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  • Number Salad Number Salad

    Number Salad


    9 ratings

    A very crazy Number Salad! Who can keep the overview? Use the might of math! Play against the time and try to find the searched numbers by matching lines of numbers. The longer the lines, the higher the points. Number Salad is a different kind of...

  • Countdown Maths Game Countdown Maths Game

    Countdown Maths Game

    Simplex Devs

    220 ratings

    "Amazing game, love the challenge!" "Perfect!" "If you're into puzzle games be sure to give this a try!" "Clean user interface and nice math game to keep you hooked!" Countdown Maths Game is a beautifully designed and simple maths game based...

  • Doublemill 2 Nine men's morris Doublemill 2 Nine men's morris

    Doublemill 2 Nine men's morris

    +1 Labs

    14573 ratings

    Doublemill 2 brings the world famous nine men's morris game into your hands. Enjoy a modern looking game with precise controls and fluent graphics. Doublemill 2 has multiple game modes like the "challenge" mode. Fight through many levels against...

  • Sudoku Sudoku


    Jamie McDonald

    19149 ratings

    Sudoku. Pure and simple. No complicated settings. No ads. Ever. Play with four difficulty levels and an expandable selection of puzzles. There are a lot of sudoku games out there, but this one is different. This one has simplicity at the core....

  • WordKick WordKick



    954 ratings

    WordKick is a fun new word game that's incredibly simple to play. The goal is to change one four-letter word into another four-letter word by changing only one letter at the time. Casual Mode Relax and complete words without any pressure. There...

  • 7x7 - Best Color Strategy Game 7x7 - Best Color Strategy Game

    7x7 - Best Color Strategy Game


    25496 ratings

    7x7 is a new puzzle game inspired by classic 5 or more. It’s easy to grasp and very addictive. Make horizontal, vertical or diagonal rows of the same color by dragging pieces across the board and get points and power ups! Try it out and you won’t be ...