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There are increasingly more and more games being released on Android, and therefore it is harder to find the good ones. Fret no more... These have my stamp of approval!

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  • Trials Frontier

    Trials Frontier

    Ubisoft Entertainment

    906155 ratings

    I love Trials. I have been playing it on xbox since the first release and can easily be called slightly obsessed. Trials Frontier is much easier, but very enjoyable and a good, freemium version of this exact game. I did start playing it to be able...

  • Wordbase – Word Search Battle Wordbase – Word Search Battle

    Wordbase – Word Search Battle

    Hattrick Limited

    13721 ratings

    Word based games are starting to get a little stale, but here's a new take on 'find the word' puzzles. You need to make words on a grid against an opponent and get from one side to the other first to win. Interesting, but the verdict is still out.

  • QuizUp QuizUp



    649613 ratings

    Not much to say about this app, other than it is a multiplayer quiz game and it does it well.

  • Wordiest Wordiest



    6180 ratings

    Rearrange letters to form the best too words possible. Very simple, very challenging, and fairly addictive!

  • Solar 2

    Solar 2


    3583 ratings

    Interesting space simulator and a perfect way to spend a few minutes waiting for the bus.

  • Waking Mars

    Waking Mars

    Tiger Style

    2255 ratings

    If you're looking for a longer, meatier game, then you could try out Waking Mars. It's a game with a surprisingly decent story for a mobile game and with interesting game mechanics. Basically, you have to start life on Mars by planting seeds.

  • Treasure Maps

    Treasure Maps


    903 ratings

    The developer of Alberi made a new game. Same same, but different.

  • Ski Safari

    Ski Safari

    Defiant Development

    65446 ratings

    I have spent far too much time tapping my screen to jump over obstacles, escaping abominable snowmen, and taking off on my llama powered sleigh. Addictive, mindless, and very polished game.

  • Rounds — score pad Rounds — score pad

    Rounds — score pad

    Public Object

    451 ratings

    Up for turning away from your phone or tablet for a while and play a real life game? A game of cards? Board game? Minigolf? Anything, where you need to keep score? This holo themed app is made just for that and it is slick and awesome. It has proved...

  • Shortyz Crosswords Shortyz Crosswords

    Shortyz Crosswords

    Robert "kebernet" Cooper

    12738 ratings

    If you are into crosswords, then this is your app. Loads of free crosswords daily and weekly and with options for login into paid sites like the New York Times and solve their crosswords.

  • Alien Hive Alien Hive

    Alien Hive

    Appxplore Sdn Bhd

    90449 ratings

    Be advised, this is a hard game. The aim is to create Aliens, but the number of objects you need to match in order to make one is excessive. It is possible; I have created one, but it takes patience and a lot of thinking!

  • Alberi Plus Alberi Plus

    Alberi Plus


    265 ratings

    An old game that unfortunately doesn't get updated anymore. However, you'll get several hours of fun with this sudoku type game of planting trees in available spaces. The later levels are extremely challenging and there is a free version available.

  • Chip Chain Chip Chain

    Chip Chain

    AppAbove Games LLC

    35867 ratings

    I am big on puzzle games on my phone and ChipChain is a good one at that. It is satisfying to play, gives you a good challenge, and constant unlockables.

  • Plague Inc. Plague Inc.

    Plague Inc.


    2522143 ratings

    Does wiping out humanity seem like a fun day out? No? Well, Plague Inc. makes so. It is oddly satisfying seeing your virus spread from country to country, just waiting for you to apply the deadly mutation into the mix. Try it!

  • Robot Unicorn Attack 2

    Robot Unicorn Attack 2

    [adult swim] games

    280442 ratings

    This game shouldn't be as fun as it is. It's an 80's throwback infinite runner with a newly generated level each day. It has a unicorn and pretty colors!

  • W.E.L.D.E.R. W.E.L.D.E.R.


    Ayopa Games

    1612 ratings

    Polished and challenging word puzzling game. It has a steam punk kinda vibe to it, which makes it stand out from the crowd of similar type games.