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  • GPS Direction GPS Direction

    GPS Direction


    605 ratings

    GPS Direction is a GPS based app in which you can find the heading towards target location you set. It will help you in travel and make your travel easy! Its free only!!. Just download it!!! Visit our facebook page...

  • GPS Driving Route GPS Driving Route

    GPS Driving Route


    28535 ratings

    GPS Driving Route is a GPS based app in which you can find the driving route in few seconds between any two locations you set. It will show step by step instructions with voice navigation and make your travel easy! Its free only!!. Just download...

  • Hindu GODS & Wisdom Quotes

    Hindu GODS & Wisdom Quotes


    142 ratings

    This app is meant to educate the world about the different aspects of Hinduism and the diversity in which it is adopted all over India. It contains collection of special inspirational and motivational quotes derived from the ancient hindu...

  • Swami Vivekanandha Swami Vivekanandha

    Swami Vivekanandha


    219 ratings

    SWAMI VIVEKANANDA'S inspiring personality was well known both in India and in America during the last decade of the nineteenth century and the first decade of the twentieth. The unknown monk of India suddenly leapt into fame at the Parliament of...

  • M++ - Memory Booster

    M++ - Memory Booster


    7 ratings

    This game helps you to increase your memory power and show your memory strength to the world through online scoring system. Features: *********** * Simple memory game to increase your brain memory power. * Graph system to track and show your...

  • iCalculators iCalculators



    11 ratings

    In our daily life, we need to calculate some things in a minute. So this app will help you to calculate discount,travel distance, travel speed, travel time, percentage and also to count money in a minute.

  • The Buddha The Buddha

    The Buddha


    56 ratings

    Buddhism is one of the major religions in the world. It began around 2,500 years ago in India when Siddhartha Gautama discovered how to bring happiness into the world. The Buddha who is the founder of the Buddhist religion is called Buddha...

  • Games For Toddlers

    Games For Toddlers


    207 ratings

    There is nothing other than the toys and games and their sounds to give smile on your kids face. Your kids will enjoy this game. Just give this game to your kids and see the smile on their face. With this game your kids can * Play with toys. *...

  • Maths Puzzle - Division Maths Puzzle - Division

    Maths Puzzle - Division


    3 ratings

    Do you have strong knowledge in Maths? Do you want to test your Maths skills? Are your kids always playing games and not studying? Now you and your kids can test their skills by playing this game. Challenge and play this math game with your...