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All these games have less than 10k installs at time of posting. I try to find fun, unique, and polished games before they make it big. I am a fan of games without pay to play aspects and love games that feel like the video games I grew up with. I don't want complicated management games. I don't want endless customization. I just want to play.

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100% apps reviewed
  • SimpleRockets SimpleRockets


    Jundroo, LLC

    7574 ratings

    A rocket building game somewhat similar to the indie hit Kerbal Space Program. Design your own rocket and explore the universe!

  • QbQbQb



    101 ratings

    Similar to some games where you rotate your circle to match the colors, but when you fail to match, the blocks start stacking! Also features single device multiplayer.

  • Middle Manager of Justice

    Middle Manager of Justice

    Double Fine Productions

    21068 ratings

    Another Android game by Double Fine! The animation style seems like a Cartoon Network show and the game is an action RPG. The story has Double Fine's usual charm and should be good for some laughs.

  • The Story of Choices

    The Story of Choices

    Behold Studios

    5682 ratings

    The Story of Choices is kinda like a modern version of choose your own adventure books. Some may have fun playing it through once, others may have fun figuring out all the possible paths and endings!

  • Dropchord


    Double Fine Productions

    577 ratings

    Double Fine's first Android game! Features an original electronic soundtrack and colorful visuals. The visuals definitely help you feel the music and the game is best experienced with headphones.

  • True Skate True Skate

    True Skate

    True Axis

    84924 ratings

    A first person skating game where your finger is the star! Beautiful graphics and well designed skate parks make True Skate a game to keep your eye on.

  • Doom & Destiny

    Doom & Destiny

    Heartbit Interactive Srl

    13297 ratings

    A fantastic indie JRPG with over 20 hours of story from start to finish. Overworlds, hundreds of items, puzzles, storyline, this game has what you'd expect out of a great JPRG.

  • Ending


    Aaron Steed

    650 ratings

    A fantastic game that is a combination of rogue and puzzle. The enemies only move when you do so make every move count! A great concept and I love that you're easily able to figure out the game without instructions.

  • Pixel Defenders Puzzle Pixel Defenders Puzzle

    Pixel Defenders Puzzle

    Gary Whittle

    1901 ratings

    50% launch sale! Pixel Defenders is a mix of puzzle and old school RPG. This game has a very polished pixel art style and engaging bit music. Bored of your average puzzle game? Check this game out.




    369 ratings

    A fast paced puzzle game, great in short bursts! Don't be deceived that there are only 3 colors, CRUSH is no ordinary matching game. Every match you make, the game attacks you harder!

  • Hex



    1636 ratings

    A nice logic game with local multiplayer! Hex is a game of choices - do you place a hexagon to further you to the other side or one to obstruct the enemy?

  • Play SAP !!!

    Play SAP !!!

    Sid On

    128 ratings

    A very polished feeling platformer with smooth jumping physics and animations.

  • Indiana Stone Indiana Stone

    Indiana Stone

    TwinSky Games

    90 ratings

    The impressive 3D voxel graphics are a sight to see. A refreshing entry into the endless runner genre where you are the boulder. Well worth the $3.

  • WordKick WordKick



    954 ratings

    A game with a simple premise, but still engaging. Smooth transitions and simple, but effective graphics make this game one to try. One of my fav features is "casual mode" which allows you to play the game without pressure of your score or time.

  • Super Mega Worm Super Mega Worm

    Super Mega Worm

    Deceased Pixel

    935 ratings

    A fun game that is currently have a 50% launch sale. The controls are simple and great for the touch screen and the graphics look consistent and polished.

  • Hoplite Hoplite


    Magma Fortress

    33392 ratings

    Beautiful pixel art combined with a simple premise make this game addicting and challenging. It takes a little while to "get" it, but once you do it's great fun.