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  • Find ATM, Walnut Money Manager Find ATM, Walnut Money Manager

    Find ATM, Walnut Money Manager

    ThumbWorks Pvt. Ltd.

    96594 ratings

    IMPORTANT: Walnut analyses your SMS inbox to track spends and ATM withdrawals. Walnut does not read your personal SMS (e.g. from a 10 digit mobile number), emails or upload any sensitive data. See for more details *New...

  • How Much - Expense Manager How Much - Expense Manager

    How Much - Expense Manager


    118 ratings

    App that helps you to keep track of your daily spending. Tired of wondering where all money went? How Much provides you with brief analytics on your spending: * Where did you left your money today. * Graph of spending for this month. *...

  • Financiator: Expense Manager Financiator: Expense Manager

    Financiator: Expense Manager

    Disegnator Apps Development

    2311 ratings

    An all-in-one money manager for daily expenses and finance control, designed to help you to better organize your finances. With its simple and attractive design, Financiator lets you organize your daily spending using customized CATEGORIES and...

  • Pay Back - IOU Manager Pay Back - IOU Manager

    Pay Back - IOU Manager

    John Simon Co

    305 ratings

    Pay Back is an IOU (I Owe You) manager that helps you organize your private economy. Keep track of your debts using a simple and easy to use interface with a modern design. Keep in sync with your friends using NFC. In this free version you are...

  • Debts Debts


    Federico Amura

    110 ratings

    Defaulters debtors? Can't you remember your own debts, or foreing ones? Have you borrowed money and do not remember to whom? Do you borrow a book and do not remember the owner? - Select a contact to your debts - Alerts - 100% Material Design...

  • Grana - Daily Expenses Grana - Daily Expenses

    Grana - Daily Expenses


    3432 ratings

    It is very important to organize your money, but if you have never had much patience or discipline to track all your expenses in those other expense manager applications, then Grana might be the right app for you. Grana is the most simple and...

  • Currency Currency


    Vitaliy Vovchok

    97 ratings

    Currency Converter - program to obtain information on current exchange rates. Simple and functional application will help you quickly and accurately learn the course of any currency in the world. features: - 171 currencies in the world; - offline...

  • Wally+ Wally+


    Wally Global ltd.

    1788 ratings

    Finally on Android! Wally+ is an awesome new way to manage your money. It's a lifestyle app that treats expenses as experiences. Use Wally+ to consolidate your financial life: balance your income and expenses to set goals and reach them -- all...

  • Level Money Level Money

    Level Money

    Level Money, Inc.

    7299 ratings

    Welcome to Level Money 3.0. Level’s award-winning free Android personal finance app is a simple tool to automatically analyze your financial picture. Powered by Capital One, over one million people trust Level to track their money, simply and e...

  • Bills Reminder Bills Reminder

    Bills Reminder


    78 ratings

    Never forget to pay a bill on time with this app and get away from late payment fees. Simply add all your bills to this app and it will remind you to pay the bills on time. Features. * Non cluttered user interface * Get the reminders exactly at...

  • Our Budget Book Pro Our Budget Book Pro

    Our Budget Book Pro

    Mavi Software

    1337 ratings

    *** Currently in BETA: Translation to Italian, Russian, Spanish and Polish *** *** Scroll down to opt in for the BETA version. *** This version shows no ads. IMPORTANT: If you want to use your data from the free app, please use the export...

  • Circle Pay Circle Pay

    Circle Pay

    Circle Internet Financial

    3415 ratings

    Like a text or email filled with cash! Instant, free and global — travel between $, £ and €. Collect for the keg without losing your buzz, give your friend dough for the pizza, beg mom for rent money in emoji. * Set up’s a snap. Literally. (Just t...

  • xPense xPense



    21 ratings

    xPense lets you track your expenses with ease. Minimalistic Holo interface, beautiful colors, large input buttons for expense value, different expense categories - all that makes it extremely useful in everyday life.

  • MyStocks Pro - Realtime stocks MyStocks Pro - Realtime stocks

    MyStocks Pro - Realtime stocks

    Stefano Baldi

    47 ratings

    The most complete, beautiful and simple app to follow stock market and financial markets. Get quotes of stocks, funds, ETFs, currencies,futures and markets and manage your portfolios. Version pro, ad-free. Available free version, just look for...

  • Stox - Learn Stocks Stox - Learn Stocks

    Stox - Learn Stocks


    434 ratings

    Stox is a stock market game for beginners. The stock market is a complicated subject and it doesn't help that current ways to learn about it are long and dry. With Stox, we're solving this issue by teaching in an interactive way. Some core...

  • bkper bkper


    bkper Inc.

    127 ratings

    Your books simplified securely on Google This is a companion app for Easily collect and keep all financial information centralized in a simple scheme of Accounts and Transactions, collaborating with real-time balance sheet and shared...

  • Simple Currency Converter Simple Currency Converter

    Simple Currency Converter

    Lucky coin

    807 ratings

    This is the beautiful exchange rate converter tool that helps you to find out exchange rate quickly. It's free and easy to use. Supports more than 140+ countries. Supports offline mode so that it works even without internet connection. FEATURE -...

  • Money Lover - Money Manager Money Lover - Money Manager

    Money Lover - Money Manager


    94443 ratings

    Money Lover helps you understand where your money goes, so you can plan to spend wisely. Forget notebook, pen or excel sheet, you are able to manage your personal and family finance on this phone or tablet. With this friendly & handy application,...

  • Prosper Daily - Money Tracker Prosper Daily - Money Tracker

    Prosper Daily - Money Tracker

    BillGuard, Inc.

    22376 ratings

    Here’s your money app. View all your accounts in one place - FREE! And free credit score tracking! It’s the smartest, easiest, most secure way to manage and budget your hard-earned money. Prosper Daily organizes all the activity and balances on you...

  • Monefy - Money Manager Monefy - Money Manager

    Monefy - Money Manager


    66210 ratings

    How to track your expenses successfully? We know that it’s easy. You only need to add each expense you do… no more than that! And Monefy is going to help you. Just add new transactions when you are buying a coffee or taking a taxi. It’s done in one c...

  • Budget Budget



    1005 ratings

    Budget is a simple, intuitive, beautifully designed app that allows you to keep track of all your finances. This is done by offering customisable categories to organise your incomes and expenses, shown in a variety of useful charts and lists....

  • TransferWise Money Transfer TransferWise Money Transfer

    TransferWise Money Transfer


    14447 ratings

    Transfer money abroad quickly, easily and at the lowest possible cost using TransferWise. Banks hide huge charges when you send money abroad. Now there’s a solution. We use real currency exchange rates to help expats, foreign students and b...

  • Xpensy Xpensy


    Stefan Zahariev

    301 ratings

    Xpensy is an app for tracking daily/weekly/monthly expenses and visualizing them into an awesome infographic. Without pretending to be an accountant, it offers seven main categories of expenses, and allows managing them with ease. Sharp,...

  • Bills Reminder Bills Reminder

    Bills Reminder


    13703 ratings

    No.1 Bill Reminder App loved by 3,00,000 users. Manages your Bills and reminds you before due date. Completely free App, No Hidden Charges Features: 1. Manage all bills 2. Friendly notifications with paid/payment action 3. Ease of access 4....

  • TradeHero TradeHero



    12478 ratings

    #1 Finance App in over 90 countries, top 10 Finance App in over 120 countries. Trade virtual stocks, compete with your friends, get expert stock tips and earn extra cash all at the same time! TradeHero is a mobile stock market simulation app that...

  • Monas - Expense Manager Monas - Expense Manager

    Monas - Expense Manager


    2804 ratings

    Really Fast and Simple Monas is the easiest and the fastest way to manage money. It is really fast in data entry. If you find it can be faster, then please send us an email. This is what we really need in money manager apps. Data Sync in Real Time...

  • MoneyChallenge MoneyChallenge


    RTS AppDevelopment

    168 ratings

    Struggling to save money? Look no further, here's an easy solution: Start off with $1 (or a custom amount of a different currency) in the first week, save $2 in the second, $3 in the third and after 52 weeks, you'll have $1378 to your disposal....

  • Cheque (Simple Budget Planner) Cheque (Simple Budget Planner)

    Cheque (Simple Budget Planner)

    Upfront Applications

    268 ratings

    Cheque is the budget manager focused on simplicity. Cheque displays your remaining budget in a clear manner and allows you to keep track of your saving goals. No messing around with complicated settings, just a quick overview of what you've got...

  • Spendee Spendee


    CLEEVIO s.r.o.

    19077 ratings

    Do you know how much money you spend each month? Do you regularly track your monthly expenses for dining out, gas or groceries? If not, take the guesswork out of your finances with Spendee, the favorite financial app that tracks your expenses and...

  • Wallet - Budget Tracker Wallet - Budget Tracker

    Wallet - Budget Tracker

    42979 ratings

    Wallet helps you flexibly plan your budget and track spending, so you stay in control and achieve your future goals. Actively plan and manage your finances, together with the people you trust, across multiple currencies, banks, and financial...

  • Receipts Receipts



    43 ratings

    ★ Description of app Receipts ★ The app Receipts helps you to organize and neatly store your receipts. With this app you can create your own categories and make them contain the receipts you wish. You can generate monthly reports, with several fil...

  • Saving Made Simple - Money App Saving Made Simple - Money App

    Saving Made Simple - Money App

    Out of the Park Apps

    4347 ratings

    We combined a simple savings calculator with an easy expense tracker to make saving money for anything a breeze! You don't need to know how to budget, just enter a savings plan (such as "Saving for Wedding") and our savings calculator will...

  • Simple Expense Manager Simple Expense Manager

    Simple Expense Manager


    58 ratings

    Want an awesome app that helps you track your expenses or spending? Say Hello, to 'Simple Expense'! Simple Expense has insanely brilliant design and user interface. Great user experience with your wallet. FEATURES: - Multiple accounts - Easy...

  • Invoice & Estimate - ProBooks Invoice & Estimate - ProBooks

    Invoice & Estimate - ProBooks

    Twan Software, LLC

    1555 ratings

    Our award-winning invoice app will let you send invoices, view unpaid invoices, and make it easy to manage your business. Every invoice and estimate you create is automatically synced in realtime between all of your devices. Never worry about...

  • Quotes Quotes


    Brownie, LLC

    195 ratings

    Track your investments with ease in the most beautiful stock app around. Quotes gives you the information you need and the simplicity you've been looking for. "The prettiest stock and portfolio tracking application I have had the pleasure to use"...

  • XE Currency XE Currency

    XE Currency Inc.

    69488 ratings

    Convert every world currency with the XE Currency App – Free Edition. It offers live proprietary currency rates and charts, and even stores the last updated rates so it works when the Internet doesn't. This easy-to-use currency calculator has r...

  • JStock Android - Stock Market JStock Android - Stock Market

    JStock Android - Stock Market

    Yocto Enterprise

    7859 ratings

    JStock Android makes it easy to track your stock investment. It provides well organized stock market information, to help you decide your best investment strategy. JStock Android integrates seamless with desktop app. This free and open source...

  • FreshBooks Classic FreshBooks Classic

    FreshBooks Classic

    FreshBooks Cloud Accounting

    1733 ratings

    Create invoices on-the-go, get paid online, capture expenses in a flash and track hours. This app requires an existing FreshBooks Classic account. Don’t have an account? Check out the new FreshBooks app to signup. INVOICE YOUR CLIENTS FROM A...

  • Expense Manager Expense Manager

    Expense Manager

    Markus Hintersteiner

    26918 ratings

    Manage your expenses directly on your smartphone. Easily keep track of your finances. This app allows you to record your expenses easily. Optionally you can assign a category to your expense in order to get detailed statistics and helpful...

  • - Money Saving App - Money Saving App - Money Saving App

    ManageWP, LLC

    9 ratings

    ★★★★★ ”The app is great. Super simple and I love the whimsy (like the welcome animation). Seems really well done.” Patrick Rhone ★★★★★ “Application have simple user interface, with buttons large enough so that even older users can use them effort...

  • iExpense Diary iExpense Diary

    iExpense Diary


    442 ratings

    ********** The best tool for keeping track of your daily expenses !!! **************** Five* It definitely 5 stars app!! **************** Main Features =========== - Easy entry for income/expense from a single screen - Wide range of category to...

  • Finance Free Finance Free

    Finance Free


    9 ratings

    Finance is an application that allows you to track your income and expenditure. It works in a similar manner to Microsoft Money or Intuit Quicken. The goal of Finance is to enable quick and easy transaction entry with clear screens and, hopefully,...

  • Mint: Budget, Bills, Finance Mint: Budget, Bills, Finance

    Mint: Budget, Bills, Finance

    Intuit Inc

    120059 ratings

    Finally, there’s one place to manage all your finances with ease. Mint is the free money manager and financial tracker app from the makers of TurboTax® that does it all. We bring together your bank accounts, credit cards, bills and investments so yo...

  • One touch expenser One touch expenser

    One touch expenser

    Quix Inc.

    1015 ratings

    * Record your expenses with single touch * Keep forgetting to record your expenses every time? One touch expenser can help you. Simply tap the one touch button to indicate an expense. Or snap a photo about the expense. The app will take care of...

  • Amber Money - Expense Manager Amber Money - Expense Manager

    Amber Money - Expense Manager


    3837 ratings

    Amber Money is a simple way to manage your personal finances. ★ This application helps your budget and tracks your spending quickly and easily. ★ Business expenses, personal expenses, travel expenses can all be managed rapidly using Amber Money exp...

  • Expense Tracker 2.0 - Finance Expense Tracker 2.0 - Finance

    Expense Tracker 2.0 - Finance

    hSenid Software International (Pvt) Ltd

    265 ratings

    Get on board with the Multiple Award Winning Revolutionary Personal Financing App - Expense Tracker 2.0 ◆ WINNER - BCS NBQSA Awards 2015 ◆ FINALIST - APICTA Awards 2015 ◆ WINNER - mBillionth Awards 2014 ◆ WINNER - BCS NBQSA Awards 2013 Expense...

  • Your Wallet Your Wallet

    Your Wallet


    107 ratings

    Manage all your expenses with Your Wallet. Your Wallet is a useful app to manage your bank account, the balance of your credit/debit cards and much more! You can add an unlimited number of accounts, such as your wallet, your savings, etc. In...

  • Settle Up - Group Expenses Settle Up - Group Expenses

    Settle Up - Group Expenses

    Step Up Labs

    7345 ratings

    SETTLE UP is an indispensable app for friends and flatmates who need to keep track of shared bills and expenses. It comes in handy when you're planning a group trip or a party and don't want to have it ruined by constant discussions over "who...

  • Financius - Expense Manager Financius - Expense Manager

    Financius - Expense Manager

    MV Coding

    9650 ratings

    Financius is a simple application that helps you log and track your expenses and keep an eye on your balance. Features: • Overview screen provides most relevant information at a glance. • Multiple money accounts. • Multiple currencies. • Add expense...

  • QuickBooks Accounting+Invoice QuickBooks Accounting+Invoice

    QuickBooks Accounting+Invoice

    Intuit Inc

    16922 ratings

    SEE DASHBOARD BUSINESS INSIGHTS AT A GLANCE · View your Profit and Loss to know what you’re making and spending. · See expenses by category. · View all your open and overdue invoices. · See today’s account balances. INVOICE YOUR CLIENTS AND GET PAI...

  • Money Tracker Money Tracker

    Money Tracker


    135 ratings

    Money Tracker is an app to track down all your income and expenses in one place, easy to use and pleasing to the eye with full Holo UI. Features ✔ Full Holo UI ✔ Easy to use ✔ Statistics ✔ Repeating transactions ✔ Multi Account ✔ Backup to Google D...

  • Our Budget Book Our Budget Book

    Our Budget Book

    Mavi Software

    3597 ratings

    Easy income and spending management for your family with "Our Budget Book": Keep an eye on your money in self-created categories. Create monthly bookings. Use the report page to see a graphical overview of your finances. Synchronize several...

  • Guilt - Expense Manager Guilt - Expense Manager

    Guilt - Expense Manager


    20 ratings

    ★ Featured on Android Central, Android Police, Appstorm, TechSplurge, ★ "Guilt will definitely fill a need for people that just want a basic way to track purchases and give another perspective on where the money is headed every mon...

  • Receipt Receipt


    Bogdan Mihaiciuc

    196 ratings

    Receipt makes it easy to quickly make shopping lists and manage your budget. Receipt allows you to check your total as you're buying items and will let you know if you go over your budget. When you're done shopping, you can save the list to...

  • Expensify - Expense Reports Expensify - Expense Reports

    Expensify - Expense Reports


    8841 ratings

    With over four million users worldwide, Expensify is the #1 tool for expense report management, receipt tracking, and business travel. Snap a photo of your receipt using SmartScan and Expensify takes care of the rest! Designed for small...

  • GoBank GoBank


    Green Dot Corporation

    2165 ratings

    No overdraft fees. No worries. Try GoBank’s award-winning mobile app now! GoBank is a new checking account made for people who are fed up with big banks and their big fees, and designed to be accessed on a mobile phone. It’s fast (works like you...

  • Ergo - Finance Manager Ergo - Finance Manager

    Ergo - Finance Manager


    64 ratings

    Ergo is an easy way to manage your finances. • Holo style. • Ad-Free. • Multiple accounts. • Custom categories. • Multiple currencies with automatic download exchange rates. • Transactions. • Transfers between accounts. • Incomes / Expenses. • Sta...