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Social apps are very popular these days, people want to connect with other people in everything they do, even if that means posting each time they do something mundane.

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  • Motivade Motivade


    Motivade Ltd

    26 ratings

    Getting or Staying fit goes social.. If you're into that kind of thing, has it's own site, you can sign up and sign with facebook and see how your friends are doing.

  • Vine - video entertainment Vine - video entertainment

    Vine - video entertainment

    Vine Labs

    1134386 ratings

    Vine does for video what twitter did for "micro blogging" annoy your friends with really short looping videos that will slowly drive them crazy.

  • Google Play Games Google Play Games

    Google Play Games

    Google Inc.

    4264214 ratings

    See what your friends are playing and compete against them on community leader boards, or see how you score against everyone in the world. Just don't get too upset when you discover your gaming prowess is not what you thought.

  • Google+ Google+


    Google Inc.

    3255056 ratings

    Well I have to include it don't I... facebook is already in here. G+ isn't as popular as facebook, strange really when you consider that if you have an android phone you have a gmail account which means you have a Google+ profile...

  • Waze - GPS, Maps & Traffic Waze - GPS, Maps & Traffic

    Waze - GPS, Maps & Traffic


    5832097 ratings

    Recently acquired by Google, it's the social GPS with map updates and traffic alerts happening in real time through Waze's community of users.

  • Instagram Instagram



    43521481 ratings

    The perfect app for those of you who insist on taking photos of every single meal they eat and posting them for all to see. This didn't happen back in the day of the film camera, too much hassle probably.

  • Facebook Facebook



    58692535 ratings

    Love it or hate it facebook is out there. Many people don't seem to bother with the app and given the problems it has I can see why. You'd think that facebook as big as they are could get this right.

  • Plume for Twitter Plume for Twitter

    Plume for Twitter

    UberMedia Inc.

    84902 ratings

    Honestly, I don't like the official twitter app, never been able to put my finger on exactly why.