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***For VERY GOOD low end phone games see my other channel*** Here are the games that didn't quite make it to the main list, for being either not good enough, too glitchy for the low end phone, or simply not what I think people would want to play. Each game is reviewed. List updated several times a week. I rate games from 1 to 10 cookies. There is nothing above 7 cookies here.

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  • Fly Crazy

    Fly Crazy


    7676 ratings

    Tilt to fly, avoid trees and get coins to use on upgrades later. Fine game, but the controls are far too sensitive and the menu is too blunt. Plays smoothly on low end phones. Rating: 6.5/10 cookies. Lag: No.

  • Bubble Blast 2 Bubble Blast 2

    Bubble Blast 2

    Magma Mobile

    699820 ratings

    Tap the bubbles in the correct order and hopefully explode all of them. Rating: 6/10 cookies. Lag: No.

  • Dragon Jump 2 Dragon Jump 2

    Dragon Jump 2

    FIX Korea Co.,Ltd.

    96 ratings

    An endless runner with various character and upgrades. Almost unplayable on the low end phone and occupying a lot of int memory, the game is not quite appealing. Very laggy and glitchy. Rating: 5/10 cookies. Lag: Yes.

  • RoboBeats



    71 ratings

    Kill the robots in the beat of the songs. It's pretty easy to cheat on it, the beats are not in sync with the song and the backgrounds are boring. BUT the game has potential and a great level select menu. Rating: 6/10 cookies. Lag: Nop.

  • Castaway Cat Castaway Cat

    Castaway Cat


    232 ratings

    A pixelized game with a blue cat, a red balloon, candy and clouds you must avoid. How could that possibly work? I don't know, but it does. Rating: 6.5/10 cookies. Lag: No.

  • Alpaca Evolution Alpaca Evolution

    Alpaca Evolution


    47715 ratings

    The most bizarre game ever. You are an alpaca and to evolve, you must "eat" other alpacas. Several stages of evolution and simple gameplay. Purely wicked. Rating: 6/10 cookies. Lag: No.

  • MagicRun MagicRun



    13599 ratings

    It's another one of those endless runners. The game system on this one is so poor that the obstacles keep repeting themselves over and over in the same order. The good side is: no lag here. Rating: 5.5/10 cookies. Lag: No.

  • Pepe Run Pepe Run

    Pepe Run


    358 ratings

    It's laggy, it's glitchy, it has poor controls. Maybe you will have more luck than I did with it, so here you go. Endless runner also. Rating: 4/10 cookies. Lag: YES.

  • Glow Puzzle Glow Puzzle

    Glow Puzzle


    23065 ratings

    From one dot to the other, make the whole drawing glow, but careful: you can't use the same dot twice. Easy to get the hang of, and addictive once you do so. Rating: 7/10 cookies. Lag: No.

  • Akinator the Genie FREE Akinator the Genie FREE

    Akinator the Genie FREE


    1208570 ratings

    Think of anyone or anything at all. Answer Akinator's questions and... he guessed it! Most of the time, he does. See if you can beat him! Rating: 5.5/10 cookies. Lag: A bit.

  • Line Runner

    Line Runner

    Djinnworks GmbH

    107471 ratings

    Tap to jump, avoid boxes and jump on platforms. A side scroll runner with nothing new expect being specially hard. Rating: 6/10 cookies. Lag: No.

  • Ninja Joe

    Ninja Joe


    9715 ratings

    Help Joe travel trough time to save his master, avoid gaps and collect gems. The game is fine, a side scroll runner like many others. Rating: 6/10 cookies. Lag: No, but some bugs.

  • Panda Jump Panda Jump

    Panda Jump


    39109 ratings

    Make your panda jump higher by tapping when needed, avoid enemies and try to get as close to the top as possible. Nothing new here except for the panda. Rating: 5.5/10 cookies. Lag: No.

  • Piano Master 2

    Piano Master 2

    B77 Entertainment

    85816 ratings

    Play piano songs by tapping the right notes at the right time. Three different modes of gameplay and some nice songs. Solid game mechanics.Get paid version for more songs. Rating: 6.5/10 cookies. Lag: Nop.

  • Piano Master

    Piano Master

    B77 Entertainment

    2458 ratings

    On the paid version you get even more songs. Composers like Mozart, Beethoven and Bach get a lot of space here. Watch out because some songs are hard! Rating: 7/10 cookies. Lag: No.

  • A Bird's Journey

    A Bird's Journey

    Salad Gamer

    1876 ratings

    Fly a cute little bird on a nice scenario, collecting this and avoiding that. Nothing new here except for the game's looks. Rating: 6.5/10 cookies. Lag: No.

  • Cultist



    589 ratings

    The game is very pretty. But it ends there. Sacrifice virgins for Cthulhu and don't let it eat you. I honestly don't understand the game mechanics on this one. Rating: 5.5/10 cookies. Lag: No.

  • MultitasKING MultitasKING


    Konstantin Klassen

    124 ratings

    Make several things and once and make sure not to fail in any of them. The longer you last, the higher the points. Rating: 5.5/10 cookies. Lag: No, just on the player's brain.

  • Happy Poo Fall Happy Poo Fall

    Happy Poo Fall

    Retro Dreamer

    18337 ratings

    Get to the bottom, avoid nasty flies, complete tasks, get power ups, all by tilting your phone. One of the many Happy Poo games, check out more from the developer if you liked this one. Rating: 6/10 cookies. Lag: No.

  • Pou Pou



    9577572 ratings

    Of course Pou needed to make it to one of the lists. Take care of your very own... alien thingy and have fun playing games together. Rating: 7/10 cookies. Lag: No.

  • Bad Roads

    Bad Roads

    Laurent Bakowski

    11307 ratings

    A truck full of cargo needs to get somewhere. Help it by making it faster or slower. Pretty decent game. I like the music and art style. Rating: 7/10 cookies. Lag: No. obs: it's here because I don't think it's what people are looking for.

  • Dragons


    Ignacio Sastre

    1746 ratings

    Can be a bit of fun. Fly your dragon on a dangerous path and find other dragon friends. Watch out for obstacles. Rating: 6.5/10 cookies. Lag: Few.

  • STICK NINJA [Slash! Hero] STICK NINJA [Slash! Hero]

    STICK NINJA [Slash! Hero]


    43295 ratings

    Wait and... slash! Slash colorful orbs correctly to make it to the next level. Nice graphics and amazing soundtrack. Rating: 7/10 cookies. Lag: No. obs: it's here because it's not quite the catch.

  • Cloudy Cloudy


    Droidhen Casual

    25859 ratings

    Puzzler in wich you guide your own paper plane to safety by avoiding stormy clouds and collecting stars. Not a must. Rating: 6/10 cookies. Lag: Not here.

  • The Great Brain Experiment The Great Brain Experiment

    The Great Brain Experiment


    638 ratings

    It's more of being a lab rat than a player. Enjoy being better than others and meanwhile hopefully help on some reserch. 3 game modes. Rating: 6.5/10. Lag: Almost none.