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Back in the day you used to have to get up and look out the window or worst yet... go outside to see what the weather was like.

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  • Solo Weather Solo Weather

    Solo Weather


    78080 ratings

    The design of this app, layout wise, reminds me of Yahoo weather (minus the background pictures) which isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's pleasant to look at (except the pressure reading which mashes together in portrait orientation) The app has...

  • Solar : Weather Solar : Weather

    Solar : Weather

    Hollr, Inc.

    3873 ratings

    Minimalistic weather information in a stylish app. All the app gives you is: time, date, weather conditions, temperature and location. You can't even have actual temperature and "feels like" on the screen together. That said the app is intuitive...

  • 1Weather:Widget Forecast Radar 1Weather:Widget Forecast Radar

    1Weather:Widget Forecast Radar

    OneLouder Apps

    463994 ratings

    In app purchase to remove adds, this app has radar, as well as weather alerts (and amber alerts in the US)

  • Yahoo Weather Yahoo Weather

    Yahoo Weather


    1168447 ratings

    Very nice looking weather app, has all the information I look for when I check the weather. Though I can find places that don't have associated photos (unsurprisingly) You can help to add them though

  • My Weather My Weather

    My Weather

    cybob communication GmbH

    319 ratings

    Interesting an super tiny weather app with the ability to set it's display as your live wallpaper. Move through "today's" temperature forecast my holding your finger on the screen and then dragging it around to advance the time. Well worth a look.

  • Eye In Sky Weather Eye In Sky Weather

    Eye In Sky Weather

    Tim Clark – Clark IT Consultancy

    27160 ratings

    Where this one differs from others I have tried is that you can see which weather station the app is pulling data from in the location setting. This may make the app more accurate than others which use another site/service for their data

  • Amber Weather - Local Forecast Amber Weather - Local Forecast

    Amber Weather - Local Forecast

    Amber Mobile Limited

    236545 ratings

    Easy Simple Clean, maybe it is a little too simple. Sure it gives you pretty much all the information you need and the widgets are nice but it feels like it is lacking something. Also advertised as add free "at present" doesn't bode well

  • Beautiful Widgets Pro Beautiful Widgets Pro

    Beautiful Widgets Pro

    LevelUp Studio

    98138 ratings

    More accurate than Fancy Widgets (imo) and a lot more options for the widgets. Regularly on sale in the play store, I paid just 99c for this one.

  • Fancy Widgets Fancy Widgets

    Fancy Widgets

    Android Does

    36928 ratings

    Quite nice in the styling of it's widgets, similar to Beautiful Widgets, though in my experience not quite as accurate.