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  • Mahluk: Dark demon

    Mahluk: Dark demon

    Serkan Bakar

    2440 ratings

    Mahluk has a dark sword and sickle. He slash monsters,goblins and all evils alone.Run, jump and slash your way through a vast world of platforming challenges and embark on an epic adventure! The mobile hack and slash adventure game and a 2d pixel...

  • Fireman


    Magma Mobile

    34008 ratings

    Fire Alert ! In this new game, become a brave fireman whose role is to save the animals from the flames. While doing so, you may also be able to find some treasures..... You will be supplied with a water hose and a super jetpack. But be careful,...

  • Ninja Madness

    Ninja Madness


    168 ratings

    Jump, climb, roll over, throw shurikens, battle big samurai bosses. Be a ninja! Begin your ninja training today to unlock supernatural abilities. Nerves of steel, cat-like reflexes, split-second reactions, unstoppable concentration, that is the...

  • Babylonian Twins Platform Game

    Babylonian Twins Platform Game

    BitHunch LLC

    183 ratings

    GOOGLE: Staff Picks What happens when you combine Prince of Persia and the Lost Vikings in one game? An instant classic and Android's best puzzle platformer. ----- Babylonian Twins is a 2D retro puzzle platform game that takes you to 576 BC in...

  • Red Ball 4

    Red Ball 4

    FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG

    869381 ratings

    Red Alert! Evil minions want to squeeze the planet into a square shape. Who's got the balls to save the world ? Oh yeah, that's right! Red Ball to the rescue! Roll, jump and bounce through 60 exciting levels full of adventure. Make your way...

  • She Wants Me Dead

    She Wants Me Dead

    Hello There AB

    2917 ratings

    Max is in trouble. He pissed off his cat Lula and now she’s out to get him. And Lula is far from sweet. She is vicious, cold and unforgiving. More dangerous than Lula are her traps – deadly and brutal killing contraptions with Max’s name writt...

  • Leap Day

    Leap Day


    17772 ratings

    Leap Day is a fast paced action platformer with a brand new level every day! really EVERY DAY! until the END OF TIME! Features: • A brand new level you can finish every day! • Set in a different location every day! • Everyone will have ...

  • Canyon Capers - TV Edition

    Canyon Capers - TV Edition

    KISS Limited

    1 ratings

    Canyon Capers TV Edition is a retro style indie arcade platform game. Starring Dino-Jr and his many friends as they venture through the canyons and caverns of ancient ruins in historical locations. Reach the ultimate goal, fame and fortune and the...

  • Mine Runner

    Mine Runner


    2948 ratings

    Similar to the game "Lode Runner". Collect all the gold in a level while avoiding the mummies that try to catch you. Levels will test your skills and make you think to solve them successfully. The character can make holes in the ground, to make...

  • Oliver World Adventures

    Oliver World Adventures

    ZukiSky Games

    697 ratings

    You love adventure games? Game graphics and amazing controls is what excites you? This awesome classic adventure game is what you need. Oliver World Adventures Game is fun and adventure game that combines classic gameplay with modern controls and...

  • Super Phantom Cat

    Super Phantom Cat

    Veewo Games

    32431 ratings

    Surprise! Thank you our fans and Google Play for rewarding us with the BEST OF 2016 GAMES! 4.5/5 - "It is a pretty perfect hybrid of the new and old." - TouchArcade - - - - - - - - - - - - Super Phantom Cat is a retro-inspired 2D platformer that...

  • Star Knight

    Star Knight


    7065 ratings

    *** 66% OFF for a limited time! *** Global release celebration! Easy games are no fun! If you are tired of meaningless automatic actions, Star Knight is the perfect game for you! A fantastic balance between gorgeous graphics, adventure, and...

  • Stealth Inc. 2: Game of Clones

    Stealth Inc. 2: Game of Clones

    NVIDIA Lightspeed Studios

    12 ratings

    Stealth Inc 2 tests both your brain and your reflexes over 60 varied levels linked together in a sprawling overworld. Death is never more than a few moments away, but one of the few advantages of being a clone is that death isn’t all that p...

  • Super Meat Boy

    Super Meat Boy

    NVIDIA Lightspeed Studios

    22 ratings

    Super Meat Boy is a tough as nails platformer where you play as an animated cube of meat who's trying to save his girlfriend (who happens to be made of bandages) from an evil fetus in a jar wearing a tux. Our meaty hero will leap from walls, over...

  • Goo Saga

    Goo Saga

    Toka Loka Games

    427 ratings

    Goo Saga is a platform adventure game where the player guides an elastic creature named Goo in a perilous journey to find his creator – and with him, the mysterious purpose of his own creation. Will Goo succeed? Puzzles, deadly traps and an army of f...

  • Brave Rascals

    Brave Rascals


    129 ratings

    Do you like Games? Are you good at Games? Do you want a real game? For those who wants a game that feels like "THIS is a GAME!" * Features - Glamorous heroes - Tons of stages - Big boss fight - Tricky traps - Becomes very difficult when you pursue...

  • Rayman Classic

    Rayman Classic

    Ubisoft Entertainment

    7445 ratings

    To celebrate its 20th anniversary, the original Rayman is back… and for the 1st time on your mobile! Embark on epic adventures with Rayman in one of the most influent platform game of all times and relive the experience of playing the original v...

  • Ignatius


    Sons of welder

    16453 ratings

    Ignatius is a atmospheric puzzle-platformer game with an interesting story. The game with its visual form and plot refers to the old silent movies. Graphic design of "Ignatius" is a unique combination of different aesthetics - hand drawing , noir...

  • The East New World

    The East New World

    TEN10 Games

    6317 ratings

    The East New World is a retro-inspired action platformer game with the high quality pixel art style. Tight controls, complex level design (including multiple paths and secret areas), RPG elements, collectibles and achievements, boss fights, NPCs,...

  • Ultimate Briefcase Ultimate Briefcase

    Ultimate Briefcase


    16141 ratings

    Hundreds of automated doomsday machines have been unleashed on the city. Survive waves of onslaught using your dodging skills and a variety of ridiculous special moves. Where did the mysterious bomb-dropping, laser-spewing machines come from? What...

  • Zombie Catchers

    Zombie Catchers

    Two Men and a Dog

    371945 ratings

    Let's go zombie hunting! Catch zombies for fun and profit! *** TOP 10 game in over 90 countries! *** *** TOP 5 action game in over 100 countries! *** Zombie Catchers is an action adventure game in a world riddled by a zombie invasion! Planet...

  • Goldbeards Quest - Ads Free

    Goldbeards Quest - Ads Free

    Howling Hamster Games

    1 ratings

    Dwarfs, Gold, Skeletons, Skulls and Dragons, Goldbeard’s Quest has it all. When the Queen of the Dwarven kingdom discovers that the Dwarf Kings’ huge party has spent every last coin and drank every last drop of ale she goes to the one dwarf she kno...

  • The Moon Awaits

    The Moon Awaits

    Dynamic Zero

    13 ratings

    Explore the solar system in this explosive, fast paced action platformer! Use your weapons, skill and whit to repair your ship and blast off into space! Features - . Explore the solar system! . Randomly generated levels which change every play...

  • Raccoon - Retro Platformer

    Raccoon - Retro Platformer


    975 ratings

    -- Level 22 pass though video : Fun and simple platformer with full of nostalgic charm of 80's. Raccoon is a retro style platformer filled with cute pixel graphics and sounds. You have to collect all the fruits in...

  • PewDiePie: Legend of Brofist

    PewDiePie: Legend of Brofist

    Outerminds Inc.

    56270 ratings

    Join your favorite YouTubers on an Epic Quest in PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist. Enjoy this amazing 2D platformer in the palm of your hands! "This is a carefully crafted touchscreen platformer that knows its gaming history, and which shuns...

  • Jungle Adventures - free

    Jungle Adventures - free

    Rendered Ideas

    88315 ratings

    Rendered Ideas presents classic side scroller game "Jungle Adventures". This game bring back memories of old school arcade games with numerous adventure. World of this game contains well designed levels, various enemies, bosses, simple gameplay,...

  • The Beggar's Ride

    The Beggar's Ride

    Bad Seed

    247 ratings

    One night an old man found a mysterious mask; a key to a world hidden on the other side of the rain. It was destined for a hero, a champion, a saviour, but the old man was just a beggar. Uncover the secrets held within the mask as you journey...

  • Super Dangerous Dungeons

    Super Dangerous Dungeons

    Adventure Islands

    4115 ratings

    Pocket Gamer Silver Award "A super sharp-edged, but super enjoyable retro platforming challenge " – Pocket Gamer, 8/10 "Super Dangerous Dungeons is just a good, solid platformer" – TouchArcade, 4 stars Hop into a challenging platforming adv...

  • Starlit Adventures (c) Starlit Adventures (c)

    Starlit Adventures (c)


    11051 ratings

    Become the uncanny legend you were meant to be throughout the floating islands, upper world, and lower lands! Help Bo and Kikki the Starlit find and return the stars that Nuru has stolen from the sky and from the Star Keepers. Go on epic...

  • Gopogo Gopogo



    1325 ratings

    Join the Pogo gang! In a grim sci-fi future where pogoing is outlawed, this gang of misfits breaks all the rules. Pogo over the police and their dogs, avoid hazards, and make it to the top! And once you complete the final level, try to reach a...

  • Robocod


    Funfui Ltd

    26 ratings

    There’s nothing quite like a run and jump game, and this game’s an all-time great. How can you not like a hero called Robocod?! With a face like a frog and an almost infinite ability to stretch, he’s the ultimate James Pond superhero. The premi...

  • Super Jump Boy Adventures

    Super Jump Boy Adventures

    Go Games Ltd

    29 ratings

    Super Jump Boy can run, jump, wall slide, ledge hang and fall from the sky! But can you help him collect all the stars and escape? Super Jump Boy Adventures is a retro arcade platform with 40 increasingly challenging levels. If you can complete...

  • Pauli's Adventure Island

    Pauli's Adventure Island


    581 ratings

    Run, jump and fly your way through an epic adventure that takes you from rolling hills to mysterious forests, dark caves, ancient temples and more! Experience a unique adventure in this classic 2D side-scrolling platformer game. Welcome to Pauli's...

  • 1 Volt

    1 Volt

    Quantized Bit

    1846 ratings

    You were on the way to a recycling process when fortunately for you - but not for the environment - you accidentally ran off. Now your goal is to escape from the facility, which is an extremely difficult task due to the fact that you are a battery...

  • Devious Dungeon 2

    Devious Dungeon 2

    Noodlecake Studios Inc

    535 ratings

    It is said that great adventures await behind the walls of this dark castle. The castles ever shifting halls are filled with deadly monsters! Treacherous traps have claimed the lives of many adventurers! It is rumoured the castle contains...

  • Incredible Jack

    Incredible Jack


    6222 ratings

    Set out on an incredible journey in this classic game full of old school platform action. Help Jack, a courageous Timbergrote, rescue his family by exploring seven worlds, jumping on foes and solving puzzles. Reunite Jack with his loved ones and...

  • Bean Dreams

    Bean Dreams


    2036 ratings

    Bean Dreams is an action-packed platformer from the dream team that brought you Duet and Bean’s Quest. Its deceptively simple interface keeps you in complete control while all-new game features, gorgeous graphics, funky music and 96 stages will b...

  • Super Spartan Fury World Super Spartan Fury World

    Super Spartan Fury World

    Unity Realm

    84 ratings

    MegaManX inspired platformer game! Just jump and shoot! Available for both Phones and Tablets. STORY★ A great shadow has descended over Olympus the mythical land of the gods, chaos creatures born of the darkest parts of the void defile this once p...

  • Infestor


    Noodlecake Studios Inc

    183 ratings

    Get ready for a fun puzzle platformer created by the award-winning studio Ravenous Games! As the INFESTOR you need to reach the exit in each level by taking over your enemies and controlling their body. Each human has a special ability associated...

  • Createrria 2 craft your games!

    Createrria 2 craft your games!

    Incuvo sp. z o.o.

    21445 ratings

    Createrria 2 - now you can CREATE YOUR OWN AWESOME GAMES in minutes, share with friends and become famous! No technical skills required, just your imagination! You need to try to believe it! Become famous Game Designer and create games you...

  • The Deer God

    The Deer God

    Crescent Moon Games

    603 ratings

    50% off sale for a limited time only!!! The Deer God is a breathtaking 3D pixel art adventure that will challenge your religion and your platforming skills. It's a game about survival, reincarnation, and karma; all set in a breathtaking and...

  • Spider: Rite of Shrouded Moon

    Spider: Rite of Shrouded Moon

    Tiger Style

    353 ratings

    From the creators of the mobile GAME OF THE YEAR award-winners, Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor and Waking Mars. Learn more at 5/5 "MUST BUY... builds an almost impossibly intricate web." -TouchArcade 9/10 "Elegant,...

  • Lonia Saga

    Lonia Saga


    584 ratings

    -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------- If you buy diamonds, you can receive payments through the artifacts of the legendary "lauric earrings." Lauric of earrings increases +2 any experience you...

  • Dodo Master

    Dodo Master

    Semir Saleh

    498 ratings

    * This is a graphically intense game. You can try the free version first to test your device's compatibility. * ============== REVIEWS: toucharcade, 5/5 "Dodo Master is a flawlessly created platformer that screams panache from beginning to end."...

  • Moy's World

    Moy's World

    Frojo Apps

    37437 ratings

    "Moy's World" is a brand new platformer with a classic feeling but unique gameplay! Your mission is to help little Moy explore his way through amazing worlds with challenging and well design levels that sure will put your problem solving powers...

  • Giana Byte

    Giana Byte

    Milan Dinic

    576 ratings

    The Game is inspired by The Great Giana Sisters that was developed for Commodore 64 by Time Warp Productions in 1987. The levels are all new, while the game play looks pretty much like original. The name of the game origins from Giana 8-bit, while...

  • Sword Of Xolan

    Sword Of Xolan

    Alper Sarıkaya

    45767 ratings

    Sword of Xolan is an action platformer game that includes the juice of pixel art style. Xolan is a young and brave man who fight for justice no matter what the cost. Help him on his adventure to stand against darkness and bring back the peace and...

  • Never Alone for Android TV

    Never Alone for Android TV

    E-Line Media

    86 ratings

    NOTE: This is the non-touch controller edition of the game designed specifically for Android TV, including two-player local co-op support. A controller (one for each player) is required to play. This edition will not work with most mobile phones...

  • Makibot - The Forest Journey

    Makibot - The Forest Journey

    FabMika Games

    903 ratings

    Makibot is a fun game that features a high-tech steampunk robot that journeys through one of the strangest and most dangerous worlds you may have ever seen. Can you survive the adventure through this mysterious forest? Your goal is to overcome all...

  • Magic Rampage

    Magic Rampage


    143163 ratings

    Exciting new platformer that combines the action-RPG genre with hack 'n' slash gameplay. Magic Rampage features character customization and dozens of weapons to wield; from knives to magical staves. Each dungeon introduces the player to new...

  • Nubs' Adventure

    Nubs' Adventure


    6571 ratings

    Nubs' Adventure is an exploratory platformer in which you help Nubs rebuild his house after it was destroyed by the evil Reds. But Nubs is not alone! With him on his journey are his friends: the tiny wisp Ally and a huge worm named Brute. Explore...

  • JUJU


    Flying Wild Hog

    52 ratings

    For Tegra-powered devices only - learn more on SHIELD Hub available on Google Play. NOTE: JUJU requires a controller to play and runs exclusively on NVIDIA Tegra K1 and X1 hardware. Jump to a new level of adventure! Journey with the shaman...

  • iO - A Physics Platformer

    iO - A Physics Platformer


    46 ratings

    iO is a physics platformer about size, speed and momentum unlike anything you’ve ever seen before! Optimized for the NVIDIA SHIELD, grow, shrink, roll, leap and climb in this unique puzzler featuring over 150 challenging mazes and one-of-a-kind g...

  • Nihilumbra


    BeautiFun Games

    19354 ratings

    Discover the beautiful world of Nihilumbra and join Born on his adventure to find himself whilst trying to escape from his inevitable curse. Born was created from the absolute nothingness: The Void. But somehow he separates himself from the black...

  • Tallowmere


    Chris McFarland

    134 ratings

    Indulge Lady Tallowmere. See how far through her lovingly violent dungeons you can delve in this 2D indie action roguelike-inspired platformer. New rooms are procedurally generated every time you play, meaning you'll have to be on your guard for...

  • Happy Vikings

    Happy Vikings


    143 ratings

    Glorious raids and happy stacking! Your fellow Vikings are gleefully raiding the neighbors, and someone has to make room for all the loot! Move and stack the plundered goods to become a legend, and praise the mighty Gods of Asgard! Features: -...

  • DuckTales: Remastered

    DuckTales: Remastered


    5776 ratings

    One of the most cherished 8-bit titles of all time returns with the mobile release of DuckTales: Remastered! Join Scrooge McDuck in an epic adventure across the world to discover the five Legendary Treasures! Embark on a journey to the Himalayas,...

  • Chronology - Time changes...

    Chronology - Time changes...

    Bedtime Digital Games

    3171 ratings

    Chronology is a puzzle platform adventure starring The Inventor and The Snail. Try "Part I" with 3 chapters for FREE. ◆ "Best Casual Game of the Year" & "Best Mobile Game of the Year" @ Game Connection Paris 2014 ◆ "When Braid and LIMBO had a pre...

  • Pixel Staff

    Pixel Staff

    HomeWorld Arts

    475 ratings

    Fight your way through a side-scrolling 2D world full of monsters. Do battle with an epic knight. Interrupt an evil summoning and fight a powerful wizard. Quest into the skies and free a majestic dragon. Return peace to the kingdom and rid the...

  • King of Thieves

    King of Thieves


    892896 ratings

    Steal gems, build your defense and win guild wars in this unique blend of arcade and PVP multiplayer game! Compete with more than 34 million users around the world and create your own clan of thieves. Break into enemies’ dungeons and steal their g...

  • Canyon Capers

    Canyon Capers

    KISS Limited

    20 ratings

    *** CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY SALE *** Canyon Capers is a retro style indie arcade platform game for all ages, created by the authors of the 1992 original. Do you have fond memories of playing old style platform games, where you didn't have to learn a...

  • One Tap Hero

    One Tap Hero

    Coconut Island Studio

    57650 ratings

    Featured by Google in "Play Picks"! The acclaimed action puzzle platform game is available on Android for phones and tablets! From the creator of hits Finger Balance and iDragPaper. Reviews: "It’s got great gameplay, a huge amount of variety in t...

  • Oscura: Second Shadow

    Oscura: Second Shadow

    Surprise Attack

    890 ratings

    Classic platforming meets modern design in a game built and optimised for touch controls. The Driftlands are a gothic and frightening place at the best of times….And this is not the best of times. The Aurora stone has been stolen from the great L...

  • Staying Together

    Staying Together

    Naquatic LLC

    2330 ratings

    This Valentines Day, celebrate love and loyalty with Staying Together! A mystical journey awaits you in this multi-character puzzle platformer. Control two lovers simultaneously in your quest to unite them. Looking out for the needs of a single...




    36390 ratings

    Uncertain of his sister's fate, a boy enters LIMBO. What the press said: “Limbo is as close to perfect at what it does as a game can get.” 10/10 – Destructoid “The game is a masterpiece.” 5/5 – GiantBomb “Limbo is genius. Freaky, weird...

  • Gunbrick



    447 ratings

    In a future where cars are obsolete, the Gunbrick has become a worldwide sensation! The Gunbrick - A gun one side... a shield on the other. Encounter wasteland mutants, crazed nerds, law enforcement and all manner of cube based adversaries. Roll...

  • Platform Panic Platform Panic

    Platform Panic


    8334 ratings

    "Pixel pushing perfection" - 9/10 Pocket Gamer Platform game heroes through the ages have been abducted! Pit them against each other in order to settle, once and for all, which one is the best! • Can you unlock them all and become king of the l...

  • Spoiler Alert

    Spoiler Alert


    393 ratings

    Spoiler Alert is a backwards platformer about starting at the end of the game, and undoing the entire adventure, the very first game you'll uncomplete! "You'll love Spoiler Alert" - Cult of Mac "Gorgeous" - PocketGamer "It's Awesome" -...

  • Crossy Road Crossy Road

    Crossy Road

    Yodo1 Games

    3879300 ratings

    CROSSY ROAD TURNED 2! - Super Cute Animals! - 11 new figurines Play as DADDY by PSY! - 3 new PSY figurines - floating dance floor islands - yachts and dancers - 3 all-new dance beats - playable in multiplayer! Crossy Road Multiplayer! -...

  • Volt


    Quantized Bit

    420 ratings

    You were on the way to a recycling process when fortunately for you - but not for the environment - you accidentally ran off. Now your goal is to escape from the facility, which is an extremely difficult task due to the fact that you are a battery...

  • ESJ: Groove City ESJ: Groove City

    ESJ: Groove City

    Yazar Media Group LLC

    78 ratings

    About the Game A sequel to the platforming hit, Electronic Super Joy! A brave new World, ending in an Epic Boss Fight! Jump, dodge & dance among insane hazards, missiles, lasers & monsters in this crazy platformer! Plot A Giant Robot Stripper...

  • Trine 2: Complete Story

    Trine 2: Complete Story

    Frozenbyte Oy

    206 ratings

    SPECIAL PROMOTION! -75% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME! Trine 2: Complete Story is a beautiful, award-winning sidescrolling game of action, puzzles and platforming, now available on Android. Play as the three Heroes - Amadeus the Wizard, Zoya the...

  • Flyhunter Origins

    Flyhunter Origins

    Ripstone Ltd

    214 ratings

    Now Android TV compatible. Meet Zak - a bumbling alien spaceship Janitor and wannabe fly hunter. Zak is a “Zursk”- one of three alien species from Burgarol 3. He works on board the fly hunter Crew’s legendary spaceship; ‘The Frog’ but deep down he l...

  • 666 Panda's Number

    666 Panda's Number

    7 Raven Studios

    523 ratings

    Solomon's Key clone with bad graphics and so-so music. No Google services support Score: 4/10

  • AlterEgo: DreamWalker

    AlterEgo: DreamWalker

    RetroSouls Team

    381 ratings

    AlterEgo is a multi-level, platform game where you navigate around platforms, obstacles and monsters to collect jumping pixels. You have an alter ego or phantom twin that mirrors your moves from across the screen.

  • Make Action! PicoPicoMaker Make Action! PicoPicoMaker

    Make Action! PicoPicoMaker

    24124 ratings

    [PLAY] [MAKE] [SEARCH] The Power of imagination can touch the sky! Make your very own action game stages and share them with your friends & family! You can play this game absolutely free! This game is perfectly suited for everyone including KIDS....

  • Another World

    Another World


    9653 ratings

    Also known as Out Of This World™ and released across more than a dozen platforms since its 1991 debut, Another World™ has attained cult status among critics and sophisticated gamers alike for its cinematic effects in the graphics, sound and cut sce...

  • Bean's Quest

    Bean's Quest


    624 ratings

    Enjoy platforming perfection on the go! Five worlds to explore with three achievements per stage! Bean's Quest is easy to pick up yet hard to master! **Featured at PAX East 2012 in the Boston Indie Showcase** ~~ FEATURES ~~ - Five unique worlds...

  • Bionfly



    287 ratings

    Bionfly is a platforms retro-looking 2D, simple gameplay and a powerful soundtrack Lo-fi music for Hi-tech people! Help our friend bionic with mustache and glasses to collect total Onyxs stones that are scattered throughout the strange Phobos...

  • Bloo Kid 2

    Bloo Kid 2

    winterworks GmbH

    5806 ratings

    The long awaited sequel to the award-winning platformer "Bloo Kid" is here! After rescuing his girlfriend from the hands of the evil wizard, Bloo Kid and Pink Girl enjoy life with their newborn "Pink Kid". But then, a whole new adventure starts...

  • Bouncy Ball

    Bouncy Ball


    240498 ratings

    Addictive brain game has selected 10,000,000 users!! [Record Google Play] - (Republic of Korea) Overall Top 2 free app Top 2 Brain & puzzle games [Introduction Game] The best addictive brain games You eat the stars to all the way. It's easier...

  • Castle of Illusion

    Castle of Illusion


    33904 ratings

    PLAY AS MICKEY IN THIS MAGICAL DISNEY ADVENTURE! ALL-NEW HD GRAPHICS AND GAMEPLAY! Mickey Mouse returns to star in Castle of Illusion, a fantastical reimagining of the Sega Genesis classic. When the evil witch Mizrabel kidnaps Minnie, it’s up to M...

  • CheeseMan


    Hicham Allaoui

    2004 ratings

    CheeseMan is a 2D Platformer where you play with that little piece of cheese called “CheeseMan”. CheeseMan’s quest is to save the Cheese Land from the evil “Professor Mousky” with the help of “Cheesette”, a tough cheese girl who doesn't need a plumbe...

  • Cordy 2

    Cordy 2

    SilverTree Media

    22524 ratings

    "Everything I want from a platformer is right here in Cordy 2." - Kotaku — Try before you buy! — SilverTree Media is proud to introduce Cordy 2! The sequel to the hit games Cordy and Cordy Sky! After a long and harrowing journey, Cordy and Volt fin...

  • Daddy Was A Thief Daddy Was A Thief

    Daddy Was A Thief

    Rebel Twins

    366267 ratings

    Bank staff is usually friendly and polite. This time something went wrong! Gain as much money as you can! Hurry! Everyone try to catch you, but you are clever, aren’t you? Find combo speed boosts, shortcuts and grab power-ups to survive. "Losing y...

  • Devious Dungeon

    Devious Dungeon

    Noodlecake Studios Inc

    3083 ratings

    Devious Dungeon is a medieval action platforming game by the creators of Random Heroes and League of Evil! The catacombs under the Kingdom are infested with evil creatures. You must venture deep within the dungeons eliminating the threat! Slay...

  • Dokuro



    16152 ratings

    Arise, lowly skeleton, and rescue the Princess from the Dark Lord's castle! You are a nameless skeleton in the Dark Lord's army. After a chance encounter with the Princess, who was abducted to become the dreaded Dark Lord's wife, you found...

  • Don't Look Back

    Don't Look Back

    Terry Cavanagh

    13166 ratings

    Don't Look Back is a short game I made in 2009. This is a completely free game, not "free to play"; there are no in-app purchases or any of that nonsense.

  • EDGE Extended EDGE Extended

    EDGE Extended

    Mobigame S.A.R.L.

    2984 ratings

    Develop your telekinetic strength by pushing a Cube within a geometric universe. But beware! You are not alone... EDGE Extended introduces a brand new 3D graphics engine, 48 original levels, 23 unique tunes and new gameplay mechanics. Platforms,...

  • Escape From Paradise

    Escape From Paradise

    Game Cooks

    625 ratings

    While logic states that Heaven is THE place to be, Devi is desperately looking for a way out! On a boiling hot picnic day - as Devi is bouncing around, he notices a glowing butterfly wing-flapping its way onto a mushroom nearby. Devious as he is,...

  • Foxtrot!


    Bull and Gate Ltd

    21 ratings

    You will need all your all your platform-hopping and puzzle-solving skills to help Neville the fox collect all the eggs and feed his hungry cubs in over 30 gorgeous and fiendishly hard levels. There are Boss Fights! There are Speed Runs! You have...

  • Funny Towers Pro Funny Towers Pro

    Funny Towers Pro


    57 ratings

    Now absolutely FREE! Help Pogo reach the door at the top of the tower! Features: - original eight towers - play in any screen orientation: portrait or landscape! - advanced game behaviour. see it in action! Controls: - no buttons! - slide to...

  • Gem Miner

    Gem Miner

    Psym Mobile

    47454 ratings

    Dig a mine to find ores, metals and gems and make your fortune! Sell your discoveries to buy upgrades from your profits and dig even deeper down a huge mine. Be careful not to get stuck down the mine, fall down chasms or be crushed by rockfalls!...

  • Gentlemen! (multiplayer!) Gentlemen! (multiplayer!)

    Gentlemen! (multiplayer!)

    Blazing Griffin

    117 ratings

    2 Players, One Screen: Gentlemen! A Victorian era head-to-head arcade battle for 2 players sharing a single tablet! Requires a tablet, 7inch+ Take on your friends in this frantically paced duel game. Knives, bombs, homing pigeons - choose your...

  • Giana Sisters

    Giana Sisters

    Kaasa Games

    1774 ratings

    When idols die - legends are born! More than 25 years ago Armin Gessert developed with GIANA SISTERS one of the first Jump'n Run games for the Commodore C64. The console manufacturers got anxious and tried to stop the sisters. The end seemed...

  • Jack N' Jill

    Jack N' Jill

    Rohan Narang

    18930 ratings

    Jack N' Jill is a cute and charming retro one button platformer. Control Jack while he runs and jumps to get past obstacles and enemies, and help him find his way to Jill. With a total of 140 levels spanning across 7 different worlds, Jack N' Jill...

  • Jazz: Trump's Journey.

    Jazz: Trump's Journey.


    215 ratings

    Hidden Gem! ***** Recommended by Sony for Xperia™ devices ***** Choosen as Google Play Store's "Tablet Spotlight" and Featured in "Games We Love" section ***** 5 Star Rating ***** Full Content Game ***** Exceptionally Polished Platformer ***** You W...

  • Kung Fu Rabbit

    Kung Fu Rabbit


    2741 ratings

    Life in the temple of rabbits hangs by a thread. Universal Evil has once again run rampant, and kidnapped all of your students. Only you barely managed to escape the raid. They left you alive… They'll regret it! Use your agility and combat a...

  • Legend Dary

    Legend Dary


    127 ratings

    ※ In this version, every coin is doubled AND 4,000 coins bonus! Dragon legend and hero dary. Legend Dary! Typical Plain Platformer game. Because I like platformers! The legendary hero named Dary starts his adventure to save the princess from the d...

  • Lemegeton Master Edition

    Lemegeton Master Edition


    262 ratings

    - Lemegeton Master Edition is now MOGA Enhanced! Available at major retailers, carrier stores and online at - An Action game you need to PLAY - Contain full Lemegeton Episode 1 features PLUS!! - Lemegeton Episode 2 New...

  • Leo's Fortune

    Leo's Fortune

    1337 & Senri LLC

    59112 ratings

    Leo’s Fortune is an award-winning platform adventure game where you hunt down the cunning and mysterious thief that stole your gold. Beautifully hand-crafted levels bring the story of Leo to life in this epic adventure. "Leo's Fortune is one of the m...

  • Lep's World 🍀

    Lep's World 🍀

    nerByte GmbH

    504301 ratings

    "Lep's World" is a legendary platformer, with nearly 175 million downloads! So, get in on the fun! Be nimble... be quick... and help Lep find his gold. It's hidden in a range of awesomely well-designed levels, and he's determined to find it all!...

  • Lep's World 2 🍀🍀

    Lep's World 2 🍀🍀

    nerByte GmbH

    527122 ratings

    From the creators of the number 1 hit Lep's World – over 175 million downloads! nerByte presents the long-awaited successor of Lep's World with more Levels, more Items, more enemies, better game physics, awesome graphics and beautiful new sound e...

  • Lethal Lance

    Lethal Lance


    123 ratings

    Lethal Lance is NOW playable on all Android devices with Android 4.0+ Lethal Lance is an old school side scrolling platformer. You are Lance, a fearless adventurer. Your mission is to save the world from an evil enemy with your skill and ......

  • Lode Runner Classic

    Lode Runner Classic

    Tozai Games

    354 ratings

    Lode Runner is now MOGA Enhanced! Available at major US and UK retailers, carrier stores and online at Supports MOGA Pro and Pocket controllers. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON FOOL’S GOLD Play the authentic Lode Runner… this....

  • Lumber Jacked - Platform Game

    Lumber Jacked - Platform Game

    Everplay Interactive

    19136 ratings

    •PREPARE FOR ONE OF THE GREATEST PLATFORMERS ON MOBILE NOW FOR FREE• Take on the role of Joe the Lumber Jack in his quest for justice against the notorious Bustin Beaver and his battalion of beaver bandits! Explore multiple worlds and clash tog...

  • Meganoid



    98 ratings

    Support, tip and tricks: Subscribe to our newsletter for new and exclusive content: ------------------- ** PREMIUM version, no advertising, and with level skip option! **...

  • Meganoid 2

    Meganoid 2


    117 ratings

    Support, tip and tricks: Subscribe to our newsletter for new and exclusive content: ------------------- The sequel to the much acclaimed Meganoid ! Meganoid 2 continues the...

  • Mikey Hooks

    Mikey Hooks

    Noodlecake Studios Inc

    361 ratings

    RUN, JUMP, SLIDE, and HOOK! Collect coins and find hidden Golden Shorts! Watch out for enemies and spikes! • 6 unique environments with 36 levels • Over 220 fun disguises • Race against ghosts • Compete on Google Play Game Services • Earn achi...

  • Mikey Shorts

    Mikey Shorts

    Noodlecake Studios Inc

    3610 ratings

    RUN, JUMP, and SLIDE through the land to help Mikey Shorts rescue the people! Collect coins to buy fun disguises along the way! • 84 different levels across 2 game modes • 6 unique environments • Choose from over 170 disguises to wear • Finish...

  • Mimpi


    Silicon Jelly s.r.o.

    25684 ratings

    Explore strange new worlds and unique adventures in Mimpi - a fantastic new adventure, puzzle, and platformer game. Best played on a tablet. Awards: European Games Awards 2014 nominee for Best European Mobile Game & Best European Art Direction....

  • Mines of Mars Scifi Mining RPG Mines of Mars Scifi Mining RPG

    Mines of Mars Scifi Mining RPG

    Crescent Moon Games

    31373 ratings

    Some suspected that Mars once harbored life. There was a reason that it wasn't ever found. Top Most Anticipated Games of 2013 - Touch Arcade Top Most Anticipated Games of 2014 - Pocket Gamer 'Mines of Mars had a tendency to grab ahold of me...

  • Mini Dash

    Mini Dash

    PlayCreek LLC

    1170 ratings

    "A wonderful platformer with oodles of content, Mini Dash is charming, challenging, and inventive. An essential addition to your collection." — Pocket Gamer — 8/10 'Silver Award' "An adorable fast-paced platformer that is packed with hours of rep...

  • Muffin Knight

    Muffin Knight

    Angry Mob Games

    5562 ratings

    "Gaming App of the Day" - Kotaku "This is a leaping, blasting, clawing slice of fun" - PocketGamer, Silver Award “Much like muffins, Muffin Knight is sweet, simple, and dangerously addicting, and you can never go wrong with rainbow-shitting u...

  • Oh My Zombies !

    Oh My Zombies !


    121 ratings

    "Oh My Zombies !" is a funny platform game, infested by zombies! Save survivors and progress through levels... will you survive ?! • By the creator of the online game (Psyche) • This game has been made for fun, and don't pretend to...

  • Oscura



    2551 ratings

    Now, for a limited time only for just $ 0.99! A ray of light is cast to keep the Dark Creatures at bay. When the lighthouse's power crystal explodes, its shards scatter across the island and darkness takes over. It will now take all YOUR finesse...

  • Paper Monsters

    Paper Monsters

    Crescent Moon Games

    1855 ratings

    STUFF Magazine If you’re looking for a gorgeous-looking platformer with that pick up and playability, you’ll find everything you need and more with Paper Monsters. "The controls are masterfully crafted" "a fresh, original soundtrack add tho...

  • Prehistorik


    Interplay Entertainment

    611 ratings

    Adaptation of the classic platform game from the 90's Prehistorik, a member of the T-bone tribe, is hungry and ready for a bronco lunch! Armed with Diner-Club, his faithful frazzler, he sets off on his food-spotting expedition. Follow him from...

  • Prince of Persia Classic

    Prince of Persia Classic

    Ubisoft Entertainment

    7549 ratings

    You are the Prince of Persia on a daring rescue mission to save your Princess.  Fulfill your destiny, play this game, and experience the thrills and adventures of this classic tale Features Old tale, New skin Replay the adventure of the original...

  • Prince of Persia Shadow&Flame Prince of Persia Shadow&Flame

    Prince of Persia Shadow&Flame

    Ubisoft Entertainment

    14372 ratings

    The rebirth of the legendary action-platformer, with brand-new visuals and controls redesigned to fit your device. ** SlideToPlay – 4/4 – “A gorgeous and athletic blend of platforming and exploration” ** TouchArcade – 4,5/5 – “Shadow and the Flame...

  • Relic Rush Relic Rush

    Relic Rush

    Crescent Moon Games

    73 ratings

    Silver Award Winner from Pocket Gamer! Relic Rush is an addictive adventure game. Use one touch controls to help our fearless hero navigate dangers as he collects the idols. Explore exotic locations like jungles and deserts as you race against the...

  • Rico - A Tale Of Two Brothers

    Rico - A Tale Of Two Brothers


    446 ratings

    Rico is an old school jump'n'run game! Run across the levels, jump over obstacles, climb mountains, explore caves, swim through water Collect crystals throughout each level Avoid mines, acid pits and various deadly enemies along the way Find...

  • Shadow Blade Shadow Blade

    Shadow Blade

    Crescent Moon Games

    2131 ratings

    Kuro is a young man on his quest to become the Shadow Blade. He must seek the teachings of the last remaining ninja master. Enhanced for MOGA! Includes Tablet Support! You will guide him through challenging levels, around countless traps,...

  • Sir! I'd Like To Report a Bug!

    Sir! I'd Like To Report a Bug!

    Lord Puggington Games

    2310 ratings

    After some new prototype tech goes screwy and causes bugs to escape into the world only one man can save the day. That man is a Reggie! An average, couch potato QA Tester with no talents what so ever! Help our new saviour venture to and from...

  • Snailboy



    7931 ratings

    Snailboy is a fun physics based, puzzle platform game, with rich graphics, killer sounds and over 45 levels of intoxicating game play. Award Winning: - DevGamm Kyiv 2013, Best Mobile Game - FWA Mobile of the Day *** Please ensure you have a...

  • Sonic 4™ Episode I

    Sonic 4™ Episode I


    7240 ratings

    Featuring enhanced gameplay elements, including the classic Sonic Spin Dash, and the versatile Homing Attack, Sonic 4 picks up right where Sonic and Knuckles™ left off. __________________________________________________ 2 EXCLUSIVE LEVELS!!! Two e...

  • Sonic 4 Episode II

    Sonic 4 Episode II


    9013 ratings

    The Sonic 4 Saga continues in Episode II with the return of a beloved side kick and fan-favorite villains! Following the events of Episode I, Metal Sonic has returned to form a formidable alliance with Dr. Eggman! To face this new evil, Sonic will...

  • Sonic 4 Episode II THD

    Sonic 4 Episode II THD


    485 ratings

    The Sonic 4 Saga continues in Episode II with the return of a beloved side kick and fan-favorite villains! Following the events of Episode I, Metal Sonic has returned to form a formidable alliance with Dr. Eggman! To face this new evil, Sonic will...

  • Sonic The Hedgehog

    Sonic The Hedgehog


    20817 ratings

    The Sonic game which started it all is now optimized for mobile devices! Race at lightning speeds across seven classic zones as Sonic the Hedgehog. Run and spin through loop-de-loops as you collect rings and defeat enemies on your mission to save...

  • Sonic The Hedgehog 2

    Sonic The Hedgehog 2


    15806 ratings

    One of the greatest adventures of all time re-mastered for mobile devices! Speed back in time and discover the game that first united Sonic the Hedgehog with his amazing flying sidekick Miles “Tails” Prower. Run through high speed levels packed wit...

  • Super Adventurer,GO ☞

    Super Adventurer,GO ☞

    Play Unlimited Studio

    79484 ratings

    ◈◈◈Over 10 million Downloads on Android and iOS!◈◈◈ ◈◈◈USA, Brazil and Mexico, ranked TOP new 12!◈◈◈ Super Adventurer, In super Adventurer's world Features: ◈ Tap Left / Right to move! ◈ Jump to crash the enemy! ◈ Collect cactus to shoot! ◈ Co...

  • Super Androix

    Super Androix


    34441 ratings

    Retro jump and run game with an endless supply of levels. Simple gameplay - challenging tasks. All worlds are generated randomly, you won't get the same one twice. - 80+ randomized levels - 8 worlds - challenging boss fights - increasing...

  • Super Dragon Stone

    Super Dragon Stone

    Yamegame Studio

    428 ratings

    Super Dragon Stone is an extremely difficult and challenging game for users. Super Dragon Stone is a ninja going on an adventure to find his legendary girlfriend with his cat, Dami. This game features genres of run, action, arcade and platformer...

  • Super Heavy Sword

    Super Heavy Sword

    Monster Robot Studios

    175 ratings

    Get Ready to Get HEAVY! "Super Heavy Sword is a shiny, happy little Mario clone with a heavy dose of Ghosts & Goblins, thanks to tough multi-hit enemies and equipment upgrades. It's also a good example of how to do a retro platformer right: notice...

  • Switch: Get Lucky

    Switch: Get Lucky

    Massive Hamster Studios

    805 ratings

    A mysterious Magician has stolen Jack’s pet bunny, Lucky... Your mission is to help Jack get Lucky back! You will have to jump your way through 5 distinct environments, making up a total of 150 free levels, and using an intuitive and addictive one t...

  • Swordigo


    Touch Foo

    463145 ratings

    Run, jump and slash your way through a vast world of platforming challenges and embark on an epic adventure! The #1 mobile adventure game and a 3D platformer, now also available for Android phones and tablets. “Swordigo is a love letter to the p...

  • The Blockheads The Blockheads

    The Blockheads

    Noodlecake Studios Inc

    264295 ratings

    Night is falling and your blockhead is freezing. You haven't yet made shelter and your campfire has gone out. All you have is a spade, some wood and a few sticks. You have only minutes before exhaustion hits. Do you create a bed, dig a cave or...

  • The Cave

    The Cave

    Double Fine Productions

    6197 ratings

    Descend into the mysterious depths of The Cave in this adventure game from Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert and Double Fine Productions. Assemble a team of unlikely adventurers – each with their own unique personalities and stories– and descend int...

  • The Tapping Dead - Platformer The Tapping Dead - Platformer

    The Tapping Dead - Platformer

    Crazy Cricket, LLC

    2810 ratings

    ★★★★★ EASY TO LEARN, EASY TO DIE! Play it with one hand! The Tapping Dead, a challenging 16 Bits Zombie Platformer with great gameplay and music! Master all 150 levels! Unlock all the characters! Use powers! Old school difficulty. Escape from the...

  • They Need To Be Fed 2

    They Need To Be Fed 2

    Bit Ate Bit

    418 ratings

    "They Need To Be Fed 2 is a near-perfect mobile platformer. [...] an incredibly satisfying experience." - Kotaku Run and jump in this 360 degree gravity platformer! Gravity in all directions means you can never fall off, but that's not to say the...

  • Thomas Was Alone

    Thomas Was Alone

    Bossa Studios Ltd

    8634 ratings

    - Pocket Gamer Awards 2015 Nominee: Android Game of the Year - BAFTA 2013 Winner: Performance (Danny Wallace as Narrator) - BAFTA 2013 Nominee: Story - BAFTA 2013 Nominee: Original Score Meet Thomas, a curious rectangle, and help him unravel the...

  • Toast Time Toast Time

    Toast Time

    Force Of Habit

    450 ratings

    Hear hear! The best thing since sliced bread. • "Toast Time is for you." 5 / 5 - TouchArcade • "Breakfast-themed digital madness." 5 / 5 - Big Red Barrel • "See what indie games on smart phones should feel like." 87/100 - PixelFreak • "A retro e...

  • Toki Tori

    Toki Tori

    Two Tribes

    1235 ratings

    Toki Tori now available for Android! Toki Tori is a highly entertaining puzzle platformer like nothing you have seen before. Push your brain to the limit as you guide Toki Tori through 80 challenging levels spread over 4 mysterious worlds -...

  • Traps n' Gemstones

    Traps n' Gemstones

    Donut Games

    397 ratings

    - #1 Hot Game @ Touch Arcade - PocketGamer GOLD AWARD - GameZebo: "Hands down, this is one of the best games of 2014" - Touch Arcade: Rated 5 / 5 - ArcadeLife: Rated 9.5 / 10 TRAPS N' GEMSTONES is an adventurous platform game, among gamers...

  • Type:Rider


    ARTE Experience

    3222 ratings

    The European cultural TV channel Arte innovates and launches its first video game ! Immerse yourself in this fascinating and unique experience to uncover the history and secrets of Fonts & Characters ! Play as 2 dots and travel through the ages...



    Terry Cavanagh

    2837 ratings

    From the creator of Super Hexagon - VVVVVV, the hit 2010 indie platformer, now available on android! Winner of Indiecade's 2010 award for Most Fun/Compelling Game. "One of the best platformers I've ever played." - Anthony Burch, Destructoid 10/10...

  • Waking Mars

    Waking Mars

    Tiger Style

    2255 ratings

    Praise for Waking Mars: "One of the most satisfying gaming experiences I've had on this platform." - TouchArcade, 2012 Game of the Year, 5/5 “The most interesting story I've seen in [a mobile] game” - Joystiq "Superb controls; unique gameplay" - S...

  • World's Hardest Platformer 2

    World's Hardest Platformer 2

    Fortune's Solace

    317 ratings

    Think you’re good at games? Then put your gaming skills to the test with the World’s Hardest Platformer 2. WHP2 is the critically acclaimed sequel to the classic World’s Hardest Platformer. FEATURES: ★Completely free-to-play ★Beautiful new graphics ...