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Your children may have already gone back to school, but we still have to wait about a week. Either way these are some great apps to help you get back into the groove for school

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  • Pinterest Pinterest



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    Pinterest is a must have mom tool. Find ideas for lunches, for teacher gifts, or ideas for helping your child to learn. Pinterest is also a great item to help keep you busy when you are waiting for your kids after school or at their activities.

  • Google Keep Google Keep

    Google Keep

    Google Inc.

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    Google Keep is a great easy note tool. Create a quick list of things you still need for your child. Write yourself a quick note about an event at school. Or use it to jot down a playdate's phone number so you have it right in hand.

  • LINE Camera: Animated Stickers LINE Camera: Animated Stickers

    LINE Camera: Animated Stickers

    LINE Corporation

    1379108 ratings

    Another great camera tool to have for your first day of school pictures. What I love about LINE Camera is that they give you stickers to use including time stamps!

  • Instagram Instagram



    41538935 ratings

    Share your child's first day at school photo quickly, easily and elegantly with your friends and family. Instagram is a must have for moms, but especially on that first day.

  • Amazon Kindle Amazon Kindle

    Amazon Kindle

    Amazon Mobile LLC

    634626 ratings

    While you are waiting to pick your kids up or waiting for the bus to drop them off get a few moments of reading in. I talk to many moms that don't get to read anymore. The kindle app is always with you whenever you have a moment.

  • AccuWeather AccuWeather



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    One of the challenges all moms have is dressing there kids for the weather. This app can help you know what to expect for your kids day and dress them appropriately.




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    A great soothing alarm clock that can help wake up your kid's calmly or if you want a more calm expereince waking up yourself. The alarm also is based off the weather, so each morning can be a surprise. Plus you know how to dress your kids.

  • Cookpad Cookpad


    Cookpad International Ltd.

    69184 ratings

    Now that school is starting and everyone's schedules get hectic having a good resource for quick and easy dinners. This is one of the most comprehensive recipe apps I've found.

  • Shopular Coupons & Weekly Ads Shopular Coupons & Weekly Ads

    Shopular Coupons & Weekly Ads

    Shopular Coupons, Deals & Weekly Ads

    50934 ratings

    Have a couple last minute items you need to pick up for back to school? Shopular can help you save money by letting you know what stores near you have coupons available. Plus shopular has the coupon right on your phone for you.

  • Google Calendar Google Calendar

    Google Calendar

    Google Inc.

    649851 ratings

    Google calendar is a great way to keep everyone's schedules synced and readily at hand. Share calendars between family members easily. Also have your calendar synced on all your devices.