explore, expand, exploit and exterminate in this ad-free, permission-free game! Take command of humanity’s l...

  • Virus Jigglin' Fever

    Virus Jigglin' Fever


    8 ratings

    During an exclusive tour of the "Science Lab of Creating Viruses that can Murder the hell out of Humanity for Science Reasons" an excitable Australian broke a vial, labeled "The Good Stuff" trying to pronounce "velociraptor." It unleashed some of...




    47 ratings

    Stellar Ghosts is a team of veteran mercenaries mostly hired by the corrupted intergalactic government. In this time of rebellion, the Congress want to keep his investment in all the energy stones extraction point all over the galaxy. Chose among...

  • RedShift


    Belief Engine

    174 ratings

    "RedShift is very easy to learn and play, but its simplicity combined with its hair-raising cues help make it one of the better survival games on mobile." - Nadia Oxford, 148Apps " the clock ticks ever downward and the map grows larger with...

  • Random Heroes 2

    Random Heroes 2

    Noodlecake Studios Inc

    2929 ratings

    Sequel to the amazing Random Heroes; now with more guns, explosions and crazy characters! From the creators of the award winning platform game League of Evil comes Ravenous Games' newest game Random Heroes 2! SUMMARY A group of unlikely heroes...

  • Hitman GO

    Hitman GO


    75292 ratings

    *** 80% off for a limited time! *** 5/5 Slide to Play: "…this is one to check out." 4/5 Joystiq: "Hitman GO is an impressive debut for Square Enix Montreal.” 4/5 Pocket Gamer - SILVER AWARD: "Hitman GO is a clever and refreshingly original puz...



    SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd.

    7209 ratings

    ************************* The 8th instalment in the legendary DRAGON QUEST series is now even easier to enjoy! The phenomenally popular DRAGON QUEST VIII has sold 4.9 million units worldwide, and now it's coming to the Android for the first time!...

  • Acribeia Acribeia



    19 ratings

    Do you like a challenging games, where you need to show your endurance, accuracy and beat another record? Be sure to try this game! By controlling the two turbines should be carefully fly between obstacles, keeping balance and controlling...

  • Castle Catastrophe

    Castle Catastrophe

    Winterlight Games

    6 ratings

    A wall of fire chases down our hero, Brend the small knight, over the castle wall! Each level is completely procedurally generated, so no two play sessions are alike! For every victory streak you achieve for out running the wall, it will speed up,...

  • Clamber Clamber



    91 ratings

    Stretch, twang and wrap your way through this unique* infinite climber! Share Leaderboards with friends, and win hundreds of stars in our competitions! "Clamber would be the perfect game for the kids to play, although I won’t be surprised if you d...

  • Conquest of Elysium 3

    Conquest of Elysium 3

    Illwinter Game Design

    297 ratings

    Conquest of Elysium 3 (CoE3) is a streamlined turn based fantasy strategy game with a touch of rogue-like and the complex undertones of the Dominions series that is also developed by Illwinter Game Design. While CoE3 appears to be a simple game...

  • Draw Em! 2.0 Draw Em! 2.0

    Draw Em! 2.0

    Agrest Lab Corp

    2182 ratings

    ***Free Today with STELAPPS. Download Stelapps and get a Daily Video Review and the Best FREE Apps.*** "Draw Em! 2.0" - more than 1 MILLION downloads in China! This is an addictive and fun one touch game. You just need to control movements of...

  • Down In The Deep (roguelike)

    Down In The Deep (roguelike)

    Dancing Cat Development

    29 ratings

    Down In The Deep is a REAL-TIME roguelike / RPG world dungeon crawler with quests! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Kingdom of Gulinde is now falling into danger and darkness. Too many of the...

  • FadeOut


    Burning Sushi

    31 ratings

    FadeOut is a tilt-evasive score chaser with added audiovisual juice! On top of innovative one-dimensional technology (developed in a secret laboratory for many years), the formula has been perfected and utilises a near-miss scoring mechanic for...

  • Game of Legions Game of Legions

    Game of Legions


    301 ratings

    Combine different types of units and launch attacks against the enemy commander through the simple, yet interesting, match three mechanic. Upgrade your legion and become a legendary leader yourself. Unlock new units and develop intelligent...

  • Gravity Lab!

    Gravity Lab!

    Mobile Snap

    564 ratings

    Navigate gravity shifts, bounce pads, portals, cannons, and more in this easy to play but difficult to master puzzle game. When the scientist’s away, you and his robot Steve can play! Help launch Steve through more than 200 levels of physics-based p...

  • iON Bond

    iON Bond

    Smiling Bag

    39 ratings

    iON Bond is a puzzle game about bonding and colliding subatomic particles. Form bonds to create forces between particles, and collide them together inside a simulated vacuum to and create beautiful cloud particle collisions and advance through the...

  • Jump Man Jump Man

    Jump Man


    27 ratings

    If your only task in life was to jump, just how high could you jump? JUMP MAN tells the tale of one man's quest to jump higher than has ever been jumped before! This edition featuring: - Jumping! Really high! - Wow! - Grenades! - Jetpacks! -...

  • Knock-Knock


    Ice-Pick Lodge Studio

    3365 ratings

    On sale for a week! An eerie, uncomfortable horror is creeping from PC over to Android! "It is a game as much about horror as it is of horror" — Rock Paper Shotgun "Knock-Knock is a gorgeous survival horror game with more style than sense" — IGN "On...

  • Lollipop 3: Eggs of Doom Lollipop 3: Eggs of Doom

    Lollipop 3: Eggs of Doom

    Moonbot Studios LA, LLC

    98 ratings

    Catch and hatch eggs in this egg-citing arcade game. Experience unfathomable JoyJoy as you help the Kitten of Splendor wield the Eternal Lollipop of Joy! An onslaught of eggs descends from outer space, unleashing an army of Meanie Men. You must...

  • Martian Caves - platform 2D

    Martian Caves - platform 2D


    195 ratings

    A monkey and a parrot lost on Mars, a spacecraft with powerful jets, dangerous aliens, carnivorous plants and a racing to escape the red planet and get back home: these are the ingredients of a new exciting platform 2D arcade adventure! Discover...

  • Quantic Pinball Quantic Pinball

    Quantic Pinball


    61 ratings

    Quantic Pinball, one of the most addictive pinball game ever seen on Android ! Countless features, including : - Non-stop arcade action - Incredibly realistic physics - 8 different game modes - 7 original tables - ...and a special one for...

  • Skyling: Garden Defense

    Skyling: Garden Defense

    Mighty Studios LLC

    21 ratings

    Skyling: Garden Defense is a 2D, isometric maze game that blends classic arcade-style game play with a lighthearted presentation filled with blooming plants, colorful monsters and sleeping cats. Help a young Skyling named Bloom restore each garden...

  • Stick Ranger Stick Ranger

    Stick Ranger


    23154 ratings

    This game is the 18th mobile game for the Web Game Site "DAN-BALL". Adventure of 4 Stickmans! It's a simple action RPG. Battle enemies in a variate of environments across a huge map including, grasslands, caverns, deserts, and snowfields! Use...




    11538 ratings

    Retro style run and jump platform game! Simple controls! Lots of fun! Reach the goal with your super mega runner! ■Run and Jump! Tap quickly for a little jump. Tap and hold for a higher jump. Master the jump technique to clear the athletic s...

  • Tales of Honor

    Tales of Honor

    Evergreen Studios, LLC

    7055 ratings

    Lead your starship through a series of thrilling space battles. Tales of Honor is an intense combat strategy game that puts you in the captain's seat. Upgrade your ship, weapons, systems, and crew and engage in combat as you hunt down a mysterious...

  • Tales of the Adventure Company Tales of the Adventure Company

    Tales of the Adventure Company


    456 ratings

    Join the Adventure Company on their dangerous quest to obtain riches and glory! You'll battle terrifying liches, horrific slimes and even the gods! * Unique blend of RPG, puzzle, and roguelike elements * Fight dangerous monsters and save brave...

  • Tower Bruiser II : Defender

    Tower Bruiser II : Defender


    310 ratings

    Description : Tower Bruiser II is a unique strategy game and Tower Defense in a tropical universe invaded by Orcs, Vikings and Dragons. Command the last defender to stop greedy Orcs and Vikings now ! Place towers in perfect defense formation and...

  • Unstoppaball DX

    Unstoppaball DX

    Matthias Zarzecki

    5 ratings

    Use your skills in this Unity-Award-nominated & tranquil physics-puzzler to navigate a fragile ball through dangerous environments, all whilst avoiding enemies and searching for hidden fragments. Highlights: • Motion controls - steer the ball by m...

  • 2.Pi.Roll 2.Pi.Roll


    Thibaud Reygner

    204 ratings

    Tired of running to nowhere ? Try rolling ! PI has turned crazy. Roll around his circle. Avoid obstacles by jumping, and switching sides of the circle . Catch its decimals to get points and bonus and get the best score ! 2 game modes : -...

  • Blazin' Aces

    Blazin' Aces

    Celestial Games

    85 ratings

    *** PLEASE NOTE THERE IS CURRENTLY AN ISSUE ON HIGH RESOLUTION DEVICES, WE ARE LOOKING INTO IT *** Take control of the skies in this 2D retro-aerial dogfighting game. Step into the cockpit of an ace pilot in the golden era of aviation, and destroy...

  • Bleeding Edge Bleeding Edge

    Bleeding Edge


    385 ratings

    This bleeding edge of mine will never be pristine againe. Run, dash and slash your enemies in this fast paced action game.

  • Bouncing Dude Bouncing Dude

    Bouncing Dude


    379 ratings

    This is a game about a bouncing dude trying to survive in a world filled with monsters. Tap to shoot the enemies that fly in your direction, you just need to survive. There are a lot of ranks, try to achieve them all. [How to play] > Tap to shoot...

  • Circix Circix


    Russell King

    2883 ratings

    "Circix is a quality title" - "Awesome just owned my afternoon!" - "Its a great old school style, retro indie puzzle game" - ★ A fantastically varied assortment of puzzles ★ Crisp and...

  • Fallen Lords

    Fallen Lords

    Groundling Games

    21 ratings

    The Ancient Seals are beginning to weaken and their captives, known only as the Fallen Lords, stir in the buried city. The Fallen Lords must be defeated before they break free and twist the world into their own desolate kingdom. Now only the most...

  • Flax


    Cageside Games

    29 ratings

    The time to escape is now! The safety of the world depends on it. You are a clone, made by an evil guy with a plan for world domination. If just ONE of you can escape his lair, you can warn the world of the impending doom. Don't let evil win. Get...

  • Gravebound - Roguelike RPG

    Gravebound - Roguelike RPG

    Griffin Bryant

    51 ratings

    Gravebound: a turn-based tactical roguelike RPG! No two games play the same, providing countless hours of adventure and dungeon crawling. "Gravebound is a mash-up of several fantastic gaming genres.... Definitely don’t let Gravebound slip through y...

  • Hank's Adventure

    Hank's Adventure

    Disposable Games

    109 ratings

    Help Hank rescue his lost cat by jumping from platform to platform and moving a variety of blocks to reach your goal. Hanks adventure is a 3d Puzzle Platformer heavily inspired by old 2d puzzle games, specifically Block Dude. Key features: -48...

  • Hero Detected! - RHE

    Hero Detected! - RHE

    ToolBox Co.

    47 ratings

    Hero Detected! - Rescue Hero Edition The Dark Lord improsioned our heroes in their evil castle! We must rescue them! A sequel to our board game "Hero Detected", the story of a new hero starts here! Lots and Lots of heroes are caught by the Dark...

  • Jellyflug Antibody Assault

    Jellyflug Antibody Assault

    Troll inc

    29 ratings

    Eat all the germs! Dodge the enemies! You are the body's first line of defence!! Play as an Antibody defending the body from outside bacteria!! Collect all the germs to win the level!!! Find out how far you can reach!!! But watch out as there...

  • Jump Over

    Jump Over


    40 ratings

    ****** JUMP OVER ****** Just like the "Peg Solitaire" and "checkers" boardgame classic you squish game pieces by jumping with one over the other. Swipe to swap! Your goal is to wipe the board so that only one piece of a kind remains. But be...

  • OTTTD : Over The Top TD OTTTD : Over The Top TD

    OTTTD : Over The Top TD

    SMG Studio

    2531 ratings

    "4.5 stars! With an impressive melding of traditional TD and action-RPG elements, all of my expectations as to what it had to offer were happily exceeded. " - Touch Arcade "OTTTD is wonderfully excessive" - PocketGamer "OTTTD is what mobile tower...

  • Pond Tycoon

    Pond Tycoon


    7 ratings

    In Pond Tycoon you generate electricity by wave power. The supplied power will in turn generate "power charges" for which you can buy both more generators and Oscillomatic devices to help you generate even more power. Crank it up over 9000W!...

  • ReactionLab ReactionLab


    H.F. Games

    261 ratings

    ReactionLab 2 is now available! Get it here: ReactionLab is a pixelated particle simulation game similar to falling sand. It features over 40 elements, and 70+ different particle types. Draw elements onto the...

  • Splashy Slime Impossible Game

    Splashy Slime Impossible Game


    2830 ratings

    "If there ever were a Super Meat Boy for mobile it would probably aspire to be like Splashy Slime." • SPLASHY SLIME • Splashy Slime is an impossible hardcore platformer that requires particular attention and will challenge you...

  • Tiny Knight GB

    Tiny Knight GB

    Robbie Dooley

    1 ratings

    This is a demake of my own game-in-progress, Tiny Knight, which has been rebuilt from the ground up in a Game Boy-inspired style. The gameplay is similar to Zelda crossed with Diablo - you journey through procedurally generated floors, killing...

  • Tribeat



    12 ratings

    Tribeat is an endless platformer and a first from creators Sleep. Make. Play. It features simple tap-to-jump gameplay wrapped up in stylish visuals and backed by a retro, 80's inspired soundtrack. Three simple rules: 1. Survive the gaps. 2....

  • Wacky Pirate

    Wacky Pirate

    eivi games

    43 ratings

    LOAD THE CANNONS! Destroy the cargo ships and help the pirate Cabra Macho recover his big fortune. ***** BUY UPGRADES WITH COINS COLLECTED INSIDE THE GAME! Buy performance enhancements, new challenges, improved bombs, unlock new backgrounds, and...

  • weseewe weseewe


    Eric Zingeler

    16721 ratings

    Weseewe | wē si wē: | noun a linear scrolling type video game played by one person in which the goal is to reach the end by collecting all ten colors in a single round. The author of this description has decided to forego any further explanation a...

  • z Snake

    z Snake


    138 ratings

    zSnake eat snacks, chase mouse and fight for your life in journey through 8 challenging rooms full of growth and bloody splitting. Game explores possibilities of enhancing old school Snake and provides unique gaming experience. - dark themed...

  • Amazing Jumping Jacks In Space Amazing Jumping Jacks In Space

    Amazing Jumping Jacks In Space


    51 ratings

    A fun little jumping jack simulator inspired by Nik Sudan's Super Squat Simulator. Try to the highest score possible within 60 seconds! May or may not contain mature language.. Credits: Sokaz - Programming and art

  • Bop That!

    Bop That!

    Magster Prods

    240 ratings

    Based on the popular Bop IT! games, we bring you Bop That!... Bop That! is an adaptation of the famous Bop IT! game, an android version which brings you the same device experience. The Game Mod gives command and the user performs the...

  • Chaos Influx Chaos Influx

    Chaos Influx

    Chill Monster

    23 ratings

    Let the chaos commence, with this fast action retro space blaster. A modern twist on the classic arcade shooter, for your mobile device. FEATURES - Simple, responsive, tilt and tap control system. - Alien attack waves, weapon powerups and insane...




    38 ratings

    DUDE CAT!—six long and hypnotizing levels of cute (yet evil) kitties, all sorts of lasers, and exploding hotdogs, on top of a bonus endless mode! And did we mention the sweet sweet soundtrack? Saving the Universe has never felt so awesome! Whether y...

  • Fearman


    Phyne Games

    25 ratings

    Fearman is a very skittish guy, and although he's always trying to avoid getting scared, it seems that he constantly ends up in the middle of some frightful, monster-packed adventure. Help him escape from the many dangers that await him in every...

  • Front Wars

    Front Wars

    Homemade Games

    366 ratings

    Front Wars is a turn-based strategy game. Take control of allied troops and revive the great battles of the second world war in a tense campaign against the german army. You can challenge your friends online on Facebook or by the passing the...

  • GoDeeper


    DB&R Game Studio

    7 ratings

    Prepare yourself for a next generation super-fast action game and enjoy an easy-to-use game system based on color combinations to eradicate your enemies. Year 203X. The world has been devastated by a holocaust. Before a decimated mankind,...

  • HappyTiles HappyTiles


    Deadly Serious Media

    86 ratings

    Tap til you drop with Happy Tiles! The faster you tap the quicker you move and you'd better be fast because you only got 20 seconds to tap as many Happy Tiles as you can. Watch out though, you tap a grumpy tile and it's game over. This easy to...

  • Heroes : A Grail Quest

    Heroes : A Grail Quest

    Game Dev Team

    3917 ratings

    Heroes : A Grail Quest is a turn-based strategy game in a fantasy world. The player leads the hero and his army across the world to find the lost artifact and to save the king and his kingdom. You will go on an exciting journey with lots of...

  • JoyJoy



    1153 ratings

    To celebrate the announcement of Overload, a new game from Radiangames and the creators of Descent ( ALL RADIANGAMES TITLES ARE ON SALE! JoyJoy is the new fantastically satisfying twin-stick shooter from Radiangames, creators of...

  • Lightlands


    Torsten Winkler

    13 ratings "From the very first moment I started playing Lightlands, I was hooked ... Lightlands’ clever mix of puzzle physics and traditional platforming gives it a unique take on the genre." "Lightlands Cleverly Injects E...

  • Mosaic: A Lights-Out Game Mosaic: A Lights-Out Game

    Mosaic: A Lights-Out Game

    Ignis Studios LLC

    267 ratings

    Mosaic is a puzzle game about simplicity, but that doesn't mean that it's easy. If you know the game Lights Out, you will already understand the premise of Mosaic. To win, you need to turn on all the color squares on the screen. Completely free....

  • Rogue Heroes

    Rogue Heroes


    83 ratings

    Rogue Heroes is fast-paced 2D action-platforming roguelike game with RPG elements. - explore the depth of procedurally generated levels - upgrade your hero - level up and collect equipment with unique set bonuses - complete quests - discover...

  • Singular



    18 ratings

    "An exceptional puzzle game" / Spiegel on line "A fun puzzler that I wasn’t expecting to be so personable and challenging." / IndieStatik "Be careful where you tap!" / PocketGamer Singular is a puzzle game where you lead a terrified M. Green t...

  • Skippy Rock

    Skippy Rock

    DDS Games

    55 ratings

    Skippy Rock is a fast paced fun game about a rock who wants to skip across the ocean. What perilous obstacles await poor rock? You skip across water dodging things, it's fun, trust me.

  • Spelltronic Spelltronic


    Apocalypse Train

    14 ratings

    Spelltronic is an action-packed arcade word game. You've got two minutes to spell as many words as possible by tapping on the letterbots marching down the screen. The more you spell, the more time you get. The more letterbots escape, the more time...

  • String Fighter

    String Fighter


    192 ratings

    Be the ultimate Puppet Master! Take control of a cast of characters that hack and slash their way to glory! - Control Killer Marionettes - Unlock a Cast of Characters - Real-World Physics - Dynamic Puppet Part Slicing

  • Swipecart


    Micro Factory Games

    13 ratings

    Swipecart is the sport of extreme mine cart racing! -Use your finger to guide your cart to the exit of each track while avoiding obstacles and collecting gems -Compete with others around the world for the fastest times in the Global Swipecart...

  • Treehouse Hero Treehouse Hero

    Treehouse Hero

    Max Games Studios

    273 ratings

    You are the mighty hero of the squirrels and treehouse defender. Aliens have crash landed in your forest! Pounce down on them from above atop your mighty treehouse. Use a wide array of powers such as bombs, freezing, acorn drops and even lightning...

  • TV Snatz TV Snatz

    TV Snatz

    Unsound Games

    21 ratings

    Snatz is a fun arcade game where you play as a team of three cute rats stealing TVs from angry citizens. Jump on the trampoline, get into the windows and grab the TVs! Dodge the garbage and try to avoid being seen or police will arrive! Well... it...

  • Twin Robots.

    Twin Robots.


    906 ratings

    As featured in TegraZone, Twin Robots is a 2.5D platformer where you can switch control between two little robots; They have been imprisoned and need to find the way out of each level! You can play alone or with a friend in local co-op...

  • Adventures of Water Knight.

    Adventures of Water Knight.

    Fortuna Lion

    100 ratings

    "Adventures of Water Knight. Jump! Battle! Love!" is a fairy dynamic arcade game with original gameplay, many knight quests and battles with monsters and dragons. You will move the brave Water Knight (he jumps in game like kids jumping jelly)...

  • Wayve



    15 ratings

    IMPORTANT: While this application runs perfectly fine on almost all devices, we are aware that there is currently a bug which shows a mostly blank screen on Samsung S3s and some other (mostly very low-end) devices. Please test the demo! We are...

  • Yarrrr! (Pirates vs Zombies)

    Yarrrr! (Pirates vs Zombies)

    Volcano Mobile

    1112 ratings

    Aaaarrrrgggghhhh ! Pat's vacation trips turn into nightmare !!! The inhabitants of the last island became zombies and want his brain. Help Pat the pirate to fight for his life against the horde of zombies. Chain deadly strikes and make combos to...

  • Aliens Drive Me Crazy

    Aliens Drive Me Crazy

    Rebel Twins

    136909 ratings

    "One of the most characterful action games on Android this year" -- The Guardian "An absolute blast" 5/5 -- Super Game Droid "A Smashing Good Time" -- Game Mob The few Alien Spaceships have crept into earth's orbit with no warning. The loss of...

  • Battle Gems (AdventureQuest) Battle Gems (AdventureQuest)

    Battle Gems (AdventureQuest)

    Artix Entertainment LLC

    46938 ratings

    A gem battle puzzle game with monsters so epic that you'll forget you're still in the bathroom. You’re a busy hero. You have dragons to rescue and princesses to defeat. Or is it the other way around? Join the other players in a race to the f...

  • Bit Breaker (FREE) Bit Breaker (FREE)

    Bit Breaker (FREE)


    142 ratings

    Bit Breaker is an adaptation of the classic game of brick breaker. This game features retro styled graphics but is designed to look modern. Game mechanics are familiar and easy to to pickup. Good luck breaking your high scores and progressing...

  • Crisp Bacon: Run Pig Run

    Crisp Bacon: Run Pig Run


    546 ratings

    2D side scroller running game with parkour & porkour gameplay elements, cute 2D graphics, silly humor and flatulent atmosphere. Take control of our hyperactive hero called Crisp Bacon to run, jump, crawl, climb, roll and fart through challenging...

  • Cyberflow


    Larissa Davidova

    11 ratings

    **Cyberflow now supports gamepad controls!** Cyberflow is a sci-fi themed 3D arcade developed specifically for portable platforms. It combines the old school cyberpunk setting with modern touchscreen or joystick gaming experience. The game...

  • Dark Lands - Best battle run

    Dark Lands - Best battle run

    Mingle Games

    78472 ratings

    "[...] Dark Lands comes with a bold, moody, silhouetted visual aesthetic". - 148Apps - 4/5 "The inclusion of combat into a side scroller/runner style game serves to add a depth to the game [...]". - Capsule Computers - 8,5/10 Run through enemies...

  • DEUS | world of block puzzle DEUS | world of block puzzle

    DEUS | world of block puzzle


    68 ratings

    DEUS | world of block puzzle God doesn't roll the dice, he puzzles. DEUS is an exciting block puzzle game, which stands out from the crowd thanks to its clever graphics and new playful elements. Be a young god and build planet upon planet. Carry...

  • Exodite - Space action shooter Exodite - Space action shooter

    Exodite - Space action shooter

    Afrodude Works

    34 ratings

    Welcome to scifi bullet hell pilots! "Exodite brazenly defies decades of tradition." - Shillem is a space freelancer doing the same courier job over and over again. But now the entire universe boils with war and you’ve just found s...

  • Glob:Gelatinous Little Oddball

    Glob:Gelatinous Little Oddball

    Prime8 Entertainment

    16 ratings

    Enter the world of Glob - a crystal geode with mysterious chambers where you play as a gelatinous floating creature and make your way through clusters of puzzles. But beware! Glob is a delicate creature and will pop if it comes into contact with...

  • Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage

    Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage


    3497 ratings

    WINNER! Overall Game of the year - Pocket Gamer Award 2014 WINNER! Best casual/puzzle - Pocket Gamer Award 2014 Metacritic top 20 – all platforms 2013 “Nitrome couldn’t have done a better job bringing the series to mobile devices. A Viking Voyag...

  • Star Pod

    Star Pod

    Vogue Agent

    209 ratings

    "Beware, level 10 is a killer!" 27 billion light years from Earth, stranded on an odd planet, a man, doubted by his wife must make his way back home in time for their anniversary or risk losing her to another man. Roger “The Machine” Joh...

  • Ocean Hunt

    Ocean Hunt


    29 ratings

    Let the Ocean Hunt begin!!! Get your spears ready. It's time to see what you can pull out of the depths of the ocean. Be the ultimate ocean hunter, and reel in the big fish. Prepare for some fast pace arcade fun as you shoot your spears at the...

  • Nyquest



    2 ratings

    Are you ready for a challenge? In Nyquest you get to play a space journalist exploring alien lifeforms, collecting information and solving mysteries scattered across the planets of various star systems. To get to your discoveries you move your...

  • Night Lighter

    Night Lighter


    136 ratings

    Night Lighter is a new type of infinite platformer, featuring classic mechanics, adaptive difficulty, and randomly-generated levels. Bounce across enemies, collect delicious fuel, short hop under angry foes, and blast from spinning pots. Collect...

  • iM Detective

    iM Detective

    Intelligent Millionaire Co.,Ltd.

    105 ratings

    From a classic board game, to an excited Android game, we proudly invite you to join the reveal of mysterious murder case in iM Detective game! -A peaceful park turns into a horrible incident place that just happened overnight.- There is a...

  • Racer: Fair Springs

    Racer: Fair Springs

    TeaPOT Games

    2489 ratings

    Race through the Endless roads of the great city of Fair Springs in this Ultimate Urban racing game. Engage the hand brake and drift your car to manage a turn at high speed or brake at the right time and slip through the gaps between traffic. Earn...

  • Saving Alley Cats! Saving Alley Cats!

    Saving Alley Cats!

    Vigeo Games

    105 ratings

    "A fast, recalling good old times production." - AntyApps ★★★★☆ "Designed to look and feel like a Gameboy game, Saving Alley Cats! offers tons of addicting skill based gameplay. Simple and straightforward yet nostalgically enchanting..." - Super Gam...

  • Spirit Run – Fire vs Ice

    Spirit Run – Fire vs Ice

    Lunagames Fun & Games

    179 ratings

    Get ready for the run of a lifetime. In this endless platformer you play an elemental spirit that has the ability to change form. Spirit Run: Fire vs Ice is inspired by games such as the platformer Canabalt and the classic shoot ‘em up Ikaruga. J...

  • WAR! Showdown RTS PREMIUM

    WAR! Showdown RTS PREMIUM

    Flashpoint Games, LLC

    326 ratings

    WAR! Showdown is a fast-paced real-time strategy (RTS) game designed for play on tablets and phones with an emphasis on fun, tactical gameplay 5 Stars - This game is in one word awesome 5 Stars - Amazing game. Simple yet addicting. 5 Stars - Great...

  • Doom Tower

    Doom Tower

    "Yagoda Production" LLC

    1440 ratings

    Alone! In the tower, the gate through which demons are trying to enter this world. And You are the only one on their way! Can you withstand or just delay their apperance in the world of people, we will learn this later. And now burn, fight,...

  • King's League: Odyssey

    King's League: Odyssey

    Gamenauts, Inc.

    5898 ratings

    In celebration of winning IGF China 2014 - $0.99 LIMITED TIME SALE! The acclaimed Flash strategy hit game with over 8 Million plays finally arrives on Google Play, enhanced with extra premium content, HD graphics and an exclusive character for...

  • Starborn Wanderers - Space RPG

    Starborn Wanderers - Space RPG

    Game Insight Classics

    12836 ratings

    Starborn Wanderers is a Sci-fi action RPG saga. In the far distant future, humanity has found a new home on the planet Terra Nova in the remote corner of the Galaxy. However, the planet was destroyed by a mysterious spaceship named the Ravager....

  • Dream Chamber (Full)

    Dream Chamber (Full)


    517 ratings

    Step into the shoes of Charlie, a private detective and rich heir, for whom humor is the best weapon! In Dream Chamber, uncover the culprit in this simultaneously breathtaking and dreamlike quest. A humorous adventure with a quirky cartoon graphic...

  • Zombie Rush Infinite Tap Lite

    Zombie Rush Infinite Tap Lite

    Antone Abuyaghi

    20 ratings

    Get ready for endless zombie action in Zombie Rush Infinite: Tap! Team up with Ralph to fight the zombie horde using 4 different tapping skills and 4 different weapons, or try your hand at zombie racing using 3 different boosts to crush your...

  • Tiny Tennis Tiny Tennis

    Tiny Tennis

    Fat Fish Games

    1783 ratings

    Tiny Sports games now have over 1.5 MILLION downloads!!

  • Sidekick Cycle

    Sidekick Cycle

    Global Gaming Initiative LLC

    285 ratings

    MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN A CHILD’S LIFE BY PLAYING SIDEKICK CYCLE When you make an in-app purchase in Sidekick Cycle, you help Global Gaming Initiative deliver bikes to disadvantaged children. Download, play and make a difference today! “Sidekick Cyc...

  • Rubble N Strafe

    Rubble N Strafe

    J Griffin

    500 ratings

    Machine gun, bomb and rocket your way through an infinite horde of enemy troops in this updated take on the arcade action game. Inspired by the Amstrad classic "Harrier Attack", see how long you can survive until you're blown out of the sky,...

  • Ouch! Couch

    Ouch! Couch

    Twistory Entertainment Studios

    342 ratings

    Ouch! Couch brings a gaming experience to the mobile devices not seen since the days of the arcades. Cruising the streets in custom designed sofas and davenports you’ll pick-up avid fans who simply can’t get enough of your downhill couching. Lif...

  • MinuteQuest MinuteQuest



    40573 ratings

    MinuteQuest is a retro-styled, one-finger, time-killing RPG! A 2D field where the only choice is to advance or die! Kill fearsome enemies, crush immense bosses, level up, acquire riches, and collect ridiculous equipment whilst gradually...

  • Microbia



    304 ratings

    Challenge your reflexes and your friends in a fast-paced colour changing arcade game that is easy to learn, hard to master! You play an evolved Microbe who is surviving a hostile enviroment by eating lesser microbes that keeps attacking you. Your...

  • Like A Bus

    Like A Bus

    Syke Software LLC

    8 ratings

    Explosions, cars, and nuclear trucks...OH MY! If you love challenging gameplay and blowing stuff up, you are going to love this FREE game! Like A Bus is a fast paced side scrolling game that involves navigating a disgruntled bus through busy...

  • Jetpack Impossible!

    Jetpack Impossible!

    Nitako Brain Puzzles

    3985 ratings

    How many green gems can you collect before you get annihilated? [How to play] - Tap and hold left/right side of screen to fly your jetpack - Collect the green gems - Avoid the burning asteroids - Try to get 5 medals: Copper, Bronze, Silver...

  • Hazumino


    Samurai Punk

    57 ratings

    Run, jump and build your way to new worlds and high scores in Hazumino, the game that combines relentless endless-runner with tricky block puzzle gameplay! Play with a range of characters in cool worlds, compete against your friends and become a...

  • Hack, Slash, Loot

    Hack, Slash, Loot

    David Williamson

    198 ratings

    ** The critically acclaimed dungeon crawler finally comes to Android devices ** There are dark places in the world inhabited by evil denizens. Places filled with danger and foreboding where no ordinary man would dare to journey. However, there are...

  • Retro Shooter Gem Gem Munchies Retro Shooter Gem Gem Munchies

    Retro Shooter Gem Gem Munchies


    47 ratings

    Crazy evil monsters are invading your planet! Shoot them, make them explode, use powerups to improve your shot power and collect precious gems and coins to beat the worldwide highscores! Remember those retro shooter games or other vertical...

  • Eternal Lux • 8-Bit retro RPG! Eternal Lux • 8-Bit retro RPG!

    Eternal Lux • 8-Bit retro RPG!

    Martín del Río

    412 ratings

    ☆ "Despite (or perhaps because of) its extreme simplicity, Eternal Lux makes for a pleasant little time-waster." - ☆ "The game looks like it came straight from the 80′s. It sports a retro 16-color graphics style, an awesome MIDI sound...

  • Deity Quest

    Deity Quest

    Fancy Fish Games

    11 ratings

    Deity Quest is a light-hearted RPG where you play as an ambitious young god, recently assigned to a world - Aberos - to convert followers and gain power. Your goal is to become the Overgod, the highest position among the many gods of Aberos....

  • Couplo: Word Search

    Couplo: Word Search


    30 ratings

    An elegant and relaxing word search game with stacks of different ways to play. - Story/Challenge Mode Compete in a series of differing challenges, each designed to test both your speed and wits. -Time Trial Go up against your own best times in a...

  • Chainliens - Slingshot Mayhem Chainliens - Slingshot Mayhem

    Chainliens - Slingshot Mayhem


    11 ratings

    Welcome to Chainliens - the Ultimate Slingshot Chain Crash Mayhem Ahead! Chainliens is a fast-paced arcade strategy game, where you build a chain of similar colored creatures - just to crash them into walls as fast as you can. Rubber band...

  • Birds vs Bees Birdhouse Battle Birds vs Bees Birdhouse Battle

    Birds vs Bees Birdhouse Battle

    Zippy Brain Inc

    10 ratings

    Save the birds! Get the birds to safety as honeybees swarm the forest. Send our feathery friends into the birdhouse while keeping the bees at bay! Control the wind with your fan! As birds fly through the forest, blow them into their birdhouse....

  • Below the Known

    Below the Known

    Raging Hotdog

    17 ratings

    Humans, never knew it, but their world was ending. A portal from another dimension has opened, and demons came pouring out. "They only wanted one thing, our souls. So many where killed, as the portal opened I was sucked into their world. I called...

  • Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition

    Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition


    18282 ratings

    This game is optimized for tablets. The dawn is especially cruel this morning... For as long as you can remember, your view of the world has been limited to the heavily fortified walls of Candlekeep. Your foster father, Gorion, has done...

  • Anti Runner

    Anti Runner

    CosmiConnection Studios

    119 ratings

    It's time to turn the tables on the infinite runners! Deploy obstacles and see the fast running Runners fall one by one! Enjoy killing runners in this jam packed action but simple fun! Nominated for Most Innovative Game of Casual Connect Asia...

  • Back From Afar

    Back From Afar

    Peliosuuskunta Expa

    14 ratings

    A child is being bullied at school for wearing an astronaut suit out of passionate love for space. When the other children try to steal the child’s precious toy rocket, the child escapes to another dimension. By traveling through space, the child g...

  • Blockman Worlds

    Blockman Worlds


    7 ratings

    Help Blockman guide all of his Blocklet Friends towards the house, in order to complete each and every one of the 3000+ levels. The classic "Big face, eating pills, in a Maze" gameplay style, meets the world of Puzzle mechanics, in this curious...

  • Cover Color

    Cover Color

    First Games Interactive

    146 ratings

    Cover Color is an amazing brainteaser that delivers a burst of fun and can be played all day long by both kids from 6 years and adults. More than 100 fun and addictive challenges divided into 4 increasing difficulty levels. You should pick...

  • Dig to China Dig to China

    Dig to China


    5357 ratings

    A chunky tile busting digging game. Dig through a billion blocks en route straight to China. Collect resources, buy upgrades, get as deep as you can before the time runs out - repeat.

  • Dodgy Wings Dodgy Wings

    Dodgy Wings

    Moliu Lab

    33 ratings

    You have only one objective: Survive as long as you can, keep dodging! . [FEATURES] ▶ Learn how to play in 5 seconds! ▶ Extremely addictive and challenging (frustrating) gameplay ▶ 6 different available characters: biplane, UFO, and MORE! ▶ Unique...

  • Goomy: to the Rainbow Land!

    Goomy: to the Rainbow Land!

    Simone Conia

    16 ratings

    Who is Goomy? Legend has it that he wants to make it to the mythical, mysterious, happiness-filled Rainbow Land. However, this fantastic journey is not without big dangers but of course, how could we have expected anything less? Run, roll, dash,...

  • Hairy Balls

    Hairy Balls


    647 ratings

    ★★ THE MOST ADDICTING PUZZLE GAME YOU WILL EVER PLAY ★★ Simple to play, hard to put down, highly addictive, it will challenge your brain ! If you like brain training, you will love this puzzle game Roll the balls towards their corresp...

  • Kosmik Revenge

    Kosmik Revenge

    Realtech VR

    132 ratings

    Defend the galaxy with Kosmik Revenge, the fast paced space shooter, inspired from classic shoot'em up and updated with challenges, social features and advanced graphics now on your fingertips From the press reviews from and...

  • Make Love Not Beard

    Make Love Not Beard

    Pixel of Galaxies

    120 ratings

    A fun game that brings out the humorous way that some women prefer, a beautiful and big beard. Do not let the character be without beard, let his beard grow to the floor and then get a happy ending. Use your mobile phone or if more classic the...

  • MAGNETOID - Robo Runner MAGNETOID - Robo Runner

    MAGNETOID - Robo Runner

    Room 247 Studio

    1459 ratings

    Magnetoid is a super­fast endless runner powered by magnetism with retro pixel graphics. +++ Thanks for visiting us at Gamescom 2014 +++ +++ Unlock new Game Modes with the code „gamescom2014“ in the options menu +++ Let's face it. We all are bore...

  • Onigiri Escape

    Onigiri Escape

    Meyo Studios

    1079 ratings

    Help Onigiri escape from the kitchen full of evil minions. Fight your way out by maximizing all the skills you have, run, jump, dodge, flap, and blast ki energy. Onigiri Escape is an endless running game in retro Gameboy style. Unlock achievements...

  • Sniper Tactical

    Sniper Tactical

    fragOut Studio

    6332 ratings

    You are an elite sniper who brings death from afar. You are sent in to take out the bad guys and help your people on the ground. Clear the path for them, bearing your own safety in mind. Sniper Tactical is a clever game by fragOut Studio,...

  • Spectrum Slide Block Game

    Spectrum Slide Block Game


    13 ratings

    Slide and match blocks through 99 levels in this sleek addictive block game. Are you tired of over-the-top graphics and cumbersome pop-ups and gameplay elements? Then Spectrum Slide is for you! It is everything you want, with nothing that you...

  • Super Cherry Blast Super Cherry Blast

    Super Cherry Blast

    Arif Games

    16 ratings

    "Fast-paced mayhem combined with a retro soundtrack!" Quickly tag and blast the right cherries as they fly up and watch them explode in slow motion! This simple, original and addictive game will keep you entertained for hours. Retro game lovers...

  • TAYL



    1 ratings

    Explore a new way of playing a classic arcade game, help little Tayl defeat several enemies, each with their own strange behaviors. Use Tayl's powerful extensible tail and his energy shield to make the highest score on three challenging modes, and...

  • Wave Weaver Wave Weaver

    Wave Weaver

    Kohki Miki

    47 ratings

    Wave Weaver is a simple action game! You weave melody and wave by choosing the same color as coming waves'. Have an awesome experience beyond the voyage!! Powered by "CRI ADX2 (TM) LE". CRIWARE is a trademark of CRI Middleware Co., Ltd.

  • Bloo Kid 2

    Bloo Kid 2

    winterworks GmbH

    5808 ratings

    The long awaited sequel to the award-winning platformer "Bloo Kid" is here! After rescuing his girlfriend from the hands of the evil wizard, Bloo Kid and Pink Girl enjoy life with their newborn "Pink Kid". But then, a whole new adventure starts...

  • Bullet Pea

    Bullet Pea

    Team Popo

    6 ratings

    Save the world one jump at a time with Bullet Pea in this beautifully crafted retro platformer. The intuitive controls do away with virtual buttons or joysticks. Simply press and hold anywhere on the screen then release to jump. Features: - 15...

  • Dancing Samurai

    Dancing Samurai


    37 ratings

    CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS! Dancing Samurai is a fighting of swords action game be called 'CHANBARA'. Features - can be played with 2 player by splitted screen - VS mode (for 2 player with 1 Device) - Shadow Fight mode (for single player) - Fruit...

  • Fleet Combat 2

    Fleet Combat 2

    Triad Gene Software Co.,Ltd.

    6975 ratings

    Fleet Combat 2: Shattered Oceans is a follow-up to one of the most popular modern naval battle SLG - Fleet Combat. Like lightning, we can strike any place, at anytime! A large-scale war between humans and robots broke out from A.D.2014 to...

  • Fly Catbug Fly!

    Fly Catbug Fly!

    Cartoon Hangover

    3703 ratings

    To celebrate the season 2 finale of Bravest Warriors we're updating Catbug in the biggest way yet! Enjoy new levels, pickups, and costumes! Power-up with Emotion Lord and Plum! OVERVIEW Take flight in the first game from Cartoon Hangover’s B...

  • Instantion


    Finjitzu Software

    32 ratings

    "...Instantion is the only game like this on IOS, and with its stylized graphics and other mechanics, Instantion stands out as a challenging puzzle platformer worth your time and brain power." - Indie Game Enthusiast Control multiple clones...

  • Jumping Heroes Jumping Heroes

    Jumping Heroes

    PIX Soft

    10 ratings

    This is a match 3 slide puzzle game. There are 3 game modes. Addictive music and sound effects. Retro and pixel style. Simple and funny. 3 heroes are waiting for you. Let's fly with the hero.

  • Kitten Challenge

    Kitten Challenge


    318 ratings

    Join Ginger Kitten in his journey around the world. Challenge kittens from various realms and become the master of courses they've got prepared for you. :< :\ :] :) :D :3 WARNING: THIS GAME MAY SEEM CUTE.. AND SO IT IS, BUT IT'S ALSO HARD AS...

  • PSI: Submarine Combat PSI: Submarine Combat

    PSI: Submarine Combat

    Exano Software

    92 ratings

    PSI is a love letter to FTL, featuring intense submarine combat. PSI puts you in command of an elite crew as you battle fires and pump floods as you face off against a long forgotten foe. Featuring hundreds of dialogs, customizable submarines,...

  • Save Looma Save Looma

    Save Looma

    2d6 Games

    154 ratings

    Looma needs your help! After the destruction of Loomeria, Looma is left all alone, hurtling through space! In this physics-based puzzle game, divert Looma's course with the gravity of Asteroids, blow him with Gas Giants, traverse Wormholes and...

  • Sheep in Hell

    Sheep in Hell


    10 ratings

    You're a wolf and you've been bad. That's why you've been put in the deepness of a hell plagued with your most hated enemies: the sheep! But they're not normal sheep. No... They're possessed demonic sheep and won't hesitate to try to kill you! So...

  • SideSwype SideSwype



    141 ratings

    To celebrate the announcement of Overload, a new game from Radiangames and the creators of Descent ( ALL RADIANGAMES TITLES ARE ON SALE! A beautiful minimal block puzzle game from the creator of Slydris and CRUSH! SideSwype is an...

  • Smash and Dash Smash and Dash

    Smash and Dash


    159 ratings

    Smash through countless enemies as you dash for valuable gems - the super-addictive Smash and Dash is now available for Android! Dodge bullets and obliterate your foes in this retro-style arcade game with unique, high-precision touch controls....

  • Space :D Free

    Space :D Free


    9 ratings

    Free version with ads It's finally here! The long awaited Android version of the infamous "Space :D" as seen on Ouya! An arcadey twin-stick asteroids shooter game with Google Play Games scoreboard and achievements! Compete with the world to...

  • Space Forest Dilemma Puzzle Space Forest Dilemma Puzzle

    Space Forest Dilemma Puzzle


    12 ratings

    "A beautiful new arcade puzzler", "Game of the Week!" - Super Game Droid "Tough as nails but never unfair", "8/10" - Android Rundown SPACE FOREST DILEMMA IS A SIMPLE BUT CHALLENGING ARCADE PUZZLE GAME HIGHLIGHTS:...

  • Star Champion

    Star Champion

    JDAMS Games

    7 ratings

    You are the best space pilot ever! Prove your skills in over 20 unique ships. Blast away increasing enemy waves, and battle against the toughest mother ships. Show the stars who's boss and submit your highest score to the leaderboard. Earn the...

  • Subdog underwater adventure

    Subdog underwater adventure

    Somber pixel & Osky Studios

    271 ratings

    Game Description: Subdog Underwater adventure – platform submarine adventure in subdog our hero is a dog who launches into the search for his bone stolen by a marine creature, taking his snorkel to cross the ocean depths and regain his coveted b...

  • Veritas LCD

    Veritas LCD


    13 ratings

    An Open World LCD Adventure Join Veritas on an epic journey to free his people from the clutches of the Dark Lord Moldark. Traverse vast landscapes and treacherous castles to uncover the forty sacred Orbs and open the door to his ancient lair....

  • 3D MMO Celtic Heroes

    3D MMO Celtic Heroes

    One Thumb Mobile Ltd

    55959 ratings

    Team up with millions of players from across the globe in a truly stunning and unforgettable real-time fantasy MMO roleplaying action adventure, in a massive 3D persistent, evolving world full of challenging quests, epic battles, heroic feats and...

  • Ace Tales

    Ace Tales


    3932 ratings

    Embark on an epic Atlantic adventure with hero dog Ace and Doc O'Hare. This game will surprise you with stunning graphics, great game play and action moments. As a one button social game, this game is easy to play but hard to master. Great for...

  • Archangel: Martian Orbit

    Archangel: Martian Orbit


    2695 ratings

    Praise for Archangel: • Indie Game Magazine: "Space takes one small step for Google Play, and one giant leap for point-and-click adventure games". • Androidshock: "...this is a point and click adventure mobile game like no other". ******** Int...

  • Bad Vampire - Kill Dracula Bad Vampire - Kill Dracula

    Bad Vampire - Kill Dracula

    Hybrid Game Labs

    18 ratings

    You're trapped in the castle of the vampires, you have to hold out until dawn and not be bitten. Use your stake and use your power-ups to resister the horror of vampires. - Easy and addictive gameplay - 7 Difficulty stages - 9 collectible horror...

  • Black Nebula (Ads)

    Black Nebula (Ads)

    Alchemic Tempest

    20 ratings

    Defend yourself! Hords of evil space pirates are out to drain your shields. Destroy as many as you can, collect points and crack the highscore. Using powerups you can enhance your abilities, but will it be enough to control your nemesis lurking in...

  • Campfire


    William Morrison

    80 ratings - "...a beautifully surreal new physics platformer" ..."refreshing" Come roast marshmallows in CampFire! Guide the fireball and light the campfire in 90 unique levels! Don't fear the dark, explore it with the best lighting and...

  • Crystal Story

    Crystal Story

    Emmanuel Salva Cruz

    208 ratings

    A wicked witch has stolen the Crystal of Power from the Kingdom of Crystalia. Four brave heroes must explore Evil Cave and defeat the wicked witch once and for all. Crystal Story is a turn based rpg that uses a random dungeon generator. You...

  • Dice Heroes Dice Heroes

    Dice Heroes

    Rat Recommends Games

    12528 ratings

    Dice Heroes is a turn based rpg-strategy game where characters are dice. Dark times came down the Dice world — the Alliance forces keep Diceland under control. Evil is everywhere, but it won't last forever. One after another, separate nations that i...

  • Fish Fist

    Fish Fist


    79 ratings

    Welcome to FishFist, a game that should be on your device! Coach your spirit, strength and mind at the foot of the Shaolin Temple. Nice graphics, bewitching sound and explosive dynamics will give you a special pleasure from the gameplay. Fist -...

  • Flop Rocket

    Flop Rocket

    Butterscotch Shenanigans

    11036 ratings

    Pilot your Flop Rocket through a cave filled with stalactites, dangerous creatures, and other space-time anomalies as you try to prevent an underfunded space program from going bust. Why is your space program housed in a cave? GOOD QUESTION. Can...

  • Galactikitties


    Sweet Roll Studio LLC

    34 ratings

    Lost in space with no one to save them thousands of cats drift without hope. Who will save the felines from the vastness of space? Control a magical ball of space yarn and save all the kittens! Each cat you collect makes asteroids, black holes,...

  • Jason the Game

    Jason the Game

    Media- en Gamedeveloper Mediacollege Amsterdam

    186 ratings

    Story Venture into the world of the greek mythology, where Jason’s story had a twist. In the myth of Jason, he is on a quest for the fleece, on this quest he visits a kingdom where he completes various challenges to gain the fleece, but u...

  • Monster Adventures

    Monster Adventures

    Foursaken Media

    719 ratings

    Combining the monster-catching of Pokémon with the adventure elements of Zelda, Monster Adventures brings an all new blend of action/RPG gameplay to the Play Store! Catch, create and customize your own unique monsters while uncovering an interesting ...

  • POLKA: A Bubble Popping Game POLKA: A Bubble Popping Game

    POLKA: A Bubble Popping Game

    Binary Laboratory

    1440 ratings

    POLKA is a minimalist game about popping bubbles. It is designed to test the agility of your fingers. How To Play: -Tap on a bubble to pop it. -Tap bubbles of the same colour to get combos. Each bubble of the same colour increases the combo by...

  • Raccoon Lagoon

    Raccoon Lagoon

    Lake Lodge Games

    54 ratings

    Ever See a Flying Crocodile?! ***Raccoon Lagoon is a gorgeous cel-shaded platformer with addicting gameplay and fantastic level design. Part Tomb Raider, part Crash Bandicoot, Raccoon Lagoon feels like an authentic modern update to platforming...

  • Super Vortex

    Super Vortex

    Supertapp Interactive Ltd.

    209 ratings

    Super Vortex is a fast paced, colourful, retro styled action game. You control the arrow by tapping either side of the screen in a world where there is no right way up. Can you keep your wits about you as you weave your way through the gaps in...

  • Tower20


    Vulturus Development

    14 ratings

    Meet Tower20, a small, casual turn-based RPG inspired by NES classics such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior. In Tower20, you take on the role of an adventurer who must save the universe from an evil Phoenix who sits at the top of a 20-story...

  • Two Souls Pro

    Two Souls Pro

    Derp Studios

    4 ratings

    2Souls has finally hit Android! Derp Studios winning game candidate from the Swan PR competition, with special thanks to Train2Game and many others in getting the game where it is today. We hope you enjoy playing it as much as we've enjoyed...

  • Zombie Clicker Zombie Clicker

    Zombie Clicker

    Rob Thompson

    1998 ratings

    Zombie Clicker - it's time to take over the world with your zombie horde, one click at a time! The aim of the game: - Create a zombie by clicking on the large zombie in the center of the screen, the more you click the more zombies are added to...

  • Ball of Skill

    Ball of Skill

    Limaks! Studio

    13 ratings

    Take up the chalange and prove your skills. Guide ball thru danger zone and colect points. Competate in rankings and collect achievments. No birds, no pipes, no taping screen just pure innovative gameplay. Features: - Simple but engaging gameplay....

  • Bunny Smasher Bunny Smasher

    Bunny Smasher

    Javier Salmona

    653 ratings

    Bunny Smasher Smash all the zombie bunnies, don´t touch the cute blue ones. Survive until the music or the time run out, do double and triple kills to get more points. Upload your score to show the world and friends who is the best. (This game use ...

  • Catbeam Catbeam


    Short Giraffe Games

    16 ratings

    This is a game. About a cat. Who can shoot lasers out of its eyes. What more could you ask for? Defeat the flying walruses, become a unicorn, shoot rapid-fire chopsticks, and bounce as high as possible. Instructions: - Move left or right by...




    1881 ratings

    CLARC. An actiony puzzle adventure. With drunk robots. ● Won the German Computer Games Award for "Best Mobile Game 2014"! ● [4.5 of 5] "CLARC is a terrific little game with a lot of heart. It's gorgeous, meaty, packed with a variety of clever puz...

  • Crusader Elite

    Crusader Elite


    23 ratings

    Get ready to make your last stand! Crusader Elite is a retro style action title that's sure to get your blood racing! Let none pass as you ward off countless hordes of undead, demonic, and verminous enemies across 4 stages in this action packed...

  • Cutiebots


    Goodnight Games LLC

    12 ratings

    Jump into the roles of Gritch and Zitch to defend your nightmarish world from an onslaught of cute animal robots brought forth from the evil Dr.Whiskers. Slash your way through giant teddy bear robots, cute spark plugs and candy gorillas! Can you...

  • Dead End

    Dead End

    Flying Oak Games

    539 ratings

    Coming directly from the 70′s, Dead End is a mix between old-fashioned racing games and grindhouse horror movies. Drive for your life and reach the safety heaven. Features: - Old-school arcade racing game with infinite road generation. - Atypical m...

  • Grapes Issue

    Grapes Issue

    Equilibre Games

    11 ratings

    Grapes Issue, new puzzle game ! Combining physics and arcade play styles, Grapes Issue is a puzzle game available on smartphones and tablets. Build the greatest amount of juice, crossing the levels through the vineyard and vine press ! Unlock...

  • Hoots Hoots


    Simple Machine

    375 ratings

    Pack your swimsuit, grab your sunglasses, and head to the beach with Hoots! You've played matching games before, but this one is the simplest (and the cutest) one you've ever played. It's a new adorable matching game - it's a hoot! Swipe the...

  • The Impossible Cave

    The Impossible Cave

    Bluepig Games

    34 ratings

    How much you can survive through the Impossible Cave? Test your skills to beat an impossible game! Travel with your ship through an unknown world, faster and faster until death, and then... retry and retry! · Accurate and intuitive “one finger” touc...

  • Jetpack Panic

    Jetpack Panic

    Pug Fugly Games

    59 ratings

    Fed up of Flappy Bird clones but looking for something with the same infuriatingly addictive "just one more turn" gameplay? You've come to the right place! Jetpack Panic - a game of skill that will test your patience to the very limit. Guide your...

  • Jungle Journey

    Jungle Journey


    3 ratings

    Help Sgt. Cletus navigate through jungle levels to get to the gold chest in this action packed platform adventure. Avoid obstacles, booby traps and enemy soldiers while you figure out how to reach the end of the level. Although the early levels...

  • Micronytes Director's Cut

    Micronytes Director's Cut

    Gibs & Gore

    498 ratings

    TOP TEN in 15 countries -"Micronytes Director’s Cut is a game that you must download right away! You’ll thank me later." - Super Game Droid -"Amazing playability in a really amazing platform game" -Androidgaming -"Must-Have platform gam...

  • Mr Flap Mr Flap

    Mr Flap


    109147 ratings

    Say hello to Mr Flap, the little square bird that'll make your head spin! How far can you get?