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There are too many recipe apps for Android and most are either ugly or have nothing unique about them. To make this list, an app must A - be attractive, and B - have something that makes it more than just another recipe app.

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  • Good Recipes Good Recipes

    Good Recipes


    248 ratings

    A great app for storing your own recipes. I like ChefTap better, but Good Recipes is attractive and has some nice features like easy recipe multiplication and unit conversion. Stores the recipes locally so you can keep it synced with dropbox.

  • Cookpad Cookpad


    Cookpad International Ltd.

    72256 ratings

    A great recipe app where you can find and submit recipes, along with find out what you can make with what you have. Reviews, shopping list support, along with video integration make generically named "Recipe Search" a well-rounded app.

  • Talerka Video Recipes

    Talerka Video Recipes

    Andrey Azarov

    360 ratings

    A super cool app with over 200 HD video recipes of traditional food across the globe. Great design is shown here and 5-10 recipes are added a month. The real draw here is the presentation and quality of the recipes and videos.

  • Baristame - Coffee Guide FREE Baristame - Coffee Guide FREE

    Baristame - Coffee Guide FREE


    3420 ratings

    A nice app to take your coffee drinks to the next level. Just like you cook to save money, Baristame helps you make those drinks that are commonly bought for $4-5 at a fraction of the price with a clear and beautiful interface.

  • QuickBakeConverter QuickBakeConverter



    32 ratings

    Another great baking app. Baking is a science and sometimes cups and teaspoons don't cut it for recipes. Not to mention they can be hard to measure. QuickBakeConverter will converter all those units to weight so you can easily measure it out.

  • ChefTap Recipes & Grocery List ChefTap Recipes & Grocery List

    ChefTap Recipes & Grocery List

    Mindframe Design, LLC

    8351 ratings

    The main draw here is the smart recipe import - just give it a URL and ChefTap will smartly identify the recipe from any website. Sometimes fails, but more often than not figures it out. Great design and supports Google Drive sync.