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  • Hero Panda Bomber: 3D Fun

    Hero Panda Bomber: 3D Fun


    1416 ratings

    Want to play a game and also help real-life Pandas? Meet Hero Panda Bomber, a great game with a classic Bomberman-style gameplay already loved by 100,000 users. We're so dedicated to this cause that a part of the game proceedings go to the World...

  • Epic Heroes War

    Epic Heroes War


    88673 ratings

    Epic Heroes War is a real-time strategy game, online side-scroller defense combines RPG. Build up a powerful army and slaughter enemy hordes in quests and battles with other players! Key features: ★ An unique game, not duplicated with other games o...



    BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc.

    9 ratings

    Get ready for more ghost chain gobbling and frantic action in PAC-MAN® CE-DX! It’s Your World. EAT IT! Get ready for more ghost chain gobbling and frantic action in PAC-MAN® CE-DX! The award-winning chomping video game makes a shattering debut on mob...

  • Boulders



    31 ratings

    Embark on a journey through endless mines in search of fame and fortune. Find a way around obstacles and use your wits to get to the deepest levels. Each replay is different in this puzzle adventure! Join Fred in his expedition into dangerous...




    35899 ratings

    Command your own battle fortress! Assemble the mightiest artillery force and bombard your foes into oblivion! Lead the Empire State offensive against Traitor General and his foul rebellion. ★ Build and customize your battle fortress as you wish ★ Use...

  • Splash Cars

    Splash Cars


    50553 ratings

    Tired of the everyday grey? Color the world in a ride of your life! ** Over 5 million downloads worldwide ** * Reached TOP #10 in most countries in the world all thanks to you * Team up with a friend or stranger and head on to 2 vs 2 paint...

  • Anodia: Unique Brick Breaker Anodia: Unique Brick Breaker

    Anodia: Unique Brick Breaker


    7496 ratings

    Join over 5 millions of players around the world and play through over 150 handcrafted and unique levels in Anodia, fun and creative take on a classic hit. Whether you're new to brick breakers, or you loved Arkanoid, or maybe lost your heart to...

  • Defenders 2: Tower Defense CCG Defenders 2: Tower Defense CCG

    Defenders 2: Tower Defense CCG


    27685 ratings

    Meet the Defenders 2 - new TD strategy game in the legendary Prime World series with unique combination of the tower defense and collectible card game! Enter a mysterious and magic land stricken by a cataclysm and now thriving with powerful...

  • Rust Bucket Rust Bucket

    Rust Bucket


    7840 ratings

    Rust Bucket is a turn based dungeon crawler that is built with mobile in mind. Game play is fast and death is never far away so it’s perfect for your daily commute. Swipe to take a step, swipe into enemies to attack. It’s as simple as that, but don...

  • Rune Guardian

    Rune Guardian


    264 ratings

    Unlock the power of the sacred runes by solving mysterious 3D puzzles. As the Rune Guardian, you will help restore order to Kilarin so its beautiful worlds can once again thrive. Your quest is to collect the lost runes and get to the magic...




    109862 ratings

    Destroy all the bricks to pass phase and enjoy the spectacular visual effects in this clone of the famous game Bricks Break were so popular in the 70's and 80's and that you can carry in your pocket everywhere. There are two control modes ball:...

  • Zero Reflex

    Zero Reflex

    Exordium Games

    2478 ratings

    ◈◈◈ ZERO REFLEX ◈◈◈ Zero Reflex is a psychedelic evader. Do you have what it takes? Circles, bullets, shurikens, rockets, saws and time ... they're all after you! Zero Reflex is a psychedelic evader which tests both your dexterity and your nerves...

  • Slashy Hero

    Slashy Hero


    20607 ratings

    Hack and slash monsters in a spooky mansion! Slashy Hero must save Halloween by defeating spooky ghosts, possessed tombstones, and evil jack o’lanterns. Play through 91 action packed dungeons with unique enemy types and crushing bosses. Dash across t...

  • Panda Bomber: 3D Dark Lands

    Panda Bomber: 3D Dark Lands


    222 ratings

    Want to play a game and also help real-life Pandas? Story Panda Bomber in Dark Lands is loose followup to our first game Hero Panda Bomber. This time the Panda hero is plunged into a labyrinth-like castle, and his task is to vanquish the darkness...

  • Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble

    Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble


    96144 ratings

    The true king of thieves is back in business! Luckless burglar Bob is up to his old tricks again in Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble. Sneak around security guards, past patrolling pensioners and evade cunning traps as you try to get your sticky...

  • Pix the Cat

    Pix the Cat

    NVIDIA Lightspeed Studios

    32 ratings

    (Definitely check out the video link; this is a great game for SHIELD Android TV!) In Pix the Cat, you are Pix, the first cat in the world to play his own game! Specifically optimized for the NVIDIA SHIELD, rule the living room with unmatched...

  • Walking Dead: Road to Survival Walking Dead: Road to Survival

    Walking Dead: Road to Survival


    419230 ratings

    The Walking Dead: Road To Survival is one of Google Play's "Best of 2016"! Download today and find out why Google says it's one of the best games of the year! The Walking Dead: Road to Survival is the definitive Walking Dead role-playing game...

  • Contranoid Contranoid



    279 ratings

    "Brilliant idea for the game. And Brilliant advertising too." - Folks over at Hacker News Contranoid is the fast-paced chaotic hybrid of Pong, Tetris and Arkanoid that literally pits you against your closest friend as you play against each other...

  • Seashine Seashine



    9737 ratings

    Dive now into the abyss, in an endless quest for survival. You are born as a fragile jellyfish, struggling to maintain a fading light in the darkness of the deep ocean caves. Explore this mysterious underworld and absorb all the light you find on...

  • Avoid. Avoid.


    Noodlecake Studios Inc

    11740 ratings

    Avoid the blades for as long as you can! Collect coins to unlock new characters. Touch and drag to control your character. Be careful!

  • PAC-MAN 256 - Endless Maze PAC-MAN 256 - Endless Maze

    PAC-MAN 256 - Endless Maze

    BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe

    290466 ratings

    ** Google Best Games of 2015 ** ** Facebook The 10 Most Talked About Games of 2015 ** ** The Game Awards 2015 Nominated Best Mobile/Handheld Game ** From the creators of Crossy Road… Cherries are red Ghosts are blue Munch a power pellet Get Lasers t...

  • Brick Breaker Duel Brick Breaker Duel

    Brick Breaker Duel

    Broxx Team

    19 ratings

    Brick Breaker Duel is an original brick breaker : it will disturb your habits. There is not one, but two paddles. Challenge your friends, there's going to be a bit of punch up ! The game can be played in multiplayer mode with a friend on the same...

  • Shards - the Brick Breaker Pro Shards - the Brick Breaker Pro

    Shards - the Brick Breaker Pro

    SBC Games

    34 ratings

    Shards is a modern and revolutionary approach to the classic breakout / arkanoid game. Your target is to break all the bricks in as short time as possible. Each of the 80 levels has its own fractal background, uniquely arranged as well as...

  • Super Brick Break 3D Super Brick Break 3D

    Super Brick Break 3D


    2952 ratings

    The funny classic casual game -- Super Brick Break 3D is coming! ! ! A rail, a ball, bricks placing in different ways, and various power-ups derive tremendous fun! ! ! Friendly pages, lovely graphics, you will love this game at the first sight! !...

  • Bricks of Camelot

    Bricks of Camelot

    Donut Games

    859 ratings

    Experience the EPIC ADVENTURES of Camelot in this action packed BRICK BREAKER, loaded with a heavy artillery of power-ups. Collect treasures, bonus items and gold as you smash your way through the King's castle, the dark dungeons and the Sherwood...

  • Brick Breaker Marathon Brick Breaker Marathon

    Brick Breaker Marathon


    2746 ratings

    ★ Over 1 Million download on iOS. ★ Ranked 1st overall in 10+ Countries - 20 original levels. - A new innovative game system mixing strategy and reflexes, that pushes the breakout concept beyond the limits. - Many power-ups will assist you in thi...

  • Brick Breaker Space Star King Brick Breaker Space Star King

    Brick Breaker Space Star King


    1885 ratings

    Brick Breaker Space: Star King is a cool brick breaking game like Arkanoid, Breakout,Break the Bricks filled with endless charm and brilliantly designed levels. Familiar to play, yet hard to master, this is the best Brick Breaker game available on...

  • Gravity Beats

    Gravity Beats


    377 ratings

    Action-puzzle indie game with standard platform and real physics! The controls are simple yet challenging to master. Thrusting in too fast can wreck your ship in a second so don't rush! Confidence and patience are your best friends to become the...

  • Dots Heroes : RPG Defense

    Dots Heroes : RPG Defense


    13742 ratings

    Join Now! Tap on the unit, you can be a hero. ★ Game Features ★ 1. Please carefully configure the battlefield! (Hiller> Archer> Warrior) 2. Please upgrade to the real-time! : Must upgrade quickly during game playing to eliminate monsters as zom...



    Chaos Theory Games

    489 ratings

    GLTCH is a frantic, die-and-retry arcade game with intentional glitches where the longer you survive, the more unstable the game becomes. Use swipe gestures to navigate the grid, collecting fragments as fast as you can, but beware of the enemies...



    BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc.

    1457 ratings

    Get ready for more ghost chain gobbling and frantic action in PAC-MAN® CE-DX! It’s Your World. EAT IT! Get ready for more ghost chain gobbling and frantic action in PAC-MAN® CE-DX! The award-winning chomping video game makes a shattering debut on mob...

  • Snake King Snake King

    Snake King


    12837 ratings

    Rules tail of a snake rising. Try to achieve the mission. - Arcade mode consists of exploration and adventure and battle mode. - Enjoy a variety of boss battles. - Enjoy a classic game through the classic mode. - You can get a paid item when play...

  • Break A Brick

    Break A Brick


    86 ratings

    Look what the cat's dragged in! The totally evil colorful bricks are invading peaceful Catverse. Don't trust their cuteness and help Rescue-Cat to prevent a catastrophe. This action puzzler is all about dexterity, savvy, many fancy graphics and a...

  • Brick Breaker - Ghostanoid Brick Breaker - Ghostanoid

    Brick Breaker - Ghostanoid


    1487 ratings

    Company dealing with cleaning of abandoned houses urgently seeks a ghost buster. We are very good at our job, but this time we are faced with tiny, evil and quick-witted ghosts. Somebody has to be able to handle them. Who else could it be if not...

  • Beatbuddy



    30 ratings

    *CHRISTMAS PRICE CUT for a limited time only! NOW 75% OFF* The best-selling PC game is now available on Android mobile devices! Beatbuddy is an action-adventure where players solve puzzles and vanquish enemies in six beautiful hand-drawn worlds,...

  • 8bit Ninja

    8bit Ninja

    DogByte Games

    5464 ratings

    Move left and right to avoid being hit by bouncing balls. Simple game with decent presentation. No Google services support. Score: 5/10

  • Alien Creeps TD

    Alien Creeps TD

    Outplay Entertainment Ltd

    569629 ratings

    Alien Creeps TD is the tower defense game that has it all: frenzied action battles! Hordes of devious enemies! Lightning bolts! Helicopters! Explosions! Boom and blast those creeps with powerful towers! Mow them down with sturdy infantry units and...

  • Anomaly 2

    Anomaly 2

    11 bit studios

    7762 ratings

    All About Tower Offense vs. Tower Defense Anomaly 2 is a sequel to the critically acclaimed Anomaly Warzone Earth. Maintaining the core elements of the original, Anomaly 2 adds new features to the single-player campaign and finally puts your...

  • Anomaly Defenders

    Anomaly Defenders

    11 bit studios

    4263 ratings

    PocketGamer's Silver Award: "...the most polished and interesting tower defence game we've seen for a good long while." Touch Arcade: "good-looking deep tower defense game with 24 challenging missions" 148apps: "a fine conclusion to a highly...

  • Anomaly Korea

    Anomaly Korea

    11 bit studios

    4630 ratings

    The sequel to the critically acclaimed ‘Anomaly Warzone Earth’! The alien robots are back and this time they’ve got Korea in their sights. It’s your job to lead a squad into fierce fire-fights and fend off the alien invasion. Plan your routes careful...

  • Anodia 2 Anodia 2

    Anodia 2


    4753 ratings

    It's time to break the bricks in style! Anodia 2 is a complete new take on the classic brick breaker genre. With every level unique and fresh you will always wonder what comes next! While staying true to the first instalment's praised gameplay...

  • ArkaBall 2 ArkaBall 2

    ArkaBall 2


    1991 ratings

    This new generation Arkanoid / Brick Breaker game. ★ over 260 levels in 3 level pak ★ 3 easy switch level pak ★ 25 original bonuses. ★ over 40 types of blocks. ★ DEMO mode ★ HD graphics and beautiful gameplay. ★ Full screen mode 320*480 480*8...

  • Blind Man's Dungeon Blind Man's Dungeon

    Blind Man's Dungeon

    URARA-WORKS Co., Ltd.

    393 ratings

    A legendary dungeon, filled with treasure and monsters to boot. A reckless hero arrives to strike it rich and steal the loot. With no torch to guide his way through the dark corridors, he heedlessly plunges on: “If I stick to the walls, they should l...

  • Blocus Blocus


    Julien Bertozzi

    3603 ratings

    Blocus is a frantic Arkanoid-like. It can also looks like a fireworks simulation ! There is a lot of visual effect and the game feel very much alive. You can also make make your paddle shoot by catching the ball on the same side several times....

  • Block Rogue Block Rogue

    Block Rogue

    Buzz Monkey Software, LLC

    138 ratings

    A massive, labyrinthine dungeon, hundreds of mind-bending puzzles, and a dark mystery waiting to be solved. Prepare yourself: Block Rogue is the biggest mobile puzzle adventure game ever made. Think you’re good at solving puzzles? I hope so, b...

  • Bloody Alice Defense

    Bloody Alice Defense

    Studio Drill

    17099 ratings

    ★★★Breaking news! Nuclear generals appeared in Wonderland!!★★★ ★★★The huge battle which will decide the destiny of the wonderland will begin★★ One day Alice goes to the wonderland by following a strange rabbit. This is the place of dream create...

  • BombSquad


    Eric Froemling

    414954 ratings

    Blow up your friends in mini-games ranging from capture-the-flag to hockey! Featuring 8 player local/networked multiplayer, gratuitous explosions, advanced ragdoll face-plant physics, pirates, ninjas, barbarians, insane chefs, and more. BombSquad...

  • Brave Guardians

    Brave Guardians

    Chundos Studio

    10974 ratings

    Brave Guardians is an epic 3D action fantasy defense game that narrates the story of four heroes (Pepo, Tiko, Zagi & Rapu) -- each with extraordinary abilities. Be prepared for an epic journey to defend your world against nasty fiends. This time...

  • Break Bricks Break Bricks

    Break Bricks


    199733 ratings

    Break Bricks is #1 highly anticipated arcade game filled with endless charm and brilliantly designed levels. With new power-ups smartly layered onto the classic gameplay, Break Bricks is more challenging and engaging. Familiar to play, yet hard to...

  • Break the Bricks Break the Bricks

    Break the Bricks

    Candy Mobile

    60561 ratings

    Break the Bricks is the #1 smash bricks game available on Google Play and boasts more features than every other arcade game. Let's experience a revolutionary brick breaking game that sets a new standard of fun over any break out style game you’ve e...

  • Bricks Breaker King Bricks Breaker King

    Bricks Breaker King


    53794 ratings

    Brick breaking game releases that anyone can easily enjoy one simple operation can enjoy a variety of games You can compete with gamers around the world multiplayer game skills. [Features] - Stage Mode: consists of 500 steps and supports a...

  • Brix Buster Brix Buster

    Brix Buster


    18 ratings

    ★Seasonal Special Discount★ ONLY $0.99 for full features (67% OFF) for limited time only ! The original "Brix Buster" game came back. No other brick-busting game like this! Have you seen the price of the game with this much content to be so fru...

  • Buka HD

    Buka HD


    203 ratings

    BUKA makes stars go boom! BUKA is a cute game of skill. Facing the impossible odds of countless baddies, BUKA has set on a quest to find The Happy Place. Protect her with powerful explosions and shockwaves you can create with single touch. Use...

  • Call of Duty®: Heroes

    Call of Duty®: Heroes

    Activision Publishing, Inc.

    1413240 ratings

    Command an army of legendary heroes, elite soldiers, and devastating drones straight from the Call of Duty franchise in this 3D combat strategy game. Customize your base and train elite forces to dominate your enemies in fierce battles featuring...

  • Cartoon Wars: Blade

    Cartoon Wars: Blade

    GAMEVIL Inc.

    162370 ratings

    Get a Slice of the Action! 10 years after the history making Cartoon Wars, a brave warrior of the kingdom seeks distant lands in search of adventure. He bids his old leisurely life farewell and embarks into unknown territories… Challenge yourself a...

  • Castle Defense

    Castle Defense

    Elite Games

    348648 ratings

    Castle TD: The best strategy/arcade castle defense ever! Commander, our world is in great danger which we’ve never faced! Not only orcs, but also goblins, spirits, devils and other monster are trying to destroy us! Build your defense and stop them n...

  • Castle Doombad

    Castle Doombad

    [adult swim] games

    2260 ratings

    “Nails everything I could want in a 'defense' title…simply a blast to play." 5/5 Stars –TouchArcade "One of the best games I've played on the mobile platform -- full stop." 9.5/10 -Destructoid Dr. Lord Evilstein has kidnapped a princess, and now h...

  • CastleMine CastleMine


    Mugshot Games

    10074 ratings

    "Protecting a castle has never been more fun, and if you’re expecting to put this puppy down after a few minutes, think again." - "There's no shortage of strategy in this delightfully unique tower defense game!" - "...

  • CastleStorm - Free to Siege

    CastleStorm - Free to Siege

    Zen Studios

    138824 ratings

    Welcome to the world of CastleStorm - Free to Siege, a super genre mashup of 2D physics destruction mashed with tower defense brawler! CastleStorm - Free to Siege includes all of the features in the critically acclaimed console version of the...

  • Cat War2

    Cat War2


    199685 ratings

    ☆☆☆ 1 Million Downloads Event! ☆☆☆ - Get lots of diamonds from bonus game. - 3x bonus game reward points (3/17 ~ 3/24) The war of cute cats and dogs... The scattered cat heroes gathered to protect their kingdom and fight against the dogs. ★ I'm the ...

  • Color Sheep

    Color Sheep

    Trinket Studios

    4897 ratings

    Kotaku: “I’ve not had this much fun mixing colors since — I’ve never had this much fun mixing colors.” New York Times: “...your once-fumbling fingertips will be flying across the spectrum. You’ll barely notice you’ve learned something without having ...

  • Colossatron Colossatron


    Halfbrick Studios

    239483 ratings

    AN EXPLOSIVE NEW GAME FROM THE CREATORS OF FRUIT NINJA AND JETPACK JOYRIDE! Colossatron: Massive World Threat is the story of the biggest and most powerful being to ever wage war against mankind. But this time - YOU get to be the bad guy! Take...

  • Crazy Snake Crazy Snake

    Crazy Snake


    6667 ratings

    Immerse yourself into 8-bit ambiance of old school games! We present a new exciting game CRAZY SNAKE. This is an amazing version of a classical snake!!! You control one snake. Other snakes have artificial intelligence. Snakes can move to any...

  • Crystal Defenders Crystal Defenders

    Crystal Defenders

    SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd.

    2385 ratings

    Crystal Defenders is a defensive strategy game in which players deploy popular jobs from FINAL FANTASY Tactics A2, such as Black Mages and Soldiers, to fend off encroaching enemy hordes and prevent them from stealing their party's crystals....

  • Crystalia: Orb of Magic

    Crystalia: Orb of Magic

    Monzee Digital, PT

    18 ratings

    Help Asep and Euis protect the orb from the evil monsters!!! Waves of monsters are attacking, they move fast, strike hard, and never give up. Don't let your defense down, protect the magical orb at all cost. Shoot them with your gun and cast...

  • DeathMetal HD

    DeathMetal HD


    47 ratings

    Do you like Arkanoid or similar wall/brick/block breakout? DeathMetal combines the best old school gameplay with cutting edge graphics and touch controls on your tablet or mobile! --- –-- "DeathMetal HD – The Most Brutal Game of Ark...

  • Deep Loot

    Deep Loot

    Monster and Monster

    29746 ratings

    Deep Loot is a game about swimming, digging and fighting your way through an infinitely explorable ocean to discover lost ruins, plunder hidden treasures and earn some chunky paychecks! You can then use your coin to get bigger boats, unlock...

  • Defender



    151667 ratings

    Waves of monsters are attacking your castle. They move fast, strike hard, and never give up. It's time to equip your BOW to fight! Can you defend your castle against intruders with your archery? How to play? # Touch screen to shoot arrows. #...

  • Defender II

    Defender II


    300602 ratings

    Defender II, the ultimate tower defense is coming with many new features! Waves of monsters are attacking your castle. They move fast, strike hard, and never give up. However, Defender is more powerful than ever before! What's more, Lava moat,...




    67013 ratings

    Lead your allies in the century old battle to defeat the evil Balewyrm’s dark army. Protect the realms across the land in this epic tug-of-war defense game! FUN & ENGAGING GAMEPLAY Summon mighty allies and set up defenses to protect the seals from m...

  • Dummy Defense

    Dummy Defense

    Jundroo, LLC

    566 ratings

    Be sure to check our new game, SimplePlanes. Build airplanes and test them with realistic physics and see how they fly. You can find it on the App Store now or check out the website at The spin-off of SimplePhysics....

  • Dynamite Jack

    Dynamite Jack

    Hassey Enterprises, Inc.

    64 ratings

    Dynamite Jack must blast his way to freedom! Jack, a brave space marine, armed with only bombs and a flashlight, must escape the Anathema Mines! Use stealth to sneak past guards and bombs to obliterate enemies in this intense top-down...




    10806 ratings

    Run for your life through colorful neon mazes, chased by countless and ever-vigilant security forces. Be creative - play stealthily to avoid encounters, prepare traps for your enemies or just rush as fast as you can right in front of their eyes....

  • Fairy Treasure Brick Breaker -

    Fairy Treasure Brick Breaker -


    632 ratings

    ★★★ We are giving away Fairy Treasure for FREE! Grab it now and save US$1.99! Tell all your friends to grab it too! ★★★ Gorgeous original brick-busting game with tons of new fun bricks and amazing power ups never seen before! In your quest of re...

  • Fantasy Breaker Fantasy Breaker

    Fantasy Breaker

    Vortex Panda Entertainment

    341 ratings

    Become the King or Queen of block smashing in Fantasy Breaker! Keep your mighty wrecking balls moving to destroy all the obstacles in your path! Grab your mighty wrecking balls and lay siege to a medieval world filled with fantastic characters,...

  • Farm Invasion USA - Premium

    Farm Invasion USA - Premium


    1292 ratings

    UFO sightings at old Pops' farm! Use a huge arsenal of insane weapons to keep the aliens from stealing the corn harvest. Hop on your corn chopper and mow down every single last of the little blue invaders! Neither armed spaceships nor dangerous...

  • Fieldrunners 2

    Fieldrunners 2

    Subatomic Studios, LLC

    9730 ratings

    Get ready to DEFEND THE WORLD! The biggest sequel in tower defense history is finally available for Android phones and tablets: Fieldrunners 2 has arrived! From Subatomic Studios, creators of the award winning classic strategy game comes an all...

  • Fireball SE

    Fireball SE


    402 ratings

    To celebrate the announcement of Overload, a new game from Radiangames and the creators of Descent ( ALL RADIANGAMES TITLES ARE ON SALE! Smooth Controls, Explosive Action, and Thrilling Escapes! Fireball: Special Edition is an...

  • Fleet Combat

    Fleet Combat

    Triad Gene Software Co.,Ltd.

    8400 ratings

    *** Thanks to the 2,000,000+ players who have already fallen in love with Fleet Combat, and helped us to No.1 in several countries! *** Are you tired of the Defense games that towers never move? Are you bored with those games that you always win?...

  • Follow the light

    Follow the light

    Slava Korzun

    25446 ratings

    Take care of the light within himself. Take care of it! Share the light, you sould like this Someone sees the game as an impassable platformer, while others switch on sound, sits back and enjoys the atmosphere. Someone walks in the summer rain,...

  • Forget-Me-Not Forget-Me-Not



    53 ratings

    Forget-Me-Not is a tiny little arcade game for one or two players. Mazes + monsters + shooting. Run around the infinite, ever changing corridors of the NEON DUNJUN, gathering flowers and shooting everything. ZAP! Grab the key to the next floor.....

  • Galaxy Trio: Brick Breaker Galaxy Trio: Brick Breaker

    Galaxy Trio: Brick Breaker


    4220 ratings

    Take full advantage of the unlimited fuels! But note that it's until you fail to clear! So focus and keep winning!! Fingers crossed!! XOXO Galaxy trio face off against dopey evil aliens who want to take over the universe. Powered up with plenty...

  • Glacier Rush Glacier Rush

    Glacier Rush

    SuperVillain Studios

    360 ratings

    GLACIER RUSH! Swim, dodge, and dive your hungry narwhal around the tumbling ice blocks and eat as many fish as you can! Find and eat the elusive red-bellied fish to trigger the FISH RUSH bonus, flooding the screen with more fish than you can eat!...

  • Great Big War Game

    Great Big War Game

    Rubicon Development

    7241 ratings

    ▶ GAME OF THE YEAR, WINNER !! (Mobile category, Game Dynamo 2012) Taking military "advice" from the ridiculous generalissimo, can you battle your way through this truly massive, content-packed military campaign? ▶ STRATEGY GAME OF THE YEAR, WIN...

  • Great Little War Game

    Great Little War Game

    Rubicon Development

    52994 ratings

    ★ Officially one of the BEST strategy games ever made! GLWG is the hit 3D turn-based strategy game that everyone's talking about. With a unique comical style and plenty of laughs and excitement, you'll k...

  • Guns'n'Glory Heroes Premium

    Guns'n'Glory Heroes Premium


    910 ratings

    Sharpen your blades, polish your armor, focus on your magic and LOAD YOUR GUNS! Play the ultimate defense strategy game NOW! Play without ads and start with 750 Gold Coins! The kingdom has been attacked and all castles are under siege! Dreadful...

  • Guns'n'Glory WW2 Premium

    Guns'n'Glory WW2 Premium


    3673 ratings

    Explosive defense action in World War II! * Play without ads and start with 100 Glory Coins! * Grab your bazookas and ready your grenades in the thrilling successor to the award-winning action-strategy game Guns’n’Glory! Order your tanks into com...

  • Guns'n'Glory Zombies Premium

    Guns'n'Glory Zombies Premium


    300 ratings

    It's finally going down! The Zombie Apocalypse is here and the dead are rising from their graves! Lock and load your weapons and face the undead hordes! You are the last line of defense and humanity's last hope for survival against the deadly...

  • Hell Zombie

    Hell Zombie

    FT Games

    98570 ratings

    One year has passed since the gates of hell were opened and our castle was laid to waste. Many died in the battles with the undead hordes and now is the time to fight back! Our castle has been rebuilt, our numbers have been replenished and our...

  • Hoplite Hoplite


    Magma Fortress

    33392 ratings

    Hoplite is a turn-based strategy game focusing on tactical movement around small maps. Challenging gameplay Hoplite aims to make you think before you act. Every move counts! Make strategical choices to upgrade your abilities. Procedurally...

  • Horde Defense

    Horde Defense


    29260 ratings

    Horde TD: The best strategy/arcade castle/tower hero defense ever! Commander, our clan is in great danger which we've never faced! You must face the forces of Darkness and stop the Fire Lord before he acts on his terrible schemes! Build your...

  • Hyper Maze Arcade Hyper Maze Arcade

    Hyper Maze Arcade

    Pixel Heart

    305 ratings

    “Uber-Stylish” - TouchArcade “Fast, inventive gameplay” - Gamezebo “Hyper Maze Arcade is the definition of a hardcore puzzle game” - 148Apps “An intriguing spin on the endless runner with a thoughtful maze-running element” - PocketGamer...

  • iNoid iNoid


    Quantron Systems

    115 ratings

    iNoid is the new product for connoisseurs of block breaking games (aka arkanoid). There are more than hundred unique levels with incredible physics, 4 different episodes, 3 levels of difficulty, and amazing bonus collection. All levels are hand...

  • Jelly Defense

    Jelly Defense

    Infinite Dreams

    9872 ratings

    Join the Jelly forces now and lead them to glory in this uneven and fierce fight against the invaders! Use your tactical skills and wisdom to tip the scales of victory in your favor in order to save the Diploglobe and the Jelly nation from the...

  • Kingdom Rush

    Kingdom Rush

    Ironhide Game Studio

    314723 ratings

    The acclaimed action fantasy defense game is now available on Android for Phones and Tablets! Get ready for an epic journey to defend your kingdom against hordes of orcs, trolls, evil wizards and other nasty fiends using a vast arsenal of towers...

  • Kingdom Rush Frontiers

    Kingdom Rush Frontiers

    Ironhide Game Studio

    89636 ratings

    The world's most devilishly addictive defense game is back - welcome to Kingdom Rush: Frontiers! Bigger and badder than ever before, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers is a whole new level of the furiously fast, enchantingly charming gameplay that made the...

  • Kingdom Rush Origins

    Kingdom Rush Origins

    Ironhide Game Studio

    64446 ratings

    The most addicting tower defense game returns in an all-new prequel adventure - welcome to Kingdom Rush: Origins! Praise for the Kingdom Rush series: the #1 Strategy Game franchise for Mobile, Google’s Editor’s Choice Award, IGN Editor's Choice, Sli...

  • Lich Defense 2 Lich Defense 2

    Lich Defense 2

    Jellyoasis Inc.

    29395 ratings

    [Lich Defense 2 Launch Event!] Event 1. Launch Event - Download and run the game once, and we will give you 10 free Gems with 1,000 KRW retail value. Event 2. Review Event - Download and run Lich Defense 2. Click the Review pop-up window at the...

  • Lightopus Lightopus


    Appxplore Sdn Bhd

    15317 ratings

    All the Lightopuses in the Abyss were killed and their remaining young captured by the monsters of the Abyss. You are the only Lightopus alive, a species on the brink of extinction. Your mission is to rescue the young Lightopus and free them from...

  • Little Commander - WWII TD

    Little Commander - WWII TD

    Cat Studio

    445505 ratings

    Are you tired of hard core defense games? Then, try this one! This is an easy-to-play tower defense game in a very cute cartoon style. War has entered the intensified stage: the city has been surrounded by tanks; the guards have lost contact with...




    652598 ratings

    ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ More than 29 million downloads! Discover a game that has been worldwide acclaimed! ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ What's New in Version 1.46.0 Several bugs...

  • Meteor Brick Breaker HD Meteor Brick Breaker HD

    Meteor Brick Breaker HD

    Mobile Stream

    77 ratings

    Space breakout (arkanoid, brick breaker, block breaker) with shooter twists. Works on all Android devices. Tuned for HD screens on Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab and other tablets. Break the blocks saving your rocket from enemy missiles. 120...

  • Ms. PAC-MAN by Namco Ms. PAC-MAN by Namco

    Ms. PAC-MAN by Namco

    BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc.

    4961 ratings

    Ms. PAC-MAN by Namco is one of the most popular video games in American arcade history! Who can forget the countless hours and quarters spent outrunning ghosts and chomping dots? Re-live the retro action on your device with the queen of the...

  • Mystery Castle HD - Episode 1 Mystery Castle HD - Episode 1

    Mystery Castle HD - Episode 1

    Runestone Games Limited

    94 ratings

    The Fortress Underground The award-winning Mystery Castle series has arrived on to Android devices! Join Monty the wizard on his first adventure, as he explores a fortress deep inside a mountain, that is under siege by one of the evil Monster...

  • Myth Defense 2: DF

    Myth Defense 2: DF

    Smartpix Games

    16899 ratings

    Popular "tower defense" game is back! Light Forces repulsed the attack of Dark Forces and passed to the offensive. Now you fight on the dark side. Restore the balance between Light and Darkness! Build towers and traps using technologies of Orcs,...

  • Myth Defense LF

    Myth Defense LF

    Smartpix Games

    7824 ratings

    "Myth Defense: Light Forces" has the best elements of tower defense games and also includes such original features as alchemy, random maps, campaign and more. The game supports all screen resolutions, and it is recommended for HD devices. Full...

  • Naughty Kitties - Cats Battle

    Naughty Kitties - Cats Battle

    Coconut Island Games

    63626 ratings

    Acclaimed and massively popular game has finally arrived on the Android platform! The Cat’s Planet is in danger!! Aliens attacked the homeland of cats. All the adults on the planet lie in the dust. Only some kittens who have the supernatural power a...

  • Nimble Quest

    Nimble Quest

    NimbleBit LLC

    49779 ratings

    From the creators of Tiny Tower, Sky Burger and Pocket Planes comes Nimble Quest! Lead a conga line of heroes to glory against hordes of enemies across an endless number of stages. How many enemies can you defeat? Swipe to steer your unstoppable...

  • Ninja Miner

    Ninja Miner

    Fizzics Games

    4795 ratings

    Ninjas are not well known for mining! But now it's time to use famous ninja skills for collecting precious gems! There are 64 challenging levels for you to solve. Grab every treasure you can find and earn all the achievements! - 64 levels with...

  • Open Sea! Go Down Mo! Open Sea! Go Down Mo!

    Open Sea! Go Down Mo!

    The Pixelizers

    912 ratings

    ♥ "An epic, sweeping game... a treat to look at... keeping you consistently interested in playing... exactly what you want from a casual game" ★ JayIsGames, Voted Best Mobile Action Game of 2011! ♥ "Great design... reminds Lemmings... worth every...

  • PAC-MAN Championship Edition

    PAC-MAN Championship Edition

    BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc.

    2807 ratings

    Are you a dot-chompin' champion? PAC-MAN Championship Edition takes competitive eating to a whole new level! This true sequel brings slick new graphics and championship-caliber gameplay features with larger scrolling mazes, unique dot patterns and...



    BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc.

    463521 ratings

    Enjoy everyone’s favorite classic arcade game, PAC-MAN, for FREE! Earn high scores as you eat fruit and run away from the Ghosts: Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. Or, gobble a Power Pellet and get the Ghosts before they get you! PAC-MAN is the retro a...

  • Pixel Kingdom

    Pixel Kingdom


    34100 ratings

    Follow @SeanYoungSG on Twitter for exclusive codes and and game info! *****Like us on Facebook to preview NEW Units, Items, and Enemies***** *****Free Code giveaways on Facebook!*****

  • Plants vs. Zombies 2

    Plants vs. Zombies 2


    4437888 ratings

    "As beautifully presented as it is absorbing to play: 8.7 out of 10." – Play the award-winning hit action-strategy adventure where you meet, greet, and defeat legions of hilarious zombies from the dawn of time, to the end of days. Amass an a...

  • Pocket Mine Pocket Mine

    Pocket Mine

    Roofdog Games

    118157 ratings

    The new addictive hit from the makers of Extreme Road Trip! It’s mine o’clock, time to dig! Tap the blocks to delve deeper and deeper in your Pocket Mine. Find treasure chests, rare artifacts and trigger explosive chain reactions! Build your dec...

  • Rebuild


    Northway Games

    18325 ratings

    "I don't wave around non-words like 'unputdownable' often, but Rebuild deserves it." - Touch Arcade (4.5/5) "Rebuild is a solid, fun, unique and just plain awesome game." - JayIsGames (4.6/5 Best strategy or simulation game of 2011) GAMEPLAY...

  • Retired Wizard Story

    Retired Wizard Story


    280497 ratings

    [Introduction] Once I was the greatest wizard in this kingdom.. But I abandoned wealth and honor to live an ordinary life in my hometown. Since I came back home, I started raising sheep on a small farm. On a boring afternoon, I used a speaking...

  • Retroid



    229 ratings

    Brand new arkanoid arcade game in RETRO style ! Can you break all the bricks ? This task needs some lighting reflexes ! Recommended HW is 1 GHz device. * Different Episodes for you to choose * 16 levels per Episode (15 + one endless) * Endless...

  • Roid Rage

    Roid Rage

    Butterscotch Shenanigans

    9928 ratings

    Collect precious Juice as you attempt to stay alive in an infinite asteroid field of ever-increasing density. Don’t worry about the hordes of interns you kill in the process, those interns are unpaid! Plus, the Bureau of Science has all the s...

  • Scrolls



    5134 ratings

    FREE VERSION - The full game is available from the ingame store. This game requires an Internet connection to play. The best bits of card and board games, combined on your tablet! Welcome to a world where the essence of conflict is stored on a...

  • Sentinel 3: Homeworld

    Sentinel 3: Homeworld

    Origin8 Technologies Ltd.

    6682 ratings

    The third installment of the award winning Sentinel sci-fi tower defense series! Take the fight to the alien homeworld and unleash a massive arsenal of weaponry & get up close and personal on the battlefield in your power armor to execute...

  • Sentinel 4: Dark Star

    Sentinel 4: Dark Star

    Origin8 Technologies Ltd.

    1577 ratings

    The galaxy's finest tower defense series returns with an epic new installment! Sentinel's award-winning strategy gameplay expands explosively as the interstellar war moves to a mysterious alien world. Deploy devastating new towers and technology...

  • Shiny The Firefly

    Shiny The Firefly

    Headup Games

    300 ratings

    "Beautiful as a Pixar movie" [] "Shiny The Firefly is a diamond, a small collector's piece [9.5/10]" [] "Bugtastic" [] "The game is excellent, well-thought and with an addictive gameplay. [...] One of...

  • Silly Sausage in Meat Land

    Silly Sausage in Meat Land


    36264 ratings

    Meet our stretchy pooch : Silly Sausage in his adventure through Meat Land. Swipe based controls will allow you to stretch through the air changing direction as you go. Latch onto a surface and your dachshund will retract to that spot. Having an...

  • Sleep Attack TD

    Sleep Attack TD

    Ayopa Games

    110 ratings

    Enjoy an amazing new TWIST in Tower Defense! You control the layout of the battlefield, and you decide the paths your enemies follow! Awarded 4.5 out of 5 stars by TouchArcade! Build and place powerful turrets to attack invading enemies. Then...

  • Smash Smash


    Magma Mobile

    136527 ratings

    Discover the power of Smash today. Stunning music and stunning graphics for this new Arkanoid-like game. If you like brick breakers games, you will love Smash as it remains true to the best ones ever created while adding new bonuses and options....

  • Snake Classic Snake Classic

    Snake Classic


    1662 ratings

    Totally Addicted Yourself into old classic Snake game ? Wallow in nostalgia for old school snake from old phones ? Snake Classic will Bring You Back to The Joy of Old Classic Snake, and have more game Elements, have more fun . And It is also as...

  • Snake Rewind Snake Rewind

    Snake Rewind

    Rumilus Design

    8774 ratings

    The creator of the original mobile Snake is back! Taneli Armanto and Rumilus Design have joined forces to bring you Snake Rewind! Iconic elements and intuitive gameplay from the original Snake are combined with cool visual effects, sounds and many...

  • Static Quest: The Delivery

    Static Quest: The Delivery

    Cookiebit S.L.

    36232 ratings

    Static Quest: The Delivery is a retro-inspired survival based Android game. HIGHLIGHTS Defend yourself from epic monsters and delivers the package. Use great weapons and magic spells. FEATURES ▪ 36 enemies. ▪ 24 weapons and spells. ▪ Playe...

  • Sugar Bricks - Arcade Breaker Sugar Bricks - Arcade Breaker

    Sugar Bricks - Arcade Breaker

    Tapps Games

    626 ratings

    Get ready for a sweet adventure in the land of the candies! Sugar Bricks is a cute and fun puzzle game based on the classic breakout or brick breaker game genre. Use your finger to guide little pets and their paddles along the screen to help them...

  • Tank ON - Modern Defender

    Tank ON - Modern Defender

    AKPublish pty ltd

    61759 ratings

    Tank ON is a non-stop action! It’s a modern version of the castle defender games including lots of RPG elements. Your mission is to shoot, smash and finally to destroy all the unfriendly forces trying to invade your base. Control the turret which m...

  • The Tapping Dead - Platformer The Tapping Dead - Platformer

    The Tapping Dead - Platformer

    Crazy Cricket, LLC

    2810 ratings

    ★★★★★ EASY TO LEARN, EASY TO DIE! Play it with one hand! The Tapping Dead, a challenging 16 Bits Zombie Platformer with great gameplay and music! Master all 150 levels! Unlock all the characters! Use powers! Old school difficulty. Escape from the...

  • Thor: Champions of Asgard

    Thor: Champions of Asgard

    Animoca XL

    6017 ratings

    Continue your adventure throughout the worlds of Yggdrasil in this stylized tower defense interpretation of the classical Norse myths with Thor and his Army! Journey with the god of thunder, the goddess of beauty and sorcery and an intrepid...

  • Tiny Guardians

    Tiny Guardians


    8184 ratings

    From the creators of King’s League: Odyssey comes Tiny Guardians - a strategy TD game without Towers! Prepare to embark on an epic adventure with these tiny heroes! Summon unique guardians to defend Lunalie against various enemies as she journeys t...

  • Tower Dwellers

    Tower Dwellers

    Noodlecake Studios Inc

    1646 ratings

    NO In-APP Purchases! Conquer through battle and reclaim the land you once called home! • Craft Units from each tower to build a strategic army • Command your units in Real Time and assist them in battle with your magic spells • Non-linear progr...

  • Toy Defense 2: TD Battles Game

    Toy Defense 2: TD Battles Game

    Melsoft Games

    204355 ratings

    Playtime’s over, soldier! It’s time for some real fast paced tower defense action. Lucky for you, Toy Defense 2 has you covered. Forget about castles and clans — jump into epic td combat, take command of powerful vehicles, hone your strategy skill...

  • Traxion


    The Games Foundation

    41 ratings

    TRAXION is a physics-based action game where you must explore the dangerous caves caves of alien planets in search of valuable crystals. With your ship's tractor beam, you can tow these back to the planet surface. But beware -- alien creatures and...

  • Unmechanical


    Teotl Studios

    1126 ratings

    Unmechanical is all about the adventure of a little helicopter trapped in a strange, but fascinating world. Help him through to discover the secrets of the world! Unmechanical is a puzzle adventure that combines tricky puzzle solving, alluring...

  • Yumsters! Yumsters!


    HeroCraft Labs

    606 ratings

    These are Yumsters! Just settle them in your mobile phone and you’ll forget the boredom forever! These adorable hole-dwelling creatures will please everyone. They are mad about fruit and even participate in a world fruit-eating cup. You'll need to g...

  • Zolaman Robot Gunz HD

    Zolaman Robot Gunz HD

    STRASTAR Communications

    386 ratings

    The main character; Zolaman is one of very popular cartoon character for children’s story book and it reconstructed as game now! Zolaman Robot gunz is the shooting game which has unlimited combating game plays with powerful Boss and different w...

  • Zombie Hunter

    Zombie Hunter


    10843 ratings

    Zombie Hunter - Endless Tower Defense! As evil organization held a secret ritual of summoning, the zombie king awake again! In its leadership, various zombies flocked human city, the whole world into a panic! How to play: - Tap on screen to...