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  • Playboard Best App&Game Review Playboard Best App&Game Review

    Playboard Best App&Game Review

    42matters AG

    8736 ratings

    Playboard is a free app that helps you find what to download. Did you know there are thousands of awesome apps and addictive games you're missing out on, right now? Yes, really. That's because the app store only shows what everyone already know...

  • Google Street View Google Street View

    Google Street View

    Google Inc.

    1919531 ratings

    Explore world landmarks, discover natural wonders, and step inside locations such as museums, arenas, restaurants, and small businesses with Google Street View. Also create photo spheres to add your own Street View experiences. Start with your...

  • Twitter Twitter


    Twitter, Inc.

    8670679 ratings

    See what’s happening in the world right now. From breaking news and entertainment, sports and politics, to big events and everyday interests. If it’s happening anywhere, it’s happening on Twitter. Get the full story as it unfolds, with all the live....

  • Gmail Gmail


    Google Inc.

    3276967 ratings

    Gmail is an easy to use email app that saves you time and keeps your messages safe. Get your messages instantly via push notifications, read and respond online & offline, and find any message quickly. With the Gmail app you get: • An organized i...

  • KakaoTalk: Free Calls & Text KakaoTalk: Free Calls & Text

    KakaoTalk: Free Calls & Text

    Kakao Corporation

    2335206 ratings

    KakaoTalk is a fast & multifaceted messaging app. Send messages, photos, videos, voice notes and your location for free. Make chatting extra fun with an array of emoticons and sticker collections. More about KakaoTalk: ★ Chosen by more than 150 m...

  • 네이버 카페 - Naver Cafe 네이버 카페 - Naver Cafe

    네이버 카페 - Naver Cafe

    NAVER Corp.

    88179 ratings

    Naver Café in your Own Hands! Naver Café is an open social community which enables everyone to create a community group that matches their personal interests. Moreover, everyone can participate freely as they desire, and they can set their own l...

  • Where's My Water? Free Where's My Water? Free

    Where's My Water? Free


    1142364 ratings

    Get the GAME OF THE YEAR award-winning puzzler! Help Swampy by guiding water to his broken shower. Each level is a challenging physics-based puzzle with amazing life-like mechanics. Cut through dirt and guide fresh water, dirty water, toxic...

  • Messenger Messenger



    35287784 ratings

    Instantly reach the people in your life—for free. Messenger is just like texting, but you don't have to pay for every message (it works with your data plan). Not just for Facebook friends: Message people in your phone book and just enter a phone n...

  • Facebook Facebook



    55132419 ratings

    Keeping up with friends is faster than ever. • See what friends are up to • Share updates, photos and videos • Get notified when friends like and comment on your posts • Play games and use your favorite apps Now you can get early access to the nex...

  • 네이버 - NAVER 네이버 - NAVER

    네이버 - NAVER

    NAVER Corp.

    367035 ratings

    A variety of useful information available at a single glance in the palm of your hands! Check out NAVER App, improved to make your life easier. 1) Customize your NAVER App home screen! Press the settings button on the upper-right side of the...

  • Kill Zombies Now- Zombie games

    Kill Zombies Now- Zombie games


    55878 ratings

    The unknown virus infects human beings; the zombies rule all cities. As the only survivor, can you escape from the city? Or can you find the antidote to rescue human beings? Now pick up the weapons to prevent attack and to prove whether you are...

  • 내 폰안에 114 내 폰안에 114

    내 폰안에 114


    6047 ratings

    완전히 새로워진 UI 로 다시 태어난 내폰안에 114 전화번호가 궁금할때 바로 찾아서 바로 건다. "기존 버전과 동일하게 설정에서 내가 관심있는 지역에서만 검색이 가능합니다." 설정으로 자신의 위치와 가장 가까운 곳에서 검색하거나 또는 사용자가 직접 입력한위치에서 찾을 수 있습니다. - 가게 명칭 텍스트, 음성 검색 - 지역별 상세 검색 - 검색된 결과 바로 통화 - 최근에 통화했던 목록 저장 기능 - 검색결과에서 바로 홈페이지 링...

  • Google Play Movies & TV Google Play Movies & TV

    Google Play Movies & TV

    Google Inc.

    666874 ratings

    Google Play Movies & TV allows you to watch movies and TV shows purchased or rented on Google Play. Watch your favorite movies and shows instantly on your Android phone or tablet, or on any HDTV using Chromecast. You can also download and watch...

  • Wonder Zoo - Animal rescue !

    Wonder Zoo - Animal rescue !


    504201 ratings

    An infamous poacher and his lackey are threatening animals of the wilderness by stealing them from their families! Your exciting story begins as you head out on safari to rescue wildlife from danger. Welcome them into the zoo of your dreams and...

  • Maps - Navigation & Transit Maps - Navigation & Transit

    Maps - Navigation & Transit

    Google Inc.

    6997170 ratings

    Going somewhere? Go with Maps, the official app you can rely on for real-time GPS navigation, traffic, transit, and details about millions of places, such as reviews and popular times. Get there faster with real-time updates Beat traffic with...

  • Ant Smasher Free Game Ant Smasher Free Game

    Ant Smasher Free Game

    Best Cool and Fun Games

    1108195 ratings

    🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜 100 MILLION DOWNLOADS 🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜 Smash ants with your finger in this great game! Ant Smasher is more social now - you can smash your friends' pictures!!! Highly entertaining for kids, boys and girls. Special virtual goods that make the game ea...

  • Zoo Story 2™

    Zoo Story 2™

    TeamLava Games

    58429 ratings

    Build the Best Pet Zoo to EVER live on your mobile device. Raise families of cute animals and watch them play with their unique babies! Adorable, playful baby animals are waiting to be raised by you. Mix and match animals to create new species...

  • 다함께 퐁퐁퐁 for Kakao 다함께 퐁퐁퐁 for Kakao

    다함께 퐁퐁퐁 for Kakao

    Netmarble Games

    769406 ratings

    남.녀.노.소 누구나 뛰고, 쏘고, 맞추면서 즐기는 미니게임!! 터치 한번이면 다양한 재미가 퐁퐁퐁~!! 하나! 친구를 초대하면 특별한 능력의 고양이부터 코인까지 선물이 와르르~ 둘! 출석만 하면 매일 매일 쏟아지는 캐시선물~ ▷▶▷다함께 퐁퐁퐁 특징◁◀◁ ★ 너무나 귀여운 고양이들이 내 캐릭터가 된다!! 다양한 능력을 가진 귀요미 고양이들과 함께 신나는 미니게임을 즐겨보세요~! ★ 이젠 미니게임도 내 친구와 1:1대결! 혼자 하...

  • 네이버 지도, 내비게이션 – Naver Map 네이버 지도, 내비게이션 – Naver Map

    네이버 지도, 내비게이션 – Naver Map

    NAVER Corp.

    92739 ratings

    [Main Functions] 1. Finds the shortest route to your destination whether you’re walking, using public transport, your vehicle or bicycle. 2. Search on your map and find your destination with the location, address, name of the street or phone n...

  • 올레 tv 모바일 올레 tv 모바일

    올레 tv 모바일

    olleh tv

    9825 ratings

    *올레 tv 모바일이 새로워졌어요. 새 옷을 입은 올레 tv 모바일, 확~달라진 모습을 바로 확인해보세요. # 여전히 풍성한 "무료" 볼 거리- - [프리미엄 무료! 최신영화/애니] - [2016 프로야구 전 경기 생중계] - [다양한 장르별 실시간 TV 채널] - [통큰 무료! 영화/TV/애니 VOD] # 놀라운 몰입감! 360˚ 가상현실- - [kt Wiz 홈경기 VR 생중계] - [디양한 장르의 VR 콘텐츠] # 집에 올레tv가...

  • KT 내비 KT 내비

    KT 내비

    KT Corporation

    6511 ratings

    KT 내비와 함께 안전 운전 하세요~ ㅁ KT 내비 소개 항상 운전자의 입장에서 고민하는 전문가들이 모여 가장 좋은 길을 찾아드리는 대한민국 대표 스마트 내비게이션입니다. ㅁ 운전자 여러분들을 위한 KT 내비의 특별한 장점!! 하나! 누구나 쉽게 조작할 수 있는 최적의 디자인 설계! 둘! 실시간 교통정보를 활용한 가장 빠르고 정확한 길찾기! 셋! 통합 검색으로 간편하게 목적지 검색 가능! 넷! 경로 중 최저가 주유소 안내를 통...