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Apps with features that I would like to see baked right into the OS.

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  • Multi-User App Share Multi-User App Share

    Multi-User App Share

    fiveHellions Development

    150 ratings

    Kane says: I use this on my tablet, where I have an account for myself, an account for my female, and an account for my kids. By using this app, I can manage an app for all three accounts (download, update, etc). Tip: In Cyanogenmod, I can hide apps...

  • BeyondPod Podcast Manager BeyondPod Podcast Manager

    BeyondPod Podcast Manager

    BeyondPod Team

    31396 ratings

    Kane says: There are a lot of podcast catchers out there, but I like this one the best. Its my favorite for three reasons: 1) it has an easy user interface, but is still packed with features and settings - including a secret menu. 2) I listen to a...

  • aCalendar - Android Calendar aCalendar - Android Calendar

    aCalendar - Android Calendar

    Tapir Apps GmbH

    76502 ratings

    Kane says: I like this app for one reason - its week view. With CyanogenMod, I set my lock screen to unlock to this app when I slide to the left. It's not the prettiest calendar out there, but it's the only free one I've found with a week view.

  • Google Keep Google Keep

    Google Keep

    Google Inc.

    579534 ratings

    Kane says: It's simple. It's under development. It syncs with the Goog. And, it's free. What could be better? The real reason I like it though, is that, contrary to apps like Evernote, this one works offline (in the woods, on an airplane,etc.).

  • UberHype for Hype Machine UberHype for Hype Machine

    UberHype for Hype Machine

    Dirty Water Labs

    3529 ratings

    Kane says: This app is associated with the website Hype Machine. This is where I go to get cutting edge music. It collects links to songs posted on the Internet as they are released. If you sign up for a free account on he website, you can tag songs...

  • [root] StickMount [root] StickMount

    [root] StickMount


    16546 ratings

    Kane says: If your device has the power output, and if you have a USB OTG dongle, you can plug just about anything into your device - keyboard, mouse, flash drive, gamepad, whatever.

  • BitTorrent Sync BitTorrent Sync

    BitTorrent Sync

    BitTorrent, Inc.

    19922 ratings

    Kane says: This is the only consistent way that I have found to transfer files between my devices. I have tried WiFi Direct, NFC, Bluetooth, everything. Nothing works for me. This needs data service to work (cell data, WiFi, WiFi tether), but is...

  • Screen Filter Screen Filter

    Screen Filter

    haxor industry

    119733 ratings

    Kane says: Do you lay in bed and use your device on the lowest brightness setting and it's still too bright? This is the app for you.

  • Galaxy Nexus Camera Sound Fix Galaxy Nexus Camera Sound Fix

    Galaxy Nexus Camera Sound Fix


    53 ratings

    Kane says: I hate the sound of the camera's fake shutter sound. This app silences it (an option that, for some reason, is not in the OS!?!)

  • SMS Backup + SMS Backup +

    SMS Backup +

    Jan Berkel

    57021 ratings

    Kane says: This app does exactly what it says it will do. It syncs your SMS with a folder in your gmail account. It syncs them, message by message, as they come in, so you don't need to run or schedule batch backups. I just flashed a new ROM and...

  • Shush! Ringer Restorer Shush! Ringer Restorer

    Shush! Ringer Restorer

    Fizz Buzz LLC

    25133 ratings

    Kane says: I am always good at silencing my device before work/church/meeting etc. I am lousy at remembering to restore the volume when I am done. This has an easy dial to set the restore time.

  • Flash Alerts 2 Flash Alerts 2

    Flash Alerts 2

    MegaWave Software

    326573 ratings

    Kane says: When your device gets a call or text (etc.) This app sends a pattern through your camera flash. You can modify the pattern. This is useful in silent mode.

  • Smart Statusbar Smart Statusbar

    Smart Statusbar


    5701 ratings

    Kane says: This is another app that should be a feature that is built right into the OS. Some apps will not snap out of full screen to let you see the status bar. This app overrides this behavior.

  • Icon Changer free Icon Changer free

    Icon Changer free


    46874 ratings

    Kane says: Let's face it - some app icons are just too ugly to be displayed on our home screens. Switch it up! You can download an icon pack or two. I don't use this app very often, but when I need it, I need it.

  • Headset Button Controller Headset Button Controller

    Headset Button Controller

    Christoph Kober

    1775 ratings

    Kane says: I am an enthusiastic convert to Android. After years of using the iPhone's dreamy media button, I am consistently frustrated with the way Android handles the same. This is the best I could find, and I tried them all. (The real solution,...

  • Startup Manager (Free) Startup Manager (Free)

    Startup Manager (Free)


    15356 ratings

    Kane says: You would be surprised how many apps startup with a reboot. This app will allow you to toggle the unneccesary ones.

  • DriveDroid DriveDroid



    5707 ratings

    Kane says: Not essential, but it's super cool anyway. This app allows you to download from a HUGE list of Linux distros and boot a PC, using your phone as a linux live cd.

  • Notif Notif


    Eric Carboni

    1965 ratings

    Kane says: This app will post a custom persistent notification at the top of your screen. This is good for those important reminders that would otherwise get cleared out.

  • Pushbullet - SMS on PC Pushbullet - SMS on PC

    Pushbullet - SMS on PC


    167044 ratings

    Kane says: This is a much better alternative to Chrome to Phone. If you are at a PC, and you need to send a note or an address to your handset, this will push it. Google Keep just about makes this obsolete, though.

  • Light Flow - LED Control Light Flow - LED Control

    Light Flow - LED Control


    41955 ratings

    Kane says: Use this app to program your LED notification light to blink different colors for different notifications. You can know if you have an email or missed call or tweet, etc. with the screen off.

  • Tasker Tasker


    Crafty Apps EU

    40533 ratings

    Kane says: Use this app to level up in Android. Program your device to do ANYTHING! Much more robust than Llama or Locale. Its not very intuitive for the non-programmer type, but this one might be worth your time.

  • SimplyNoise SimplyNoise



    1045 ratings

    Kane says: What yelling kids? What airport chatter? The only thing this white noise generator can't drown out are the voices in my head. Ha! Just kidding! (No I'm not.)